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here we go folks this is a 2006 BugattiVeyron and it is one of the all-timecoolest cars ever made it has a thousandhorsepower it cost a million and a halfdollars back when it was new and when itdebuted almost 15 years ago now it wasthe fastest production car in the worldtoday I’m going to give you a fullreview of it I’ve borrowed this Veyronfrom CNC motors here in SouthernCalifornia this is basically the premierluxury and exotic car dealership in thisentire region they have basicallyeverything now I filmed a lot of carswith CNC before but nothing like thisand yet this is the

second Veyron thatCNC has you can check out theirinventory if you click the link in thedescription belowthis place is automotive heaven but backto the Veyron now to me this is the mostspecial sports car manufactured in itsera sort of like the McLaren f1 in the1990s and the Ferrari f40 in the 1980sback when this car came out it didn’tmatter if you were into cars you knewthe stats because everybody knew thestats because they were everywhere topspeed 253 miles an hour 10 radiatorsfour turbochargers it could suck in asmuch air in one minute as a normalperson breathes in four

days it’ll runout of fuel in just 12 minutes at itstop speed you got to change the tiresevery 2,500 miles and you got to changethe wheels with every third tire changeit doesn’t matter if you like the Veyronor hate it you got to admit it is amarvel of engineering and insanity andhilarity all wrapped up into onethe Veyron was sold from 2006 to 2015when it was finally replaced by thesheer own this is my favorite Veyronbecause it was the original Veyron theone that captivated us all when it cameout all those years agolater Veyron models were definitelybetter there was the Grand Sport whichwas a convertible in the Super Sport inthe Vitesse which had more powerbut to me this is the veyron theoriginal the one that started it allregardless of which one you get they’reall special bugatti only made 450Veyrons for the

entire planet during its10-year production run but anyway todayis the day you’ve been waiting forbecause today’s the day I’m going toreview a Bugatti Veyron first I’m goingto show you around it and I’m going toshow you all of the quirks and featuresof one of the craziest cars ever madethen I’m gonna get it out on the roadand drive it and then I’m going to giveit a dug score and for more of mythoughts on the Veyron click the linkbelow to visit slashoversteer where I’ve compiled a list ofthe five cars I would buy for the priceof this onenow I’m gonna start the quirks andfeatures up front with the grill now youcan see that the grill design is verydistinctive with sort of this halfcircle on the top and then it’s flat onthe bottom that grill design goes backdecades and decades to early Bugattimodels from like the 1920s Bugattis racecars all had this same grill shape andeven though Bugatti has changed handsseveral times since then and obviouslythey’re now making modern cars they keptthe grill design which is a pretty coolthrowback to the old days now one otherinteresting thing up in the front theheadlights the headlights themselves arexenon as

you might expect from a carfrom this era interestingly the turnsignals are just halogen bulbs you pay amillion five for a car and you gethalogen front turn signals now all therear lights are LEDs which was a prettybig deal when this car came out but thefront turn signals in a Bugatti Veyronor halogen just like in most normal carsand speaking of normal items on this carI draw your attention to the door handlenow these days exotic cars have crazydoor handles and door opening mechanismsI’m thinking especially of Koenigseggand others but back in the day ten yearsago that wasn’t as common Bugatti juststuck a normal everyday door handle inthis car you just pull it and it opensup just like every outie Volkswagen andprobably your car but that’s about wherethe similarities end between the Veyronand your car one thing your car doesn’thave massive air intakes okay there’stwo over the roof of the car and theyare huge but that’s not enough air forthis thing this is an 8 litre 16cylinder quad turbo it needs to suck inas much air as it can and so integrateit into the side of the car you have twoadditional air intakes one on eitherside so the car can just bring as muchair as possible

into this massive engineand speaking of that engine I would showit to you but I can’t you can’t open thehood in this car and look at the engineor service the engine Bugatti it leavesthat to the trained professionals butthey do give you a little bit of aconsolation prize unlike a Ferrari whereyou have to look at the engine throughthe glass engine cover in this car youcan see it rightmayor the part that is visible is veryvisible and you can see it says 16.4which meant 16 cylinders fourturbochargers that is a very very coolthing to look at from the back of hiscar one interesting item you mightnotice that’s unique about the engineand this Veyron is the fact that it’spainted black and in fact everythingabout this car is painted black whenthese cars first came out Bugatti wantedpeople to get two tones and kind ofexperiment with colors but this persondecided to go black black black and thatincludes the engine I’m not sure ifBugatti painted the engine black or ifthe first owner had someone else do itbut it completes the black motif of thisparticular Veyron next up I want to moveon to the rear lights of

