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what’s going on you guys Riley here today we are reviewing the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT demon the only production car to ever pull a wheelie with 840 horse power now by now I’m sure a lot of you have seen dodge demon reviews in the past and everybody’s been talking about them for the last couple of years and I my self was actually at the dodge demonunveiling a couple years ago when they first came out with these things so today is a very special day for me being able to drive and review this thing for you guys and overall I’m just gonna get my impressions on the Dodge demon is it really just a souped-up Hellcat or is it something completely different now of course as most of you know this one is featured in v5 blue which happens to be one of my favorite colors and honestly I don’t see too many b5 blue demons so to see

this one is a real treat and I really appreciate the owner for letting me review his demon today alright now before we get too in-depth on the demonI figured we talked about just some of the basic facts about this thing so this when it came out was the quickest production car running the quarter-mile in nine point six five seconds now that’s faster than a Porsche 918 a Ferrari laferrari the list goes on and on this thing beats them all right off the showroom floor now this is due to many reasons however one of the most noticeable is these 315 wide sticky drag radials right off the showroom floor once again that will have this bad boy doing 0 to 60 s of 2.1 seconds on a track and 2.3 seconds on the street onceagain making it the quickest zero to sixty production car that you can buyand the list of records that the dodgedemon holds goes on and on I could sithere all day telling you all of thedifferent things that the Dodge demondoes best amongst anything else that youcan buy and here we are looking at aDodge Challenger under the

hood of thisbeast is a 6.2 liter supercharged v8Hemi that produces 840 horsepower and770 pound-feet of torquewhen equipped with race gas yeah that’sright race gasa car that you can buy once again offthe showroom floor and put race gas inas long as you swap the ECU to aspecific race gas enabling one now let’ssay you don’t want to switch to race gasyou just want to leave it on the peasant93 octane well you’re still looking at abeefy 808 horsepower it’s 717 atpound-feet of torque now to theuntrained eye you probably think thatthis is simply a Hellcat motor that hasa little bit different tuning which isnot the case at all in fact a lot of theinternals are completely different withthis motor the supercharging isincreased in size I could go on and onthe Dodge demon is just an absolutelyremarkable machine and what a time to bealive where you can somehow get all ofthis approved by a legal department of agiant corporation like FCA and for themto be sitting around

a meeting sayinghey I have an idea let’s make a car thatdoes wheelies and I’ll sell it to peoplethat’s a great ideabut it’s just absolutely mind-blowingwhat the team over at dodge and SRT havecreated and I still can’t get over thatthis thing even exists the Hellcat wascrazy enough now we have a demon whereare they gonna go from here how do youtop this thing when does it stop I’m notcomplaining but my goodness what a timeto be alive now moving on to theinterior of the dodge demon so as wewalk up here you will notice that forthe most part it does look like yournormal Challenger which is not a badthing challengers are extremelycomfortable honestly you could dailydrive a demon if you really wanted tobut moving on some of the differencesthat you might spot are we have a niceAlcantara

wrapped steering wheel whichwe’ll have to explore around with laterand you’ll notice that the gauges inthis car are white as opposed to red anda Hellcat so just a nice little detailedtouch there and then moving back to theseats we have an ice demon logo now theowner of this one did equip his withblack a leather and as you can see hedid up $41 optional passenger seat andthe $1 optional backseat also optionedfor a $5,000 sunroof up there yeahthat’s right$5,000 for a sunroof this one alsofeatures the optional Harman Kardonsound system which is honestly one of myfavorite sound systems on the market butthis one is a pretty much fully loadeddemon and oh man I cannot wait to drivethis thing and see truly what this thingis capable ofso before we take it for a spin figuredwe would just go ahead and start thedemon up and we go over some of its coolfeatures so as you see it is

keylessjust put your foot on the brake and withthe red push the start button over here alright so as I said a little bitearlier inside of a Dodge Challenger isan extremely comfortable place to be andas I said you really could daily Driveit then that’s what it looks likelooking over that giant air grabber hoodpretty cool feeling now moving over hereto the gauge cluster it’s a pretty muchjust like you would find on that Hellcatthey didn’t change too much therehowever when we move over here is whenwe get to all the fun stuff so if you’refamiliar with Hellcats this probablylooks pretty familiar to you as you cansee we have our power and then thedifferent tractions and suspensionsettings and then of course we have dragmode up here which is pretty cool itgoes through a little checklist and itdiverts the air conditioning actuallyinto the intercooler to cool your enginedown to give you better

