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hello guys welcome to the channel todaywe’ll be reviewing the 2018 DodgeCharger SXT what is going on my familyof YouTube my name is Miguel with BusanRed Line and today we’re reviewing the2018 Dutch Charger SXT all right veryexcited to bring this our review for youguys so let’s go over this car andeverything that’s related to it and giveyou the most honest review that I cancome up with as far as my experiencewith this car driving performance youknow details inside outside everythingand I hope you guys like it if youhaven’t already subscribe make sure yougo ahead and do so leave a comment downbelow on your impressions and youropinions as walter very well appreciatedand with that being said let’s go aheadand

get started shall wealright guys so let’s get started withthe engine this car packs a very similar3.6 liter v6 as previous generationswith 292 horsepower and about 260 poundfeet of torquenot necessarily impressive numbersperformance wise butyou know about entry-level horsepowerand torque for this carwe definitely wish that there were twoextra cylinders in the front thereforethat v8 performance and sound anddefinitely you know more solid engineoverall than this v6 version but more tocome on that the transmission is a Hspeed automatic this car is rear-wheeldrive and the transmission can be quitenot G at times I can certainly feelsometimes when engaging gears put in thecar and reverse or drive the gears cankind of you know kind of punch insuddenly and that kind doesn’t you knowadd to the quality of the gearing itselffor the car so new but you know as youactually are cruising you know theydon’t feel quite quite smooth actuallythe transmission does have the manualmode which you know definitely you knowit’s not necessarily you know paddleshifting or dual clutch

performance butI mean it’s what gets the job done youknow if you want to pick up reduce youknow it’s not certainly going to beperformance oriented as you would wantit but you know I’m certainly will bethere when you need it gonna take alittle pull herenot too bad definitely I took quite abit to get up to 60 here and go butanother one of those here just a littlebit scarce estimated to get around 19miles per gallon in the city about 30 inthe highway which is probably one of theadvantages of white folks will want toget the the v6 version instead of the v8of course you are gonna get a lot of youknow not so surely huge numbers but abig difference and the miles per gallonthe 2018 SXT basically carries the samebody language as the previousgenerations previous years 2017 and 16not a lot of changes going on doesn’tlook like Dutch really wanted toredesign the car all that much before awhole new design language comes out andthey definitely wanted to

you knowperhaps add a special package here andthere they do have around eightdifferent variations of this sedancharger you can actually get for 2018anywhere from this v6 version with 292horsepower all the way to of course theHellcat sedan version charger with 707which you know it’s definitely the carthat all car enthusiasts love first sowe’re gonna turn this back route herewe’re gonna do an automatic pool andthen also a manual roll as well and herewe go let’s see how the car does automatic you can see the car reps allthe way down to redlineall right I definitely like the soundyou know for v6does not sound too bad at all but it’svery limited on the sound with the stockmuffler and all the underpinnings so youwould of course aftermarket this car andput some more options on it anddefinitely improve on the sound qualityof this car but not too bad for anautomatic run there now let’s go aheadand try manual ones that see how thatone does all right little lag there fornow it’s a little betternice sunny day here in Mexico so not toobad like in the temperature quite freshbut that was quite the quite the poolthere so first the second beer thenreally like the lag of

space of time inbetween the shifting but of course youknow us what we were getting with thistype of Tiptronic transmission insteadof an actual good old-fashioned manuallooking at this cars weight we’relooking around thirty nine hundredpounds running down here it’s actuallythirty nine hundred and like 40something fifty something pounds and youknow for this type of weight on this caryou surely feel that the car isdefinitely underpoweredyou’ll want this car to be 300horsepower or more if you get the allwheel drive version of this car you youknow bump the power horsepower up to 300horsepower which is not a hugedifference you’re definitely gonna havequite a decision to make between thefour-wheel drive and the rear-wheeldrive this is a car that you know hasbeen reintroduced a couple years ago tokind of mirror the you know retrospectof the original charger back in the dayyou know muscle car sedan four-doorwheel wheel drive don’t really see whymost people would want tothe four-wheel drive all wheel drive carinstead I mean this is more of like amuscle car where you would actually wantthe power to go to the wheel wheels sothat you can have way more fun after youdrive the car and be able to do way

morethings with itif you drive somewhere up north ofcourse where there’s snow most of theyear and you definitely want the extratraction then definitely go for the oldwheel drive but you know where this carshines the most and you definitely feelmore of that muscle car theme to it it’sjust you know what the good all wheeldrive version of it the serie de sexytime would happen in the neck breaking6.6 seconds which is not reallynecessarily all that fast for today’sindustry standards certainly spin outdecent of course but not reallysomething to brag aboutof course it’s definitely quitedifferent than the v8 model for sure butit’s all this way this car has to pushforward with so little power and thatwe’ve seen cars nowadays hot hatches andvery light cars that you know pack veryclose to 300 to 350 horsepower and tosee a car that’s big with this muchweight and you know the underpowered v6it’s certainly something to considerhere as you look into a performancesedan of course for the family you knowbasically having this car to take yourfamily long road trips it’s definitelyquite comfortable cruising here on thehighway these seats are very verycomfortableyou know you got quite a lot of you knowsupport here

