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the automotive world we live in isdefinitely a crazy one from 15horsepower hypercars all the way down tohot hatchbacks that could smoke sportscars from 10 years ago it’s a great timeto be alive if you’re a car enthusiastbut what if you’re the family man that’slooking to trade your minivan in forsomething a little bit more fun welldodge may have the answer for you what Ihave next to me is the 2018 Durango SRTand to test this vehicle I’m

out here inMount Hood just outside of PortlandOregon with the rest of the members ofthe automotive Video Association for ourannual best performance car and bestperformance SUV but I know you guys areprobably wondering is the Durango SRTthe ultimate family hauler well that’swhat we’re here to find out if you guys are familiar with theDurango name play you’ll know that ithas a lot of history for dodge it

datesback all the way to 1998 and despite thefact that this car is the name is 20years old it’s only been through threegenerations this third generation thatyou’re looking at first came out in 2011and it took Dodge about eight years forthem to finally give us a true SRTversion with nearly 500 horsepower nowover the years how has the Durango’sdesign aged well I’m happy to say thatit still is a relatively handsomelooking SUV definitely a

much moremasculine macho look versus all the morefeminine like crossovers that you findin this segment now as you can see withany SRT version it gets its own uniquefront fascia from standard xenonheadlights which are only seen on thelow beams you have LED daytime runninglights down here an incandescent turnsignal here and then no fog lights thefront fascia this vehicle it definitelyhas been beefed up to make it moreaggressive how functional air intakesmesh pattern finish and a little bit ofan intake

down there along withfunctional intakes for the hood here heextractors to allow the engine to cooloff it’s a relatively handsome lookingvehicle especially in this dark shade ofred that my tester is painted in withthe black finished wheels now theDurango is definitely a lot bigger thana lot of its competition but we’ll talkabout the size different it’s in just amoment but first of all those wheelsthese are the optional 20-inch wheelswhich are like $1000 I’m sorry a $500option they’re kind of a black finishwrapped in 295 tires all around this onealso has summer performance tires bigBrembo

brakes as you guys know to givethis vehicle a little bit more stoppingpower now in terms of the size theDurango is huge it actually rides on thesame platform as the Jeep Grand Cherokeewhich shares lineage to old Mercedesproducts from ten years agoat one hundred and nineteen point eightinch long for the wheelbase and 201inches long overall this is a fullprobably six to ten inches longer than alot of its competition it’s bigger thana Chevrolet Tahoe but it doesn’t reallylook like it because it’s not quite

astall is that vehicle is remember still acar based crossover it has a fullyindependent suspension so it’s not abody on frame now you can see at theback the design looks nice I mean Dodgekind of gave it a pretty extensiverefresh in 2014 you have LED combinationtaillights here with kind of thatsignature dodge look where it goes allthroughout the actual lift gate and thendownhere you’ll distinguish the SRT modelfrom its own

unique large set dualexhaust I’ll let you guys hear thatreally quickso as you guys heard it’s basically gota muscle car v8 deep tone which soundsreally good you wouldn’t expect it froma family and crossover now when it comesto the cargo area a power liftgate ofcourse is standard this is the mostexpensive Durango you can buy and athird row seat is also standard it’s oneof the reasons why this is about a 6inches longer than a Grand Cherokee withthe third row up you get around 17 point2 cubic feet of space

there is a nicelittle area for storage down there nospare tire I believe on this one but ifyou want to fold down the rear seats andsee here is a manual folding seat foldthis down and it looks like it’s around45 cubic feet of space if you fold downthe second row as well the Durango willgive you a maximum of 84 and a half gbq2space so pretty good numbers not muchmore than what you get in something likethe pilot but considering the size ofthe Durango it’s still a relativelypractical view moving on to the insideof the Durango SRT let me first show youguys the key fob this is the same oldcorporate Dodge or Chrysler key thatyou’ve seen before Chrysler has a newkey fob design on some of the newermodels I kind of think it’s time for theDurango to move on to that but this isan old vehicle it does

come with remotestart just double tap this button hereand the vehicle starts right up for youhas a really nice Rumble reminds youthat this is the SRT model to shut itoff just double tap the button again youcan see this is also not a red keyremember this is not a track orhalka Hellcat so you don’t have thatnice little detail now to lock the doorthere’s a button on the handle here justtouch the button here it locks the doorsto unlock it sends down the back of thehandle just touch it with your key footwith the key on you it’ll unlock thedoor for you now my tester has like aninterior package for $1,500 it

