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what is up you guys go pari here todaythe 2018 Chevy Malibu courtesy ofSutliff Chevrolet in Harrisburg PA andso let me just jump right into it andlet’s start with pricing I said startthere are several different trim levelsavailable for the 2018 Malibu first onebeing the L that will start at twentytwo thousand five hundred fifty fivedollars then the LS for twenty fourthousand one hundred next year level isthe LT for $26,000 even there is thepremier that will start at thirty onethousand eight hundred fifty dollars andlastly the hybrid for twenty eightthousand seven hundred fifty dollars andso all together for the 2018 Malibuthere are three different engine setupisn’t put it simply they’re just goingto differ based on the trim level thatyou go with so starting with the L LSand lt trim level covering those trimsis going to be a 1.5 liter turbochargedfour-cylinder engine putting out

160horsepower at 5700 rpm and 184pound-feet of torque available 2500 rpmmpg is on that one’s going to come in at27 City 36 on the highway and get thisyou can get 560 miles per tank on thatone so that’s definitely going to saveyou a couple trips to the pump that’s agood thing I was at one power is goingto be sent to the front wheels there was6-speed automatic transmission exceptwhat the next engine setup I want to goover is for the premier trim level thatis going to be a 2-liter turbochargedfour-cylinder engine putting out 250horsepower 5300 RPM and 260 pound feetof torque available at 2,000 rpm MPGs onthat 122 City 32 highway I said what thedifference for this one is that power isgoing to be said to the wheels through a9 speed automatic transmission there butthat’ll last set up is for the hybrid ofcourse that one is going to be a 1.8liter 4-cylinder engine with the hybridpropulsion system putting out 124horsepower 5,000 rpm and 129

pounds oftorque atthousand seven hundred fifty rpm milesper gallon on that one forty nine cityforty three Highway of course becauseit’s a hybrid as they expected it’sabout when it comes to performance firstthing I really did what I mentioned toyou guys it’s the second I hit the gasin this one there is a very quickinitial punch and that is partly becauseI have the two litre turbochargedfour-cylinder engine today and thetorque is available at a very low 2000rpm so you do have that instant poweravailable in the low rpm range which isdefinitely nice but let me give it thefull test here let’s do a quick littleacceleration and let’s see how quicklywe can get the 2018 Malibu here up tospeed my gosh is they definitely piggyback in your seat was not expecting thatactually because this is a larger sedanso I was kind of

thinking it wasn’tgoing to be that fast but it definitelywas very impressed with the accelerationand absolutely no issues emerging ontothe highway or anything like that but sothen with that slope the rear hatch inthe back you may be wondering aboutvisibility and I can assure you thereare absolutely no issues with rearvisibility I can see perfectly fine outthe back window there and of course Ivisibility is fine as well it’s aboutanother thing I did want to mention isright quality is pretty on point forthis one but I also do want to note thatthis one does have a little bit heavierwith steering feel which I am a big fanof because with heavier steering feelsit does more instantly point you in thedirection that you want to go so gottasay I’m a big fan of that as well it’sopen anyways I know from the drivingdynamics let’s check out the exteriorand so up front for every single trimlevel there are halogen headlights upthere and they do come with theautomatic feature so

when it starts toget dark of this headlights will turn onautomatically for you that’s definitelynice option so also get daytime runninglights and if you go with the LT orpremier trim levels we’re going to getLED daytime running lights and lookingdown there is that black front lip upthere as well definitely looks goodthere but then make your way to the sideL n LS trim levels are going to give youpower adjustable black side mirrors andif you go with one of the LT or premiertrim levels you are getting it heatedpower adjustable body colored sidemirrors with integrated turn signals soof course that is what you’re looking atright now when it comes to the wheelsetup that is going to differ for everysingle trim level basically so for the Ltrim that is going to give you 16 inchsteel wheels with covers LS trim levelis going to give you 16 inch aluminum weLT is going to give you 17

inch aluminumwheels and the premiere is going to giveyou 18 inch aluminum wheels and ofcourse there are optional 19 inch wheelsizes available if you wanted to givethat router then make your way to theback there is a center high mounted stoplight for every single trim level and ofcourse you got your trim level badgingback there as well in case you werecurious put them back there all trimlevels but the premier is going to get asingle exhaust outlet but the premiertrim will get a dual exhaust outlet soas always you guys here is that exhaustclipI know since we are around back let meshow you guys there is a button on thekey fob here so if you wanted to openthe rear hatch that way that isdefinitely an option but once that rearhatch is open cargo capacity is going tocome in at fifteen point eight cubicfeet and a case that was not enoughthere’s your seats do fold

