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carbugatti says this light is the longestuninterrupted interior light conductorin the entire automobile industry and idon’t doubt itmore importantly it’s just a really coolpiece it brings in the exterior stylinginto the interior itit’s really cool this is the only carI’ve ever seen with anything evensimilar to this also interesting when itcomes to lighting is the light switchitself it’s very beautiful just likeeverything else in this car I’ve neverseen a light switch that looked so niceand so upscale next up it’s worth notingthat everything in this car can beindividualized you’ll notice forinstance that the back of the seat saysyour own on them they told me you wantto make him say Doug you could pay forthat no problem same story with thepassenger and driver’s side foot wellthey also say Chiron

stitched on to themonce again you want to make it say Dougno problem or whatever you want it to doI asked them do you turn down anythingwhat if someone wanted something crazythey said we pretty much do what ourcustomers want we try to figure out away to make it work and to make ourcustomers happy a couple of otherinteresting items this is what the SunVisor looks like in an Bugatti Sheronotice there’s no visor mirror on thedriver’s side that’s because if you’redriving one of these you don’t need tosee a mirror to know that you look coolbut the passenger side Sun Visor doeshave a visor mirror which is a nicethoughtful touch one other interestingatom when you don’t put a touchscreen inthe center you don’t have radio controlsin there so you might be wondering howcould you possibly turn on the stereowell go down the center control stack tothe very bottom right below the gearlever and there is a simple on/offbutton press it and that turns on theradio press it again and that turns offthe radio it is just

that simple ofcourse that isn’t the only way to accessthe stereo there’s more to it than thatwhich I will get to momentarily first Iwant to talk about the steering wheel atthe base of the steering wheel you seeit says Chiron which is a nice touch andright above that it says LC which standsfor launch control you put on launchcontrol you put your phone the brake inthe car sort of readies itself and thenyou have about three seconds to get yourfoot on the gas let off the brake andtake off launching now one interestingthing about launch control bugatti saysthey refuse to sign off on this thingbeing ready to sell the customers untilthey could do 200 launch starts in oneday and have the transmission take itand not have any problems with heat orbraking or anything else like that ournext interesting item on the steeringwheel is the one that says engineerpress engine and of course that turnsthe engineon press engine again and that turns theengine off now the other reallyinteresting item on the steering wheelis to the left and that

would be thedial that switches between modes wellwhat kind of moles does a Bugatti havethe standard automatic mode is EB youuse that for a round town drive move itto the right and you’ll see a littlehighway that’s called Autobahn mode itsort of lowers the car a little bit anduse that for the highway at the bottomthere’s one with a checkered flag on itwhich is handling mode use that ifyou’re on a race track those are thethree main modes you want to use ifyou’re in this car then of coursethere’s also top speed mode which youcan get into and then over on the leftthere’s one other mode and that’s calledlift if you want to take this car onto aflatbed or put it on a car haul orsomething like that you might need alittle more ground clearance so you putit over in lift mode and then it tellsyou that it’s going to lift motor youcan see the car actually rise up acouple of inches to allow it to go on toa carrier the other interesting itemsworth mentioning in

the vicinity of thestream wheel are the stocks that comeoff the steering wheel on the left youof the turn signal stock which operateslike a regular old turn signal stock noproblem except you can see this littleon/off thing in the middle you can moveit from on top well that turns on andoff your cruise control it is unlabeledit’s just sort of a hidden easter eggand that’s not the coolest thing aboutthe cruise control that comes over onthe end of the stock you see a littleplus minus button that allows you tochange the cruise control speed if youwant to increase or decrease your cruisecontrol speed it’s the same story overon the wiper stalk it looks like anormal wiper stock and you can change itone two three four that sets the speedof the intermittent wipers but there’salso a little up/down arrow at the endthat’s your dimmer switch for your gaugecluster if you want it brighter ordimmer you just tap those arrows and itdoes what you wantI find this especially cool becauseinstead of sticking more buttons anddials for these functions