performance whata crazy invention that is and then asyou can see there in drag modeeverything turns to red to let you knowthat there’s an air quality warningeverything turns to red to let you knowthat you’re not messing around so now itis pretty funny that they do stillinclude an eco mode for your demon ifyou decide to be eco friendly but we’removing on down to the drag options whichis law launch control your shift lightthe race cool down and line lock so linelock can hold the front brakes andrelease the rear brake so you can do anice burn out before you’re passed downthe drag strip and then race cooldownmode we can sit over here and like Isaid you can adjust the air conditioningto where it basically goes inside andyour intercooler and then of course theshift line launch control are alsopretty self-explanatory but pretty darncool that you have all of this stuffthat you can

customize to however youwant it to fit your needs and you canmake it your ownalright guys so the moment I have beenwaiting for for a very long time finallygetting to drive a dodge demon so gonnabe interesting to see how this feelscoming from a challenger hellcat whichis like this car is a little little babybrotherright I guess not really baby brotherbut little brother alright so settingoff in the demon the most noticeablething as opposed to a Hellcat is thatthe supercharger whine is so much louderin this car and it’s so much moreprominent I absolutely love that it justreminds you even if you’re just goingslow it’s you’re at a demon but yeah youknow initial impressions on the demon isonce again like I said you could dailydrive this thing it’s super comfortablethe rides totally fine I have everythingin the

automat the auto settings stillat eight hundred and eight horsepower atmy disposal whenever I choose to I meanit’s just it’s such a cool car and likeI said earlier I can’t believe this thisthing somehow made it through all thelegal teams and legal departments and Iknow when you buy a demon or place anorder for one you had to sign all thesedifferent waivers saying I will not useyou know launch control on the streetand I will not drive this car below 15degrees outside but still it’s just it’samazing that this thing was even createdin the first place and now if you’relike me you probably wonder how welldoes it merge onto a freeway well guessthere’s only one way to find out yepyup it’s best what the heck once againhow did this gonna prove my legaldepartment that that’s ridiculous thatanybody can go

out just by that that’snutsand it’s so smooth and the way the poweris delivered and then you look down andthe number is just climbing faster thanjust about anything I’ve ever seenbefore that’s just ridiculous that is uhthat’s definitely noticeably faster thana hellcat all right so now trying to getjust from a slower speeddude this is fast it’s a different powerdelivery than the healthcare as well thehell Co you can tell them the sound andyou can tell them the feeling it’s justit’s different and I like that I didn’twant it to just be a an upgraded Hellcatwhich it’s not but I know that’s whatthe internet likes to say it’s alwaysjust a Hellcat with more power it’s it’sa totally different car it’s a way morespecial car even just sitting here youget the vibe that you’re driving a superspecial car and then as you can see herewe’re cruising at 70 miles per hour onthe freewayit’s quiet comfortable

smooth ride Imean it’s just incredible that I’msitting in a car right now that has thepotential to do a wheelie it’s zero to60 in 2.1 seconds holds all thesedifferent records for fastest productioncar for this and that and the other andyet it’s comfortable that’s refined butthey didn’t you know you’re notsacrificing anything I’m not sitting ina car that’s just a roll cage and aharness and a plastic steering wheellike it’s it’s a nice car now while wecan’t do any wheelies todayoh it hooks so much better than aHellcat this is Wow bitches it’s a carthat makes you giggle what do you thinkof the brakes brakes were great they Iwas reading online it said the I believeit was the hundred or 60 to zero happensin like 97 feet which is that’sincredible

for a car that weighs thismuch those dodge engine engineers theythey figured this thing out yes theyreally were showing off what they coulddo when they made this little seriouslyguys this thing is just it’s an absolutejoy to drive and I know it’d be acompletely different animal on race gasand with the front skinnies on and goingto a race track I mean I can onlyimagine what that’s like and then youhave people out there like SRT Mu Shudecided that hey that’s not fast enoughI want over a thousand horsepower in mydemon and you know just this is such anincredible platform and all I have tosay is kudos to you dodge for creatingthis thing and Ford and Chevy you gotyour work cut out for you how are yougonna top this I look forward to seeingthe the muscle car battle continue butman Dodge you guys nailed it well guysif there’s one thing I’m taking awayfrom the dodge demon experience hereit’s that it’s not just a beefed upHellcat this thing is is incredible thelast time I really got a feeling likethis in a car where I felt wow this isreally special is probably right aboutthe time the GT 350 was released andwhen that I drove that car I just saidthis is a really special car it’s notthe fastest car but it just felt specialthis is the same feeling except this isa whole lot faster if it’s just it’sjust so cool andI just can’t say wow enough times wellguys I will leave the owner of thisDodge demons Instagram right hereplease go give him a follow he told mehe’s gonna start posting a whole lotmore definitely check it out you don’tsee B 5 Blue Demons very often and thisthing is just absolutely beautiful hesays well we’ll probably have a trackdate coming up pretty soon we’ll takehim to the track and I just I can’t getover how incredible this thing is sojust good job Dodge but I just want tothank you guys for watching this videoand I will see you guys in the next onetake it easy

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