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howdy folks Nathan adilyn here with the Fastlane car and behind me two vehicles that compete directly with each other two brand-new family crossovers – 2018Chevy Traverse and the 2018 VW Atlas both three rows both V sixes check out this vr6 yes it’s actually avr6 it’s a narrow angle v6 puts out 276 horse power and 266 pound of torque nowhere’s the cool part about it first of all it’s hooked up to an 8-speedautomatic transmission and you have theoption front-wheel drive or all-wheeldrive you can also get a 2 liter turbosame with the Traverse this is a 3.6under B 6 so is that one you can get a2-liter turbo on this you can get a2-liter turbo on that it’s actuallyremarkable how similar these twovehicles are I have to say I really

likethe Atlas interior it just has you knowkind of the silver trim with kind ofthis faux wood and the overall layout ofthe buttons just feels a little bit morepremium to me yeah it’s interesting theyboth have a similar setup though withtheir interiors because they both have arotating knobs yep terrain select modesdrive modes snow modes all that stuffthe Atlas has an LCD IP and it’s fairlyhigh-tech it’s modern and very clear tolook at and best of all it has a reallybig center screen for navigation yesindeed also a 3.6 liter v6 under thehood of the Traverse but a lot morehorsepower 310 but same amount of torque266 pounds feet of torque however moregears 9 speed automatic and slightlybetter fuel economy than in the Atlas both of these family crossovers areloaded with technology loaded withsafety features oh yeah I mean thisTraverse this is a premier model whichis not top-of-the-line but fairly welloptions I do like the design of theinterior but I like the feel of

theVolkswagen interior a little bit moreyou know where I amI actually like the Atlas interiordesign and feel a little bit more butthe seats and the Traverse feel a littlebit better to me yeah they’re prettysquishy and comfortable and the thirdrow is nicer for taller people it’s moreusable space in order to pull the familymore than five you need to have anaccessible third row seat now both ofthese vehicles are known for havingroomy third-row seats Andre is going todemonstrate because I’m six-two and Ialso want to demonstrate how the seatswork of course in the Traverse here wehave a captain chairs there girl theseapproximately have the same amount ofthird row legroom about thirty three anda half inches actually I don’t havequite enough legroom in this is there away to move this forwardgreat check this out guys I have plentyof headroom and plenty of legroom withthis second row pulled up a little bitand really comfortable

back hereactually now granted the VolkswagenTiguandoes have an available third row seatbut this is a vehicle that wasspecifically built for this country inthis size category with the third rowseat Hey similar action on the seatwhich is very useful you know what Ihave a little bit less Headroom it feelslike but the knee room is just about thesame as in the Traverse so I would givea slight advantage to the turretit’s kind of a weird mix here because Ithink the interior of the Traverse is alittle bit nicer than the Volkswagensbut I’m sorry I think that the bookswagon has a much more manly stance itfeels bigger even though it’s not withthe Chevy I think that the front enddoesn’t really remind me of the stylingof anywhere else in the vehicle italmost looks like they wanted it to looka little bit like a Camaro not what Iwould advise when you have a familyholiday by the way the oval judge system in theAtlas is around 800 bucks if you want itall wheel drive

in a traverse you haveto pay twenty eight hundred dollars toget that so that is a lot more doughone final point I want to make I wasjust looking at sales numbers and youknow body-on-frame truck based SUVstheir sales are waning a little bit downcompared to last year and I think it hasto do with these 3-row crossover basedSUVs because they’re more comfortablefor people when you’re talking aboutlike a Tahoe you’re a little bit morecramped even though that’s a large SUVas well well because it has to sit ontop of a frame yes and this vehicle it’sbasically a car same with the Traversethere are carsstretched but they are cars and becauseof that they have a dynamic of drivingfeel like you driving the car they’remuch easier to park in my mind they’reeasier to get in and out of too becausethe seats are almost perfectly a butlevel for certain people oh yeahthe only reason to get

a truck basedSUVs is if you want to tellrealistically if you really want to towor if you want to have for lowfour-wheel drives and seriously gooff-road yeah those are the reasons toget the full-size truck dance SUV yeahAndre on the count of three we’re goingto start this race ready one two three you all I won but I won something else Ihave 23 cubic feet of cargo room behindthe third row yeah I think I have 20cubic feet right 20 points 20 point 6cubic feet you have more and actuallyyour cargo space altogether is more thanthe Atlas ok clothing yeah ready on thecount of 3 1 2 3 you know I think that there’s a thebiggest difference between these twovehicles is the way they feel when youdrive themthe Atlas feels a little bit trickiersurprisingly it has a little bit more ofan upright feel to it and more directlyyeah yeah more this feels more like awagon to me yeah and actually

unless youlook in the rearview mirror this feelslike a smaller vehicle because they’veactually made it a lot lighter I meancompletely redesigned it which wouldexplain why one of the reasons why itgets better gas mileage right yes here’sanother thing do you have this in yourAtlas Oh for godsakes button yeah I canactually view my rear view mirror Iactually like that a lot remember thefirst time we saw that was in a Cadillacthat we had yep Andre and I have been going back andforth about the fact that these vehiclesare really closely matched which onewould you take this is a close call I’vebeen a VW owner for a very long time Ihave a VW Golf from 2002 so I am a bitof a fan but I’m gonna have to go withthe Traverse now why would you go withthe Traverse well it just has moreusable interiors volume better

feelingseats in my opinion and a little bitmore fuel economy for that longcross-countryfamily trip I like the way this vehiclelooks the Volkswagen I like the way itfeels inside so I would stick with theVolkswagen I’ve been very happy with theAtlas so far four family guys old dadslike us I think we’ve both found theones that we would rather take home justcall me old man I certainly did hey forthe Fastlane car this is Nathan andAndre we’ll catch you next time

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