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which I’ll get to ina minute and they sort of change theposition of the wing for example ifyou’re in handling mode and you’re on aracetrack the wing changes to providemore downforce better for going aroundcorners if you go into top speed mode atlowers to make the car more slippery andmore aerodynamic and the wing can alsomake itself into an air brake so whenyou slam on the brakes at high speed thewing shoots up and basically providesdrag to help you slow down in additionto the regular brakes you already haveone interesting quirk I like about thewing you’ll notice that the wing is madeof carbon fiber just like the rest ofthe body of this car but take a lookwhen it’s up there is even carbon fiberunderneath the lane now

mostly when thecar is parked the wing is down so youprobably won’t see that but we’ve got adecided to put extra carbon fiber underthe carbon fiber just in case someoneparks it with the wing up in order toensure that it always looks perfect thatis impressive attention to detail alsocool the brake light is kind ofinteresting it has this sort of Aerodesign on the topthey light up when you press the brakesor you put on the turn so Nolan mayblink and it’s kind of a cool lookthat’s a departure from your typical carinterestingly the third brake light inthis car the one in the middle is hiddenyou would never know that it’s there butwhen you put the brakes on you can seeit it’s just a thin little strip ofbrake light right above the Bugatti logoin back I am on the subject of the farback of this car we have to talk aboutthe elephant in the room or at least theelephant on the bumpers for all charanmodels sold

in the United States Bugattihas to install these big black plasticbumpers and back in order to meet theUnited States federal government fivemile an hour bumper Safety regulationyou will not see this on any otherChiron sold anywhere else in the worldonly on the US cars and I suspect mostUS owners will remove them the momentthey take delivery of course one otheritem we have to mention is the sound andso now we’ll take a listen to the Shironext we move on to the inside of theShirin you start by opening thesurprisingly light door it is made ofcarbon fiber after all the first thingyou notice down on the floor next to theseat is a little keyhole well that’swhere the speed key goes if you want togo the cars full top speed you have toactually put a key in that keyhole inorder to activate the highest speed modeso where does that key live wellactually it’s right next to the keyholeit’s Marc Sheeran and you just take itout and you pop it open just like aregular Volkswagen or Audi folding keyyou stick it in there and then

youaccess top speed mode which gets you upto 260 now interestingly you can’t juststick the key in and go to 60 the caralso does a check of oil coolingeverything to make sure it’s ready to gothat fast and then you’re able to go thefull 260 if you don’t stick the key inan inter top speed mode the highest youcan get up to is 236 now beyond the topspeed key you might be wondering exactlywhat the regular key looks like in thebugatti chiron and well it looks likethis it’s just a key but it’s wrapped inleather and it says Bugatti on it andit’s very nice and it only has lock orunlock buttons on it it’s worth notingthat this car it has a proximity sensorso you never really have to take the keyout of your pocket which is good becausethere’s no little hoop for you to putthis on a keychain I guess Bugatti feelsthis doesn’t belong with the keys tolesser vehicles one interesting itemwhen you get inside the car you don’thave to take the key out of your pocketbut there is a little key

storage areato the right of the steering wheel putthe key in there and then that’s a placewhere you can keep it while you’redriving along of course when you’reready to get out of the car you’ll wantto make sure to take the key out of thatkey storage area lest someone come andsteal your Bugatti now if you look overthere next to the top speed keyhole youalso find a few other items one of whichis the parking brake you push it or pullit to turn it on or off pretty simplethere’s also the memory settings for thedrivers Cee’d you can set variousdifferent memory positions so it goesinto the position you most desire it’snot particularly unusual next up movingon to the door panel over on thedriver’s side it has one especially coolquirk to it and that would be the waythe window switches and the door lockssort of stick together it’s a very coollook you get the window switches on topyou push them pull them through all thewindows up or down but then below thatyou have the lock and unlock button andwhen you just sort of take them in asone whole piece it’s a very clean andcool look unless interesting is themirror controls which frankly just looklike regular mirror controls for

aregular vehicle you put it on L youadjust the left mirror you put it on Ryou adjust the right mirroryou can fold in the mirrors and you canturn on the mirror heaters and yes youcan fold in the mirrors here’s what itlooks like when you fold in the mirrorson a bugatti chiron next i’m movingfurther inside the interior it’s hardnot to be truly amazed with just thephysical materials in here the leatherthe aluminum the car but nothing ispretending to be anything elseit looks like carbon it is if it lookslike aluminum it is everything feels andlooks so nice and when you toucheverything there’s just this solid feelto everything precisely as you’d expectfrom a three million dollar car but backto the quirks one interesting item isjust how many storage cubbies are insidethis car there is one storage cubby inthe driver’s door panel and a secondstorage cubby in the driver’s door