the Veyronwhich are LEDs and they have someinteresting operation when you press thebrakes in the Veyron all four rearcircle lights light up in red as brakelights now when you put on the turnsignal the outer light breaks off andbecomes the turn signal it’s no longerthe brake light it is now the turnsignal and it flashes like a normal turnsignal the most interesting thing thoughis the rear fog light when you turn therear fog light the inner half of theinner lights on both sides lights up andbecomes the rear fog light it’s kind ofan interesting design when you see it onand that’s how the rear fog light worksin a Veyron other interesting items backhere one is obviously the exhaust thiscar doesn’t have quad exhaust pipes orwhatever instead it has one giant Centerexhaust pipe and actually his car soundspretty good I’ve always heard itdescribed as like a turbine not like areally true sports car but it soundsdecent take a listennow another very obvious item we have todiscuss is of course the wing which isabsolutely massive now one interestingthing before I explain the wing checkthis out when you start the

car the wingkind of does a little dance that’sbecause it’s checking to make sure it’sworking every time you start the car andif it wasn’t working it would send you alittle fault up in the gauge cluster tolet you know the wing was broken afterit does its little test but you might bewondering why is it so massive well itdoesn’t have to be this big the car iscurrently in handling mode and when theVeyron goes into handling mode you cansee it gets a little bit lower in orderto get closer to the ground for bettergrip and then the wing comes up toprovide extra downforce which alsoprovides better grip on the racetracknow if you take the car out of handlingmode and put it in normal mode wingretreats back into the car so it isn’tas massive and aggressive since youdon’t need all that downforceadditionally the car lifts itself backup just a little bit presumably becauseif you’re in normal mode

you’re nolonger on the racetrack now you’re backon the street and you probably need toclear stuff like speed bumps or flowcurves now one interesting item to notewhen you’re in handling mode and whenthe wing is up is that if you look inhere it’s really ugly they didn’t botherto cover any of this stuff you can justsee the inner workings of the wing andthe rear of the car but actually it’spretty cool to look back in there andsee all that stuff and I guess Bugattimust have figured you know you’re onlygonna have the wing up when you’re inhandling mode on a racetrack ready to beaggressive and drive crazy and so maybeyou’d want to take a look inside the carand see its guts so I’ve mentionedhandling mode and normal mode butthere’s still one other interesting modethe Veyron has and that’s called topspeed mode and accessing it is ratherinteresting when you open up the dooryou look down

one of the first thingsyou’ll notice is there’s a littlekeyhole on the floor next to the seat inorder to get the car into top speed modeyou have a special key called the topspeed key that you have to insert intothat little keyhole and twist to let thecar know that you are confirmed that youactually want to go the top speed if youdon’t stick the top speed the key in thecar will not go it’s full top speed of250three miles an hour you actually have tobe in that mode and when you get intothat mode the wing goes all the way intothe car it lowers itself to be asslippery as possible so you can go asfast as you possibly can but top speedmode isn’t the only interesting itemyou’ll find when you first open the doornext to top speed mode you can see thereare two little silver circular buttonsand they open the two exterior flaps onthe outside of the car now one of themis the fuel tank you press it and thenthe fuel door opens up on the passengerside and that makes sense a flap for thefuel door so what’s the other one welllook at that little silver button andyou can see a

little oil icon on itpress it and it opens the flap on thedriver’s side and that’s where you canadd oil to your Veyron remember youcan’t get into the engine there’s noengine cover to open to add oil and soto make it easier to add oil rather thanremoving the whole piece which you couldonly do in the workshop Bugatti added aneasy flap so you can just dump a bottleof motor oil in your Veyron and theother interesting atom you’ll notice inthe footwell area right when you openthe door is that there is a littlehandle in the drivers footwell we canpull it and it opens the front trunk andso let us go see what’s in the fronttrunk of a Bugatti Veyron now toactually access the front trunk afteryou pull that little handle on thedriver foot well there is a little latchhere you lift it and then you can openthe front trunk right up and so here itis here is the front trunk in a BugattiVeyron there are a few noteworthy itemsin this trunk one is the fact that youcan see this little black panel in herewhat exactly is this well here’s whatI’ve learnedthe United States government requiresthat all automakers have a littleemergency inside trunk release in caseyou try to kidnap someone with yourvehicle so