gives youlike the contrast stitching in the suedeits overall a nice looking cabin at aglance you can see there’s extrastitching and leather on the dash on thedoor panels and I also like the SRTsteering wheel but it’s definitely alittle bit too much black for me I kindof would prefer something with a littlemore color break it up I believe dodgeoffers a red interior as well for theSRT version now the Durango is an SUV soit sits up nice and high and it’s

reallyonly 0.1 inches lower than the standardDurango so it still gives you that nicehigh seating position when you shut thedoor it also still sounds nice and solidremember this is a Mercedes platformunderneath even though it’s an old onenow to start the vehicle up likeeverything elsewhat your file on the brake push the redbutton here to fire up the engine nowyou can see the gauges do a nice sweepthere’s a nice little center displaythere with an LCD with a tach at enginesounds great I have to say it’s weirdjust to hear it in a Durango I meaneverything in here is very similar towhat I’ve

shown you guys in the latestGrand Cherokee and drink Grand Cherokeetrack off you have the 8.4 inch youconnect a head unit there which is niceyou have extra leather stitching on thedash which is part of that interiorpackage which makes the interior alittle bit nicer feeling along with thealuminum trim here and there in thechrome but I definitely I’m not a fan ofthe actual design for this interior so Ido wish I do look forward to seeing anext generation model now the door panelis here also soft touch

right there witha nice chrome door handle the windowsare OneTouch Express up-and-down foronly the driver and the front passengerkinda wish they offered both you do haveto person in memory seats the seatsthemselves are like 16 way adjustablethey’re relatively comfortable I do likethe suede there he didn’t cooled nopower folding mirrors which I kind ofwish should have your headlight controland dimmer switches down there and thenthe steering wheel like the steeringwheel on the SRT miles it’s nice and fathas nice stitching I like the metal theyput down here and

then the paddles theyfeel a little bit plasticky and cheapbut they are mounted to the steeringwall but they feel the steering wheelrim feels really nice in your hands nowlooking here at the center stack but I’mgonna first put it into reverse you doget a backup camera on this car it’s alittle bit course in grainy but you dohave trajectory you have front and rearparking sensors which is definitely nicenow this you connect head unit you guyshave seen this beforeit’s the 8.4 inch you connect head unitwith apple

carplay and android autowhich is definitely nice you do haveinterchangeablevent or buttons here where you can kindof again like your phone slide and movebuttons around and move and rearrangethe actual icons here kind of similar tothe way you have on your phone going tothe nav display here you can see it’s aGarmin based navigation nothing superspecial but it works really totally wellI will say that I’ve had issues with youconnect in some Grand Cherokee modelswhere it would freeze up if I had myiPhone plugged into it and crash that Ihave to literally restart the car sothat was a little bit annoying down hereyou can see buttons for your volumeyour club climate control you have knobshere for your volume and

tuning which isnice your fan speed knob buttons herefor your dual zone climate control andthen there are buttons here for the srtpages you can go here they’ll bring upthe srt pages where you can pick yourdriving modes you can engage the launchcontrol in this car which is definitelycool which turns out the stabilitycontrol no eco button here which is whatthe track out Hawk had there’s two emptybuttons here as you guys can see thebuttons themselves they feel okay butreally the interior this vehicle isdefinitely getting old thankfully youhave nice storage right here which isgood for

phone you have good cupholdershere you have a very traditional shifterhere with a manual mode which is niceanother little storage area here withtwo USBs over there this is nice andpadded right here and it does give you agood amount of storage there’s another12 volt in there but no other USB thisis actually a two-level storage areamy tester doesn’t have a sunroof Ibelieve it’s a $2,000 option if you wantthat try out how they recommend theseats as you can see they hug youthey are pretty comfortable I like thesuede but overall this interior isprobably the least

attractive aspect ofthe Grand chair of the estart theDurango SRT and I really think that it’stime for Dodge to really redesign thisthis vehicle and give us an all-newcabin so the Durango is a nearly 500horsepower family car and you probablywant to know how it is in the rear seatof this vehicle well hopping into thesecond row you can see the space is notbad there is a relatively flat floorhere although it’s not really neededbecause there’s no actual seat here thatsecond row gets captains chairs which isstandard in terms of features you alsohave rear seat vents back here you havetwo level

heated seats two USB ports a12-volt household power outlet so it’srelatively nice in terms of legroom I’ma little disappointed that it’s not muchmore than this I mean I do have goodfoot space underneath here but becausethe seat doesn’t actually slide back itjust kind of reclines a little bit Iwish you’d slid back you don’t actuallyget as more leg room than some of thecompetition you do have rear seat or mappockets here and then in terms of thematerials more of that leather it’s softtouch right here so overall the secondrow is not bad let’s hop into the thirdrow though and see how that is so withthe Durango having a third rowoccasionally you may want to use it

