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oh mygod what’s going on here so I look andthe guys literally in California and Iwas like whoa awesome so we call in noanswer about three hours later he’sliterally in deep in LA just cruising inLA in the slingshot so we had to driveout there he go pick it back uphe basically stolen you know accidentshappen mostly minor yeahPorsche gt3 and hit a pole because thatquarter control yeah the McLaren 650sthat one actually burn to the groundthe car was just driving he was going Imean you know relatively fast and we gota call from Highway Patrol saying hey wethink this is your car can you verifyand they sent the VIN and yeah sure itwas and it’s literally a pancake therewas nothing left of the car we drovethat car so yeah the car you guys drovefour days ago was crumpled I mean it’s ait’s like it’s like in two pieces now itwasn’t their fault they’ll be okay noone no one really got injured place isthe first I’m gonna say it MissyI hope we don’t all I’m gonna saythis gentleman here let me drive hisBugatti unbelievableyou guyswords

sir the trustthis is what it looks like to be thedriver of a Bugatti Veyron step 1 he’ssaying what an idea right just like anyother Volkswagen order then drive itdrives us all the way down let’s seeright here after the right oh it’s shitok you’ll see right there he says D yeahthen we’ll go theis to say 1 it says sd1 there you goso we’re gonna just we’re just gonnacruise this isn’t a racetrack it’s justabout the experience of driving amulti-million dollar hyper car so thisis a w12 engine 2w snooze 2w 16 see Idon’t know about Bugattis because I’venever driven one I don’t own one it hasfour turbos yes sir that’s true sobullshit Yeah right thereOh how does it so it’s all wheel driveright of course yeah you wouldn’t needthat there’s no way like Bugattis likewe’re never making your rear wheel driveit’s impossible it would kill you yeahand there’s no way the wheels even stayon the thing that’s why I res I thinkhaving like seven eight on ourhorsepower because I really feel likethat’s the that’s the max for overrear-wheel drive carI mean Koenigsegg does more but man Idon’t do that it’s just what you justspelled is

crazy so the interior of thiscar is special I mean it’s got all thislighting and trim all along the doorscircles all the way across the dash andback down you can see over Houstonsitting in the passenger side gaugecluster fairly analog little digital inthe middle it’s just wow I mean thesteering wheel feels special it’sdifferent than any other steering wheelI’ve ever felt it can’t really explainhow it’s cut differently butit is differentit’s seriously like schools up and thenjust because shit it’s a jet you guysyou guys should all collectively thewhole DD crew should collectively get aGoFundMe just to go and rent this that’dbe crazy actually to throw like somesort of a contest or someone they comeand go for a ride with you yeah so we’reactually gonna do that because I wantregular people to feel this as much aspossible when I drove this car I had noexpectations and then when you floorthis car you like you feel like you’reeuphoric because you cannot imaginegoing this fast like I’m driving up ofGod driving a Bugatti guys so this ishow you unlock the potential of 250miles per hour I don’t want any I don’twant to get out of the

driver’s side yetI might just sit here the whole timeHouston’s pumping gas this thing is nutshow was that dudeif I win the lottery I’m buying one ofthese you didn’t do it differently andwhat’d you do a donut donut honestlyit’s like hard to take it all in for adeal it’s already overwhelming I’mdriving a two million dollar car withone hand on the wheel it has 1,200horsepower I’ve no idea what its gonnadoand I’m trying to capture the experiencefor the channel for you guys I’m likeliterally putting Houston and Houston isliterally putting his multi-milliondollar car on the line just for us toshow you guys what the experience islike all the bumper and this entirepanel needs to come off in order tochange the oil but you know how youcheck the oilyou probably think we’re on the wrongside for fuelthat’s it I’ve never seen anything likethat sir it’s crazy huh it is crazy theworst part about it is if it needscoolant you got to take the whole carbar because that

coolant tanks righthere look at this because like you cansee the cap it’s right there you can seeit yeah okay explain the wing thing itbasically adjust for every driving styleso if you’re cruising and then you punchit the cars ago and I need to put thewing up and actually if we’re drivingwith the windows down and you punch itthe automatic you come up hella fastlike really yeah I like prepares you forlunch it’s nuts all right let’s do thisAlec said he honestly has no you got pulled over in the Bugatti sowhat you say is you say it’s my bossdon’t get out of the car don’t want todon’t want to alarm the police here just might take Dave in the car and Iget pulled over doing anything I wantwith Damon but right when Dave gets inthe car this happens best part is heasked me how fast I was going he waslike I got you up 105 well I was kind ofdoing 200 what happened with the clockreckless driving 265 driver was going110 plus he stated he was going 200miles an hourand he just wanted to be honest says iton my ticket driver says he was

doing260 just want to be honest that is a night at the Parvati it’s almost like anight at the Roxbury almost involves nowwe got a backup we got that guy I justfound out that they used to live in anapartment together knowing each otherfor 10 years sees he goes you and Davehave known each other for 20 yearsthat’s crazy and I was like yeah he’slike Houston and I are 10 years and Isaid how long do you know what I’m likeand when he had money or before my he’slike oh no we used to live in anapartment with like nothing so tell thatstory quickly so you guys used to justlaugh about what so we would alwaysdream like yell like if we had a Lambowe could just sit in traffic and justchill and be all cool because there wasa Lambo right and then just about threeweeks ago we drove the 720 in the 650down to LA in for service because weneed the oil change down there andliterally we’re like sitting herebanging our heads on the steering wheellike I hate this so muchbecause being in traffic in a Lambo orMcLaren is a much worse than being intraffic and like any other car like aChevy Tahoe but you used to think thedream was if we could only do that weliterally call each other on

the phoneand say hey remember that time we weretalking about going on land when trafficwas not that coolClaire’s right now and we’re hating lifehate life and now here we are tonightrolling around in a Bugattilike it just never ends socongratulations on all the successthat’s sick guys we might as well wrapit up herewe’re gonna go for dinner I’m not foodvlogging this you ain’t getting that butthank you thank you amazing day amazingexperience again this gentleman’s superhumble super cool if you guys want tocome to Vegas and have the time of yourlife come on rent one of their vehiclesand I mean everything from a slingshotto super cars to the Jeep today that wetook out they have it all and and bikessuper bikes now yeah yeah but if you’reinto bikes add all those Ducatis theyhave the BMW 1000 RR I don’t I can’t sayenough about these guys check them outsmash the subscribe button throw us theslot thumbs up we’re going for dinnerpeace

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