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breaking news Land Rover just releasedvideo of the brand new 2020 Land RoverDefender prototype from this video welearned two pretty important things thefirst is that Land Rover says that thisdefender will be on sale in 2020 but theother thing we can see from this videois that it looks like this prototype hasindependent rear suspensionwhen River says next generation defenderwill debut in 2019 and go on sale in2020 we’ve reached an importantmilestone with the development of thenext generation defender just a coupleof weeks ago the first prototypevehicles landed in the US and they’llstart showing up all over the country todo rigorous testing because we’re gonnamake sure that the next-generationdefender is the most

capable durable yetin this video we’re gonna find out theanswer to one important question is LandRover gonna get this new defender rightso to find out we decided to take a lookat where Land Rover has come from wherethey are today and where they could begoing in the near future and in thisvideo we’re going to talk about all thisto see what we can find out about thisnew upcoming Land Rover Defender let’sstart with the history starting to 1948right back in the late 40sof course the Land Rover famously wasdesigned on a beach that’s where thefirst sketch was made and thenprototypes were built off of a WillysJeep chassis using a Rover engine etc itwas then adopted by the British militaryand used by a lot of people as anexpedition vehicle right yeah but it wasdesigned in a lot of ways though forfarm or industrial use by civilians ofcourse it had a steel frame an aluminumbody very interesting design right yepthen the 1950s happened

and it gainedpopularity with celebrities and majorpolitical figures Marilyn Monroe andsome Churchill and what-have-you but italso became a vehicle that was sort ofthe quintessential British off-roadtruck it was an adventure vehicle rightof course as it progressed through theyears we start to see some differentmodels coming along some upgrades somefurther development of the Land Roverseries vehicles right 58 brought theLena River series 2 it had along thewheelbase their powerful engines etc in61 we get the series 2a which had onebig changeit was pretty distinctive yet weren’tthe Land River right they moved twoheadlights from next to the grill to outon the fenders which is of course theclassic look of the Land Rover Defenderin 1970 though Nathan would have theRange Rover came out now the classicdidn’t come to the United Stateso a little bit later took a while butwhen the Range Rover came out itbasically had the underpinnings of theLand Rover series 2a but it had aluxurious interior and was meant to beboth an off-road vehicle and a luxuryvehicle that you could drive every dayand the reason why this is important isbecause it starts to signal when

LandRover started to split and build luxuryvehicles and off-road vehicles right andthen of course in 1971 we get the landerof our Series three which was the mostproduced series model they built over440,000 through 1985 and then we get thestage one which had a 3.5 liter Rover v8that was basically the precursor to the90 and 110 series which would eventuallyturn into the defender as we know ittoday so where are we now well we’regetting more modern right yet 1983 atLand Rover 90 and the 110 debut with apermanent four-wheel drive from theRange Rover two-speed transfer caselakhtin center diff hallmarks of themodern defender right exactly in theearly 80s that’s when we start to seethe modern defender show up and it’swell the form that we know it has rightnow right 1990 was the year in whichLand Rover started officially calling itthe defender and that would start a 26year production run that would end up in2016 here in the United States we didn’thave quite the same stretch of time withthe defender right they only sold ithere for four model years in 1993 theyonly sold the 110 and they made 500units of it then in 94 95 and 97 theysold the defender 90 but in very limitedquantities and that’s part of the reasonwhy they’re so expensive to buy thesedays yeah it’s funny well after theywent

away and the recently when way isbecause airbags became mandatory andthey didn’t want to do that so theydisappeared ironically shortlythereafter those vehicles becamesought-aftermmm indeed they did because as we knowNathan things that are rare are moredesirable that tends to be the case ofcourse leading up to the 2000s LandRover started to change hands a fewtimes right in the late 80s and early90s British Aerospace owned land roverthen they were sold to beingyou own them from 1994 up through 2000then Ford took over from 2000 through2008 and then the most recent change ofhands was when Ford sold the Land Roverbrand to Tata Motors an Indian companywho’s owned the brand since 2008 upthrough the present and this is reallywhen a lot of big changes started tohappen in Ford the Land Rover and RangeRover brandI mean Tata was basically able to writeLand Rover a check and say here go makesome money right and to do that wellthey built a couple new models in theRange Rover line they expanded it toinclude the evoke back in 2011 which wascertainly a very urban city type vehicleand more recently the Range Rover velarwhich came out in 2017 again verystylized very much built for an urbancity environment they’re more luxuriouswe got the new more luxurious Discoveryand the Discovery sport in 2017 andthere’s a lot of parts sharing now goingon between Land Rover and Jaguar andobviously Jaguar makes mostly SUVs andsedans and one sporty coupe one

