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what’s going on guys Riley here today weare reviewing this 2018 Chevrolet Camarozl1 as many of you know I owned thiscars little brother previously which wasthe SS one LE model which essentially isthis car without the supercharger sotoday we’re gonna find out just how muchfun that supercharger adds as well as afew other goodies first we’ll do a quickwalk around of the car starting off withthe front end which honestly is probablyone of the most aggressive front ends onany vehicle available you get the nicegoodyear eagle f1 supercar tires and thesix piston Brembo brakes this one isalso optioned with the mosaic blackpaint color which as you can see has thenice little glittery flakes in it aswell as the carbon fiber weave on thehood moving on now to the rear of thevehicle once again looking really niceon the zl1 305 with tires and quadexhaust tips are

standard but overall Ireally don’t think there’s a bad angleon this car now exterior styling isgreat in all however you buy a ZL onefor this right herethis supercharged LT for 6.2 liter v8650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet oftorque that is good for zero to 60 saround 3.5 seconds and it runs thequarter-mile in about eleven point fourso in terms of performance with this caryou basically get Hellcat power and GT350 handling it’s kind of the best ofboth worlds and the zl1 greatnessdoesn’t in there now moving on to theinterior you’re greeted to all kinds ofAlcantara and leather as well as thiscarbon fiber on the dash which is a newoption for 2018 as you can see this oneis a 6-speed manual instead of theautomatic 10 speed a few other thingsworth mentioning this car does have theheads-up display which is honestly oneof my favorite features on any cars thezl1 does come standard with the Bosesurround sound system and these ambientlighting here on the doors and on thedash depending on what color you optionyour zl1 it may

or may not come with redseatbelts however with the mosaic mosaicblack paint it does have the redseatbelts and the red stitching there onthe Recaros now before we get to thedriving portion I did want to go aheadand show off the window sticker so youguys could seethe fancy options that this one has sothere you go right there for a totalvehicle price of 66,000 and some changesixty six thousand dollars puts thisright up there with Hellcats so let’s goahead take her for a spinand see how she compares and just seehow she overall drivesalright guys so back at home and a 6June Camaro this kind of feels a littleweird very familiar so let’s go aheadand take her out for a little spinshould be a fun one alright guys sosetting off into 2018 and zl1 Camaro Ihave a very high hopes for this carbecause I know how good the

SS 1 le wasand well this is that on steroids with asupercharger so can’t really go wrongthe initial impressions with this car isthat it really does feel very similar toan SS 1 le they’re on the same chassisthey had the same tires same brakesbasically so really they are like verysimilar and I’m probably gonna referencethat one only a lot in this videobecause well it’s what I had thesix-speed transmission in this car isbuttery smooth and it’s still to thisday my favorite transmission on any caravailable the tremec tr6060 beautifultaking a quarter now just a little bitof speed that thing handles like it’s onjust rails and this would be such a funcar to go out and do a track day withbecause it would well it would dominatepretty much everything for around$65,000 you’re not going to findanything that’s gonna touch this car interms of the straight line performanceand the handling it I don’t know whatelse you could really compared to thisthing for that price range so let’s seeabout this supercharger and see what thedifferencesis so awesome oh

my goshthis parts fast WowI know the 8:10 is when everybody talksabout for the transmission choice in arow it’s like wow the ten speeds so muchfaster and everything but just thinkthat you might be missing a littlesomething because this is so much funit’s pretty tough to pass this thing upfor the price range if you wantsomething that’s fast can handle wellit’s actually pretty comfortable Iwouldn’t say it’s like daily drivable islet’s say a challenger just cuz you dohave more space in that car it’s moredaily friendly but if you want somethingthat you know you can do the occasionaltrack day with and just have a lot offun with well I would say the CL one isprobably the right choice for you it’sso tempting to just like floor thisthing every chance you get because it’sso it’s so easy to drive fast becauseit’s such a good car and it’s reallyhard to reach the limits in this thingit’s you can pretty much do anything youwant in this thing it makes

