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I meanyou can pretty much go through yourtablet you can go through your oil lifeor tire pressure you can do audio phonelike I said you can do the same thingMyLink system as you can from the dashright here so it’s more of a hands-freetechnology let’s go back to info and goback on the speedometeryeah it’s real niceI’ll go over some of the featuresnow oneI’ll start from the left unlock lockforce windows automatic the nice thingis you just hold this button in alreadycloses and opens back up it’s all liketrying just that center button there yougot the four wheel drive or D Auto oryou can even select the if you won’t getout the out of lights as well and tojust you know see it turns off theautomatic light control you can justturn it on yourself I typically justkeep going Auto it makes things a loteasier you can

adjust your foot pedalsfrom the top here I carry tractioncontrol off your parking assist off likeI said I show you the rear sensors inthe back and they’ll be bet you likecrazy if something’s coming near I meanthis is a lane Lane Assist so what thatwhat the Lane Assist does you turn it onit’s pretty much active the whole timeas you’re driving as you’re driving Iused it on route 30 it does keep you onin between the lanes pretty good Iwouldn’t rely on it per se but for forsafety wise let’s say you get adistraction or something you have kidsin the back and you know they prettymuch you know you’re looking back therefrom this section right here you knowthere’s mirror in the back watching yourkids a nice feature by the way they’llpretty much buzz actually you knowadjust the steering wheel slightly it’snot good doing it’s not gonna go all theway like this but it’s gonna you knowjust give you a nudge here nudge therejust keeping the lanes pretty good butlike I said I

want to just rely a pulleyroad trip with your foot on the pedal asyou’re using that or using cruisecontrol and using that I like I said Iwould pretty much nowthe best way is just you driving use itas an emergency not as full-time as afull-time driving session pretty muchanother thing he did seat our heatedsteering wheel cruise control you got afront-end collision alert as you can seeyou can set it pretty much receive buzzthat see it gives you a heads up likehey watch out you know you got a fattruck in front of you or somethingand of course Bluetooth I already showedeb-5 control the display in the centername I’m gonna make our way over here wegot heated and cooled seats matching andwe have climate control which I’mactually going dialed down really quickset to 82 as you can see it’s 44 degreesand PA just snow too recently but Mike Iwas saying heated and cooling seatsclimate control even controlled the rearcontrol or you can lock it if the kidsare

playing with it too much it’s up toyou making control just from the bottomhere and then we go over here got theaudio phone I already did a video on theMyLink system I’ll show you a quickdemonstration of some stuff onboardnavigation which is pretty nice it’s allsetdone I really need to get to into thatthe projection mode used a USB port hookup your phone whatever you’re usingAndroid or iPhone hook it up to theprojection it pretty much becomes thedisplay of your phone for likeiHeartRadio Google Maps I mean evenregular maps I think a lot of people useWaze and they say it’s a huge huge helpfrom when I was told I don’t use Wazepersonally but I heard it’s a greatgreat app to useand our thing the one thing I likeshowing before I show you the actualsetting here let me just show you onecool thing

so let’s say this is opencorrectwe put put my personal keys and you knowlet’s say you know I’m keeping it therefor whatever reason I gave it to valethave something important and don’t wantthis to openI hate valet mode 1 2 3 4easy pin-code you probably shouldn’t usethe same mine’s pretty basic but as youcan see I can’t really control anythingfrom from my end here I can’t goodlisten to music I can’t use the fullfeatures and especially in this day andage where your phone is actually hookedup you know to the MyLink systemhonestly you had your phone in this inhere and you didn’t want anybody prettymuch you know controlling it and youdon’t want to bring your phone to theparty whatever the reason is you don’twant pretty much some stranger goingthrough and seeing some things not thatnow that I’m saying valleys would butI’m just saying you know it’s justanother safety

precaution to have so Ican’t even open this up it the only wayto get in here is that you’re a guestthe pin code or B you would have tophysically break this so I will show youwhat I do I’m just putting this littlecode to grab my keys unlock open and yougot your keys back like I said it’s athe safety features I guess of yourpersonal belongings of what Chevythought of was pretty much a great ideathat’s one of my favorite features inthe suburban and the weight of NARASfeature I really liking this it’s justthe way the cupholders and the phoneholder and chargers are hidden said acouple others are right here and you gotthe Bose speakers with the cupholdersover here you can I think believe youcan hold two couple there’s how much fortwo cubs I’m not sure if the film ispicking it up but you can put like Isaid two here two there and then ourthing is the wireless charging whichdisplay

it’s pretty much allowed on thissuburban or part of features which comeswith this package and I already gave apretty much what my thoughts are on thiswireless charging being on the Suburbansand powers and I did it on that Coloradoover there if you didn’t see it check itout but pretty much I won’t my thing isWireless is I believe is gonna be partof future you know no one wants wires Ipersonally I still use it I only usewireless charging it but I believe youknow it’s gonna be part of a thing andyou know Chevy’s kind of a step ahead ofthat I mean just having the wirelesscharging able to be able to have it inyour everyday car I know the new iPhonesare coming out like that so I thinkpersonally I think it’s a nice nice stepfor Chevy nice step for

everybody tohave already already to have in theirvehicles like I said I personally Idon’t have anything like that but it’sno no I think it’s something nice tohave even if you don’t use it becausewhat one day you might might be needingit but yet it’s mostly yet for for thissuburban I guess I could show you here’sfor the sunroof over here case if youwanted it I’m not going to show upfooling just because it’s a winter dayand it’s 44 degrees outside by anyway Iappreciate you watching the video guysif you liked the video please give a bigthumbs up please subscribe hit the bellbutton it’ll show when I give my nextvideoand if you’re new to the channel browsethe channel I’ll have mixed car contentI have vlogs I have quite reviewsproduct reviews I’m trying to getestablished a little bit but again Iappreciate you guys watching and have agreat day

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