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hi I'm Adam Sea and within acceptable limits to my rx-8which is parked off at the boss cars UKstandout plane fest JFS toys Jepsen I'mgonna see not far off from at some of the carshere and achievement you what's here becausethere are thousands and thousands of JDMand Japanese and modified cars so let'shave a see we've got lose differentbatches of losers and club stands soyou've got the eyee WSOC everything thatstands for something Subaru part ofwhite Subarus Club I'm good at guessingand boss cars UK we are higher than there we'vegot votes Rees more than there thus I couldalso associated in those you might pronouncement mynew t-shirts I in fact even got boostit's every lies you desire some missingpukes greater than here would chase them nowhere's a section on quite with you'vegot the surahs the chasers and all thosekind of things I in the same way as these cars theyridiculously huge but they hermetic every soonand they often go oblique now it's gotlots of enthusiasm let's have a see at thespark I take aim there's metallic flake andthen there's that thus I can't focus onevery single
car here but a gleaming greenSupra gets a little bit of attentionsome 350 Zed's including a purple oneyou say purple or pink it's kind ofPinkelso you got this Skyline GTR Club I'msure we'll locate a few hidden jewels overhere in fact I can spot a few herethere's a 400 are bordering to an arthropodGTR r1 and a Doutzen van capably pickuppacket or a pickup you've got the r1 r34GTR because the 400 r43 GTR nextwhenever our slant for GTR says mx-5after mx-5 after every my god of massivewingyou should get that wing for your barwhere's this boy just has some fabulousSparkle M expires looking afterward they'reshort-sighted and trying to squint tosee where they're going apart from thisone in imitation of the custom front end lovelynice color combo it's nicer theycategorize a car consequently you've got theSuzuki Swift's the 350s there - theyellow headlights I've got the mr2 s allin their own section there's correspondingly many 350Ed's and this 350 cert has a customfront bumper this seems to be inspiredby the r35 gt-r but I don't personallythink that works right exceeding these dbadged tidy ones are much nicer in myopinion lovely I can hear a v8 I can seea huge gateway oh my god that's amazingnow there will be lots of faster furiousinspired cars today including thisEclipse
and likewise they'll probably betons of Paul Walker quotes upon cars todayas competently and lots of Subarus Evo's sothere's a section of s15 and within thissection there is an S 15 definitely essa theconvertible utterly scarce car and here is aLexus section past some locales some PIcars and some cars as soon as unnecessary roofscoops upon the roofalthough it's a v8 I know but thatdoesn't go anywhere that goes into thecockpit most likely it cools the drivers downwhen their yeah aircon every those wheelsshiny our 33 or 33 or 33 or 33 BMWwhat's that conduct yourself heregtfo and if you together skyline purpleis the wayoh we're good yes buzzes in coos that'swhat we in the same way as to look we don't get enoughof that in this country that is abazooka start exhaust on your own Japan reallygets that bright broad arches resultsabout two meters long belly splitterthat is JDM AF I think every Nissenbluebird should come bearing in mind apprehension zookiestyle exhausts as okay i say thatlike as a extra car is not but that isincredible but adapter bordering to it Noahdestined without 240 said or some whitearches as well to face aching looks lovelyalso sesame Japanese proverb writing in theSubaru section is customers as capably andthere's some master sixes that have comefrom Sainsbury's today there will bemultiple chances to accomplish the renowned gameof what's inside your car upon ration one ofthe episode we have an alien astern thewheel but he's passed his tests yearsago what's thislooks taking into account a Nigel I'm gonna declare himNigel's there's Nigel let's let's seewhat else we can findnow this club is the rolling dared clubrx-7 are 32 certainly custom cars that hasfourteen looks lovable I'm quite a aficionado ofthis CRX and spacious blue oh here we goKye cars in the park we got a Honda beatand those of you who recall the maxCarroll magazine
might be familiar ofthis style of modification on thismisery gzo what chrome got the I wants alamb he doors but scissor he's nice ofstyle doors Tuan lines dressed enginebayeverything we've got a few curvy cubesand some of them seem to have Legoinside are they made of Lego this one'sgot a Lego brickthis one's got a Lego brick this one'sgot a Lego brick oh now the amassed trendof slamming a car is getting a bit outof hand I think because the slamming iskind of starting and later there's wellthere's this this has practically a centimeterof dome clearancefresh and minty swap managed tomake a normally low car look fairly highin comparison this is the quick car soenjoying sections these are all the kindof most interestingly modified carsthey've got purple of gold red the widebody the slams lovely yellow a sparklys15 past a body kit is one of theclearest f-15s I've ever seen and Alexiswith scissor doors dual of citizens ohyes I'll helpfully noisy one oh it's goteverything that was a Porsche Caymanwhat slathering here send him awaynice s2000 a flat grey considering a heart sothanks to a father Subaru and a 3,000horsepower listen Kevin listen DC orangepistons grow old to rev let's go acquire it are they - Arthur - Arthur for g0 and wehave a wide-body GTI higher than here coming inour 35 later than thus many modifications toomany to list let's acquire some soundsso correspondingly far-off I've been filming myself goaround on the operate look in the cars nottoo crowded because I'm displaying suitably Igot here ridiculously to the fore and I'vejust seen higher than there they've let thepublic in
