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the Durango has had a big year with theSRT version finally arriving offering475 horsepower in a sub 5 seconds hereat a 60 time but that doesn’t mean thatDodge is ignored the rest of the Durangoline up in fact as boring as it sounds Ibelieve that a slight tech upgrade isthe bigger story this year as Androidauto and apple carplay finally make itto the coolest 3-row crossover on themarket hi I’m Mike Perkins from CarGurusand this is the 2018 Dodge Durango r/tnow there are more tech upgrades thisyear beyond smartphone

integration butbefore we talk about that take a look atthis hood dodge took a lot of the visualcues from the SRT and allowed them tofilter down into the r/t and this hoodis the best example of that it’s meanand it’s pretty and best of all it’sactually functional too and if you payclose attention you’ll see a lot moreSRT touches like this blacked-out grillereplacing the standard cross treatmentwith this new opening here and the stripLEDs that replace the old round unitsnow what this means is that to thecasual viewer the r/t is visuallyindistinguishable from the more powerfuland more expensive SRT that’s great newsfor our T buyers but I’m betting we’regonna get a lot of

disappointed SRTowners who spent an extra 20 grand ormore for something special but that’s all at the top of the lineupmore relevant to those who don’t needtheir crossover to do a 13 secondquarter-mile are the interior changesand upgrades that affect all Durango’sthis year with Android auto and applecarplay now standard the major gripethat I had has disappeared and with aseven-inch touchscreen and a rear-viewcamera now standard as well things areeven better in here the RT gets you aneight point four inch touchscreen withthe UConnect system that should be veryfamiliar to you it’s just as responsiveand attractive as always with a lot offun and features buried in the systemhere the only real gripe that I have iswith the navigation system it stillgives me the same kind of errors whereit forgets to tell me to turn or tellsme to take the next turn when it reallymeans the next next turn but withAndroid auto and apple carplay that’snot even an issue

anymore I do stillhave a problem with the volume andtuning knobs being too sensitive so thatI go back and forth past the channel I’mactually trying to land on but I am gladthat they’re here no matter howtechnologically advanced we get I do notwant people to take my knobs away ofcourse that’s exactly what they did withthe transmission this year as theyscrapped the old rotary dial for a moretraditional shifter I didn’t actuallyhave a problem with the old rotary dialbut this looks and works great toofor something more traditional how aboutthis sunroof $1,200 for that guy in acar that costs nearly 50 grand it’s thesame with this hand wrap – it’s gorgeousdon’t get me wrong but it’s a thousanddollars and shouldn’t the arty just comewith it I think so maybe I’m wrong no nomaybe I’m spoiledbut speaking of spoiled check out whatyour passengers are gonna be enjoying upfront here we get these special artyseats which they’re comfortable but

Iwish they had a little bit more sidebolstering and maybe some more lengthfor my thighs because I keep sliding outof him if I use too many of the 360horses and 390 pound-feet of torque thatthis 5.7 liter v8 offers still they arereally nice and they come with heat andventilation but it’s your backpassengers that are really getting thedeluxe treatment during the RT you getrear auto climate control plus theoptional thousand dollar fold and tumbleheated captain’s chairs that makeaccessing that third row a breeze evenfor tall guys like me for entertainmentan extra two grand will get you a dualscreen blu-ray compatible rear videosystem with these flip up screens andconnections in the center console and ineach of the seats although that’s gonnatake up most of the storage that youwould normally get up here so for anextra $500 you can add a second rowconsole that will get you another USBcharging port a 12-volt outlet and someilluminated door sills and it’s reallynice in fact all of this stuff is reallynice but when you add it all

together itadds more than 10 grand to the purchaseprice and honestly that’s just a lot ofmoney for a vehicle that starts at under30of course for 30 grand you’re gonna getv6 power rather than the big v8 we havehere and as everyone continues to fallinto the spell of forced induction 5.7liters of naturally aspirated power isabout as close to a breath of fresh airas you can get and despite its wildpower numbers and a 15 second quartermile the RT is still able the easilyreturns estimated 17 combined miles pergallon thanks to modern features likedirect injection and cylinderdeactivation slapped onto this oldengine that’s not something I canusually say about my test vehicles and Ihaven’t exactly been frugal with myright foot either now the only mistakethat I think Dodge made is with thesport suspension here in the RTpersonally I love it but I can see somepeople finding it a little stiff andthat might dissuade someone from buyingif they’re looking for v8 power now aneasy solution would be to make the sportsuspension here in the r/t optional orand this is my preferred solution makethe v8 an option for the lower trims canyou imagine being able to buy a v8powered rear-wheel drive GT or SXT Ijust I don’t think Dodge can build themfast enough I mean am I wrongfrom our practical considerations cargocapacity stands at 17 point two in theback with 47.7 if you drop the third rowand 84.5 total with all the seats downonly the Traverse can beat that butsmall item storage is some of the worstin the category which is onlyexacerbated with the entertainmentsystem the middle console and somethingthat gets overlooked far too often isthe eighteen point five foot turningladies several feet shorter than a lotof the competition add in a hundred andtwenty five

foot braking distance andthat’s a lot to love personally I thinkwe’re gonna hear from a lot of angry SRTowners who aren’t all that happy aboutthere being a much cheaper version ofthe durango that looks identical totheir special street and racingtechnologyversion well regardless the durangooffers an attractive exciting option andwhat is usually a pretty boring categorywith rear-wheel drive design andtraditional v8 power hey thanks forwatchingthe full details on the 2018 dodgedurango just click the link in thedescription and you can head over tocargurus.com and read my full review andfor more videos well just subscribe tothe channel you

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