elsewhere thanthe interior we’ve got to just sort ofsaw a place they could put them and kindof keep them out of the way and keep theinterior decluttered it’s a really coolidea now speaking of a cool idea Imentioned this car doesn’t have a centertouchscreen but it’s worth noting thatit does have an infotainment screen andit’s inside the gauge cluster there areseveral different menus to go through solet’s do that now you control the screenwith buttons on the steering wheel andmost of the menus are pretty typicalthis one shows trip details for instancelike top speed and average miles pergallon nextis the Bugatti tire pressure monitorwhich is of course fancier than a normalcars there’s also a stopwatch for racetrack use this screen also contains anavigation system and stereo controls asyou might expect something you might notexpect is this an octane change featurethis car is only programmed to run 1,500horsepower on 93 octane fuels so if

youput a lower octane in you’re supposed togo in here and change it which limitspower to 1,100 horses to prevent enginedamage and yes even in a bugatti chironyou can set a speed warning that beepsat you if you’re going over a certainspeed of your choosing now that’s thescreen to the right of the speedometerwhich is the one you’ll primarily usefor most vehicle functions as you canprobably tell but there’s also a screento the left of the speedometer which isjust as much worth noting because it hassome important characteristics you cansee the outer edge shows your rpm as Irev the engine you can see the techometer climb the inner edge shows yourPS which is basically a Europeanequivalent of horsepower shows exactlyhow much horsepower you’re using at anygiven time or you can switch that screento show your precise engine rpm at anygiven moment right down to the singlesdigit so if you want to know preciselywhether the engine is turning at 1246rpms well I guess you can find that outthe other interesting thing I like inthe left screen is if you open a door itshows a top-down image of a Bugatti withthe door open and that is a pretty coolimage it isn’t just a generic car likemost other vehicles it is unmistakablyyes your own one last item opened thedoor at night and you can see this carprojects Sheeran onto

the ground belowwhich is a cool little touch and sothat’s the bugatti chiron now for thescary part I’m gonna get out on the roadin a car that costs more than my houseand my neighborhood but first I had toget gas yes I took the bugatti chiron toa petrol canada gas station and i filledit up next to a mitsubishi outlander anda Dodge Journey if you’ve ever wonderedhow a Bugatti stirone looks when it’sjust sitting in a gas station well hereit isnext I drove the car and I spent aboutan hour at it mostly at high speeds Ididn’t get a chance to film manyexterior shots of the car driving thoughso I’m gonna loop in some shots I didtake at the car at lower speeds eventhough they don’t really match up to mydriving experience justyou can see what the sharone looks likeon the move and I’m a little nervouswouldn’t wouldn’t like to pretend thatI’m not that’s sort of the reality ofthis the first impression you get whenyou’re in one of these is just you’relike oh my god I

didn’t want it easilythat’s that’s the first thing you’rethinking it looked I’m too steeringwheel and you got the Bugatti logo thereand you’re like what has my life come tothat I’m driving this car it’s almosthard to sit behind the wheel here andnot think to yourself this is absolutelyan incredible thing you think about itI’m behind it Tahoe this thing is worthyou know a hundred times that and soyou’re that’s the thing that we can’tnot be on your mind unless you are justso rich that you don’t care and evenjust tapping the throttle you can hearthe engines start to do its thing andyou just know that there is so much morethere if you want itthat was just a little tap at the baseof the throttle Florida for just a briefsecond it is tremendously incrediblyfast absolutely unbelievably fast I trythat againWow Wow yeah I mean the thing about itis there is some trouble like if yousort of ease into it but if you dropyour hammer the core knows what you wantto do and it

absolutely does it and itdoes it incredibly fast and it does itwith so much force one thing that I findinteresting this car is a little bitquicker than the 918 which I also drovebut it feels the 918 felt tremendouslystable but this feels more luxuriousisn’t the right word but it just itdoesn’t the 19 felt more like a crazygo-kart and it was loud and nuts andyou’re going whatever you want thisfeels like you could just cruise itabout 300 miles an hour doing whateveryou wanted to do it’s amazing to me thatI’m just I can just then drive it alongon like a nice smooth Road and it justfeels like a car I really do feel likeyou could kind of take this on a roadtrip if you want there’s a ton of roomhere I’ve got I mean I’m six-three I’vegot at least three inches between youknow my head and the ceiling I got roomin the footwell everything and I can putmy seat back further in thinking it’s acomfortable seat it’s not one of thosecrazy gt3 sport seats where you want todieyou could be lulled into forgetting thatyou’re driving a Bugatti you could justthink to yourself yeah

