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I justexpected there to be a little bit moreespecially after testing the newexpedition this seats themselves they dorecline they give you the ability torecline but they don’t slide forward andback and I kind of thought that itshould to give second row passengersmore space if there’s nobody in thethird row so when it comes times you getinto the third row of the Tahoe gettingback here is not pretty difficult I meanyou can go through the pass through hereor you can just pull this lever on theseat and then the seat has a littlestrut that kind of helps push it forwardand there’s a good amount of space toactually access the third row but let meget back here just to show you guys fordemonstration purposesput the seat back up here now the Tahoedoes not have an independent rearsuspension like some competitors whichcauses the floor here to be raised upand it with the seat up check this outmy I’m five foot seven guys my knees arepractically eating or in my face nowobviously I can fix that by just puttingmy legs over here but really for

how bigthis vehicle is it’s a littledisappointing now if you guys get thesuburban you’re actually gonna have thesame third row seat space because allthe room that they gave you is in thecargo area so the competitors like theArmada or the new expedition really havea lot more space you can fit threepeople across here because the vehicleis so wide but just know that they’regonna be have to be shorter and shorteradults or kids and they honestly won’tbe very comfortable on the third row forlonger tripsso it makes this the rst PerformanceEdition is what she find underneath thehood now in the pastChevy never offered the big 6.2small-block in the Tahoe this motor wasalways limited to the GMC Yukon Denaliand the Escalade for 2018 now they’reoffering it still makes the samewonderful 420 horsepower and 460pound-feet of torque now the engineitself it does have direct injection ithas cylinder deactivation other big newsfor 2018 is it’s now paired with a 10speed automatic transmission

that’sbasically co-developed with Ford it’sit’s gonna give you more gear ratiospread it’s gonna give you quickershifts versus the old six and eightspeed automatic the last two Hadj Idrove had the 5.3 which they still offeras the base motor if you guys don’t wantto spend this much now fuel economy Iknow some of you probably care aboutthat it’s rated around 14 22 with the 10speed auto eye which I believe is a onemile per gallon improvement the Tahoe asequipped can also toe up to eighty sixhundred pounds now this vehicle ispretty heavy it’s not really built outof you know the lightweight aluminumthat Ford uses on the expedition thismight as it sits weighs around 1500pounds let’s get out on the road and seehow it all performs so it’s been acouple years since I drove a ChevroletTahoe now the last version or platformof this truck that I drove was anEscalade last year

around this timeactually I never actually got a chanceto shoot a video that one because itwasn’t really that much different thisis the first application that I’mdriving of the new 6.2 v8 with the 10speed transmission this new powertrainis kind of being offered for 2018 acrossthe board this is the first time we’reseeing the 6.2 in the Tahoe now the lastTahoe drove had the 5.3 it definitelywasn’t quick now the Tahoe hasdefinitely been also one of the betterselling versions I mean GM wastechnically the first one to breathesome new life into this segment whenthey introduced all three of thesetrucks back in 2015 and after drivingthe new expedition the latest Armada Ihaven’t driven the latest Sequoia yetlet’s see how this particular one orthis has kind of held up over the yearsso the rst is kind of the performanceoriented now don’t confuse it with therst edition with the performance editionthis actually gives you the big motor inthe upgraded

suspension and my firstimpressions of this Tahoe rst is itfeels like every otherbut let me put my foot down here and seeif that new car shine really makes adifference oh whoa now that new 10-speeddefinitely makes this truck launch a lotquicker I mean with a wider spread ofgear ratios first gear just feels prettyfast now I actually had it in it’stwo-wheel drive mode there and notreally any wheel spin man this thingreally launches hard off the lion thefirst thing you’re gonna notice is thatlovely Borla exhaust I mean that exhaustis just one of the best reasons tochoose the rst performance Edition itsounds a hell of a lot better than thelast expert in the new expedition Idrove with that EcoBoost v-six man thisthing just has a really great burlysounding v8 I mean GM and there’s 6.2there small-block

engine sounds great ithas lots of low-end torque I mean with420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet oftorquehaha you’re not gonna be really wantingfor power but the sad thing about thistruck is the new expedition definitelyfeels faster while it doesn’t sound asgood that’s for sure that thattwin-turbo v6 and the Ford feels alittle bit quicker now this truck whatI’ve seen is it gets to 60 in about 5.8seconds compared to the last 5.3 Tahoe Idrove that’s about a little over asecond improvement which is definitely agood thing but man this truck the noiseis really what’s the best part about itand that 10-speed has really greatshifts it’s I can’t really complain it’smuch better than the last six be Auto Idrove in the Tahoenow one thing this car this truck islacking is any start/stop technology itdoes

have cylinder deactivation but letme try flooring it again from here andsee how it does there’s a little wheelspin whoagod that sounds great that soundsfantastic this definitely feels at thatyou know slightly under six second rangeit’s just if you put this in a drag racethrough the expedition the expedition isjust slightly quicker but man this isdefinitely the best performing TahoeI’ve driven in stock from the factorynow with the rst addition performanceEdition there is actually no rst badgeson this truck this makes it one of thesporty-er handling versions of thisplatform and you know from behind thewheel on these back roads the steeringdoesn’t offer much in terms of feedbackbut you can definitely feel the upgradedtire size the upgraded suspension itfeels relatively playful although you dofeel this