they can pull the release andget out of the trunk however thatrequirement only extends to vehiclesthat have a trunk of a certain sizeI guess that size is about the size oflike a 3 or 4 year old child dummy ifthe child dummy can’t fit in your trunkthen you don’t need the emergency insiderelease so bugatti puts this black panelin here in order to divide the trunkinto two sections neither of which islarge enough to take the dummy and thatmeans they don’t have to install an uglyplastic emergency inside trunk release avery interesting item other items worthnoting in the trunk one is a littlewarning label above the trunk that saysattention temperature inside the trunkmay exceed 122 degrees Fahrenheit thetheory there is they don’t want you toput anything in here that well can’thandle getting a little hot because itmay get hot in here the otherinteresting item is there is a littleplaque in the front of the trunk thathas this beautiful inscription bugattiautomobiles and it gives your chassisnumber and it says country ofdestination USA 3 what when what life’slike in USA one would be so nice to livethere unfortunately i’m relegated tolife in USA 3 maybe someday somedayanyway moving back to the door panel acouple of interesting items worth notinghere one is the lock unlock icon itlooks like a fairly standard lock unlockicon but the unlock

part has a pictureof a Veyron on it from the top downlittle details like that or what you getwhen you pay over a million dollars fora car mixed up on to the window switcheswhich look like standard window switchesexcept they go the opposite way when youpush the window switch down the windowgoes up push the window switch up thewindow goes down why did you do thisjust to be different bugattinext up another odd item with the windowhow about the fact that it doesn’t rollall the way down this is the window andits furthest rolled down position and itdoesn’t go all the way into the doorwhich is obviously unusual for any carand especially one at this price pointtwo other items worth noting with thedoor panel one is the fact that there isa little storage pocket inside the doorpanel of your one and a half milliondollar fastest production car in theworld the other interesting item withthe door panel is the fact that it isAlcantara now that’s not that unusual alot of cars have a lot of Alcantarastuff but this car takes it to a wholenew level everything in this car isAlcantara the seats Alcantara the centerconsole Alcantara the area around thedoor frame al cantor the

dashboard is upenter the steering wheel there’s evensome crazy Alcantara pieces how aboutthe fact that the windows switches orAlcantara you will never see that againand then there’s my personal favoritethe key the key is wrapped in Alcantarathat’s the level of Alcantara that wereon on this vehicle basically everythingis made of that material now speaking ofthe key one unusual item about it is thefact that it’s just a Volkswagen foldingkey take a look at a Passat from thisera and you’ll see the exact same keyexcept it’s not Al Cantera and itdoesn’t have the bugatti logo on itthat’s really the only apparent changethey made to this which is a bigsurprise to me considering how specialthis car is also odd about the key itonly has lock and unlock buttons longand it doesn’t have a button on it topop the front trunk in order to do thatyou have to pull that little latch inthe drivers footwell another item worthnoting is the fact that between thedoors sill and the seat there is thisnice little storage cubby which is ofcourse finished in Alcantara I wouldexpect no lessnow I mentioned that little Alcantarastorage compartment over on the driverside because over here on the passengerside there is also an Alcantara storagecompartment but it is much much smallerand the reason it’s much smaller isbecause right in front of it you have alittle Alcantara compartment you openthat up and that’s where

the road hazardtriangle is this is compulsory requiredin some countries they had to put itsomewhere and so they hid it in thatlittle panel there you’d never know itwas there unless you know it’s there inspeaking of the passenger side of theveil on one interesting item on thepassenger door panel is the fact thatright next to the interior door handlethere is a blank panel where the powermirror controls and the power lockcontrols would be on a right hand drivecar Bugatti just leaves that panel blankon left hand drive cars rather thanrestyling the whole door panel toaccommodate it I never thought I wouldsee a blank panel on a 1.5 milliondollar car but here we arenext up moving in to the Bugatti Veyronthe first thing you’ll notice when youclimb into this one is the fact that theseat is really tight it really reallyhugs you it’s kind of surprising that’sbecause this car has racing style seatsfull carbon fiber seats like you wouldfind in a Porsche gt3 RS although notquite that crazy but here’s the reallyspecial thing about them they’re manualthis is a 1.5 million dollar car withmanual seats there’s a little lever yougotta pull and that’s the only way tomove the seat forward or backwards it’sridiculous you know I made fun of outiein the rs3 for installing a manualpassenger seat and that’s like a $70,000car here they’re

