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hey guys and today we’re going to seehow much stuff can fit into the trunk ofthe 2017 Fiat 500 out now before I get this review rolling I’dlike to thank Rick case Fiat in westernFlorida for allowing me to view thisvehicle for you guys if you areinterested in purchasing a brand newFiat and live in the South Florida areadon’t hesitate to check for mine theywill get you into the perfect Fiat in notime I remember that all of dry and thetrailers reviews are 100% honest and 0%biased so let’s get started now I didconduct a complete in-depth review ofthe 2017 Fiat 500l so if you areinterested in knowing a little bit moreinformation about this vehicle don’thesitate to check out that completein-depth review but today we are goingto see exactly how much stuff you canfit into the trunk of the 2017 Fiat 500lalright now there is a total of only oneway to unlock the trunk of the 2017 Fiat500l as well as only

one way to open upthe trunk of the 2017 Fiat 500l so tounlock the trunk of his vehicle all youhave to do is come to your key fobdesign right here and hold down on thebutton all be done at the bottom of yourkey fob and it will flash your hazardsindicating that the tailgate has beenunlocked all you have to do is walk upto the rear revenue your Fiat logo rightbeneath your 500 L lettering that isgoing to be your license plate holderand right above that license plate spotthere is going to be a rubber pad thatyou will press on and it will unlockyour tailgate and then you just push itone more time and it will open up yourtailgate all the way and you are goingto notice that this tailgate is going tobe pretty heavy inside of the Fiat 500lthat’s actually something that is alittle bit of a downside for meespecially if you don’t want to belifting a very heavy tailgate if youhave lots of things in your hands

that’swhy I would definitely like to have seenFiat add some type of foot Swiperunderneath the rear bumper as well asmaybe some type of power to trunk onyour key fob design but overall the Fiat500l is going to have a very largeopening here so that is going to be oneupside to having this overall designalso another thing I did want to showyou is that you can standunder the tailgate right here with noproblem I have just about maybe four tofive inches of headroom above my headwhen I am standing under here so that isgoing to be no problem if you are goingto be 511 six feet six foot one maybeeven six foot two you will be able tofit underneath this tailgate with noproblem but what you are going to belooking at right here with the rearseats folded up is going to be twentytwo point four cubic feet of space andin comparison to some of its competitorswell the 500l doesn’t have many directcompetitors you can’t compare thisvehicle to vehicles such as the NissanJuke the Mini Cooper countryman theHonda Fit the Kia Soul and

thevolkswagen golf SportWagen and thisvehicle is actually going to ranktowards the tops of its class if you arecomparing it to some of those vehiclesso the Nissan Juke is going to have justabout 10.5 cubic feet of space the MiniCooper countryman is going to have justabout fifteen point eight nine cubicfeet of space the Honda Fit will havejust about sixteen point six cubic feetof space the Kia Soul ranking are justabout eighteen point eight cubic feet ofspace this is when the Fiat 500l willcome right in at twenty two point fourcubic feet of space and then thevolkswagen golf SportWagen will havethirty point four cubic feet of spacebut looking inside of here Fiat doesfurnish inside of the overall cabininside of this vehicle fairly well youare going to have sort of like thismaterial at the bottom prettytraditional to most vehicles but onething that is not going to be verytraditional to most vehicles is that itis going to have a two shelf storagesolution so you can grab right on thislittle handle right here and pull outthe floor inside of the Fiat 500l andyou are going to have your fix-a-flatkit right here as well as your

amplifierright there you’re also going to have abeats logo right here so that isdefinitely a pretty neat feature sincethis vehicle does have a beats premiumaudio system inside of it but you canput this floor right on that second tierand it is going to give you a higherload floor right there as well as asecond storage area right there so youcan’t put things underneath there aswell as some more things on top of therealso looking inside of here they do giveyou two cubbies inside of the Fiat 500lcargo area that is going to be a nettedpocket a hard pocket right there on theother said you also have that samenetted pocket and a hard pocket rightthere and the Fiat 500l unfortunatelyonly comes with one lighting feature inthe back right here that is going to bethis incandescent bulb which is going tobe only on the left side you are notgoing to have one of those on the rightside now the Fiat 500l under the loadfloor do not get a spare compact tire onOshawa on other trim levels you canpossibly get that but I would imaginethat it’s probably going to be a dealeraccessory or an aftermarket accessory ifyou are looking for

that but you canfold down the rear seats inside of the2017 Fiat 500l and one special thingthat this vehicle has is going to becalled their tumble seating so you canjust pull this right here and it isgoing to fold down the seats and tumblethem forward which is a definitely aneat feature I believe that’s prettymuch a class exclusive I don’t reallyknow many other vehicles that actuallydo this in this price range so there’sdefinitely something special that theFiat 500l does offer to its class andonce you fold down those seats you aregoing to be looking at just about 68cubic feet of space and in comparison tosome of its competitors that is going tobe blowing all those competitors out ofthe water this vehicle is going to bemuch much larger than all of thosecompetitors the Nissan Juke is going toonly have thirty five point nine cubicfeet of space the Mini Cooper countrymanis going to come in at just about fortynine point oh nine cubic feet of spacethe Kia Soul at forty nine point fivecubic feet of space the Honda Fit I’vefifty two point seven cubic feet ofspace the volkswagen golf SportWagen atsixty six point five cubic feet of spaceand then the Fiat 500l topping all thosevehicles with 68 cubic feet of space andwhen you think about it this is actuallypractically compact utility vehicleterritory this vehicle is right up therewith its competitors from Ford forexample the Ford Escape the Toyota rav4and even the Honda CRV are going to havevery close to the cargo numbers thatthis Fiat 500l has which is definitelysomething very very neat that the Fiat500l offers but we can fold down theseseats flat so if you want to have theseseats folded flat you can

