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when I’m on my back at myhome my home area in DC but Buick isvery proud of the fact of how sportythis car is now you guys know by nowit’s an OpelForeman Buick actually sold off Opel orGM did a couple months ago it’s theysold it off to a French company and thischassis is a pretty good chassis it hasa relatively quick steering the steeringitself is a little bit too light numbfor my taste to be a true sports man butthis car’s chassis will impress you whenyou start driving it but again the newMalibu the last one that I drove youknow didn’t have this new 9-speed autonow Chevy puts the 2-liter turbo withthe nine speed auto so you kind ofactually get the same powertrain in thisas the current generation 2018 Malibubut you know driving this car it’s supereasy visibility is great you have greatviews out of

the front big side mirrorsthe view out of the back is actually notbad as well it actually just it feelslike I’m driving a mainstream familysedan and this is kind of where I startto feel a little bit of issues with theRegal because Buick likes to top this upas a premium car and to me it justdoesn’t really feel premium becausemaybe it’s because the mainstream carshave just gotten so good like the lastCamry and a quarter I drove were justreally good I just don’t really feelthis to be any better or any morespecial feeling than a fully loadedcamry record and that’s that’s the vibethat i got with the stinger and like anaudi a5 Sportback or a BMW 4th you know4 Series Gran Coupe they just felt morepremium like a step above this to mejust feels like a mainstream car thatfeels that’s a little bit quieter maybemaybe but in terms of sportiness forexample there’s no manual shift mode orno paddle shifters you get a manual modehere but no sport mode you have to gofor the GS

model which I’m going toreserve my final judgement until i drivea GS which Felix I can they’re actuallygonna invite me over to drive one nextmonthalong with the Tour X but in terms ofjust the regular sport back it’s kind ofjust a nice driving average commuter carit’s a little bit quieter that has somegood looks but it’s not exactly terriblyyou know sporty in the sense where it’sgonna get your blood pumping now because my tester is all-wheel-drivethere’s not really any drama when youput your foot down this car feels likeit gets to 60 in six and a half secondsI did Drive the front drive model whichhas the 9 speed automatic this has the8-speed Auto which is a greattransmission honestly it’s smooth quickshifts nothing like you know superexciting where there’s crackles andburbles it’s not a dual clutch it’s justa great transmission that’s responsivethat just could maybe use like paddleshifters honestly but I hear the GS alsodoesn’t have paddles so

confused as towhy Buick isn’t offering that also ifyou guys remember the previousgeneration regal had a manual shifteravailable and actually had a 6-speedmanual you can get on the regular modeland the GS although they didn’t cutproduction of that because nobody boughtit so I’m not gonna complainthe Buick doesn’t offer a stick in thiscar simply because you can get it ornobody bought it and nobody in thissegment really buys a manual but mytester has the driver confidence topackage so it has the full suite ofdriver assistance tech adaptive cruisecontrol with low speed ranked followlane keep assist automatic emergencybraking lane departure alert all thatstuff is included and it works fine itbasically works like all the other

GMproducts it’s not like the Cadillacsuper cruise of course that I testedearlier this year but it certainly getsthe job doneI like the blind spot monitoring withrear cross traffic alert that’s safetyfeature that a lot of buyers really youknow prefer and want but overall I meanthe seats are comfortable the visibilityis good it’s a really great card it’sjust daily drive but just know thatthere are a lot of sporty or offeringsin the segment and/or you need you youjust need a way to drive the GS Ihaven’t driven the GS model yet butthat’s definitely the next the one thatI’m gonna be looking forward to todriving next month as a drivingenthusiast so that brings me to thefinal aspect of this through you I’m notgoing to test fuel economy simplybecause I’m on a short you know mediadrive and I don’t really I can’t reallytest out the fuel economy but thepricing of the Regal this car starts

attwenty five nine just under 26 grandincluding the nine hundred twenty seventwenty five dollar destination charge ofcourse that makes it one of the leastexpensive of theyou know that in each area where it’s apremium car sort of premium compared tolike a mainstream car like a familysedan now you need to keep in mind thatthat is for the base regal Sportback thebase regal Sportback doesn’t includeleather seats it doesn’t include theheated seatsit doesn’t include automatic climatecontrol but you do get a backup cameraand you do get pushback a start now thatmakes this car slightly less valueversus the previous generation becauseit started to grant more expensive butyou got leather and bi-xenon headlightsnow you have to option those in most ofthe models you know if you guys go forthe premium

the premium gives you thepower driver’s seat at the automaticclimate control for another $2,500 thepremium 2 gives you the 18-inch wheelsand the dual zone climate control thepower passenger seat for another $2,000the essence is really the one you haveto get to get leather and heated seatsand a heated steering wheel that startsat around $32,000 add $2,000 if you wantall-wheel drive if you want all-wheeldrive you have to at least get a premium- or an essence trim it’s not availableon the base model my tester has thedriver confidence one package that givesyou the LED running lights and the LEDheadlights it gives you the wirelesscharging and give you the blind spotmonitor cross traffic alert that’s likeseventeen hundred dollars

and thenanother twelve hundred dollars if youguys want the driver confidence topackage where you’ll get all the driverassistance tech that you know you kindof expect in this segment and thenanother thousand dollars for the sunroofthere’s an extra charge for the paint myChester as equipped is around thirtynine thousand three hundred bucks whichagain it is about a couple thousanddollars more expensive than a fullyloaded t LX however you cannot get thefour-cylinder t LX with all wheel driveso that does make the Buick slightlymore you know value oriented and if youguys don’t want the all wheel drivesystem you can save two thousand dollarsand basically

spend you know thirtyseven thousand dollars for a fullyloaded Maul expect most of these Regalsto come in in the low 30 to mid $30,000range most of you probably won’t getthis fully loaded model like myparticular tester but I mean overall itmakes it a good decent value I’m notgonna talk about the sport at the therealtor X or the GS at this timealthough there is pricing alreadyavailable on that one the GS is startsat like thirty eight thousand I mean youcould make a regal Sportback GS as muchas fortyGrint fully loaded which does make ityou know right in line with Acura TLXmoney it is cheaper than the kia stingeralthough I will argue the stinger givesyou a better warranty and slightly morestandard equipment that I kind of expectin this price point so you kind of haveto give and take if you like the designof the Regal I think it’s a really cooland unique choiceI love the tour

x-small the fact thatit’s a wagon but overall I hope you guyshave enjoyed my full review on this 2018a regal Sportback if you also arelooking to see the latest cars I’mtesting make sure you follow me oninstagram at red line underscore reviewslike us on facebook if you haven’t doneso please subscribe to the red linereviews youtube channel for all thelatest reviews thanks so much forwatching guys I’ll catch you all in thenext video

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