andyou’re probably wondering how is thatthere drawer space compared to thecompetition now getting back here youcan basically pull this lever here andthen the seat will kind of flip its wayupthe opening is not bad I’ve definitelyseen a little bit larger openings withan easier mechanism to get in and outnow you can see the third row only seatstwo so this vehicle is a six seater notnot a seven seater technically nowgetting back here I’m gonna

squeeze overto this other sideremember the Durango is a good six toten inches longer than a lot of thecompetition so you expect this to have alittle bit more space and I have to sayit’s actually not bad considering howold this vehicle is the floor isactually nice and low because it’s gotan independent suspension I have goodHeadroom here remember I’m five footsevenso I actually wouldn’t be too annoyedsitting back here on shorter trips I’m alittle surprised that they don’t allowthree people across so the fact that itonly seats six that’s a little bit of anissue for some people I’m sure so thebest aspect of the Durango SRT obviouslyhas to be underneath the hood

unlike theregular Durango which just has a littleteeny tiny 5.7 this is the big boy it’sa 6.4 liter 392 cubic inch Hemi v8 it’sa naturally aspirated engine pushrods nodirect injection no cylinderdeactivation this is pure AmericanMuscle now unfortunately it doesn’t havethe lovely supercharger that we loved inthe Hellcat or the Jeep track Hawk butit still makes really healthy numbers475 horsepower and 475 feet of torquethat’s a hundred and fifteen more poniesthan what you get in the base or the 5.7liter v8 now this all goes out throughan 8-speed ZF torque converter automaticit does

come standard withall-wheel-drive or it kind of gives youmore of a rear bias to transfer to giveyou more of that rear drive feel now theDurango is big and it’s also fat itweighs 5500 pounds so ouch it willaffect the performance a little bitthankfully this big motor also tows themost the Durango will max out at 8700pounds to try that in your Honda Pilotyou definitely won’t be able to do thatunfortunately it’s also a thirsty SUVthis thing is rated at 13 in the city 19on the highway recommended to usepremium let’s get it on the road and seehow it all performs so believe it or notI actually haven’t had a chance to drivethis generation Durango now

firstgetting behind the wheel of the SRT itfeels very much like the Grand Cherokeejust a little bit longer as I said thisis about 10 inches longer than thecurrent Grand Cherokee and even thoughthis vehicle is super old it still feelsrelatively solid I guess you can creditthefolks at Mercedes for building a reallyrobust chassis Wow nice sounding exhaustbut like a lot of other SRT productsI’ve driven the throttle is very touchyvery sensitive to kind of add to theimpression that this is a quick vehicleand it is a quick vehicle although Iwill say maybe I’ve just been spoiled todriving the track hawk with that nextrow or with a supercharger and the extralike 200 nearly 200

horsepower or alittle over 200 or start because thisdefinitely feels quick but the one thingyou’re gonna immediately notice is thebulk of the Durango this is a seriouslyheavy vehicle I think for the nextgeneration they need to reduce theweight by at least at least 700 poundsis just a very fat vehicle it’s notnecessarily a great handling vehicle youkind of go around corners and you feelthe weight of this thing but drag racingis probably the strongest suit of thiscar so let’s try the launch controlshall we you just push the launchcontrol button here it’s very easy ittells you to apply brake pressure andthen apply full throttle so as you usetwo feet and then floor it so dodge

says if you do that all daylong it’ll get to 60 and 4.6 secondswhich are quick numbers it’ssignificantly quicker than the basedurango or the five-seven durango butyeah I’ve definitely been spoiled by thetrack Hawks 707 horsepower that will getto 60 easily like a second to a secondand a half quicker but this isdefinitely still fast and you have toadmire dodge for that exhaust noise andespecially when it’s just it has thatnice little verbal but yeah up here atabout 3,000 feet above sea levelyou’re definitely noticing that thenaturally aspirated engine strugglesjust a bit but here I’m going to

come toa stop here I’m gonna try anotheracceleration this time no launch controllet’s just floor it from a stop it’sstill fun but yeah I mean the power feels verystrong off the line but definitely whenyou start getting up there it’s a quickrevving engine but it definitely feelsvery old-school muscle and that’s whereyou’re kind of feeling the altitude herethe weight of this vehicle and it’sstill quick but man wouldn’t it beawesome if Dodge put the Hellcat motorin the Durango and just called to thetrack o’clock I don’t think they’regonna do it honestly what Dodge needs todo is reduce the weight of