also do thatinside of the Fiat 500l so let me showyou that really quick here so you canthis down and you can have it layingflat if you don’t want that tumblefeature so if you do come back here withthat tumble feature not engaged you willsee that you are going to have a flattransition from your cargo load floor tothe backs of your seats now the backs ofyour seats are not going to have anyplastic lining we’ve definitely haveseen some plastic lining on there butoverall this is going to be a very veryneat feature and actually there are atotal of seven customizations that youcan do with these rear seats so I amgoing to show you them right now all right so now let’s see how a poollittle with a 5.3 foot long length fitswidthwise inside of the trunk of the2017 Fiat 500l so let’s put in this poolnoodle right there and you are going tosee that this pool model is going tocurve up quite a bit here so it is notgoing to fit completely so I am going todeduct a few points for that but let’ssee how this pool noodle fits with thisrear seat folded down all right now Idid just fold down this seat off camerareally quick so let’s see how this poolnoodle fits behind the driver’s seat andthat driver seat is going to be

justedto my comfort at 511 the same as I dowith all the other vehicles that I testand I did push it all the way to theback of there and the pool noodle isgoing to fit inside the trunk of the2017 Fiat 500l lengthwise so that’sdefinitely something good you’reactually going to see that you have alittle bit of extra space right there toput whatever you may need in there so ifyou are trying to haul wood that is 5.3feet long or something like furniturethat is 5.3 feet longrest assured that you will most likelybe able to fit it lengthwise inside ofthe trunk of the 2017 Fiat 500l alrightso now let’s see how a 22 inch suitcasefits height-wise inside of the trunk andwe are going to put that in push all theway against the wall all the way backand you are going to see that it is notgoing to protrude out of the cargo areaat all so this should be able to closehere with no problemand that tailgate is going to closethere with the 22 inch suitcase liftedup alright so now let’s see how this isgoing to fit if we do fold down thesuitcase right here in this suitcase isgoing to be laying down right here andyou are going to see that it is notgoing to be protruding out of the cargoarea at all right there that

isdefinitely another good thing but onething that Fiat adds just in case if youare hauling around a larger suitcase isthat you can move up that seat rightthere a total of four inches so that isgoing to maximize the overall lengththat you can get inside of the Fiat 500lso if you do just come right under hereand pull on this lever it’s easiest ifyou are sitting inside of the seat ifyou pull it up it is going to decreaselegroom quite a bit but it will expandyour cargo area drastically by actuallyup to four inches so right here you aregoing to see that you do have so muchmore room inside of here so you can pushthis on forward and you will have justabout an additional four inches oflength right there as well so that isdefinitely a neat feature inside of the2017 Fiat 500l all right so now let’ssee how many laundry baskets with an 11inch height and a 17 inch diameter fitinside of the trunk of the Fiat 500lwith the rear seats folded up now togive that Fiat 500l as much of anadvantage as possible I did move thisseat as well as this seat four inchesforward as much as it can go forwardsince the vehicle does offer it

and I amgoing to take advantage of that so let’sput in our first laundry basket here onetwo threecornfineand it looks like we can fit a sixth oneright inside of here six and seven so Idid just pack a total of seven oflaundry baskets inside of here so let’ssee if this does close up and the trunkis going to close so the Fiat 500l cansurprisingly fit a total of seven thelaundry baskets with those rear seatsfolded up I mean that is quiteimpressive I don’t think many othervehicles can even do that unless you’relooking at some other vehicles that Ireviewed which are ranked a lot largerso for a compact rated vehicle that isincredible all right so now let’s seehow many of those laundry baskets canfit inside of the trunk of this vehiclewith the rear seats fold it down solet’s first put in our first one here wehave one we have twodrinkfor finesix7:8 and it looks like we can fit a ninthone right here so we can fit a total ofnine a laundry baskets with the rearseats folded down instead of the 2017Fiat 500l and that is definitely

veryvery impressive especially for a compactrated vehicle so let’s close this upanother thing I did want to point out isthat Fiat is going to give you this veryhelpful helper handle right here andit’s going to be a very durable handleyou just grab right onto it and pull itright on down and that is definitelygoing to be needed since this tailgateis pretty heavy on the 2017 Fiat 500land one feature that is going to allowthe Fiat 500l to grasp a few more pointsin my how much stuff can you fit in thattrunk test is going to be the overallrear seat functionality that the Fiat500l does offer so you can move up thisview see by about four inches maximizingthe cargo area back there by a total offour inches in length and you can alsosquare off this rear seat so we aregoing to have it in its furthestreclined position right now but you canalso move this up and put it in thismore squared and more of a 90 degreeangle squaring off the cargo area backthere increasing the cargo area with therear seats fold it up even more wellthat’s it for this cargo review commentand tell me what you would like to seein future videos

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