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good morning good morning ladies andgentlemen welcome back to the channelwelcome back to the vlog and welcomehere to beautiful Las Vegas we’re hereat royalty exotic cars and we have theveyron from Matsuri ladies and gentlemen check this outwe have views on views so I’ve been inthis year on this is my first timeinnovator on it’s gonna be a good day I wish I could convey to you guys whatthat is like wow there’s nothing likethe acceleration of average just pins inthe back you see you can’t move it all Ineed a thousand horsepower in my life Ineed a thousand force everybody means athousand horsepower in their life Wowthose are 100 runs and when he says 100he means 55 guys you remember Houston ifyou don’t remember Houston you obviouslyhaven’t been watching YouTube lately weare in his Mansouri Veyron we saw thiscar off at cars and copters while acouple of days ago and there is thatshear on Nick’s dance and you’ve

beeneyeing a shear on having to you when Isaw it in the same white and black colorschemegot me really thinking oh yeah yeah theowner of that car let me kind of likeexperience it a little bit and that wasmy first time really in the shear onthat day I put my car in eBay and sonaturally this seems like a primeopportunity to take the Veyron toCarmack’s just to see Janice see what wecould get the car for I mean you neverknow sell it quick and we get a share onthis weekend two days agoI had to take a car to Carmack’s just toget an appraisal because you know Ididn’t know really what it was worth andyou know the use market was kind of upand downs right of course I thought thecar that I was going to sell which was a2012 BMW 7-series the car that we hadused to shuttle customers to and fromwhen we first started you know somethingjust been laying around for a while wasworth I don’t know 13,000 14,000 orCarmack’s turn around gave me 17,000yeah and I

was blown away so I said youknow what they’re gonna surprise me onthe BMW maybe it’ll surprise us on thebear absolutely well you guys know Itook my guy yard off to Carmack’s theyoffered me 80 grand retail in that caris probably 90 to 95 so it’s prettyclose now retail on this Veyron we’regonna give it a bit of a range becausethis is a one of one car only one in theworld the carbon-fiber work on this caris absurd this car is worth roughly twomillion dollars give or take so I put iton eBay for 175 because there’s kind ofa lot of competition in the Veyronmarket right now a lot of people oncesummer hits all the Veyrons on themarketyou know because wealthy people usuallyspend more money in the summer becausethey make more money in the summer whatdo you think what do you think Carmack’swill appraise the bugatti veyron for nowon their website they pay cash offersthey make cash offers on the spot so ifwe decide to sell this car today willwalk out well you’ll walk out with cashso more to come more to come stay tunedlook at that carbon fiber weave I wantto know that my fans it’s almost a nearidentical spec check that out welcome toCarmack’s the

better place to buy andsell a car dude this is so sickthis could be the last time you ever seethis car I know I’m a little it’s alittle bit emotional I may have secondthoughts right now I think this is thefirst time everCarmack’s has appraised a Veyron solet’s pray for a high number okay so wewent to the wrong store that’s our badbut the other ones only 12 minutes awayso we’re gonna jam and luckily we have athousand horsepower so we should be goodhello I was going ladies and gentlemenwe have arrived here to Carmack’s theweight car-buying should be so a couplekeynotes I didn’t mention so this isobviously a Bugatti Veyron from factoryback in 2008 this car is worth rightaround a million dollars base MSRP 1.1million 1.0 okay so it’s 1.1 millioneuros but this one has the Mansouricarbon-fiber body kit that is anadditional 1.2 million dollars so let’sgo see what she’s worththey’ll buy

our car today the freewritten offer is good for seven days I’mgonna explain our phrasal process to youkind of let you know and give you anexpectation of what the appraisal willlook like okay so one really great thingabout shopping at Carmack’s is we’regonna have a certified buyer come out towalk your car he’s gonna come out lookat the interior the exterior mechanicaland structural aspects every part okayand the beautiful part about thisprocess is the person evaluating yourcarthey don’t sell cars or workthis is their this is exclusively with atake a look at so yeah I did have thewhole Kong clear rocks so there’s noimperfections in anything so you can seethere’s a little peel that the exhaustis right here something Kiehl’s it up alittle bit actually but the whole car iscovered in clear bra and it’s never beenyou know painted or anything and Iactually do have one tiny little rockJim I made it through the clear braright here so the forks light that’sthat it’s a couple gotchabut this little rock chip there made itthrough

the clear bra so other than thatthat is our only imperfection we’ll justhit in I’m going to get a little bit ofinformation about the vehicle hold morespecifics all right I will key in theappraisal and may well make this thinghappen for you let’s go that sounds goodyes so it has a 1.2 million dollarcarbon-fiber body kit from Mansoorilook that’s smile oh yeah by just by theway just by the way at 1.2 million a newservice right in the Bugatti world thatis about a hundred thousand dollars sothat’s very important it’s been it’sbeen a wonderful car mmm the the bestpart about the car is that you know theydon’t really age right it’s just kind oftimeless but last week when I sat nextto the brand new Chiron thanks to faceit seemed like a good idea to get one ofthose either broken or working there isnothing in between gotcha so and wheredid you pick it up from like a dealer Ibought a private party in Miami Floridafrom a one owner so I’m a second ownerof the car he purchased it new in 2008and in 2014sends it to Mansoori and they built

thisbeautiful masterpiece so the car isbasically a one-off yeah there’s anotherlight yeah and exotic car owners youknow the next potential buyer now you’resuper picky right so they want to knowjust have you had a pre-purchaseinspection done service records yeah ofcourse every service record for thecards it’s actually not that thick I seesome some pretty big ones this has beena very reliable car and with about12,000 miles that’s a pretty goodmileage on at the body soI just had it serviced like I was apelican it’s got $100,000 I producer vezjust prepared to be sold gotcha and itliterally left okay our coach I don’tknow yesterday I got it back morning soI was on the trailer last night so theonly thing that this car needs is a newTPMS sensor which I ordered for the backleft wheel Quechan other than that weare good to goall right why don’t you do me a favoropen it up let me take a quick lookaround itall right so Marcus is just doing awhole walk around over the car checkingout the condition of it looking at theodometer making