this vehiclebecause look when you start going aroundsome corners the steering is light andnumb it’s relatively precise but it’sjust kind of slow the body leans a lot Imean the the sticky tires that this onehas definitely helped surprisingly I’veseen performance numbers this thing willpull 0.9 G’s on the skid pad nearly butit just it feels like you’re kind of itdoesn’t feel a happy to do so and that’skind of the whole impression I’m gettingit feels quick in a

straight line butdon’t really start pushing it on somecorners on your favorite back roads it’snot the best for that but going down theroad here the ride quality also is alittle bit on the bumpier side I meanyou’ve got 20-inch wheels a prettystiffened up suspension it’s not thequiet it’s also not not great in termsof isolation you do have a good amountof road noise butwe noises subduedreally if you just want to ignore thenoise you can kind of just use thepaddles or put your foot down and theexhaust makes lovely noises so I don’t think people are never gonnaget tired of that which you may

gettired of his the fuel bills for this carI mean 13 city 19 highway but who careswhen it makes a sound like that I meanwhen’s the last time you had somebody oryou got a car with six people and itmade you no excellent noises like that now the all-wheel-drive system in thiscar as I said tries to put the powermore to the rearso the Durango does feel a slightlytail-happy when you put your foot downand it’s a very bumpy suspension therethis roads kind of crappy though as yougo into this portion here but

visibilityand the Durango actually is decent but Iwouldn’t call it like great you havethese really thick pillars here thatkind of cut into your visibility youhave this huge tall hood you haverelatively large side mirrors when the Von the back is fine because it doesn’thave you know crazy shapes it’s nottrying to be a sleek cross over it’slike a brick the seats are also prettycomfortable the driver assistance techat my test that my tester has is prettybasic it has the lane keep assist youknow full speed or interactive cruisecontrolnothing super fancy or groundbreakingit’s kind of an area where FCA needs toimprove where they don’t need to reallyimprove in is sounds of the engines suchan old-school muscle car and you wouldn’t

expect something anoise like that to be coming out of abig SUV that’s literally 5500 poundsit’s 200 inches long so it’s a coolaspect to drive something like thiswould I personally choose one of theseif I wanted a family car I’m notnecessarily sure the interior theDurango for me is probably the weakestaspect it feels too heavy but you knowit’s a screaming bargain honestly if youguys want you know at nearly 500horsepower seven or third row sixpassenger family SUV after eight longyears Dodge finally

caved and gave us atrue SRT version of the Durango with 475horsepower on tap I imagine a lot offamilies who never thought they couldhave fun hauling around their kids intheir spouse will be finding a lot tolike with the Durango SRT as you guyssaw from the video it has really nicequick acceleration it sounds great doingit it’s got a great transmission it’sgot a roomy cabin it looks relativelygood and although the interiordefinitely shows its age it’s stillrelatively roomy it’s got the latesttech and really I would love to seeDodge invest some money in the Durangoand fully redesign it because the onething they really need to do is justreduce the

weight and 5500 pounds thisis heavy and it feels heavy behind thewheel so it’s more of a drag car notreally a handling car so I find the SRTpages performance pages to be a littlebit silly but well that said if you guysare looking for a fast family haulerthat will seat six people or have athird row seats what’s it gonna cost toput one of these in your driver wellusually vehicles like this are very rareor very expensive the cousin of this carthe Mercedes GLS starts at easily ahundred and twenty-five thousand dollarsfor the AMG version thankfully dodgeonly charges you half that compared tothe regular Durango the base model whichstarts to tick under 30 grand this onestarts at sixty two thousand nine ninetyfive which actually is about fivethousand dollars less than the sisterversion two FCA the Jeep Grand CherokeeSRT SRT which is around sixty seventhousand dollars now my tester has apretty good amount of options on it fromthe driver assistance package to the SRTinterior package to the upgraded wheelsthis one stickers for 70 grand with thedestination charge so I know it’s a lotof money to pay for a Durango I actuallythink it may be about ten thousanddollars too expensive but if you guysare looking for a fast seven or sixseater sport utility vehicle family thethat can really put a big smile on yourface as well as the kids you may want toput the 2018 Durango SRT at the top ofyour list but I hope you guys haveenjoyed my full overview on this 2018Durango SRT if you’re also looking tosee Lea’s cars I’m testing make sure youfollow me on Instagram and red line orjust for reviews like us on Facebook andas always guys please keep subscribingto the red line reviews YouTube channelfor all the latest reviews thank you somuch for watching I’ll catch you all inthe next video can you hear me okay the winds werestrong after 8 long years dodge finallydecided to give us a SR a in desireafter 8 long years dodge okay I think Ican get it I’m trying to mix it up here not do thesame old stuff no hold on like that sorry I don’t likethat

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