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alright guys welcome back to the channeltoday we’re looking at a 2018 ChevroletSuburban this is a premier package aseverything on it has all the bells andwhistles and the one thing about owningthis yes I’ll show you the price in alittle bit I know some of you arecurious especially from previous videosI did for pricing wise but when you takeof a luxury mansion with you knowFerraris Lamborghinis everyone has aTahoe or a suburban so this right heretop-of-the-line and this is what you’llbe looking for in your dream garage justgoing over some of the options obviouslya 5.3 6-speed automatic premier packagelike I said and then here’s a littleextras has a 22 inch wheel silver withthe black inserts as you can see hereI’ll go a little bit more in depth withthat in a couple seconds here as theroof racks has a the black bow ties allthe extra good stuff there and for thev8 suburban I mean compared to back inthe day I mean it’s getting 22 on thehighway 15 in the city you can probablydo a little bit better than that but I’mgonna go over the vehicle now and walkaround show you guys a couple of nicefeatures on here as to why it’s thatprice I’ve got the fog lights on thebottom a nice black bow tie and a chromegrill you have the chrome chrome mirrorson the outside there that’s pretty sweetI mean and again I like how Chevy doesit they add that loop the camera picksup the Chevy bowtie and the hell lightjust the extra detailyou got that daytime running light rightover here again we’ll go back to thatrim that’s pretty nice I like itto be honest I have all the rooms asChevy’s done this is probably one of mymost favorites right here but and ofcourse that comes on this it’s theBridgestone’sgot the side steps of course very ownnice black suburban and then of courseright over here that’s premiere logo oremblem I should say you got the thesensors in the back from when you backupand rear collision alert as well nicebonus sort of car you got the backupcamera right there of course check outcrime chevy.com check out the websitefor more cars if you want me to do morevideos push the gas cap just opens upnice and easy and again let’s just go back for theserooms cuz they’re they’re sweetthe one thing I really like about thissuburban in particular is the black andchrome effect like as you can see lookthe headlights I mean II got the chromepretty much trim around the halo thereand then you got the black on the backside you got the chrome grille but thena black bowtie and more black pieces inthe back as well I think it adds alittle bit elegance to it you know againthe chrome on the mirrors like I saidearlier you have that croup around thedoor handlesyou know suburban obviously in chromebut yeah I mean that’s it’s one coolthing I really like about that I meanyou also have the chrome to get a littlecloser to Chrome or neo roof racks herepretty sweetwhere’s the chrome trim on the outsidebut I just again personally to me I likethe chrome and black effect on the onthis premier suburban if you guys watchmy videos before you always know I liketo start with the key fob here’s thelock unlock here’s for the back doors orfor to pop the trunk pretty much in theback I’m an entity duty automatic startis in the middle to do the automaticstart let me show you a quickdemonstration make sure the car islocked of course you hold in theautomatic start golden I don’t think thecamera does a justice to be honest thedaytime running lights look real nice nomatter what time in a day I mean that’sthat’s sweet I apologize if there’s asome wind noise just apologize inadvance for that let me go in the back Ijust want to show you the trunk openingupall right you sit this place opens likeMaddieall right and as you know I don’t knowif everyone uses the backseats or notbut a new thing in the Chevy’s it’s beenout for a little while but you holdthese two down brings them downautomatically you can do the same withthe front ones they’re pushing thatbutton at night you can just raise themall over again finally even jumping inand pulling it back or anything justmaking life a lot easier you have alittle net here I’m going to take thisoff just to show you one nice littlefeature there there we goall right here’s some all well insertslittle cubbies I guess to put a fewthings away because he has some personalitems you don’t want to be shown oranything this is a nice little storagespot just back herelike I said it’s easy take off take ontype stuff and all this is held by ahooksorry I got a drop camera real quick allright sorry I just need pretty much twohands to hold the hook up a little bitBen’s better than that I’m like I said Ielectronic pretty much electronic seatskind of helps out of everyday use I’mgonna have a little outlet in the backhere of course I’m gonna have to drop todrop this there’s a button just push itpretty much all set let’s go in the backlet’s check it outnow telic doors I don’t think I lockthem you just hit these little buttonsat the keys in your pocketand virtually get in it’s not reallyhaving to do much these seats they don’tyou’re not able to pull them back in thefrom pretty much from the back trunk Ohbuddy it’s pretty much an easy what I’magain I’ll show you on thisthis is nice all right so there’s rearclimate control you can do auto you canselect the modes heated seats for bothboth captain seats in the back here andyou got three seats in the back I meanfour outlets a nice plug right thereit’s our outlet right there and you gota little cupboard for storage I’m notgonna hide this comes down this almostfeel feels almost as good as the frontseats I just love the layout of theseSuburbansthey’re great and nice lighting ofcourse got the air right up hereand even have the Chevrolet Chevroletemblem in the back as wellreal nice typically they just have asilver insert and most cars or it’s thatbut here in the premiere they havechevre lots that’s pretty cool andimportant like I said the wood trim niceleather let’s go front check it out alittle bit okay and as you guys know Ijust started a car from the from theoutside so I come here put my foot onthe brake how they keys in my pocket I’mgonna take it out there we go lights uplike a Christmas tree pretty much I meanit’s pretty sweetwife I don’t care about that turn thatoffthere’s a speed odometer pretty much youcan either use the side there where itcan be displayed on the dash in thecenter for digital I think it’s a littleeasier to use the digital speedometerjust it’s easier looking at the at thedial there there’s a nice thing

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