2018 Ford Fusion

admin 2019-04-04 CARS 2019

Super Duty inspiredfront-end the traditional 3 bar grillhas been replaced with kind of a singlebar grill and then the headlights alsohave been widened my particular testerhas led full LED headlights because it’sgot an upgraded 502 a upgrade packagenow this truck definitely has a veryAmerican very traditional look to it andI […]

2018 Ford F-450

admin 2019-04-04 CARS 2019

cab configurations and threedifferent bed legs now my tester is thecrew the crew cab the super crew whatFord calls it so it gives you thebiggest doors in the back so you havethe most rear seat legroom there’s alsoa regular cab and a super cab and thenfrom there you can choose […]

2018 Ford Flex

admin 2019-04-04 CARS 2019

expedition Maxxboasts 36 cubic feet behind the thirdrow making it the superior choice forhauling people and their stuffaesthetically speaking the interior hasan upscale vibe especially on therange-topping platinum trim check outthat stitching premium materials extendto the second row but in the back seatshard plastic dominates on thefunctionality front the cabin […]

2018 Ford Expedition

admin 2019-04-04 CARS 2019

some people need a big SUV maybe they’vegot a big family maybe they’ve got bigtoys to haul if your life is big maybeyou need a big SUV too like that FordExpedition right therethe Ford Expedition is a full-size SUVthat looks the partlong straight body lines and an imposingheadlight slash grille […]

2018 Ford Escape

admin 2019-04-04 CARS 2019

downsthere’s some LED lighting in there Ikind of would recommend going for aregetting the extender the tailgateextender especially you have the shortbed this is a little bit of a small bedto use lengthwise which is why I mightsay you might want to go for the six anda half foot bed […]

2018 Ford Fusion Energi

admin 2019-04-04 CARS 2019

massive doorhandle here you can see there’s a littleplastic pad here it’s actually not abutton but if you want to lock the doorjust touch your finger on that pad ifyou want to unlock the door there’s asensor on the back of the handle justtouch it first and then it’ll unlock […]

2018 Ford Edge

admin 2019-04-04 CARS 2019

it makes itpretty easy and then when you get uphere you can see very nice commandingview of the road it’s one of the reasonswhy people love these type of pickups somuch that when you shut the door itsounds nice and solid just like all theother newer trucks in this segment […]

Nfs Rival Iso

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Nfs Rival Iso is free HD wallpaper. This wallpaper was upload at 2019-04-04 upload by admin in […]

2018 Ford F-250

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padded right here with yourelbows in arrest the actual release forthe door handle or for the doors arevery strange you actually put your handin here and then push this to open thedoor which is different it definitely ittook some getting used to at first Ialso really like the cutout here […]