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well guys this is the moment I don’tknow I think you’ve been waiting for butI’ve been waiting for pretty much myentire life since I knew what Bugattiswork Houston’s gonna take us out to getthis day started in this bansuri editionBugatti Veyron oh my goshthis thing that pick up the accelerationis like getting the butterfly feelingswhen he takes off like that well guyswelcome back the daily driven exoticsyou heard you know my namehis name is Houston Houston is the ownerof royalty exotics the gentleman that’sbeen so kind and trusting to allow us totake these beautiful vehicles out andhe’s recently made a new addition to thegarage at Royal to

this bad boy righthere behind us what were you what madeyou buy a Bugatti you own everythingpractically that’s the whole point youhave to go up and up and up so this isthe car that was next know what’s afterthis probably a plane fundings it upplane yeah probably a plane it’s comingsoon royalty jet yeah there you go thatwould be sick so this is a very specialand unique Bugatti Veyron tell us alittle bit about it so actually when Iwas shopping for a Bugatti I had no ideawhat car was gonna buy and I lookedeverywhere all over the country scouredit left and right and I stumbled acrossthis one this is a one-off product madeby Mansouri so Mansur he’s a tuner inGermany they do a really good job andmake it some crazy ass carbon-fiber hoodI’ve never seen anything like this sowhat I was told about this carbon fiberpattern was that Mansur he owns an

ownweaving factory so when they made thisfor this car this is the only time theywere gonna make this pattern I don’tknow if that’s true but I’ve never seenit before myself that would make sensewhy I’ve never seen it before yeahDave’s riding in the back or behind usin the S slingshot but that thing takesoffmy god I can taste it oh it’s beautifulmaybe behind that car is like it’s veryspecial you’re in a slingshot with a bigway hey yeah it’s got a an affricateexhaust Gus Fargo this is winged bejealous back in your Bugatti stay humbleso we’re gonna guess this thing up andgo for a little cruise and talk about aa little more about this car be aboutyour business and the antics of runningthis business in a place like Sin Citytry to keep up guys good luckso Houston Sin Cityis this where you grew up where are youfrom yes I was actually born here inVegas I left I did some cool thingsbefore I started this business I was acable guy like straight up installer TVand I started getting into like somereal cool like fiber running andeverything but next

knew that it wasn’treally for me so I was always a car guyI had a really awesome GTR big power toitI met this guy on Las Vegas Boulevardwe’re actually gonna drive right bywhere I started this businessI asked him if I can rent my car youknow if I could make some money and seeif I can start that lineyou kinda said no at first never reallylike me but uh you know a couple dayslater he walked up to it he let me kindof share his little space on the stripI started standing next to my car andtalking to people walking by the streetand ask them if they wanted to drive ina GTR and a couple people said yes andstarted the ball rolling and I added acouple more cars but the one crazy thingthat happened was this guy came and hewanted to start renting scooters rightnext to my GTR and I was like no waythere’s not good crazy so I told theleasing guy I was like I’ll do it I’llgo get the scooters the afternoon I wentbought six scooters little mopeds I’mtalking like 50 cc

moped right right andI was putting I put an astronomicalprice on them ten dollars and out workyou don’t understand you can get ascooter in Vegas for twenty hours for aday this is ten dollars an hour rightthink about that crazy 6 scootersstarted to go up every single day almostevery hour of the day because I neverasked anybody anything here’s $10 totake the scooter for an hour I don’tcare I just needed them out of my spaceto rent my GTR right yeah and it turnedout to be a profitable business thosesix scooters turned into 40 in like amonth40 40 scooters and every day they werejust killing it I mean I was ranged Iwas a scooter came straight up a GTRturned into a Guyardo than a FerrariCalifornia and then before you know it Ihad a like a fleet I had a I’m gonna oldMaserati and I’m old r8 and I startedfrom there this is actually where it wasright here if you can look just a littlebit over there there’s that fat burgerit’s all new now but it used to be aparking lot so

one day I just picked upand I went in at least a space acrossthe freeway where you guys have beenseeing all our stuff you didn’t juststart with Ferraris and Lamborghinis ofcourse not no nice cookies deceivingright yeah because this is like thecenter of the strip I mean the peoplejust walking back and forth and here sitdown like hustling and I’m like hey youknow here’s this you know scooter or $10or here’s the GTR 200 bucks you know andyou’re like trying to get people justwalking by to rent your cars and youknow it was hard it was hard work Ishould have like 7:00 a.m. every day andI left it like 11 p.m. every night whenI opened up royalty across the street onDean Martin I took a different approachwe’ve got a website more of a prebooking type business not the streetpeddling stuff you know we started toget bigger groups and you know four orfive guys at a time and the demand formore cars kept coming and comingto be honest people treated the cars alot more respect picking this car whenyou went to buy a car like this one likeeither you’re gonna go get a Bugattiwere there any specific things you werelooking forI know you stumbled across this one

butwhat were your like you know what wereyour thoughts on the whole process ofbuying this and I was like look what abunch and I’m just gonna horn out rightright that was my plan okay everybodythe driver got in the whole world fivethousand dollars a day and then I slowlystarted to realize first after drivingone how a sensitive it is being how hardit is to use right yeah and then seelike obviously how expensive it is tofix so that’s the key that was thefactor right there so then I started tolook for one that’s good investmentright a great car that people could comeand see and look at and I could drive toevents and people to really appreciateit and for those really big whales intown that come in that can afford twentythirty thousand dollars a day for thoseguys to use let’s go for a couple ofnumbers from the ground up wheels andtires everything’s timed but now theydid time to maintenance whether youdrive the car or not it’s a yearly thingevery year you have the DX really tiresobviously there are about forty thousanddollars

between thirty eight forty twothousand depending on what dealer you gotoonce the fourth set of tires on the carwhich they’re michelin pilot supersports but they’re like a little softerso they go by yeah unbelievably fast acouple thousand miles and they’re toastin the back and you don’t really replacejust the rears right you got to do allfour cuz it’s all wheel driveyeah yeah so for time you need new rowsand the rims that are on my car orMansouri wheels right so Bugattiobviously doesn’t touch those wheels buta line have to be sent to Germany wherethey go to Mansouri yeah just to swapthe tires it is at $8,000 labor timesjust to take the old tire off put thenew tire and the rims after the fourthtime are a little over a hundred andfifty thousand dollarsthat’s a real number the oil changes$21,000 that sounds astronomical you putmobile 11060 in and you take mobile11060 out right yeahthey take the freakin entire engineapart the heads and everything andinspected and then put it all backtogether for the oil tanks

for the oilchange Wow and that’s wise it costs$20,000 and a inch trying to sparkalright let’s talk about those crazystories that you have promoting anexotic rental car business in Sin Citypeople literally think they can comehere do whatever they want people showup to drive their carthey’re already drunk two weeks ago yepwe had a guy rent a slingshot for fourhours so it was from two to six yeah at5:30 my phone dings how to stay

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