I’m gonna carjust kind of cruise along but then youtap the throttle and you remembereverything to get a stop not stoplightstop sign feels it feels nice you hearthe motor obviously it’s a giant engineit’s right behind youbut other than that it sort of feelslike a car that you don’t hear muchoutside noise the double pane windowskind of take care of all that and so youreally it ends up being almost sort of aluxury car experience when you’restopped or when you’re going low speedthe transmission is really quick theshifts are the shifts are immediate whenyou’re in just regular drive mode andsort of going at a normal pace you don’tfeel them at all there it’s a dualclutch and obviously it’s a very verysmooth one and it feels just fantasticit’s actually quite surprisingit’syou’re in you’re in lose your driver’slicense territory before you evenrealize it it is unbelievable how fastthis thing is and it does it drama-freeand that’s probably the mostunbelievable thing about it it’s justabsolutely you floor it and of courseit’s going 100 bill let’s speed that

Ishouldn’t say kilometers hundredkilometers of course it’s going thatfast that’s that’s what it does and thefunny thing is you’re not gonna reacheven close to the cars capabilitiesdriving in any sort of regular trafficor normal scenario way to handling itgrips and grips and grips you feel likeyou could go a lot faster than thistailing mode that it does tighten up thesteering boy just grips like crazy Imean I shouldn’t be going that fat andthere’s no body roll and you really feellike you can kind of do just aboutanything there’s absolutely no feelingat any point of you know loss of controlor anything like that in this car whichis almost hard to imagine something 1500horsepower when you drive the demon andyou floor it in that thing you’re likehang on this thing it’s more like it’sjust very stable just do what you thething you think about I think whenyou’re driving this car is engineeringthat’s the thing that I really amthinking about is just they’veengineered out all that the scarinessand everything and only left you withthe good stuff and so that’s the Bugattishirome even though this car isabsolutely amazing incredible in everyway some car enthusiasts aren’t

allpositive about it some people say it’stoo heavy there’s too much engineeringit’s too expensive there’s not enoughemotion in it but I think people mostlysay that because they know they’ll neverhave the chance to own one they’ll neverhave the chance to drive one to sit inone to even see one perhaps let’s saysomething I’ve driven one and it’samazingso you can cut that crap out right nowanyway now it’s time to give it a dugscore starting with the weekendcategories and styling the sharona’sbeautiful but there’s a lot ofcontroversy about the styling it fallsjust short of perfect and it gets a 9out of 10 acceleration there is noargument it easily gets a 10 out of 10handling is excellent among the best butthe Sharona is a bit heavy and thesteering is just a bit light and it getsa 9 out of 10 fun factor is obvious itof course earns a 10 out ofand the same is true for cool factor aneasy 10 out of 10 for a total weekendscore of 48 out of 50 that ties the verybest meaning the daily score ismake-or-break so we start with the dailycategories and features the sharona’sloaded but it’s low on modern high-techequipment

and part that’s by design butthis car has no radar cruise no blindspot monitor even it gets a 6 out of 10comfort is impressive especiallyconsidering what it is it gets a 5 outof 10 which is a great score for a carlike this quality is top-notch this isone of the nicest interiors I’ve everseen but I’d seriously feel long-termreliability and ownership costs so Ican’t give it more than a 7 out of 10practicality is next and it’ssurprisingly drivable and usable but itattracts massive amounts of attentionthe cargo room is hilariously small andit gets a 1 out of 10 finally there’s avalue this one will start some argumentsbut here’s the thing there’s nothingelse like it nothing that combines thebest supercar performance with the bestluxury car materials and craftsmanshipthere will be depreciation if the Veyronis anything to go by but if you have themoney and you want the ultimate car thisis that still three million dollars isan insane amount of money and it gets asix out of 10 for a daily score of 25out of 50 add it up in the dug score is73

out of 100 which makes it the new dugscore champion by a mere single pointover the 918 spyder in the AMG Wagonhere’s a comparison with a few othermodern supercars I’ve tested and you cansee that your own is simply the bestthen again it had better be given theprice tag but even when you floor iteven when you vote godkepp what are the odds of that he’s timehe doesn’t have his radar cut up thatwould have been a story

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