installing manual it’syou know one and a half million dollarcar the Volkswagen Group really knowshow to get you with options of courseI’m kidding I think these are actuallyoptional seats there’s a more luxuriousseat that’s standard this is for peoplewho really want that sporty seatexperience now one interesting item withseats even though they’re manual andcarbon-fiberthey’re heated which is a big surprisebecause in most cars that havecarbon-fiber racing seats you can’t getthem heated but you can in the Veyronbecause I mean it’s the Veyron you cando whatever you want now next we move onto the floor mats which are prettyincredible generally they just look likefloor mats but in the middle there’sthis aluminum trim DB vu Gotti logo thatis just beautiful you don’t get a floormat like that in your Acura now thatsame material that makes the bugattilogo in the floor mat is also used inthe center control stack in this carit’s one of the few things that breaksup all the black and the center controlstack in this car to me is absolutelyfascinating the first fascinating thingabout it is the fact that it has thesame shape as the grille do you noticethat you got a little half circle on topits square on the bottom they designedthis to bring the grille shape into

thecar and keep that Bugatti heritage goingand that is pretty cool now even cooleraround the entire center control stackis one giant grill shaped climatecontrol vent which is just so cool it’sonly about an inch wide and it goesaround the entire thing and it’s just abig extra climate vent that you probablynever even knew was there I certainlydidn’t in order to turn it on or offthere these two little plastic slidersyou can move up or down and that adjuststhe climate vent in the middle that mostpeople probably don’t even realize is inthe Veyron now next up I’m gonna go downto the bottom of the center controlstack and sort of work my way up andthat means starting with the starter youcan see there’s a start button in thiscar but that’s not how you start it tostart it you have to unfold theVolkswagen fold the keys stick it intothe ignition switch which is in thenormal place twist that and then pressthe starter button you can’t just keepthe key in your pocket and push thestarter now when you do push the starterbutton you are greeted by a tremendouslydistinctive noise from the inside ofthis car everything firing up take alisten now next up above the starterbutton you have the transmission leverwhich is rather odd and indeed itoperates in a kind of a strange mannerbut it’s pretty intuitive once you getused to it the transmission is always insort of a neutral middle position inorder to move it into reverse you moveit over to the left for neutral thendown into reverse and you’re in reverseif you want to move it over to drive youmove it to the right and you’re in Drivemoving it to the right can switchbetween Drive and sport mode if you wantto put it in park you press the top ofthe gear lever the aluminum bit and thenthe car goes into park and just like inthe cherone this car annoys me by sayingpress for park press in lower case Parkin upper case why must you do thatBugatti now next up around the gearlever

one of the items you’ll notice isthe heated seat controls which are kindof odd there are these aluminum dialsand you slide them up and you can seethe little light in the middle whichturns red gets a little larger each timeyou slide it as you go for more and moreheated seat no ventilated seats in thiscar it just heated now below the heatedseat to the left of the gear lever youhave a button that says LC that would belaunch control for if you want to gofaster then this car can do withoutlaunch control to the right of the gearlever that’s the button that changes thecar between normal mode and handlingmode you can see it has an arrow on thewing and arrows on the body of the caritself since it raises or lowers the cardepending on which mode you choose nowabove the heated seat control you willnotice thein the entire center control stackthere’s no screen and that wasintentional even though a lot of carsfrom this era the mid 2000s late 2000shad screens Bugatti decided against itbecause they wanted this car to betimeless they wanted you to be able toshow this thing at Pebble Beach in 2037and not have to sort of explain away theugly old touchscreen that came out atcars