it's behind inauguration the gates ofthe prison shortly a swarm of people'sarrived but now I think it's epoch forice-creamand I've in addition to made the most disgustingcoloured slushie in the world consequently herewe've got some people in their hive isjackets people even dress their cars upin high-vis jackets as with ease attain aroundhere this Kermit the Frog making a wildappearance nice to see him now wouldn'tnormally film Suzuki lively spur oh mygod it's chrome in the same way as daffodils in theexhaust status mistake status there seemedto be a naturally attracted to purplecars these guys are in point of fact utilizing onthe Scooby Doo comparison to their carsevery single one of them has some kindof hint to Scooby Doo even that oneand there's out of the ordinary one there oh thisone's taking into account oh yes it's got Scooby thereknows it's some fragment of Cadiz next to theside TTR and 15 will now check out this s 14it's got a wing on the encourage it's gotdeep-dish wheels exhaust it's yellow alltwin exhausts the incite in the middle isthe customer 33 choose up or mute shouldreally lose of skulls inside nor CLM x5I was winking at mecheeky pursue who's got some orangeflaky stickers upon it minty freshs2000 for that reason what this guy here has curtains ishe's attached a car to his invincible wingmassive turbo this starlet has aturquoise wheel just one Oh a modifiedmitsubishi l200 to choose in the works once atricycle in the urge on so we look aboutdrift trike gone a pass road sign that'sbeen bent to create a seat what else wegot cold nice of the lane buzzes okaysemi siren Zuko I will call itit's got a model of one in this caramazing stickers everywhere including adog upon the tummy I'm guessing it's gonnahave an oil yes it's got an exterior oilcooler it's the exaggeration forward right correspondingly upthe stairs we've got a cambered s14let's have a see at that this is cleancars looks thus much augmented upon the tarmacsurface there's wheelsmint a very broad body Subaru
with somekind of yellow diffuser on its tireicing and what's inside his car Wow somepurple fealty velvet dashboard that'shave thousands spent upon it and the bestmemory in the world and a skyline considering aspoiler taking into account absolutely no struts upon itat all it's later than it's sunk next to into thecar but unorthodox greeny turquoise carHonda succession a two-tone Honda Accordthat's quite cool mx-5 it's fine it'sfine limits five minutes five minutesfive s 14 there x5m it's 5 m expired nowthis is fun this is a fairly futuristic cartaking the obsolescent tradition of buzzes Ubustyle to the extremeoh I've just noticed there's more andeven more okaywell site rx-7 in green oh lookavailable silo x7 in greenwork it Ronnie gt86 [Laughter] bodily in some smokey waves there's a good road v8 LS MorrisonI always position it off oh no I have spotted something and don'tyou cause problems I will not be getting anyideas upon this this is an rx-8 withscissor doorsthe customer table some minions insidenot every shows we've just 15 andothais falls off a full gt-r v.spec iijust nice of lease it a propos everywherea couple of supras r33 a coat like somewide arches a convertible PS 13 taking into consideration noone's paying any attention to these carsand their incredible JD and monstersincluding this certainly angry mx-5girl look at his teeth it's evilheadlights and a enormous wing someone'spopping flamesnow there are higher than 3000 cars here todayI'm lovely definite that I've seen every ofthem however I've just heard upon the overkind of head speaker that there isanother section that no one's actuallygoing to for retro Japanese cars willthe classics all the ones are not thatgreat at naming embarrassingly no ideawhere it is though
apparent it's below atunnel through the track it cops cops isthat corner there therefore I'll go locate someretro cars section luckily it's in theshade because there's no clouds insideat every which is rare for this country solook at some retro godhere we are probably the forlorn NSX heretoday amongst every these retro Honda'sand moreover Sama waving cat Cruz and white exhaust see- it's a crown 300x you've got an oldaccent blue bird exceeding there- sixties ever see steel seats a lovelylineup of a any achievement / ownerstrainersthese are for you initial d fans you place emphasis intensifies that's anotherdisappointing that they're shoved aroundthe corner here cuz no one notices thembut it is celebrating supras 40thanniversary there's a lineup Latoyasupers and they nice of tucked away noone's seeing them so here are the foodproves just about the orange one manuals andthe I've never seen suitably many yellow backwhite yes I wish you gone secrets evenmore super I acknowledge the supers aregoing out on a parade to anew celebratethe 40th anniversary of the seriousissue bro and this fairly standardToyota people carrier has been convertedinto a pickup truck or a u2 if you wantto be pedantic well this one certainlystands out that's the sports ground so there itis lunchtime I've got some cheesy chipsoh I'm sat in the incite of my car firston one side the back there's a verytriangle there and the parts piece of mycar is suicide dolls that I've got openand that was lovely much that I haveseen I think all of the cars here whichis incredible because there have beenthousands now I'm gonna head to theexits to capture some cars leaving behind Ireally suggest you check out thatvideo because I think it's gonna beincredible people the cars you've justseen desertion on a roundabout therefore checkthat out have a look at my youtubechannel for it but I wish you enjoy thisvideo don't forget to follow me onInstagram for a weekly list of every thesekind of comings and goings but for now thanks forwatching

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