you feellike Superman because the cars likealright well I’ll just take this cornerand whatever speed you want then we’regonna leave the corner and then we’regonna floor it then we’re gonna go realfast in a straight line so the car doeseverything great and that’s hard to dousually cars have their you know theirstrengths like a Hellcat their strengthis going fast in a straight line butwell does it really corner very wellthis thing does both and it’s reallyimpressive I’m sure you’re askingyourself Riley if you think this car sogreat why didn’t you get one wellbecause I spend so much time doinghighway driving in I wanted somethingthat was a great daily driver I feelthat the Challenger Hellcat I wouldstill say is a better overall dailydriver but if I wasn’t driving the caras much as I doI wanted something a little bit moresporty and I didn’t own an SS when Ileave previously this would have beenthe car I bought without a doubt thisthing is great and of course with allsix students you have matching wood justit’s perfect I mean shoot you

reallygood daily drive this car if you wantit’s a little bit small the visibilityis not the best but you do get used toit and that’s coming from somebody whoowned a six gin however I will say withthe zl1 you do get the blind spotmonitoring system in the mirrors so thathelps tremendously especially with thatmirror over there and as I mentionedearlier you get the upgraded soundsystem the fancy lights the heated andcooled seats I mean the car pretty muchhas everything and I’m trying to sithere trying to think something to likesay negative about the car because Ialways hate new interviews where all Isay is just positive things I love thecar so much but it’s kind of how I amwith this car I don’t really know whatto say to to knock it it’s it’s greatalso in this short amount of time thatI’ve spent behind the wheel the amountof people that have stopped whateverthey were doing and stared at the frontend of this car is hilarious because itis so aggressive

and some just menacingespecially in black but it looks greatit drives greatit’s pretty comfortable good job Chevynow I guess the most important thingabout all that is that it’s priced greatas well$65,000 yes that is a lot of money butif you bring it up and define anythingand you know you can squeeze that kindof monthly payment and you want a fastcar that does all this stuff great it’sreally is a bargain by and since we’reon the topic about pricing let’s goahead and think about what else can youget this motor in this motor comes inthe brand new CTS vsit comes in the new zo sixes boththose are you know around $100,000 thisis 65 you have the same motor same powerpretty much I mean they’re all sosimilar yet this could be twenty toforty thousand dollars cheaper than yournext best option and that that to me islike the one you want to buy it’s kindof obvious Camaros nowadays are just notwhat they used to be now it’s this is afine sports car

that can do everythingand it used to be well they had theirflaws butno flaws here if you ever had the chanceto drive one of these I would be verysurprised if you could find anything tofault this car for because like I saidover and over again the car doeseverything so well and it really doesmake you a better driver because of thatthe car is so good it’s almost too goodfor the everyday driver to be driving onthe streets and you really could onlyget this car to really any like shineover all the other stuff on a track andthat’s where it would be a lot of funbut you can go on a back road just blastthrough it with this thing and have thetime of your life so don’t try to thinkI’m faulting it for anything becausedefinitely not one of the very few carsI’ve ever reviewed where I can’t reallysay anything a negative about a thingChevy did perfect with this thing so nowthat we’ve seen how good the 16 platformis now we get to sit back and wait forthe I guess they’re gonna call theseventh gen Camaro which should becoming out in a few years if this thingis already this good I can only imaginejust how good the

seventh gen platformis going to be but with that being saidI am now going to go hop in a fourth genand take that thing out for a review sothat should be fun but thank you guysfor watching this video hopefully youenjoyed it even half as much as I didseriously if you ever get the chance todrive one of these things definitely doso and you will not be disappointedthank you guys for watching the videoI’ll see y’all in the next onetake it easy that’s one of those thingslike if Chevy let people test drivethese things which I understand why theydon’t but if they did they’d probablysell more of them because they fall inlove with them well that was excitingnow let’s drive this

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