in this era that was actually areally good idea because if you get intoa 2006 car now and you use thetouchscreen you’ll notice that it’sterrible and it would have dated thisinterior but they didn’t do thatunfortunately it didn’t quite work outperfectly that the interior is timelessbecause they did add a few displayscreens and they’re very pixelated youcan see it looks like mid-2000s eraVolkswagen and it just doesn’t look thatgood by modern standards but it’s a lotbetter than having one big old-schoolscreen taking up the middle of this carnow the first set of controls as youmove up the center control stack you’llsee the climate controls and they’re notparticularly unusual you have all yourtypical buttons auto you can adjustwhere the air comes out one thing I likeis that as you change and adjust thesethings they light up in red when youmove the little silver switches tohighlight whatever you want the coolestthing about the climate controls is thatthe dial in the

middle I always thoughtwas fixed it’s actually a dial you canmove it and that adjust the climatecontrol temperature so as you move thatthe temperature gets warmer or coolerdepending on what you want which ispretty coolabove that you have a little CD slotwhich is just the coolest CD slot in theworld I will say in all of Bugattiswisdom not to put a screen in this carthey did kind of date it by sticking aCD slot in there but at least it lookscool even though we’re no longerlistening to CDs now above the CD slotyou have the radio controls and theywork a lot like the climate controls youcan select areas things using the littlesilver toggle switches and they turn redwhen you select them which is a coollittle feedback to see also same dealwith the climate controls the giantsilver dial in the middle that would bethe stereo volume as you turn it you canturn up or down the volume somethingelse I didn’t know about the stereo inthis car next up

above the climatecontrols you have a few otherinteresting items that you have the twocircular airthat sort of complement the grillesshaped air vent around the centerconsole you also have the giant hazardlight button right in the middle andabove that you have the bugatti clockwhich is of course very beautiful buthow do you adjust it there’s no hour orminute thing anywhere there’s no screenyou can use to adjust it so what do youdo well it turns out you open up theglovebox and to do that you press thisbig silver unlabeled button over to theright of the center control stack theglove box opens up in this incrediblysoft luxurious manner like you wouldexpect from a high-end vehicle such asthis and then you can see over on theright side of the glovebox there is alittle clock adjuster so that you canchange the time and you’re brilliantBugatti Wow other interesting items inthis interior one is the air vents asidefrom the vents in the middle there arevents to the left of the steering wheeland over on the passenger side and theyhave an odd shape to them it’s a shapethat actually mimics the acceleratorpedals

shape which is odd you don’toften see that ear event acceleratorpedal shaped tie-in but you do in thiscar one item I absolutely love aboutthis car has to do with the centerconsole and it doesn’t open and it’sfinished in this black Alcantara withnice white stitching but Bugatti know isthat having an unopened center consoleis annoying so they gave you thesmallest consolation prize ever you havethis tiny little oval-shaped item thatdoesn’t close right above the centerconsole for you to put in tiny items youdon’t get a full center console but youget that it is unfortunately not evenlarge enough for a modern cell phonenext we move on to the ceiling righthere next to the mirror a couple ofinteresting items starting with theselittle switches that turn on the domelights these switches are Alcantarabecause of course they are even thething that turns on the dome lights inthis car is Alcantara now the furthestforward of the two switches turns on allof the dome lights at once but say youdon’t want them all on the switch inback has you covered also Alcantara ofcourse if you move it forward it turnson the

driver side lights if you move itbackwards it turns on just the passengerside lights one other interesting itemin the ceiling area is the Sun visors wein this car are pretty special there’sno like hinged thing you pull downinstead it’s just part of the blackAlcantara headliner it’s like a littleflap you just pull it down and that’syour Sun Visor you put it back up and itgoes away no visor mirror no ugly hingesand no airbag warning label like you getin so many other cars somehow bugattigot out of that or the owner removed itfinally we move on to the gauge clusterwhich has a couple of cool things aboutit maybe my favorite is the fact thatnone of the warning lights are lit up oreven potentially left you can’t even seethat they’re in there until you startturning the stuff on and then they lightup as if they’re hidden and just waitingto spring into action I really like thatbecause I hate looking at gauge clustersthat have the outline of all the warninglights it just looks ugly in this carthey can sealed it and it is very verycool now the gauge cluster in this carof course isn’t your typical gaugecluster you start over on the left andthat’s the power meter which shows howmuch horsepower you’re using in anygiven moment you can see the very lastnumber on there is 1001 this car had athousand and one horsepower and so whenyou have the foot on the floor the powermeter is all the way up and you’re usingall 1000 horses

