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today I’ll give you the reasons why Ilove my Land Rover lr3 let’s get startedobviously the number one reason to lovea Land Rover would be its awfullcapability would be in air suspensionand comfortable ride would be a luxury interior and it’spowerful 300 horsepower engine with 315foot-pounds of torqueplus its capability of between seventyseven hundred pound now all those areexcellent reasons but I’m going to talkabout some reasons that might have flownand my nephew under the radar take alook the size of the car is what catchesyour eye effort it’s not too big it’snot too l

ittle I’ve owned a suburban andan Escalade and this is pretty muchright there in the middle it’s stillroomy enough to carry seven people butit’s also small enough to maneuver in alittle parking lot X let’s talk aboutthe key fob right here what I like aboutthis key fob is one it’s a real key soif the battery ever dies you have a keyan actual key and right here you takeyour key it’s a little symbolthere’s no symbol you can slide your keyunder here slide you key up turn it andnow you have access to get into the carin case eight key case the battery everdoes that’s what it looks like on insidenow the reason why you might never needthat is because the battery pretty muchwon’t die key is in the ignition it’scharging the butter so when the key isin the ignition

this battery is beingcharged that’s pretty cool now righthere this is where you lock the doorhere’s the key it’s the only key I haveI’m sit this key down and I’m going tolock the door the doors just lockeddriver door lock I’m going to get outthe carshed it I mean your car unlocked byyourself so you can’t lock yourself outof the car see there it is you can’tlock yourself out of the car it onlyworked that it only works like that onthe driver side I think that’s a coollittle feature one more feature I thinkthat’s pretty coolyeah the key definition start the caras you see my parking brake good lucksimply put my foot on the brake put thecar in here all you have to do is touchthe gas and the parking brake just turnsup that’s another cool feature ok sostarting

on the outside you can see thatmy tires are very dirty because I wantalso which leads me to one of the thingsI like about these wheel arches thesewill Archer they have a dual purpose onewhen you go off-roading what they dosince they stick out a little bit theykeep the dust dirt and mud from gettingonto the car as you can see the LR isnot that dirty considering how dirty thetires are and another thing since I havea black car no fingerprints everywhereand little keys you can just take is usetheir hands to close the door with thislittle matte finish versus touching thepaint then on the frontI have parking sensors right here on thefront and parking sensors right here onthe back so those are great for whenyou’re in a parking structure or you’reoff-roading and they be different so youknow if you’re close to them in thefront or if we’re close to something inthe back now moving to the

back you cansee that the muffler tailpipe it’s kindof coming down into angle and notstraight out and then it’s perfectbecause you won’t burn yourself if it’scoming straight out a little kid couldwalk by or you could walk by you mightburn yourself now let’s look it’s atailgate ok right nowthree is an accent hi and I’m six-threeand I’m still able to stand under herethen you lower the tailgate and thenthis takes us to another level let memake a good example that the tailgatelove this feature I’m sitting out in theforce right now it’s raining I’mprotected and I have somewhere to sitnot only does it work when it’s rainingyou know this let down tailgate might beone of my favorites I don’t know justyet but this is an amazing littlefeature I’m out here and the forest andearlier I was sitting down looking atwaterfall plus

with this littleprotruding bumper you have access tostand here and access anything on thetop of the UH from the Li monster insideokay move into the inside let’s talkabout the floor mat the floor mats havetwo purposes one they keep the floorclean I was off-roading as you see thefloor mats are dirty but the flooritself is clean and then it’s a littleraised bump so when your feet are onhere they feel great I’m moving on in alittle further talk about the little cupholder this is your traditional cupsitting perfect but let’s say you havethis you know something big it’s a biggatorade bottle that’s it well which youslide the self-insert out and now thebottle fits it works like that on bothsides both come out or which you canalso do is take this big bottle and putit in the door lots of cupholders inthis view moving over here to yourcommand shift there’s three differentdriving modes one you can just

go backstraight down and put it in deep or onceyou go all the way down so now let mestartright here I’m just in deep just in yournormal driving position on the freewayI’m doing 70 M rpm very – I get about 20miles to the gallon in this mode righthere now let’s say you want a little bitmore power what you do is you switch itover into sports mode if you look righthere next to where the deeper driveit also says s for sport now with thatbe it that took more rpms from – andthen shifted them up to a little bitover two and a half and I’ve had a lotmore juice or you can switch it to youcan do manual and as you see now I’m insixth gear and then six gear the RPMswitched and went back down to two soyou have those three moves you have yourmanual which you can just shift up ordown or you have your drive mode whichwas indicating drive just because itsays B or you put it over and you haveyour sports mode which makes the RPMsshift at a higher rate which gives youmore power let’s take a look at the backseat down the back