trucks weighted way still like5,800 pounds which is like a couplehundred pounds heavier than the the newFord but it’s definitely not a badhandling truck the visibility in herreis also great really what its kind of aletdown is the ride quality on the Tahoeit does still have the live axle andwith these big 22 inch wheels you’regonna feel all the road imperfectionsit’s definitely a little bit of aharsher ride compared to the end of thecompetitors with the fully independentrear suspensions if you can get past thebouncy ride quality you know it’s stillit’s not horrible it’s just not quite assmooth as you’d think something that’sthis big would be now the visibility inhere is also pretty good I mean this isjust a kind of a traditional boxy shapeSUV the side mirrors are a littlesmaller than I’d like they haven’t madeany changes but my tester has blind spotmonitoring with rear cross traffic alertit also

has automatic low-speed brakingit has the new active lane keep assistwhat it is missing annoyingly isadaptive cruise control that is still anoption at this price point at 78 grandas tested I think adaptive cruise shouldbe included GM has kind of been a littlebit behind the times they still make youpay extra for adaptive cruise where somecompetitors have made it as just astandard equipment across the board evenon the base trim but you know from whereI’m sitting here with the greatvisibility the comfortable seats this isa great highway companion car and ifyou’re gonna take it on a back road thisis not gonna be a backroads Carver justbecause it’s the rst edition really whatit gives you is just the big motorbetter acceleration a great soundingengine good looks these wheels aredefinitely my favorite wheels I’ve seenon this particular truck but this is nomate no way it means like

aperformance SUV that’s you know you’regonna be wanting to take on some aboutyour favor some of your favoritebackroadsas the best thing about these trucks isthe fact that they’re rear-wheel driveand you can put it in rear-wheel driveand you can make the tail step out ifyou’d like now God the noise the noiseis just the whole reason why I lovenaturally aspirated v8 I mean this isone of the last ones you can getdoes it sound better than the last ArmanI drove I’d say they’re prettycomparable it’s really just that Borlaexhaust that’s making this thing soundsso much better it’s definitely one ofthe better sounding of the big full-sizeSUVs now let’s talk a little about thefuel economy because you know that isstill an important factor for thesethings now Chevy rates this at 14 City22 Highway because of the new 10-speedbecause of the cylinder deactivation youknow I’ve been averaging in my weeks forthe testing around 14 miles per gallonwhich is about a mile

but per gallonbetter than what I got in the Armadahowever it is down about five fpg thanthe expedition I tested with thetwin-turbo v6 and the stern stoptechnology on the highway I got this upto about 20 miles per gallon so slightlybelow the 22 with the EPA rated at butyou know it’s not horrible consideringhow big it is this thing still toes upto eighty six hundred pounds which isyou know pretty much up there not topsin the class but pretty classcompetitive but I mean overall if youguys need a family vehicle my biggestyou know gripe with this thing is justthe you know the space in the third rowand the somewhat choppy ride quality butthan that you know as a long-distanceCruiser with that new v8 that Borlaexhaust this is still one nice drivingSUV full-size SUV that definitely willremind you of its truck base routeseveryday so as the full-size truck basedSUV segment continues to heat up itcertainly leaves the latest Tahoe in aninteresting place this is

one of thelast of the actual competitors thatstill uses a live axle in the back whichreally as you guys saw cuts into thethird row seat space and the overallinterior space and also makes this oneof the more bouncy riding vehicles inthe class without that being said afterspending a week with the Tahoe rst theone thing I really love about it is theexhaust and the engine and that 10 speedtransmission Chevy really addressed thekind of sluggish performance issue thatI had with the last 2016 Tahoe that Idrove a couple years ago and it makesthis one of the more fun to driveentries but in terms of practicality interms of the ride comfort in terms ofthe space it really is starting to fallbehind and that’s kind ofwhere GM needs to rethink the design ofthe rear suspension when they actuallydo redesign this when it’s

based on theall-new Silverado and GMC Sierra thatjust came out for 2019 with all thatbeing said how much this is gonna costto put a Tahoe in your driveway wellthis is actually a little bit lessexpensive than most of the competitionreally the only thing that’s cheaper isthe Armada based AHA with two-wheeldrive and LS starts at around fortyseven thousand five hundred dollars ifyou guys want four-wheel drive it’sgonna cost you about three thousanddollars more now nobody really buys thebase LS mostly if you’re probably gonnago to an LT that one’s gonna startaround fifty six thousand dollars andthen most of them with options are gonnarun you around sixty thousand dollarswhich makes it a relatively good valueis still

expensive with everything inthis segment kind of is now this one ispretty darn expensive the Premier trimstarts at around sixty six five and thenmy tester with the rst PerformancePackage adds about eight thousanddollars in options all in this one issticker for around 78 grand now that isbasically the same price as thatexpedition platinum that I tested and tobe honest aside from the you know thebetter sounding exhaust that lovely v8the good transmission I think theexpedition is probably the morepractical vehicle this certainly has itsstrengths however if you guys actuallyneed the capability the better towingthe better ride more room you’reprobably gonna want to choose the Fordalthough there is definitely some thingsto like about the Tahoe but anyways withall that said I hope you guys haveenjoyed my full overview of this 2018Chevrolet Tahoe RS T performance editionif you’re also looking to see those carsI’m testing make sure you follow me oninstagram at red line underscore reviewslike us on facebook if you haven’t doneso please subscribe to the red linereviews youtube channel for all of thesereviews thanks so much for watching i’llcatch you all in the next video

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