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if you don’twant to use the Android auto button carplay your audio information here you cansee all your presets arethere you can change you know your radiosources if you’d like by pushing theradio button you have your XM HD radioam/fm all that stuff you kind of expectwhen you put the

vehicle into reverseyou do have a backup camera it does havetrajectory and distance markers andparking sensors in the rear but no 360camera some of the competitors aregiving you the 360 camera now down hereyou can see there your controls for yourdual zone climate control you have threelevel heated seats on the top trim likemy essence no cooled seats thoughthere’s a button here that would havethe cool T it’s not available on thestandard Sportback only standard on theRegal GS so that’s another reason whyyou want to might why you may want to goto that nice cup holders here with issome additional storage you can closethis lid if you’d

like this controls thespeed automatic transmission thisparticular one that I’m in has is theall-wheel-drive model if you guys gowith a front-wheel drive model theshifter looks the same you just get thenine speed auto which is a GM design Ilike that’s a traditional gear shifteralthough the shifter in general itdoesn’t look like it’s superdifferentiated from all the other Chevyproducts there’s a lot of empty buttonshere which kind of annoys me thiscontrols your active lane keep assistthere’s there’d be like a sport modehere in a GS mode here if you have theGS and I’m not entirely sure what thesebuttons would do but it’s kind ofdisappointing to see a top trim half youknow some blank buttons here you have anelectronic parking brake here there’sanother single cup holder right therethe armrest here is padded it’s a goodsize you have a wireless charging portin there in addition

to just one USBport and then two more down here thewireless charging thing is optional it’spart of the driver confidence package ofone my tester also has the optionalsunroof $4000 Buick only offers astandard sunroof on the Regal Sportbackif you guys go for the tour X you canget a pano sunroof for additional liketwelve hundred dollars the seats also Ithink they look a little bit on thebasic side I wish they looked a littlebit more special these seats to me don’treally look any fancier than what youwould get in a Malibu a top-of-the-lineMalibu but the contrast stitching isnice the GS is the one

that gives youthe buckets with the Recaro style youknow bolsters that will hug you sothat’s definitely a reason to choosethat the glove compartment also it’spretty big its damped it’s lined withfelt so there’s good storage in here theinterior design is you know nice I justdon’t know if it feels luxury to methere’s definitely some elements thatI’m noticing whereI see some fitment issues for exampleover here this one actually has a reallynice tight molding where it actuallymade some meets together I stand onethat was kind of mismatched I’m gonnachock it down to pre-production thisright here also has a very sharp piecethat kind of could like cut you if youweren’t like super careful it’s just theflash molding feels a little bit on thecheap side down here also has a littlebit of cheap plastic but other than thatI think the screen could be a little bitlarger and I wish the intern panelscreen had a little bit more pizazz itjust looks a little bit too chevy cruzeish to me but

other than that it’s aroomy feeling cabin you have good sightlines good visibility and you know it’llplease a lot of you you know looking forthat you know today’s modern crop offamily sedansnow when Buicks stretched the wheelbaseon this car by three inches they addedit basically to the rear seat legroomand because it’s the sport back you dohave to watch your head a little bitbecause the roof does slam it’s kind ofthe compromises you have to make withthis kind of design now stepping backhere you can see I didn’t have to duckmy head too much because I’m relativelyshort there is good legroom hereactually very good legroom the old onehad more compact size dimension when youshut the door it still sounds nice andsolid the materials here are soft touchlike the front so they carried that overand it’s padded down here you can seealso there’s two USB ports and then rearseat air vents no heated rear seats nopower retractable or manual sunshade youdo

have dual map pockets and then Buickalso gives you a center console herethat folds down with two cupholders butI could I would like to see a little bitmore in terms of luxury added to therear seat the interior definitely kindof reminds me at times that it’s justmore like a traditional family sedan so under the hood of the new RegalSportback the Sportback will only comewith one engine this is the same 2-literturbocharged Ecotec four-cylinder thatthey had in the previous generation thenumbers have kind of been shuffledaround it only it makes 250 horsepowernow which is actually 9 horsepower lessthan the old model although it does makemore torque 260 pound feet on the frontdrive models my tester is an all-wheeldrive monster has 295 pound-feet now ithas all new transmissions this year an8-speed automatic on this all-wheeldrive mile or a new 9-speed automatic onthe

front wheel drive models now becauseof that Buick was able to improve thefuel economy it’s now rated at 20 to 32for the front drives or 21:29 for allwheel drive premium is recommended ifyou guys go for this 2-liter turbo4-cylinder which is now the standardengine the 2.4 is also gone and the6-speed manual is gone as well now ifyou guys want to wait for the GS that’llbe a different review that actually hasa new v6 or 310 horsepower standardall-wheel drive looking forward todriving that but until then let’s get onthe road and see how this one performsso a couple of weeks ago I was able todrive the new Kia stinger and I have toadmit that car seriously impressed me sowhen Buick first showed us the RegalSport back with that new design in therear and all the space that it gave me Iwas really excited to I mean it’s notvery often you can get super excitedabout a Buick and

when I mentionedearlier in my review how Buick has kindof an issue with their brand reputationtheir brand name in the States that’sdefinitely the case with younger buyersa lot of people just don’t associatethis brand to be with youthful sportydesign cars in the new Regal Sportbacklooks to change all thatall right so this 2-liter turbochargedfour-cylinder is the standard engine inBuick likes to tout the fact that thisis the least expensive way in the youknow premium or mainstream family’s andsegments to get 250 horsepower for like$26,000 and you know they’re right inthat regard this is relativelyinexpensive you if you want a 2-literturbo Accord that’s gonna cost you atleast thirty thousand dollars which isfour to five grand more expensive thanthe Regal sport back in base form mytruster being the

essence trim isbasically fully loaded it also hasall-wheel drive for two thousand dollarsand if you guys keep in keeping scoreyou know all weather all wheel drive issomething that a lot of premium buyersexpect and Buick and offers all-wheeldrive on everything in their lineupexcept the costs cada convertible and Ihave to say driving the new Regal sportbag it makes a really great firstimpression Buick is very very passionateabout you know making their cars veryquiet very safe very much just kind oflike a smooth a smooth car that givesyou the impression of you knowattainable luxury that’s where basicallywhat they’ve been you know doing for thelast couple of years and the new Regalfollows that philosophy now my testerhas what

Buick is saying our foam-filledtires they actually partnered with atire manufacturer to make these tiresextra quiet the only car that you canactually get full field tires on is likea Tesla Model S or mercedes-benz s-classso I mean you do notice how quiet thiscar is now I’m here in Austin Texas andthe roads are kind of mismatched rightnow I’m on this rather kind of noisystretch of you know pavement hereasphalt so I am hearing some road noisecome in however it is relatively quietconsidering how terrible the road is I’mgonna have to wait to really test outthe quietness

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