you also have thosesame floor mat bumpy feels real good onthe feet under here you have another cupholder and pull that couple around andthere’s no insert come out as well sameas the front and then again you havethese two huge door cupholders in therear you have cup holders right here andthose inserts don’t come up now let’stalk about the seat configuration lookat this front seat price quickso looking at the passenger seat you cansee that it’s lay back pretty far let’stake a look on the other side looking athow far the passenger seat is laid backyou can see that’s pretty comfortableit’s almost straight and if you’re on along road trip your passengersyou can really relax with that beingsaid let’s talk about the seats now nowwatch how far the seat goes forward soif you need something that has a lot

ofroom right now in a fit by receiptmoving forward that much it addedroughly 7 to 10 inches of cargo spaceyou know one of key features thatseparates an LR glue from a lot ofvehicles are these three moon roofs andman they later in someone’s life theyeach have the look sunshadevery cool features I’m sitting a secondrow and very comfortable back here and Ihave the seat leaned forward a littlebit just for the camera but with theseats all the way back I can still sitbehind each seat which I’ll show youthat in a second sitting right here I’msitting right here how can you sit overhere I’m sitting in the third row nowI’m sitting in the other side on

thethird row I really love the seatingposition in this vehicle let this sitdown they said we were going on a trip Ihave my seat belt on and come say I wantto sit back here I I would sit like thisI could go hundreds of miles sittinglike this this is comfortable I have amoonroofI have a sunshade I have a vent there’stwo cupholders back here I’m like aballerI want to go somewhere riding like thisokay right now I’m in the third rowthe freeway and I’m showing just howcomfortable it is for me to sit backhere againI’m six-three and this is perfectly codeI have my hairpin right here I have mycup loader click my feet up extremelycomfortable extremely cup right now theseats are in there about position andthis little bench seating right

here isfree individual bucket seats withliterally bucket because it forms like aa bitch hand perfectly level but let’ssay you want to lay the seat down justthis easy little lever right here andpull it if it goes flat I’ll pull thislittle strap seats lower same deal pullthe little strap seats Lord let’s do theback ok this is how you lay the thirdrow down there’s a little flat righthere little straps pull that clicks inthe plates right here push this littlelever in on the side to lower theheadrest and then you lift this up thisis a two-hand process lift that up andpull it down just that simpleokay this is what it looks like with theseats down with the seats down from theback of the seat all the way to the edgeof the tailgate is 100 inches with theseats down all the way to right herewith the tailgate up it would be 77inches again I’m six-three let me showyou what that looks likeso I’m six-three unable to link in herecomplete and perfect even with thetailgate closed I’m laying stretched

outokay another feature that I like aboutthe LR 3 is the commanding seat positionit feels as if I’m looking down on theroad and you know when you’re out hereoff-roading is great I’m coming up to abig dip right now I mean a big rut andyou know I can really get a goodperspective on how I should approach itok being a passenger in the lr is justas comfortable as being in the driver’sseat now I’m about to show this heelthat I’m going up right here and you cansee just how comfortable I am going upthis hill now my wife is driving this isthe first time she’s ever drivenoff-road and this is a pretty steep hillshe’s pretty scared right nowbut I feel very comfortable over hereI’m on the freeway and it’s raining andI’m doing about 15 miles an hour rightnow maybe even 10 and this is the numberone reason I like

driving a Land Roverlr3I feel while it’s coming down Bravescome now real long right here I feelextremely extremely safe I feelextremely comfortablethe ride is still very smooth no layingover them they’re known for their awfulcapabilities but I don’t think theydidn’t have credit for their on roadcapabilities extremely smooth and then Ifeel very safe I feel very comfortablethe air suspension is unbelievablethat’s the number one thing I love aboutthe Land Roverit’s how safe you feel in thiscommanding these position I’m lookingdown on the road I can see all around methe window had so many windows there’sno blind spot I feel very secure that’smy number one reason it’s how I feeldriving the narrow way just a goodall-around killer now I will add thisthe car sparked a lot of conversation abullet to life I stopped at the storeI’m getting mad them in the parking lotand people tend to just come up to meand start talking I do like that I dobut the ride is just amazing if you’venever driven a rim in a Land Rover manyou should do that it’s so small youhave so much power in the command youshould feel so that is my number one asusual I appreciate your time Iappreciate you watching if you have anyquestions feel free to meet me out andI’ll be sure to get back to you guysever godid you know that I was driving on thewrong side earlier in the video justthought I would have

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