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you I think very few cars can claim thatpurity of design that level ofsimplicity cars that are this evocativelike the Porsche 911 the Willys Jeep orthe Ford Mustang I mean very few carsare that easily identifiable series LandRovers were built between 1948 and 1985and they changed very little because thedesign was just sort of optimized it wasjust kind of pure and it was what it wasI’m bassem youssef I’m an automotivejournalist and I Drive a 1963 Land Roverseries 2aI guess when you’re playing withmatchbox toys when you’re a kid there’ssomething that appeals about the shapeof a series – it’s just so simple someof the blocks you look overhead and it’ssquare and in my head I keep going backto the purity of the function of the carbut the

thing about the series two-wayis that it is really just the origin ofa utility vehicle it’s so simple seriesLand Rovers were conceived after the warand there was a surplus of aluminumwhich really worked to its benefithelped it have lightweight constructionand avoided a lot of the rust issuesthat could have happened with a vehiclelike this exposed to the elements aBugatti designer once told me thereshould never be any completely straightlines in a car design and that alwayscracking up because the tail of this caris a straight line and I think that’sone of the great features of it becauseit’s just this like that’s all there isbut I love it and it’s punctuated bythese little bulbous taillightsI think personifying inanimate objectsis almost inevitable thatanthropomorphic feeling of relating amachine to a human being and you look atthe face of a series two way and it’sgot those closely inset big

eyes they’reso expressive and there’s just somethingweirdly relatable about this car thereis almost nothing you can’t do to thiscar yourself with a simple set of toolsit’s part of the character of the carand if you lose the battery you can evenhand crank the engineis can’t say that about a lot of cars acquiring a classic car is oftentimessort of fitting together a puzzle pieceof facts and information and anecdotesthe registration says 1966 it’s actuallyin 1963 from everything I can gatherI love the limestone color but I alsothink it’d be so cool to show off thealuminum skin that’s underneath so maybesomeday I’ll just strip off that paintand polish it and just have it be barealuminum because I drive new cars for aliving it takes a bit of mentaladjustment

sometimes to jump out of aperfect car and into this 54 year oldmachine of course it’s terribly slow Imean maybe 55 miles an hour downhill ina hurricane it’s just not a powerful carbut when you’re driving it along and thewind is blowing and it’s making so muchnoise and vibration it’s gonna shakeitself loose it feels way faster than itactually is and it’s kind of anadventure to drive of course the placethis car really belongs is off-road andthat’s sort of the uncompromising partof this cars personality as well andthat’s what I’m really glad that LandRover carries through into its moderncars they so give them off-roadcapability but this is almost purelyoff-road it’s a two and a quarter litre petrolengine it puts out seventy sevenhorsepower and 124 pound-feet of torquewhich is actually significantconsidering the horsepower numbers sorelatively low you’re sort of workingaround all of these rough edges when youdrive in the carit requires mindfulness and it requiressort of an aware driving style thatallows no room for distraction you know you got drum brakes all \aroundyou don’t have a lot of stopping powersteering ratios are really slow

sothere’s a lot of work you have to do toget the wheel turned around center ofgravity is a little high nan synchromeshgearbox so you’re always double Dclutching and you’re doing all thesethings to keep it running smoothly butthat’s the beauty of it you’re thinkingabout it you’re not zoning out you don’t have a lot of power but onceyou build up speed you got to be carefulabout scrubbing it off it’s just thisvery crude machineit’s deconstructed it’s the pur essenceof something it’s stripped away of allpretense it’s all noise vibrationharshness all the things that engineersusually try to weed out but that givesit an element of mechanical honesty andthat’s what I really respond to in thisvehicleyou know it’s been said that somethinglike two thirds of the world’spopulation the first mechanical objectthat they saw was a land rover and thatto me kind of

embodies the spirit ofthese vehicles just pure adventureseeing things that nobody else has seenfor the first time and going placeswould this kind of go anywhere attitudethat spirit of just go anywhere doanything the world is yours I love thatthe way this old truck came into my lifeand the amount of effort it took and theamount of patience almost made me feellike I earned it and at the end of theday it’s like getting to that point andkeeping it has been a relationshipalmost akin to making it a part of thefamily and that’s something I hope nevergoes awayyou

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