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guys just wanted to point out that whenyou see royalty exotics remember this ishow Houston startedscooter gang what’s up guys hey listen this is thisvideo it’s gonna be hands down one ofthe craziest videos we’ve ever done allright you guys remember Houston owner ofroyalty exotics is Bugatti possibly beup to with the tight like we’re pertainto port we’re doing going out to theBugatti today guys this is the tiresthat cost about what ten thousanddollars apiece you can see this is athree sixty five this is the biggesttire that I know of on any car and ithas this really weird luke looking lipin the back and you can see that thetires actually different than a

normalMichelin Pilot Super Sport so before Iput them on the car I just want to giveyou a quick overview of what they looklike so yeah these are the tires thatget glued and these are the tires thatyou have to send to France to getreplaced France yeah we gotta send in toFrance so we are gonna enjoy today verymuch but these rims are gonna be leavingto France after today that is absolutelythat’s madness bro that’s why we getalong so good easily the most expensiveburnout in the world hands down this isthe most expensive tire I think everdamn Harbor Freight Jax get it done oneset of wheels and tires off anotherthese rims are about 160 grand for one Iknow and once you put four sets of tireson them you got a place them and that isall to essentially like secure thewarranty and the safety of hey if we’regonna guarantee that this car is gonnado 250 miles an houryeah these are all the things that haveto be checked off essentially almostlike a pilot

doing its pre checked driveor this is like the maintenance on thiscar is literally the exact same processand idea as an airplane they wanteverything to be perfect before at leastbefore I bought this car I had to lookat all the service records for like fiveor six cars so I saw in one of them thatthe studs and the hubs were replaced andI was like how did that happen and I waslike well they over torque the wheeland I was like how could you over torquethe wheels it’s pretty straightforwardworking into the right spec yeah so itturns out 88 foot-pounds has to be doneyou have to drive the car for two milesand come back and do it 88 foot-poundsagain yeah because when you go 200 milesan hour the studs expand and literallyif they’re talked more than 88foot-pounds it’ll shoot the lug nutsright off the carno hey that’s crazy have to be reallyreally really careful yeah I know 720yeah super sick bright ones where’s thatand I got that green Huracan yesterdaytooyeah well that makes sense after what hetold me highest mileage to Huracan everlast time it was that 107 thousand milesgod knows what it’s at now never anissue that’s unreal Betsy that’s what wecall it Betsy

yeah nice you know what’sthis one’s name you got a name yet noyou can’t name anything until it has ahundred thousand miles oh I like thatit’s all carbon Oh everything is carbonthe front one’s biggerwho’s got the big threes got the biggertire obviously but look at the frontbrake on this boom wow that is like lookat my handmy hands tiny man next to this thatsuspension looks pretty technical so we get a quick little glimpse in theinterior again this thing is so sickshe’s got the expensive shoes back onthis thing in this interior you everseen anything so insane that carbonwe’ve very specific and special just tothis car just an epic build these seatsthe branding right there in the centerWowyesand that peel the point of view of thecockpit from the drivers perspectiveI can’t even believe what we’re about todo in this car this is itdo you even believe we’re doing this noI can’t not yetI’m like legit got the butterfly see itI would back in this beautiful cockhow hasthe experience of basically dailydriving up the gaudy it’s actuallycomfortable I’m super happy with it oneof the things that kind

of sucks is thatI literally only own one CD and I’ve hadthis one CD in this CD drive for like Idon’t know a few months now yeah so I Iliterally have only listened to tensongs for the past like three monthsbecause that car doesn’t have Bluetoothand I got this like radio thing righthere not good yeah at all I got to goback and buy some some CDs and then I’mgonna store them in my CDs yeah like aCD thing this video and revolutionizedmusic with a compact disc playerintroducing the car park we’re rolling Houston was legit outof the car and we were all that wasawesome we’re gonna set up some cameraswe’re going to talk to Houston about youknow some of the specs on his carHouston what we got 16 cylinders fourturbos 1200 horsepower over a thousandfoot-pounds of torque all-wheel drivethis is gonna be epicthis is I can’t even get over this rightnow that we’re about to do thiswe’re boat to

burn off the world’s mostexpensive tires this dude is an absoluteanimal his brand is all about having funcreating an experience for people whenHouston and I met he said you know whatI love about my business is I givepeople an opportunity to do something alot of people didn’t think they couldever do a lot of people don’tnecessarily believe that they might beable to afford a buy a supercar and thatis the only way that they could ever getbehind the wheel and have the experienceof one but the reality is it is not foryou know a few hundred dollars or athousand bucks depending on what lengthof time you want to take these cars outfor but he makes it so accessible nodepositcome and rent the cars for up to onlyfour hours you can get that experienceof a lifetime and so he asked me youknow you drive all these supercars whatwould you do with an experience youhaven’t done

behind the wheel of one ofthese cars and I was joke and I said youknow I’m known as I’m known as the guywho does donuts I said it would be coolto do all-wheel drive donuts in aBugatti just jokingly I threw it outthere and he goes let’s make it happenso royalty is about making basicallyyour dreams happendo you even believe we’re gonna do thisbut this is like a $40,000 experimentbecause hires a just the tires but thenthere’s the shipping so this couldeasily be a to 190 probably $200,000experience because I think this could bethe the second set of tires so to go toa third set you’d have to replace therim suit no it’s actually the fourthside this is the four seven four so sothis is like a $200,000 burnout yeahthis is really ridiculous I have no ideawhat’s about to happen I saw one videoof a gentleman doing – quick spins andhis Veyron it looked so insane so thisis going to be ten fold that

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