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what’s going on everybody welcome backto a brand new video starting offtoday’s vlog here in the driveway withmy BMW m2 quick update for you guyssince the delivery video I’ve actuallyadded my custom plates on the m2 fromthe golf are actually the MV W andbefore you guys asked the mvw doesn’treally mean anything I just kind of likethe way it looks the three-digit platethere besides the plate we’ve actuallyadded the full carbon fiber andperformance kit as you can see we havethe diffuser the side skirts probably myfavorite addition there and even got thefront skirts makes the car look a lotbetter in my opinion and besides the m2we’ve actually added another block f450platinum truck here we got one and wegot the other one

on the other side ofthe driveway only difference betweenthese two trucks is I take a look at theinteriorthis one has a black interior ratherthan the red Bordeaux color on the othertruck but in today’s video guys we’regonna be filming a review on the BugattiVeyron Vitesse like I’ve done with theperform on say in the Agera rs1 I filmeda review on the Bugatti a while backwhich as it was film at nighttime thequality of my camera wasn’t the best sowe’re here filming another one so let’suh rearrange the cars and pull theVeyron out I would love to see the lookon our neighbors faces when they justdrive by and see two identical trucksjust parked side by side and they’re nottwo little tiny f-150s they’re prettybig f450 Dooley’s here but yeah one cardown let’s move the m2 and get theVeyron out alright cold start up time onthe 1200 horsepower Bugatti VeyronVitesse here we goalright guys here we gocut the key in the ignition turn to therighton the break here we go alright guys so here we are this is theBugatti Veyron Vitesse T 1200 horsepowervariants of the standard 1,001horsepower Bugatti Veyron Grand Sportwhich is the open top model first offlet’s talk about some of the

aestheticdifferences you could find on theexterior of this car the biggestdifference in my opinion the frontbumper completely redesigned for extracooling there also makes it look a lotmore aggressive which is always good wehave these gorgeous wheels found only onthe Vitesse I believe this car finishedin black very simple sleek design in theback on the Grand Sport you could find asingle square exit exhaust while thisone has the sporty looking dual exhaustright there also the redesigned diffuserfor extra downforceother than that though guys the exteriorof this car remains pretty much the sameand now let’s move on to the internaldetails so with the engine differencesas they share the same 8 litre 16cylinder quad turbo engine the fourturbos on this car actually quite largerand it also features two additional fuelpumps to help with the 200 horsepowergain so staying at the rear of this carlet’s talk about some of the optionsthis car has that you won’t really findon many other Vitesse’sit actually features the clear taillights mandatory on a widened black carin my opinion and as you guys

could seeit has the black exhaust tips it hasblack wheels and even the black anodizedmetal on the interior pretty much theentire car is white and black so weactually went ahead and got the blackanodized wing arms that you won’t reallyfind on any other Bugatti Veyron GrandSport in the entire world actually makesit look so much cooler check it outanother option that you’ll find on thiscar it actually features a special blacktinted carbon fiber as you can see it’snot really the standard black in greyrather has a gold tint kind of to itspecial treatment done by Bugatti from adistance you can’t really see the carbonweave and then when you move up closerit just shines in the lightso now in the interior first off you’regreeted by the carbon-fibre Lorca Blancone of one door cells there if we bringthe door ler the closer the

entire doorpanel finish in that same black tintedcarbon fiber with some black anodizedmetal steering wheel Alcantara whitestitching carbon fiber twelve O’Clockring the center console here alsofinished in that black tinted carbonfiber like I mentioned guys you can’teven see the weave that well but in thesunlight right there it shows itselfvery very cool detail we have the blackanodized metal all in the interior theseats with the diamond quilted whitestitching the test badge is there I justcheck out the Plexiglas roof has a coollittle blue tint to itbut other than that let’s go throughsome of the features on the centerconsole so first off let’s talk aboutthe air conditioning stuff we have thebright arrows here that control thespeed of the fan as you can see the moreyou push it up the more it increases wehave the

windshield defroster and wealso have the directional controls sothe top arrow meaning it comes out ofthese ones the one on the right the oneon the left and the two Center ones thebottom arrow coming out of the footwells or you can even have both of themon which is 50% out of the top ones and50% at the bottom which is quite coolnow Otherworld we’re here let’s take aquick look at the glovebox not a lot ofspace can probably fit one small bag atmost you also have pockets here on thedoors once again don’t have a lot ofspace barely could fit a garage dooropen in there we have the mere controlspretty standard on cars locking on theand the window controls are actuallyquite unique so on this card if you wantto lower them you have to actually pushthem forward which is quite strange ifyou want to raise them to push it downvery very weird other than that’s Ithink that’s pretty much it we have theclock like I mentioned earlier and alsothe music controls

prettyself-explanatoryyou have the next track fast-forwardthis is to control the volume as you cansee right there this car actuallyfeatures the upgraded I think it’sPuccini stereo system we have the mutebutton back on and then the power andthe shuffle so right by the gearselector here we got the press repaircan pretty much standard gear selectorthere we have heated seats which isquite unique for a hyper car of thismagnitude we have the launch controlbutton on the left and on the right sidewe have the handling mode button whichraises and lowers the wing now in thenext clip you guys will see the winggoing up check it out so here’s what itlooks like when the car

goes intohandling modejust like that the wing is up and thecar looks a million times betterso now let’s hear what this stereosounds like let’s raise the volumesounds pretty good so here on the leftside of the driver’s seat we have theelectronic parking brake we have theslot for the top speed key the gas tankcover and the oil tank cover if you wantto take out the top speed key here takea look very very nice while the car ison you just pop the key in and turn itto the left of arsing now if the car isoff it doesn’t really work but if youwant to unlock the car’s fullcapabilities which is kind of uselessfor the roads but if you’re ever at aprivate event or something and you wantto really open the car up turn the caronput on the brake and just turn thisthing to the left and the full 12 onyour horsepower 268 mile an hour enginewill really open up every wonder whatthe trunk size on a Bugatti Veyron lookslike well let’s check it out move on tothe front one latch right here in thecenter yeah it’s really as small as itlooks guys like I can barely fit my handin there it’s really really tiny notvery good for long distance road tripsprobably can fit a backpack at the mostbut we also have the Orca Blanc one ofone badge there from Bugatti kind ofhard to see in the sunlight chessy 0.33v car in the United States which isquite cool close this back up just likethat it is closeand just like that this video is over Ihope you guys enjoyed the pretty simplewalk-around of our Bugatti VeyronVitesse showing off some of its featuresof the spec like the black tinted carbonand the interior details but other thanthat guys like the video subscribe formore and I’ll catch you guys in the nextone peace

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