now right in the middleyou have the tachometer as you do in alot of sports cars and over on the rightyou have the speedometer which goes to280 miles an hour you won’t see a lot ofcars with a 280 feet speedo I also likethe fact that the speedometer has thistiny little speed readout right in themiddle I almost feel like they put thatin there thinking that Instagram wouldcome in the future and there would beInstagram kids who would want to be likeoh I gotta get a picture of the speedreadout and so they had that in therefor that express purpose nowunfortunately the gauge cluster suffersfrom the same problem as the centercontrol stack with this pixelated blackand white display in the middle of thetachometer again it’s not as bad as ifthere was a screen in there from the olddays but it doesn’t exactly look greatnow moving on from the gauge cluster youhave the stocks coming off the steeringwheel they’re pretty standard on theleft you have the turn signal stock moveit up down for the turn signals thatalso controls the cruise

control youjust flip it and then it can turn on oroff over on the right you have the wiperstock again pretty simple nothingparticularly specialabout it it’s just the wiper stock andin the middle of course you have thesteering wheel the bugatti veyronsteering wheel with a giant eb logopress it and you have the horn what doesa horn sound like in the Bugatti Veyronwell take a listen and so that’s theunbelievably long rundown of all of thiscars incredible quirks and features butwait I’m not done because now it’s timeto get this thing out on public roadsand drive it and of course I am verynervous by dropping the Veyron I havewanted to do this my entire adult lifeI’ve never even sat in a Veyron untilthis moment what interesting what aboutthis one I can’t lower the seat it seemslike I can move it forward and backwardI have enough room there but my head iskind of right up against the ceilingalso the pedals are surprisingly offsetwhich which is unusual this car with allthe development dollars they weren’table to get the pedals just a little bitmore in the middle it’s almost like anold-school supercar it’s just a littleoff to the side which is kind ofsurprising just driving

it you knownormally it drives surprisingly normallywhich is a cool thing I think that’ssomething that a lot of people have saidabout this car and so it’s a very usablecar compared to your own it alreadyfeels a little bit more raw you can heara little bit more you can feel the roada little bit more which is surprising tomeI’ll have it in this video mean this isa very round like this was everything tome when I was in high school when I wasin college it was the coolest car in theworld you know now there’s all thesemillion plus dollar hypercars but thiswas the seminal one young people growingup now just sort of take for grantedthat there’s a market for these cars butit wasn’t alwaysit’s justit’s so fast it’s so so so fast and it’sangry this could feels a lot angrier andless refined but almost there a good waycompared to shear on like it actuallyfeels a little bit more menacing andwhich surprises thing it’s just insaneyou’re just not ready for and it justkeeps coming that is this feed

that Idefinitely shouldn’t be gone thehighlight and it just feels like thereis so much more to go now in terms ofjust sitting here not knowing its issuewhich I imagine you could also saw thatyou had a seat that would sort of lowerthe road this year on for sure peoplesay it’s like this is like a Bentley butjust crazier it’s not quite and theseare definitely there’s a little bit moreluxury to them now I am cruising at 80miles an hour2000 rpm and the car stalling theinstant mpg is thirty two point twowhich is shocking now when I put somegas on 8.45 they’re amazing thing to methough really is the fact that I kind offeel like I could drive thisreasonable degree I mean you’d be scaredan incredible amount of people bumpinginto it and parking it anywhere of youknow people in traffic trying to take apicture they were off the road but ifyou could get past that you could livein this car more than a lot of thesupercars that I dothere’s nothing like that there’snothing like that