with the side bolsters herethem seats are comfortable of course youknow brand-new leather seats here theydefinitely hold you in place and willprovide for a very comfortable ride bothyou know in the short term or long termif you’re going just daily in the car oryou basically would you know actually dolong road trips from time to timesuspension of course not definitelytuned for performance you definitely getquite the body roll here and there asyou drive around the steering is decentnice and certainly pointed shoot towhere you want the car to go but youknow definitely quite quite decent foreveryday driving the interior quality isnot necessarily as impressive as youwould imagine up here in the dash areayou have more of this synthetic plasticwhich is kind of rubberized you know youcan push on it you know it definitelyfeels like a synthetic rubber materialyou knowvery

leather kind of appearing but ofcourse not quite leather and thenunderneath you know you can also seethat material here on the doors as wellas the entire dashboard here and there’sthis plastic hard plastic materialaren’t quite underneath and that’sdefinitely not a very appealing type ofmaterial that most people would want ona car like this and of course it’s notvery luxury oriented on the inside of arolling at where do a 20-mile rollinsteadalright see nextfirst the second gear there’s like thatreally starts thinking about should Ichange maybe shift gears to second gearperhaps is that something that I shoulddo I’m not sure better first a secondin the front we have the LEDs as foglights these LEDs are actually veryuseful at night you can turn them on andoff and see the difference right infront of your eyes a lot of carsnowadays they have LEDs that kind oflook very you know artistically put onso to speak they’re not really all asfunctional as they

should be and in thiscar the LEDs actually do make a bigdifference they you know that the firstrange of the first couple 10 feet or soin front of the car you know it’s wellilluminated and they actually do make ahuge difference as compared to runningwith your headlights alone overall thetrunk is very spacious you do have quitea lot of room in the trunk you can fit anumber of different luggage bags onthere and have quite sufficient room foryou to you know be able to do groceryshopping and you know pick up you knowanything you need to the the seats dofall forward also makes for extra roomand you’ll be able to carry some extracargo on there if you needed toas for the key fab the car does haveremote start feature on it which is veryconvenient for most people of course youhave the ability to warm up your car inthe mornings actually getting ready togo to work and then you hop in your carfor the warmed up and everything and ofcourse as you headed home from work youcan actually have the ability especiallyhere in Florida to start your car havethe AC running and then have your car beat a nice temperature by the time youget to your car inside the car of courseit’s

very spacious you know you haveplenty of roomas you can see here I’m about 511 and Ihave about good maybe 2 inches betweenmy head and the headliner here in theback there’s basically a bench seat caryou can fit five people and you can havebasically a lot of leg room in the backpassengers they also have a significantamount of headroom as well unless youknow you’re talking about ShaquilleO’Neal but other than that you knowthere should have sufficient amount ofspace back there as well to you knowhave a comfortable ride whatever it isyou’re actually our headington the 8.4inch display the you know definitelyreplaces the quite smaller touchscreendisplay on some of the older models butdefinitely very useful therefore youknow quite significant size especiallyfor the GPS and all the other featuresthe infotainment can be quite busy attimes there’s a lot going on from timeto time you there’s some hidden menusand sometimes you want to access theheating seats or you know put there theair down or switch where you want theair to go and you know you do have todig under some sub menus to find whereit is that you need to click or go but Imean

once you get used to it I wouldthink for the most part it’s definitelyvery useful not to mention the Appleplay apple carplay is also very handy aswell if your iPhone user it’s definitelyvery good and that works very verysmooth standard for 2018 Oh Dutchcharger models getrear camera what the parking assistnecessarily the highest quality as youcan see here the quality itself won’tnecessarily impress you for surebut it definitely comes handy from timeto time if and when you’re actuallybacking up and need to have the extraedge an advantage on very tight spotsand areas parking assist is prettyaccurate I found and as I get more andmore used to it after driving this carhere for quite a couple of days you’regoing to test it out once again we aregoing to do another manual pull andhopefully from first to second they cando a little better than it did the firsttime there let’s see after having driven this car for quite awhile I mean I’ve been trying to findout different

things to complain aboutyou know obviously this is you know Iwish it was a VA up there in the hoodand conclusion that’s definitely reallythe way I would go for this car if Iwere getting a performance family sedanto be able to you know take the familyto school or soccer practice or whateverbut also have fun whenever I I want orfeel like it and be able to have thattype of responsive engine andperformance at my fingertips firsteverything else you know performancesuspension brakes you know you don’treally expect this car to perform like aHellcat or an SRT eight or anything likethat this is the entry-level model sothis is more family oriented and lessperformance you know focus and of coursemore mpg design for you know efficiencyand fuel and all that the v6 is decentdefinitely lacking some power for thisextra weight hopefully you guys likedthis videoif I missed anything and make sure letme know down in the comments below letme know if this video was helpful ifyou’re looking into buying a car likethis definitely make sure to

put that inthe comments below I wanna know whatyour opinions are let me know what typeof criteria you were looking for alsowhat your expectations are for a carlike this you know do you think this carhave you think this car has the rightfeatures or should this car have perhapssome other features that were not addedin the carI definitely do let me know in thecomments below make sure to smash thatlike button if you haven’t already andif you haven’t joined the YouTube familygo ahead and hit that subscribe buttonwith you and go ahead and hit the bellicon next to us so you can be notifiedevery time I post the video do let meknow what car review you want to seenext I wantsee get an idea from you guys or whichof

the cars you would like to seereviewed make sure to put that in thecomment section down below if you have acar that you want me to review make sureto email boost and redline at gmail.comso that email will be in the descriptionthere it’s moose and red line atgmail.com this has been your boy Miguelhere with busan red lion with a reviewfor the 2018 dutch Charger SXT hope youguys enjoy it thank you very much forwatching signing up

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