2018 Dodge Journey

it’s safe to say the Dodge journey isn’t like many other sedans from itsrear-wheel drive layout to its host of unique trims and special editions thereare a few other cars on the road like this hi I’m George Kennedy for Car Gurus andfor better or worse the 2018 Dodge Charger […]

2018 Dodge Grand Caravan

the Durango has had a big year with theSRT version finally arriving offering475 horsepower in a sub 5 seconds hereat a 60 time but that doesn’t mean thatDodge is ignored the rest of the Durangoline up in fact as boring as it sounds Ibelieve that a slight tech upgrade isthe […]

2018 Dodge Challenger

hello guys welcome to the channel todaywe’ll be reviewing the 2018 DodgeCharger SXT what is going on my familyof YouTube my name is Miguel with BusanRed Line and today we’re reviewing the2018 Dutch Charger SXT all right veryexcited to bring this our review for youguys so let’s go over this […]

2018 FIAT 124 Spider

the Fiat 1/2 for spider was originallyintroduced back in 1966 fast forward 50years to the 2016 model year and it’sthe car you see here and it came backthanks to a joint venture with the MazdaMiatain fact this Fiat is built in Japanalongside the Miata despite its italianbadge the major differences […]

2018 FIAT 500X

range the regular 1 to 4spider starts at 24,000 995 while thisAbarth version starts at 28 to 95 rightoff the bat that sounds like good valueto me the Abarth version also has alimited slip differential andsport-tuned quad tip exhaust as standardwith almost every option box checked theprice will be right […]

2018 Dodge Durango

the automotive world we live in isdefinitely a crazy one from 15horsepower hypercars all the way down tohot hatchbacks that could smoke sportscars from 10 years ago it’s a great timeto be alive if you’re a car enthusiastbut what if you’re the family man that’slooking to trade your minivan in […]

2018 Chrysler Pacifica

live in an area of thecountry or area of the world that getsfrom all four seasons or it gets coldthere you want to be able to use theconvertible feature as long as possibleso heated seats a really good airconditioner and a really good heater areboth essential I think in a […]

2018 FIAT 500L

hey guys and today we’re going to seehow much stuff can fit into the trunk ofthe 2017 Fiat 500 out now before I get this review rolling I’dlike to thank Rick case Fiat in westernFlorida for allowing me to view thisvehicle for you guys if you areinterested in purchasing a […]

2018 Chrysler 300

everyone I’m here with my 2018 Chrysler300s and today I just want to go over myfinal update on this car and just showyou my final thoughts and give you aquick walk around the car to show youhow everything turned out over the lastyear and thirty seven thousand sixhundred and seventy […]

2018 Chevrolet Trax

there are some cars in the Philippinemarket that just don’t get that muchattention hence you don’t see them outon the road very often others might saythat they don’t really deserve thechance to be out there like the damnpimple on my forehead while otherscouldn’t disagree more I tend to leantowards the […]