sure that it is asadvertised obviously this is the firsttime they’ve ever done an appraisal on aBugattiso Bugatti isn’t in the system so it’sbeen designated as a Volkswagen also themaximum a cylinders is 12 cylinders thisobviously has the W 16 so this is a 12cylinder Volkswagen in the car Macsystemeven though the windshield wipers butare the carbon fiber this like lawfulread I’ve never seen this on any othercar it’s also has some bansuri titaniumexhaust it’s very very loud so Marcus isbasically checking to see that the carhasn’t had any kind of paint worker beenin an accident or anything just makingsure the car is as advertisedthe last means will be a cash prizeforgot the driveryeah yeah absolutely so they’re gonnatake it for a short test drive make sureeverything is good to goI think it’s safe to say this is thebest day ever for the Carmack’sappraiser getting to go for a ride in aVeyron we worked we made it they were qs5 andback perfect perfect how is the rideyeah it’s that speed limit pretty quickbreakMarcus is in the back

room right now onthe computer trying to find somecomparable cars before we can get ourappraisal so we’re just kind of chillingI think they’re gonna offer so the caryou know the cars valued at right aroundtwo million or so I think they offeraround five hundred thousand you knowcuz obviously obviously Carmack’s is inthe business of making money and Aveyronis not their target market there avolume dealer that sells cars you knowlike you cons and Tauruses and whatnotthey don’t sell Veyrons so even if theybought this car that just sent it off toauction like they’re not gonna they’renot gonna put it in one of theirshowrooms and advertise it for sale wellI mean they could and would get a lot ofattentionI certainly have gotten a lot ofattention for yeah so so it’s in thereas a wolf I can deal with a 12 cylinderright say 12 cylinder yeah Beatle isprobably the the closest car –

absolutely so and we were extremelyexcited to present you with our offer of$200,000 one figure I say if you love tofacility us we’d love to buy from youthis offer of course is good for sevendays that makes sense like I’m sure thatthey would love to buy the guys I assumethat there’s a reason why I came up witha number that is pregnant I’m gladyou’re as two hundred thousand that’sactually the maximum we can offer for acar and you in your car’s uniqueness andhow well you’ve taken care of it andit’s a beautiful car by the way again200 thousands the maximum we can offeryou for your car and that’s just a carmax limit right that is correct okayyour offer a give us 7 days we lovelylube isall right 200 grand baby there you haveit two hundred thousand dollarsunfortunately the zero of short yeahit’s just one zero short but as theywere saying that’s the max car max canoffer I can’t thank them enoughthose guys were awesome but well we’rejust gonna have to take the Veyron outfor another Drive so sheer on dreamshave been crushed do you still thinkthere might be a Chiron in your futurethough yeah but there

might not be asselling the Veyron in my future I likethe sounds of that Houston has made mean offerjust an absolutely unbelievable offer ifwe can get the royalty exotic carsYouTube channel to 55 thousandsubscribers Houston said he’ll let medrive this Veyron please close subscribethe opportunity to ride in a Veyron isunbelievable I couldn’t even imaginedriving this car be sure to go subscribecome on guys subscribe like right nowlike go subscribe right now thank youwhat an awesome awesome day with theMansouri Phaedrathe Carmack’s appraisal offer keynoteit’s a 2008 Volkswagen Beetle two-doorhatchbackso this Veyron has 12,000 192 miles$200,000 obviously this cars worthcloser to two million but the Carmacksoftware does not allow an offer greaterthan that in fact in fact I kid you notyou can rent out this Veyron for onetenth of the price that Carmack’soffered us or for four hours it’s only15,000 for all day is 20,000 bucks checkthat out what a day that would be if youguys rented out the Veyron what wouldyou do let me know in the comments belowI think I’d

probably keep it right under55 maybe take it up north and have afood blog at Raising Cane’s and on thatbombshellI think today’s video is effectivelyover more to come more come scratch thatscratch thattoday’s video is not effectively overthe Corsa rally is in town so we’reheaded there well right now now we’rerolling I’m gonna be following Houstonin the bug I’m gonna try my best to keepup as random luck would have it the courseof America rally is in Las Vegas tonightwhat luck is thatso Damon from dde is going to be heresoon as well as like a hundred othercars they came in all the way from NewYork City so their own quite the trickthey’re headed to San Diego tomorrow acouple nice Aventadors right here andthere’s a nice purple 570 right therepurple crew is a rock and roll got thepurple SV and then check out this purple570 I’m telling you guys purple is thenew supercar hypercar color in the worldI can’t hear anymore I can’t hearanymore so on that bombshelltoday’s nope it’s a snake to get us toTimes honesty the hotel wasn’t thatexciting but we’re going to a privateLamborghini event and apparently there’sgonna be very very special car there wefound the right place this is definitelywhere we’re supposed to be if you likev12 sand you like Lamborghinis you’re inluck because well what’s behind thisdoor is very very exciting let’s gocheck it out finale oh I just got someinside information for you this is aone-off paint called Iran Co exempt thislooks so incredible I can only imagineUnder the Sun it must look amazing yougot all the matte carbon right here themost powerful production Lamborghiniever builthere’s nation goodness great haveyourself a morning and afternoon and agood nightnice Volkswagen is that the beetle okay and I think that’s a good time toin today’s video as always I hope youguys enjoyed it if it likes quad be sureto smash that like button but just likethatthis vlog is over and I’m out

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