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together they cost as much as an entiresuburban neighborhood but can any ofthese carbon-fiber supercars beat thebugatti veyron on this week’s veryspecial edition of head-to-head we headto the runway to find out this is not your father’s episode ofhead-to-head why because we have threecars behind us worth about a millionbucks and they’re sitting on an airportrunway the problem is we just couldn’tpick which two of those cars

we likebetter you get a million bucks worth asupercar you get a runway and you haveno security to kick you out I think whatyou need to do is line them up race themand see which one’s actually fastest soI think we’ll race the v8 car againstthe v10 car the winner of that race getsto race the v12 sound good in the silver corner we have the McLarenmp4-12c weird name wickedly fast car 3.8liter v8 with two turbo strapped on theback in the yellow corner Lexus LFAit’s a 4.8 liter v10 with no turbos soit makes 50 horsepower less but it’sstill a really fast carthey’re both rear-wheel drive but theMcLaren is mid-engine so it’s got moreweight on the back which means fastergetaway which one’s faster through aquarter let’s find outand the McLaren wins let’s go back andtake another look at that launch in

slowmotion off the line you’ll see both carsget moving with just the tiniest bit ofwheelspinbut the McLaren’s rear weight bias helpsit jump ahead and that’s exactly whereit stays for the rest of the race theLexus v10 screaming like a Formula Onecar but screaming is not enough and theMcLaren gets to the quarter mile markereight tenths of a second sooner andnearly six miles an hour faster allright Lexus kind of the slowest of thebunch but that’s alright because itsounds the best anyway round two we havethe McLaren up against a v12 poweredLamborghini Aventador this is a six anda half litre v12 that makes a hundredand one horsepower more than the McLarendoes more importantly the Lambo hasall-wheel drive which means it goesright off the line whether that’s enoughto keep it ahead over the quarter milelet’s find out wait what over so soon all right let’swatch it again in slow-mo the McLarengets a jump off the line because well Iwas driving in Aichi but

cheating is nomatch for four-wheel drive launch andthe Aventadors is the most violent inthe entire business thanks to its singleclutch automated manual the shifts arejust as painful if you ever want to makeyour passenger cry you put them in aLambo luckily it’s all over in just 10point 6 seconds with the Lambo comingthrough the quarter-mile mark at 133point 9 miles an hour but does that meanthe Lamborghini Aventador is the fastestcarbon-fiber supercar in the world hmmnoand of course it’s the Bugatti Veyronwhich is the undisputed king of fast theGrand Sport right over there has 16cylinders compared to only 12 and it hasfour turbochargers breathing air intothose 16 cylinders making a thousand andone horsepower or 987 North Americanhorsepower or six point eight trillionsomebody else’s horsepower it doesn’tmatter it’s really fast and so

wefigured we should probably line them upto find out if the Veyron is stillfaster than the Lamborghini or if theLamborghini is faster than its evilFrench twin sister oh come on you didn’t really think thatthe Veyron was gonna lose a drag race toits younger sister I mean remember thesetwo cars come from the same family fromthe Volkswagen Group and let’s be honestwhat happens after the quarter-mile markis what really countsthe Veyron keeps going to 253 miles anhour versus the Lamborghinis 217 theBugatti is still speed King but I thinkthe important takeaway here is that isone fast Lamborghini

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