down for aton of added space in case you needed itbut then make your way to those backseats as far as rear seat legroom goesthat comes in at thirty eight point oneinches so for reference I’m in even sixfeet tall and this is how much space Igoing on back there and for those rearpassengers there is more because in theback there there is a center armrestwith cupholders and if those rearpassengers look forward there is alsoadded rear ventilation for them as wellhelping keep everybody comfortable whichis definitely nice but then making yourway to the front seat l NL s trim levelsare going to get manually adjustableseats L th are leveling up is going togive you 8 way power adjustable withpower lumbar seats and that premiereterm is also going to give you heatedseats there – along with

leatherfinishes everywhere and then lookingforward there is a tilt and telescopingsteering wheel if you wanted a heatedsteering wheel that is going to comewith a premier trim level and so withthat when it comes to the start up letme show you guys the key here first yougot your Chevy logo on the one side andthen when you flip it over there is lockunlock that button to pop the rear hatchand that Center circular button in themiddle there that is going to be yourremote start so you can start thevehicle up before you actually getinside of it so that’s always good forthis super cool base plus the car warmup before we actually get inside that’sdefinitely nice but anyways every singletrim level will actually come with apush button start so simply put yourfoot on the brake and press that pushbutton start then it so put that uponstartup those gauges will do a fullsweep how copter is going to be on yourleft speedometers on your right frontand center there

will be a digitaldisplay then you can change up thatdisplay by using the steering wheelmounted controls on the right side ofthe steering wheel there so you haveyour option to put that digitalspeedometer with the speed limitrecognition technology letting you knowwhat the speed limit is of any givenRoad that’s definitely nice oh they gotyour standard trip entropy also theMalibu is going to tell you how manymiles you have left until you hit emptyas well as your oil life remaining soyou know when to schedule your next oilchange also there is going to be tirepressure for each individual tire and ifyou wanted to you could also displayyour fuel economy for any given time andthat’s definitely nice as well so thenwhen it comes to overall interiorquality if you go with the premier trimyou’re going to getdual-zone climate control and the LTchairman up is going to give you warmwhite ambient lighting definitely nicethere and another thing I did want tomention to you guys if there is apackage option called a premiere

soninwe’ll package that is going to go fortwo thousand two hundred seventy dollarsbut that is going to add a dual panepower sunroof which is what I have todaythat’s so much more light for not onlythe front passengers but there’s rearpassengers as well and with that packageyou are also going to get a Universalhome remote meaning the garage dooropeners for up to three different garagedoors as well as a 19-inch wheel set upthere too and overall once again I amloving the leather finishes throughoutthe vehicle and Chevy threw in some woodtrim accents as well so overalldefinitely finished very nice one morething I did want to mention is there isan auto dimming rear view mirror if yougo with the premiere term as well butnow let’s make our way to the techbecause front and center if you go withthe LS or LT you’re going to get a seveninch color touch screen display and thepremiere trim is going to give you aneight inch color touchscreen display andby the way factory navigation comesstandard with that premiere trim levelas well but if you did not want to gowith the factory navigation you stillhave navigation if you have a smartphonebecause Chevy gives you standard Androidauto and Apple car plates you haveaccess to Google Maps which is the bestmost up-to-date navigation at least inmy opinion but also with Android autoand apple carplay you can like anddislike your Pandora songs up on thatscreen that’s definitely convenient andyou do have access to I Heart Radio anda couple other apps as well

butcontinuing on Bluetooth and audiostreaming also comes standard and alsosomething that Chevy puts in all theirvehicles is the weather apps you can hitthat and it’s going to tell you afive-day forecast so I think that’spretty sweet actually but you can alsoview your audio information up here bythe way L LS and lt trim levels aregoing to give you a six speaker soundsystem that premier trim level is goingto give you a nine speaker Bose premiumsound system that is actually the soundsystem I have today so let’s turn on theradio and test out the clarity of thisoneand definitely a bit of face on thereand definitely a clear sound system I’vehad both systems in my cars before andthey’ve always worked well for me so thelast thing I wanted to mention to youguys as far as the tech goes is when youdo put this one in Reverse there is areverse camera for the LS trim level andup letting

you know who or what isbehind you sudo granting anything oranyone over which is always going tolead me into safety I tend to startthere front side and side curtainairbags there our driver and passengerknee airbags as well then in the backthere is latch aka the anchors andtethers for children for those rear carseats also back there are rear childdoor locks and then continuing on forall trim levels there is a stable atrack stability control system LS trimlevel and up is going to give you accessto that teen driver mode preventing themfrom turning off any safety features andlastly available for the LT trim andpremiere trim levels is going to besomething called a driver confidencepackage which goes for just under twelvehundred dollars but that is going to addlow-speed automatic braking frompedestrian braking until a beamautomatic headlamp front and rear parkassist lane change alert with side blindzone alert lane keep assist a followingdistance

indicator and forward collisionalert and rear cross traffic assist asnow but anyways that is about it forthis one you guys thank you so much forwatching be sure to LIKE the video andsubscribe feel free to follow me onsocial media at the bottom there and Iwill see you guys in the next video theygo

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