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oh my good godhi guys and welcome back and welcome toanother video where today you join me inmy m2 where I’m on route to what isgoing to be a seriously exciting dayahead I cannot wait for this one yearago also you might have seen I did aMcDonald’s drive-through in a BugattiVeyron it was absolutely ridiculouslater on in that year I went to theWarren classic and supercar event andtoday I’m heading down to see the guywho owned the Bugatti Veyron he also hasa few more additions to his supercarcollection

we also took delivery lastyear of his ferrari enzo the second oneso it is unreal I’m going to shareexactly what is the new edition and thefuture editions coming to his carcollection I cannot wait to get downthere and share all of this with youit’s gonna be amazing I’m buzzing let’sgo down there and have an awesome dayit’s gonna be a lot of fun so I’ve justarrived to see what is gonna be so socool today I’ve arrived to see deliveryof what is going to be two insane carsthis is basically totally unbelievablebut behind me we have a jankura project7 which is just one of the cars in thecollection but the cars that are beingdelivered today he’s al a ferrari webelieve on say these words al a ferrariand also another bugatti veyron so notonly does he have an incredible carcollection he’s just got a laugher reand a second bugatti veyron i’m kind oftotally lost words anyone getting carslike that i mean i was just lost roads igot the hurricane that’s a quick everylook

around this Jagua project 7 whichis here now this is absolutely stunninglook at that not many of these aroundbut then I’ll quickly show you the othercars after there are a few otherindividual ones just over there but Ilove these honestly they sound amazingand look at it project seven and then we’re going to goon to their bigger and better cardI just think that looks awesome quiteclose but that’s fine so I am justwaiting for this laughs arrived I knowit’s not my carI know the individual very well and overlike this so you sort of get sort ofreally excited for people and it’s justit’s another level like laugher alwaysgo for what two million something likethat and then when we took delivery ofthe Enzo that’s 2 million Bugatti Veyronit’s arriving any minute is arriving anyminute so it’s gonna be driving far Ican’t wait I’m just gonna wait here ohmy good god here we go look at this oh my good god Wowthat is just unreal there are no wordsit has just arrived and

that is anotherbull game just look at itdoors up as well so there it is it has arrived the lackFerrari how stunning is that we just putthe doors up just because they just lookamazing with the doors up don’t they butit is just so cool to see it so this isjust one of two of the cars which istheir winter coming but isn’t it justabsolutely stunning it’s honestlyimmaculate as you would expect honestlyit’s a totally totally mind-blowing aman I’m going to bring in the cool guymate you have one are you happy yeahsomething beautiful I like the colorit’s a metallic red yeah it’s like aFerrari Rosso Corsa with a bit of flakywhen you see it on the wing just I knowthis the colour of it when we sat herelooking at it the Veyronyeah the laferrari yeah to Veyrons twobarrels now yeah we see the other onewe’re gonna see the other one see

it’sgot like a metallic yeah that’s themetallic flake in it yeah there’sdefinitely a flake in the painting areawhich is quickly shot running has itdone many miles no really 600 miles soliterally next enough inside the Italianflag there all the carbon fibre yeahit’s beautiful look at the doors I knowI knowthe doors just just pick it up all onepiece it’s amazing isn’t it it’sbeautifully done did you can’t even themirrors please take out all this yeahthey stick up but it’s all part of it Isit in it I’m going in seats of courseare almost fixed in that position chaoschaos but look at the carbon fiber hereLimited Edition it says here one of 499in the world although they have a numberof them so they have a number but theydon’t number them yeah they did the sameat the end so it’s not actually numberthree or four ninety-nine it’s one-offoh and press Startso that is car number one and as soonit’s going to go into his lovely garageand can you imagine can you just imagineturning up in the

morning if you get todrive your laugher are what it’s justabout to come around the corner now isthe latest edition the Bugatti Veyron sothe other one which we were I’m justtalking about verily at the elbow wellobviously did the others drive throughwith that was that was like red and sortof like they had a very nice red to itthis one is very special very very veryspecial and you’re gonna see that whenit comes around the corner now here itisthe Veyron that color oh myI’m lost for words I literally lost forword be careful that door mate don’t hit thelaferrarilook at those two lined up together thatis just amazing look at this carbonfiber this is carbon fiber the hole isit literally the whole thing carbonfiber the whole thing is carbon and youhave this sort of turquoise which is onthe wheels on the side and on theinterior which I personally love whatthey’re on do prefer the red one or thisone okay you don’t have plans to drivethis one no okay so the red one is isthe

one to drive into it as well andthis one is the one for looking at okayso that this roof panel comes off Wowopen the door gonna have a look insideand I think it’s not my faultwow that is bright oh wow look at thatlook at all the stitching but a guy hadhis children’s fees that’s whose feetChina yeah and the gentleman in Chinawanted to around so he has his he hashis that’s his children’s feet it is sobright in here but it’s just stunningall the Alcantar on the steering wheeleverything I call the stitching it hasit done many milesno 220 miles so he got his children’sfeet in it he didn’t drive it well thecarbon on the inside of the doors herehere I love it how the carbon goes fromthere to there and then all the wayaroundusually shouldn’t work should it no itworks because it’s a Veyron yeah yes yesand a lot of people told me last timeVeyron how is it how is it sir I thinkyou put a right RG Veyron PFA rom

is theracing driver but wrong I mean there areso many ways so I’m probably gettingTroy tomato tomato there we go so lookat those two parked up togetherisn’t that an incredible sight and oneI’m probably never ever gonna see againbut no actuallywe’ll see them again because on the 23rdof September once again the warrantclassic and supercar event is happeningagain and there is going to be thesecars other cars and so much more lastyear it was one of the best events I’vebeen to the whole of the year it wasamazing and so much fun it really reallywas and you can get so close andpersonal with these car we are gonnagive you guys the chance to win VIPtickets to this eventaren’t we how we’re gonna do this andgiving you the chance to win basicallyall you need to do is put in thecomments section

what car you wouldrather own would you rather own thelaferrari or would you rather own ubiGetty Veyron put it in the commentsection down below and we’re going tochoose three winners and we’re gonnagive you the chance to come along andenjoy the warrant classic and supercarevent as a VIP so get commenting downbelow Instagram on my personal InstagramI am going to announce the winner onthere we’re gonna move the Laffer rearound and it’s going to go into thegarageand there it is laferrari is all parkedup in his garage what a moment forsomebody to have that in your garageincredible still it loss wordssister oh can you get out you locked inI will leave you in there time

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