I am surprised bysteering work on the highway here butinput ladies I am surprised by how goodit steers later than I was expectingmore like a luxury car but it’sobviously very connected to the car in areally really good way and that’s kindof a cool thing that you don’t reallyexpect from a car like this which wasfamous mostly for its speed look at themirror and I noticed those launches backthere that I guess are air intakes youyou actually see the reflection of theother side you can kind of see it rightthere you see the reflection of theother side traffic and somebody look atthe mirror it’s a little disconcertingit’s like I didn’t know there’s a carthere well there is that he’s over therefew cars in the worldeverybody in even a slightly interestingcar looks over and what do you see oneof theseit’s just insane how fast it is this carwas just so special to me when I wasyounger and I’ve always wanted to driveit and it’s just amazing to actually doit and honestly it kind of looks

liketry expectations it’s you know now thatI’ve driven Shiro and it’s like wowthere’s a better version but this wasthe original that this is where it gotstarted and that’s really cooland so that’s the Bugatti Veyron Ialready filmed the sharone which is thecar that followed this up came later butto me it isn’t quite the same the Veyronblazed the trail and the sharone merelyfollowed it I was 10 years old when theyfirst showed the Veyron concept car Iwas 16 when it finally came out as aproduction car and I remember I wouldtalk to my friends on AOL InstantMessenger and on internet forums aboutall the crazy stats related to this carusually stuff we had heard on Top Gearthe night before I know a lot of peoplethink that the Veyron isn’t that greatbecause it’s very expensive and it’s notvery accessible and it’s not somedrivers sports car like a Ferrari or aPorsche but to me this will always beone of the greatest feats of automotiveengineering in my lifetime and I havealways wanted to drive it and now it’stime to give this car a dug scorestarting with the weekend categories andstyling the Veyron was never the world’smost beautiful car it looked nice but itwas never gorgeous and now it’s gettingolder it gets a 7 out of 10acceleration it gets an easy 10 out of10 handling is good not amazingly sharpby the standards of modern exotics butsurprisingly quick on its feet and itgets an 8 out of 10 fun factor isobvious this is one of the most excitingand smile inducing cars ever made and itgets a 10 out of 10 cool factor to isobvious few cars ever made turn headslike a Bugatti Veyron and it gets a 10out of 10 for a total weekend score of45 out of 50 next up are the dailycategories and features were it’ssurprisingly far behind with noinfotainment manual seats and not a lotof tank it gets a 4 out of 10Comfort is surprisingly low it’s betterthan purpose-built exotic cars like theCarrera GT or the f40 but it’s harsherthan I expected and it gets a 4 out of10quality is fantastic in terms ofmaterials but reliability is a challengein maintenance costs aretruly astronomical which limits it to aseven out of ten practicality is lowwith only two seats a small trunk andridiculous attention-grabbing and itgets a 1 out of 10 value is only okaysomeday I think these will be worth hugemoney but for now they’re depreciatingCNC is asking a million dollars for thiscar and maintenance and repair costskeep a lot of people away still it’s avery special car and it gets a six outof ten for a total daily score of 22 outof 50 added up in the dug score is 67out of 100 which places it here next tothe other flagship supercars from recentyears it’s no longer the class leaderbut it’s important to explain just howwell important this car was the bugattiveyron blazed the trail into the worldof the hyper car and to me it’s stillone of the all-time most importantsports cars in automotive history

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Bugatti Veyron Cost

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which I’ll get to ina minute and they sort of change theposition of the wing for example ifyou’re in handling mode and you’re on aracetrack the wing changes to providemore downforce better for going aroundcorners if you go into top speed mode atlowers to make the car more slippery andmore […]

2011 Bugatti Veyron

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this is a bugatti chiron and it iscurrently the fastest production car youcan buy it’ll do 261 miles per hour it’salso the most powerful production caryou can buy back here is an eight literquad turbocharged 16 cylinder enginethat makes 1,500 horsepower it’s alsothe most expensive new production caryou can buy […]

Bugatti Veyron Engine

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good morning good morning ladies andgentlemen welcome back to the channelwelcome back to the vlog and welcomehere to beautiful Las Vegas we’re hereat royalty exotic cars and we have theveyron from Matsuri ladies and gentlemen check this outwe have views on views so I’ve been inthis year on this is […]

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Price

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oh my good godhi guys and welcome back and welcome toanother video where today you join me inmy m2 where I’m on route to what isgoing to be a seriously exciting dayahead I cannot wait for this one yearago also you might have seen I did aMcDonald’s drive-through in a […]

Bugatti Veyron For Sale

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watch thisokay so your first time my first timeI’d get it nice and centered betweenthese four posts which by the way youguys if you haven’t noticed we haveliterally four not movable posts so notonly are we spreading tires on a veryvery expensive car it’s actuallysignificantly dangerous not bad name in […]