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my tester doesn’t havethe optional power deploying runningboards instead it just has the fixedrunning boards which is fine with me butto get in the vehicle there’s no handlehere on the the a pillar instead I willjust kind of graph thispull myself and once you’re in you cansee here the view out of the driver seatis very nice in basically what you’reexpecting in this particular class ofvehicle and when you shut the door itstill sounds pretty solid I mean thisparticular platform came out in 2015 butit’s still relatively fresh especiallywhen you compare to some of the newercompetition like the new expedition butto start the vehicle up just put yourfoot on the brake

push this button hereto fire up the engine now immediatelyI’m noticing the Borla exhaust that myparticular tester comes with when youguys go for the rst package it soundspretty nice I have to say that exhaustis included when you guys go for the rstPerformance Pack so I kind of wouldhighly recommend it for sure if you guysare gonna go for this particular trimnow the rest of the interior for thisparticular model is pretty nice you cansee the materials are kind of moreupscale for this generation of vehiclethere’s some nice stitching here on theactual dash on that part of the – it’ssoft touch right here on the upperportion here where you’re gonna put youror basically we’re gonna touch itthere’s some nice stitching here on thisinstrument panel hood which is also goodthe stitching also continues on

the doorpanel here where there’s some fauxstitching on this part it’s soft touchit’s nice and leather padded right herethe windows are one touch for the driverfor the front passenger for the rearit’s one touch down but not one touch upI kind of wish they just made it onetouch up and down for the rear as wellthe mirrors are power folding which isgood because this is a pretty largevehicle this competes with vehicles likethe Ford Expedition now looking at thecenter stock here you can see applecarplay and android auto is standard onacross the board even on the base LSsmall it’s an 8 inch touchscreen displayif you push this button here the screenwill still kind of move out of the waywhere it reveals a nice little storagecompartment here where you can put yourphone there’s a USB charging her inthere you can hide a lot of stuff backthere it’s a pretty good size the screenitself the

graphics this is theChevrolet MyLink infotainment system Ikind of think that it looks ok from youknow the menu standpoint here but someof the actual screen LCDs displays theycould probably use an upgrade it’s kindof looking a little crunchy especiallyto some of the competition it kind ofmatches what I’ve seen in the newwords with their sink three here’s thenavigation display it hasn’t changedit’s the same navigation display thatI’ve shown you another Chevy products itkind of tries to work like a tabletwhere they’ve definitely beefed up thespeed in here just the graphics theycould definitely be improved I thinkit’s time for General Motors to kind oflook into making the map display evenbetter especially when you guys look attheir Cadillac display or their Cadillacbrand with their Q system butnevertheless the most important thing isthe enduro and car play it works wellwhen you put the vehicle into reverseyou do get a back up camera with sometrajectory it’s got front and rearparking sensors this vehicle will notparallel park itself for you and there’sno 360 camera I think

for thisparticular segment I think it could useit especially at this particular pricelevel but my tester is that you can seehere it’s got the dual zone automaticclimate control which is nice there’s alittle screen right here it also has aseparate climate control system for therear seatsit also has heated and cooled frontseats with three levels you can alsojust make the backrest heated that’s aGeneral Motors specialty there which isnice no massaging seats you can’t getthat on the Tahoe or the Yukon I believethe Cadillac Escalade offers that thegauges here there’s a nice helper screenin the center although they are startingto look a little bit old the green coloris not my favorite I prefer whatCadillac uses in the full LCD display orwhen GMC uses and the Yukon Denali withthe red gauges the steering wheel hereis is a power tilt telescoping which isnice the telescoping function isn’tstandard you have to go at least for anLT trim to get the manual telescopingfunction over here there’s some morebuttons here this turns off your LaneDeparture alert your parking sensorsyour power adjustable pedals yourtrailer brake controller is here thefour-wheel drive switch is here it doeshave an automatic mode and then yourheadlight control there is right hereyour

head up display information that’salso right there which is nice I don’tbelieve the expedition had a Ford up ahead-up display off double check that Ibelieve this is one of the onlycompetitors that actually does offerthat feature now down here you can seehere for such a big vehicle there issomewhat of lacking in terms of storagespace I mean when you push this thisspace right here I expected it to bemuch larger there’s some cup holdersright here there’s a wireless chargingpad here although my iPhone 10 with thecase was not actually charging when Iput my phone there I can see here thisis pretty large I do like this althoughthe new expedition just offered a lotmore andof actual storage space right here samewith the Armada I haven’t had a chanceto test out the new Sequoia there is alittle bit more storage down here anddown here I do like the stitching thatgoes throughout here the glovecompartment is a little bit on

thesmaller size it is damped but not linedwith felt the seats are reallycomfortable I do like the brown leatherthey’re heated and cooled as I said Idid find them to be very comfortable onlonger trips when you look above hereyou can see there’s some more controlsthese controls here definitely look alittle bit on the cheaper side you cansee there’s nice sunglass holder therethere’s a nice little rear convex mirrorthis opens up your rear power tailgateand then your sunroof controls are herethis sunroof here is the only is thestandard sized sunroof don’t expect tofind a big panel sunroof it’s part of aSun sound package for like twenty fiveor twenty eight hundred bucks but ifsome competitors I know are starting togo to the big sunroof like the newexpedition but I mean overall theinterior feels roomyalthough the storage space is a littlebit lacking in the front seats frontseat Department but and the technologyis good although I do think that thereare some competitors that offer a littlebit more tech this

column shifter hereis definitely a little bit moreold-school where some competitors arebrought to the traditional gear leaveror the little knob but overall I thinkmost people are gonna get in the Tahoeand just know how to use it and they’regonna find it to be very comfortable andnice in here so with the vehicle as bigas the Tahoe you’re probably expectingthe second and third row to be huge I’llbet into the third row in a second butlet’s talk about the second row of thisvehicle because my tester has thecaptain’s chairs option which isdefinitely nice it gives you a kind of aminivan like pass through to get to thethird row now one thing that reallyperplexes me is this space back here youknow I had the new Armada the newexpedition and quite honestly this spacein the second row is a little bitlacking you definitely have more roomand its competitors because one thingI’m noticing the floor is a lot higherand it just doesn’t feel quite asspacious now

it’s not bad I can stillget back here and kind of sort of crossmy legs but this is with the seat almostall the way back there’s good foot spacebut overall I’m definitely noticing it’snot quite as roomy as some competitorsI’m also noticing not very much in termsof storage like I expected a console tobe here to give me more cupholdersthere’s only one little cup holder herein the door a little bit of storage downhere and then Chevy gives you some USBports and then you get heated rear seatsin your own climate control vents andthen my tester also hasthe rear seat entertainment system withjust one screen you can’t option in likea dual screen but I mean overall

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