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watch thisokay so your first time my first timeI’d get it nice and centered betweenthese four posts which by the way youguys if you haven’t noticed we haveliterally four not movable posts so notonly are we spreading tires on a veryvery expensive car it’s actuallysignificantly dangerous not bad name in their turn this myfriends making my dreams come trueokay and can I say yes yeahbrother that is so insaneall right you guys just for youHouston killed it I mean this car Ithink is effort it’s gonna be effortlesslike guys please stand brother you’remaking my dreams come true this isinsane here we go POV Wow what the hell did we just do oh

mygodyou gotta finish them off he’s gottafinish them off holy I brought something no yeah no yeahwhatlook at these marksI’ll bet you broke anything I think it’sfreaking out what’s that bolt rightthere there’s no way that’s from your carno I think that was just on the guitarman half the dash is on ya need a likekept shifting shifting shifting shiftingshifting agatesyeahit’s just freakin yo bro holy crapin those tiresWow well we’ll go back there you standshut up and we’ll inspect the damagewill be able to we’ll be able to pullthe wheels off right so how ridiculouswas that like this barrier we were in itfull-on four-wheel drive really crispyon that car yeah big drifts apparentlytrying to protest what the Hat we justdid from the passenger seat the viewfrom the pole was a little too closefrom the driver’s

seat about four feetfarther away you were good my buddiesshut up – Sam who Benigni he taught mehow to do this thing this is ridiculousSam’s gonna lose it when he sees usthank you yeah thank you let’s take yourbaby back to your shop all right brothe reality is is I mean come onhow much fun is this guy like you pickedthe most Norley lot ever this might aswell have been a gravel road and seemedlike a when we got here listen to therocks coming out the building coming offon carbon fibre yeah your crew thinksyou’re nuts but wait till they see thisget out of the way please Bugatti forgotplease please move the Aventador yeahyour boy dude come out here if it’s gotlike every light on on the dash but lookat the tires like chunks bro missingchunks chunks all-wheel drive BugattiDonuts se that’s the way is a maniac youguys have never seen anything like thisand likely never to see anything like itagain actually I should never say neverwith this guy I should never say neveryeah we’ll see what’s nice your boypicks a lot that at first glance wethought was like good and it wasbasically a gravel pit all you couldhear were rocks and gravel we hit a bolthe runs over a bolt doing all-wheeldrive doughnuts and this bolt justshoots out and it’s covered in rubber soexhaust bank one temp sensors DTC memoryand then you have a

parent barometricpressure so what’ll happen was is aboutall that smoke was started to go intothe intake from the from you know theand it was it choked it that’s why itdied oh my so much smoke choked out theBugatti what yeah dude vape life broserious babehow are you so calm I’m sweating ohthat’s right I was chasing you I forgotI was running out let go stick you thesetireseven after shredding upI love the jack your own good gaudiya ican’t wait to see these off that’s Kennyso epic these are these have two chunksmissing out of them like dude the rocksyou guys yes Olly Olly what oh oh lookat these chunk missing out dude look atlook at look at this look at this lookat the camber where it’s just like mycar just dude the camber where it’s justlike my car just really a lot moreexpensive I mean you guys are getting anever before see it like no one’s everdone this never been done

row in a worldof the Internet where everything’s beendone this has not been done this radnumber one move that’s proof that thisthing is alldrive killer tire killer well oh rightsorryso what were you saying the tire got sohot so we decided to check the tire outand right now is 142 degrees Fahrenheitand what was it like just a couple ofminutes ago 150 close and this has beenwhat 20 minutes is we got back ready 2030 minutes alreadyit was probably harder than that wecould have checked it destroyeddestroyed these tires there’s no wayanybody on the planet has ever done thatto a set of these tires you guys please go and follow Houstonroyalty exotics on Instagram by the wayif you want to rent a car and not dothis but have a lot of fun still comeand see this gentleman here in Las Vegasthey have the best cars you have thebest price I’m not joking I’m not justsaying this like from

day one I’verented cars from a lot of other placeslegit best prices easiest to deal witheven just read the comments of other ourother subscribers that have gone andrented from you because how many havecome here now ton maybe even more than athousand we had so many DV padsshout-out to our fans for coming andgetting that experience look at thistime this one’s really bad chunks look at the rocks are melted into itlook at this chunk play these chunks onthe outside this tire wheels is $50,000right here yeah rim entire because andso to explain that yeah it’s already hadthree sets of tires so now the rims haveto be replaced or the rims or 150 K fromwhat he was toldYeah right and the tires are a littleover ten thousand apiece but alsobecause it’s a man’s re car Bugatticorporate in LA he can change thesetires won’t touch it so it’s got to goto Germany then Germany to France totheir head office and man Suri’scorporate head office of hearing theyhave to send it to to God he

could getit approved to get him swapped but theseare gonna go back to Europe we’re gonnasay 200k and you just roasted them Ican’t process that and you just roastedthem like Damon’s idea if you’re likeI’d like to just sit in the car likethat Damon I’d like to burn the tiresoff just burn the tires off this is agood idea Houston and I Houston’sliterally a carbon copy of my thoughtprocess he just has the money to do itand I’m so glad we metcan I hold it up right now that Houstongave our audience a 10% discount to comehere and just drop the DVD name and hereally doesn’t have to do that

becauseonce they’re open his guys are runningaround from open to closed they haveabout a 30 minute window first thing inthe morning before it goes absolutelynuts and what day is it today it’s noteven it’s midweek it’s not even aweekend he just burned off tires andhe’s spending quality time this is howyou this is how you make moneypassionate about what you do you be goodto people to people to work with histeam here’s amazing does not need togive you guys a discount but does out ofhis heart smash the subscribe buttonplease throw the thumbs up if someonegive us a thumbs down

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