panelsame on the passenger side two storagecubbies in the door panel there’s onelittle storage area in the middle and acenter console and then there are twoother interesting ones one is the glovebox in order to open the glove box youpush a little button in the glove boxpops open the glove box is cooled inthis car so if you want to bring a drinkwith you in your sharone you can keep itcool in the glove box also interestingthere is a little storage cubbyunderneath the center control stack withthe switches and check this out this carhas double paned glass for morequietness which can sometimes interferewith phone reception but if you put yourphone in that little storage cubby andif you have it connected with bluetooththe phone will actually use the antennain the vehicle which is hidden insidethe windshield for better reception asyou drive along the sim negating theproblem you might have with receptionand the double pane windows now anotheritem you

might find interesting when youget inside this car you look aroundyou’ll notice there’s no touchscreen inhere which I imagine will upset a lot ofpeople I’ve paid three million dollarsfor a car and I don’t even get atouchscreen everything has one of thosewell the theory here is Bugatti wantedthe interior to be timeless they knewthis car would be special in 10 years 20years 50 years and they also knew anyscreen they put in today would lookoutdated and terrible in just a fewyears look at the navigation system from2005so instead they tried to keep theinterior relatively clean of stuff likethat that would date the car and make itlook old it’s the same story with thespeedometer in the middle of the gaugecluster it’s not an electronic screenlike it is in so many other cars and sothat’s a traditional analog speedometerwhich is designed to be timeless and tostill look good in 40 or 50 years wheneverybody laughs at the screens of todaynext we move on to

the air vents whichare rather interesting for one thingthey’re rather small although noticethat when you turn the car and blast theAC the size of them doesn’t reallymatter it gets a lot of air conditioningin this cabin it’s a relatively smallinterior more interesting is the waythey move you can move them from side tosidepretty easily or you can move them upand down using this little dial in themiddle I’m just sort of unorthodox airvent movement but that’s how it worksand this your own it’s also worth notingone other interesting item the Bugattipeople told me in this car has the firstair bag in the world that shoots throughcarbon fiber if you get in an accidentthe airbag on the passenger side shootsthrough carbon fiber to make sure youaren’t injured it’s the same story withthe side impact air bag in the seats theside airbag will shoot through thecarbon fiber of the seats in

order toprotect you in an accident it’s thefirst airbag ever to do that next wemove on to the center control stack andspecifically the center control stackand dials which are among the mostinteresting I’ve ever seen here’s what Imean right now you can see these dialsare just climate controls all four havea different function the one on topadjusts where the air comes out the nextone adjust the fan speed and the amountof air then below that you have the dialthat changes the climate control airtemperature then the last dial turns onthe heated seat and if you tap thelittle silver button below the seat iconit toggles between the driver andpassenger heated seat but there’s ahidden trick if you hold down thatbutton that changes between the

heatedseats well check this outnow suddenly every dial is completelydifferent the top dial now shows howmuch power you’re making in that givenmoment the next one shows your currentspeed the next one shows your engine rpmand the last one shows what gear you’rein move a dial to change it though whenit goes back to being a climate controlinstantly but after a few seconds itgoes back to showing the other items youwere displaying and here’s the coolthing you can choose a lot of differentitems to display in the center dialsthere’s a gauge cluster screen then I’llcover in more detail in a minute but fornow if you go into that screen you canconfigure the dials in theto display all sorts of items forexample I’ve selected cruise display andnow they’re showing trip statistics likeaverage speed and fuel economy but ifyou want to turn them back just holddown that button on the bottom and theygo right back to being climate controlsagain next up in that same area anotherinteresting item in this car is the gearlever which operates in sort of anunusual function right now it’s in parkif I pull it down that puts it in Driveif I move it over to the left that putsit in neutral and if I move it over intoneutral and then push it down that putsit into reverse then the gear lever sortof goes back to the middle positioninterestingly at any moment you can justpress the top of it and then you’reautomatically in park two otherinteresting items in the gear lever oneis that the top button which has pressto park for some reason they’ve chosen alowercase P for press in an uppercase Pfor Park I’m not really sure why butit’s one of the mysteries of this yourown the other interesting thing aboutthe gear lever is it just Falls soperfectly into your hand it is tailoredspecifically to fit exactly in your handand that is exactly what it does nownext we move on to the C bar or theBugatti line in the interior nowremember that line on the outside thatsort of resembled the C and I called itthe Bugatti line well they have the samething in the interior remember when Itold you that this car sort of has thisline going down the entire middle of itwell that is also true inside and it’sthis Bugatti line it sort of makes a Cshape in the interior and sort ofbisects the interior directly in themiddle carrying forward that styling cuefrom the outside a couple of interestingthings about this little line in themiddle one is that it even bisects therear window meaning the rear window issplit into two separate pieces you havea left rear window and a right rearwindow which you won’t see in a lot ofother cars but the most interestingthing about this line in the middle isthat you can turn it on if you move thelight switch in the ceiling to thecorrect positionthis light can turn on and you can drivearound at night with this light sort ofilluminating the middle of your

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