sportycoupenow things change in 2016Land Rover kills the old defender thatmeans no more straight axles that meansno more old-school off-road SUV right ofcourse the last defender rolled off theproduction line January 29 2016 almostwhat three years ago yeahand thus ending basically the 67 yearproduction run from the original series1 Land Rover all the way up through thelate 2010s Land Rover Defender so thisis a good look at how the Land Roverbrand has evolved over time right itcame from a very agricultural functionalexpedition eventually started to shift alittle bit more towards an urban sort ofcity feeling right that’s correctnow here the United States the LandRover Defender competed directly againstthe Jeep Wrangler that was back in theday things have changed very much withJeep and we’re curious to what level anew Land Rover Defender is going to belike will they get it right yes sothere’s a few things that we won’t thinkthat we know or can guess at about thenew defender right and we’ve seen sometexts or anything yes we have and theone curious thing about those prototypesthat we’ve seen so far they’ve hadindependent rear suspension true and ontop of that it’s been years since landrover / Range Rover have built anyvehicle that has had a solid rear axlemuch less a solid front axle right thedefender before it went away it wasbasically the only vehicle that they didthey offered that that’s correct wellfrankly speaking it doesn’t look like aDC 100

concept in 2011 it’s a differentshape yeah that DC 100 concept is aninteresting thing right I mean they cameout with this concept at the FrankfurtMotor Show in 2011 and they showed itoff the public in DC is defender concept100 that’s what exactly that’s what itstood for so it was very clear thatlander we’re saying here this might bewhat the next defender is going to looklike and that prototype or that conceptwas met with some mixed response rightyeah I think people understood that itwas definitely going again more towardsthat stylized city focused feeling thatthe original defender most certainly didnot have so that one brought up somedifferent questions were passed the DC100 Land Rover has moved past that butsome other questions we have right whatabout power trains of course there’s ahuge line of Jaguar Land Rover powertrains that are available there’s theIngenium engine family those are 2-literturbo gas and diesel engines right therethere’s a three liter v6 superchargedand also three liter v6 turbo dieselwhich is currently available in theUnited States as is a 5 liter v8 now therumor mill and frankly speaking manymagazines and other people agree thatJaguar Land Rover is working on a newstraight inline 6-cylinder engine socould that be a possibility we don’tknow that’s it that’s a

really goodquestion so there’s a lot of differentoptions that they have for power trainscertainly though whatever they put in itwill be a lot less agricultural than theengines that were in the old defenderthe new Land Rover is currently andRange Rovers have a lot of tech theyhave some of the most advanced off-roadsystems that are available today in acar that you can buy from the factoryterrain response to the system thatwe’ve played with many times before isabsolutely amazingwhen it comes to the amount of tech theyput into putting traction on the groundfor the vehicle and then of coursetouchscreen infotainment systems andwill these things make it into this newdefender that’s the questionso there are a couple answers out therethat we’re looking for one of which ishey is it going to be as off-roadcapable as say Oh a Jeep Wrangler now Isuspect that they want it to be off-roadcapable because that’s part of theircreed they are known as the best 4×4 byfar 2018 isn’t a really importantbirthday for Land Rover it works 70years since the vehicles were firstdebuted at the Amsterdam Motor Show in1948 the Land Rover series vehicleslater known as defender have reallyrepresented the heart and soul of LandRover so they’re trying to kind of sayto us hey we’re gonna make thisseriously capable off-road so that’s

aquestion I’m gonna have the trainedresponse to or are they gonna have a newterrain response 3 that does somethingelse or is it an all-new system

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