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hey guys check it out it’s our firstsnow of the year and this is a videoI’ve been dying to do this is our LandRover Discovery a 2004 the last year ofthe Disco tool we’ve been dying to seehow this thing does in the snow and wellthis is our first real opportunitybecause we’ve had our first snowstormhere in Colorado Tommy’s doing all theheavy lifting he’s doing all thescraping and what we have is of coursethese Wrangler Duratrax on here whichare great off-road tires but I’m notsure how good they are in the snow inthe past we found that these kind ofTruckee tires tend to do really wellyou’ve got these little sipes you cansee right therethat hopefully cut in the snow Tommytell them what kind of all-wheel-drivesystem this has okay make that uppermanent four-wheel drive system thishas it’s got one of the very first formsof traction control right yeah I thinkthe Freelander had the first form okayyeah so this is one of the first onesthat had hill descent

control it alsohas a heated windshield which is welllet’s see if you can show you the lineshere I don’t you can see them butthey’re these little lines that runthroughout the windshield that actuallyheat up the entire windshieldsome people hate that because what itdoes is it gives you kind of a reallywait sometimes if you look at thewindshield along the see through it yepso what do you think are we ready togive it our first snow test let’s godrive you drive oh god I don’t havegloves on oh no snow fell in the truckthat’s always good all rightit’s a little cold in here dude probablywhat I mean probably definitely your oldgrumpy Tommy mule grumpy are you grumpybecause I made you do the snow hold thatall right let’s start this bad boy upall right we have to go the other weirdthing about this is you can have yourtemperature on the inside or you canhave your temperature on the outside butyou can’t have both so we’ve got to setthe 68 inside and it is

29 degreesoutside and hopefully if we go that thatturns on the rear defroster and thefront defroster now here’s our Centerdiff lock this is kind of interestingonce you talk about that w-well it’s umit’s got a higher range in that neutralthan a low range unlock for now actuallyit what makes it interesting in the 24model but 2000 before they brought itback because all the disco ones had itand then in 2004 they brought it backyeah what they was still missinginteresting part right well there werecertain model years of disco twos I’vehad the diff lock but they didn’t havethe ability actuated yes so they had theactual diff lock built into the into thetransfer case powertrain right but therewas no knob that you turn that andthat’s because they figured that thetraction control was enough yeah thatwas my own then okay so it’s startedthat’s always good that’s always goodwe’ve got the

heated windshield on letme put my seat belt on let’s stick itright up into the mountains huh yeahthat’s you and you tell me how he drivesyeah yeahso far so good we’re moving kind of allthe story to melt down here thoughyeah it’s getting a little melty I thinkmy lead of the week there Sega’ssupposed to be back into the 50s and 60sthat’s kind of a Colorado thing right heknows and then a few days later it’smuch nicer so let’s head up and see howit drives you tell any difference in nono no the guys in northern Canada areprobably like that’s not snow yeah dustyyeah but keep in mind it’s only Octoberthat’s true yeah this is the first noyou’re not gonna expect it to be likesnowed in in October hopefully well someplaces I suppose you could be yeah Ifeel exactly the sameI have to say the heats coming outpretty quickly one of the things thatthese Landy’s have an issue with isoverheating so we’ve done a littlethermostats and up right there yeahit tells you will already something tonarrow it so fearful of it is somethingI got stuck in the

CamaroI think bad day to be in a Camaro withsummer tires how about if we go overhere is it nice to something I thinkthere’s a road now we’re gonna go snowlook at that yeah should be a littledirt road here let’s see if it’s openedit was closed last time yeah it’s openthat one should have a lot of snow on itbecause it’s a little dirt road thatdoesn’t actually go anywhere see this gosee oh yeah and now we’re getting into somesnow now many people have come throughhere yeah give it a good rate to checkwhat do you think they are not very goodno it’s the brakes like hold on hold onyou stop give it it’s too heavyget in the snow and you accelerate andsee let’s see how it does okay goodpicture you’re in the snowy part thoughall right I want to see all right holdon all right well that was weirdfirst the front wheels spun and then therear wheels spun and then the car tookoff really wellso we’ll see

what Tommy thinks when weget in the vehicle uh-huh how it’s doing hey that was pretty weird like first afront wheel spun and then the rear wheelspun and the and then you took off isthat what happened yeah well I try withthe diff lock and then we’ll do one moretime let’s see looks like okay hold onI’ll give you a thumbs up when I’m readyall righttemp number two with diff lock all righthere we go yeah yeah that was uh both of them wentoff I wonder which one was better you’llfind out I don’t want to go into thattree cuz I know that I’m gonna getreally dumb time with my luck that wasmuch differentyeah yeah you can see that both so theyhave heated a windshield is working alittle bit that’s still pretty hardyeah well guys there you have it what doyou think Tommy how is it is it a goodhome vehicle er yeah I think it’s apretty good snow vehicle yeah I thinkyou have to be

yourself the brakescuz it’s really heavy so what happens iswhen you hit the brakes just go skiddingdown the road I mean it stops but it’suh you know it’s uhall right here I’m gonna go up thereyeah let’s do a break test okaycan you come at me and then hit thebrake hard we’ll see what it does Ibrake test in the snow of the new LandRover risco rescue rig see how it iswhen he hits the brakes give him achance of speed up and we’ve got aboutit see we got about two or three incheshere so it’s pretty snowy I mean youknow for you Floridians this is somespeed big snowstorm for us Coloradoansit’s okay all right I’m gonna give himthe thumbs up let’s see how it doeswell hold you on sideways thereinteresting a little bit of skidding youwent sideways when

you took off and ofcourse a lot of this is a test of tiresright yeah yeah not so much you a testof the vehicle but a test of how thetires dojobs ya think so the big question is isthis still a TfL rescue ring oh for sureyeah that’s pretty goodoh yeah look at all it’s still comingoff the wheel here it’s for really coolactually we’re getting this on thedeeper stuff yeah yeah I think you knowthese tires are relatively new ish ishbut you know amazing in the dirt tracksyeah they’re not they’re not exactlylike all-out snow tires but for a heavyrig you feel confident you feel likeyou’re doing okay yeah especially it’s alot better with the diff locks so itdoes make a difference that’s for sure yeah versus unlock where you couldtheoretically have all the power go

intoone wheel now that’s kind of distributedamong both axes I noticed that when youtook off your they go sideways a littlebit about sureyeah yeah well guys this has been afirst snow in Colorado as you can tellwe’re gonna do a lot more Tommy you’regonna do a video with this this weekwhat do you gonna do there’s a lot ofcool kind of quirky and weird stuffabout this we’re gonna go over the allthe interesting weird features you maynot have known about in the Land RoverDiscovery too so be sure to stay tunedfor that video because that’s gonna beup onTfL truck alright guys as always this isrhomin and Tommy we’ll see you guys nexttime right here on the fast lane nowlook at this it’s a winter wonderlandhow cool is thatsee you guys next time ciao

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