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here as weopen that up we do have a fairly smallcubby with two USB charging ports rightthere as we go to the back we have awireless charging pad right therewe do have an automatic dimming rearviewmirror on top of that we do have ourgarage remote function Budig remotesettings up there for our home you dohave two nice bright LED lights up aboveas well as the optional sunroof on thepassenger side we do have a locking andsoft opening glove box right there youcan fit quite a bit in there especiallyconsidering how much storage space thiscar is lacking being a sports carso this front seat gives you a lowseating position it’s got a pretty smallwindow as you can see right there togive the car the shape that it needs youcan see just fine going forward youdefinitely feel like you’re in a cockpityou feel surrounded I do like thematerial that they use on the dash righthere I love how this is integrated intothe dash except it could be a little bitbetter for visibility the steering wheelis definitely comfortable in a good spotand that heads-up display just topseverything off visibility in this

cargoing to the sides obviously is notgoing to be that great but you do haveblind spot information as well as therear backup camera on your big screenright here and it does have dynamiclines the 2018 Camaro actually gives youfour different engine options startingwith a 2-liter turbo at the bottom a 3.6liter v6 in the middle here we have the6.2 liter v8 lt1 and then you can getthe supercharged 6.2 liter v8 on the zl1model on this 2 SS with the 6.2 liter v8we get 455 horsepower and 455 pound-feetof torque and with the automatictransmission that we have here witheight speed automatic that will put usto zero to 60 in four seconds if youactually have the manual you’ll losethree tenths of a second zero to sixtyand that’s why we have the automatictoday the zl1 you can go manual ofcourse or you can get a ten

speedautomatic and you can go zero to 60 in3.5 seconds the SS model is track readybut the zl1 has a more advancedpowertrain cooling and miles per gallonin this model with the automatic we have16 in the city and 25 on the highway all right we are off in the 2018 chevycamaro 2ss so starting out I have it intumor mode and in regular automatic itis it still does have a pretty nicelittle growl to it I’ll shift it intosport mode nowalready just a little bit more grumbleright there so I’m gonna leave it insport mode for a little bit we’ll gothrough all the mode here in a sec herewe gooh manoh man so that was not a whole lot ofthrottle it is kind of wet and slipperyout I am so sorry it’s kind of spottyrain todayso definitely not ideal for driving butI hope you can get a feel for itso I’m gonna put it in the paddleshifting mode just move the lever overand right away it was in 8th gear nowit’s in 7th gear

I’m gonna downshiftsixth fifth fourth third second oh yeahyou’re a growl right thereoh my head this thing is so Torquayso Torquay will go down to first so that was up to fifth and I wasn’tshifting very fast but it’s really quickin response if you hit that paddle andit shifts right away in sport mode thisthing’s really not all that stiff fordriving obviously it’s not going to beas soft as a normal car but it’s not abad ride you put it back in regularautomatic and Tour mode Tours gonnasoften everything up a little bitthrottle responsethe suspension obviously track is goingto give it the best performance soregular automatic into our mode I’mgonna get on it a little bitthis thing definitely flies and I knowthe camera definitely doesn’t do itjusticeand I’m on kind of a rough patch roadright now so I apologize if it’s loud inhere but this thing this thing is funslow down I’m gonna put it in track moderight away when you put it in track modeas you can hear with the exhaust it justinstantly gives you a grumble the roadis wet so I really

can’t can’t do awhole lot but you’ll be able to hear itoh goshthis thing is so quick put it back inmanual use the paddle shifters so rightnow it’s in sixth downshiftwe’re in fourth fourth gear we’reholding just over 2,000 rpms give itsome acceleration right away fifth gearsix gear so I don’t I don’t even havethe time or the space to really let thisthing fly it really max it out and thisis from Britain Chevrolet I got to benice to itthey were super generous to let me showyou guys this car I do like these paddleshifters and supposedly this 8-speedeven just this 8-speed is rated atfaster than the manual third gearsuch a nice growl and I’m gonna put itin sport mode so the handling on thisthing is really it’s really spot-on it’sgot it it’s got a really nice weight toit this this steering it feels you feel100% in control there’s a good weightthe steering wheel itself feels reallynice I love the flat bottom that we haveso I apologize if I’m a little bit giddyI haven’t been in a vehicle quite likethis in a

long time and I certainlyhaven’t driven anything like thislike I said zero to 60 is rated at fourseconds with this automatic and 4.3 withthe manualright now we’re going 39not even full acceleration up to 60 inno time no time the road is just tooslippery for me to do much but I hopeyou guys enjoy that sound as a dailydriver with this car I really don’tthink it would be bad at all I meancertainly it would be fun of course andyou don’t have very good visibility butthe blind spot definitely helps it isreally comfortable I really like theseseats you could go with the Recaroperformance seats if you really want toupgrade considering how big this v8 isat 6.2 liters it gets 2020 mid 20 milesper gallon on the highway and that’sthat’s impressiveI mean that’s that’s not bad at all foran engine like thisso if any of you have ever driven aCamaro or a Mustang I would love to knowwhat you guys think of ithow does it compare to some of the olderCamaros I’ve never driven one of

theolder generation Camaros so I love tohear about that this 8-speed when I haveit just in regular auto mode isdefinitely still quick if you’ve everseen any videos of the 10 speed in thezl1 that thing is like lightning it’s nowonder these automatic scan can befaster than the manuals will go backinto manual I’m gonna leave it in sportmode right away it was in 7th gear I’mgonna shift down and it can shift medown into second gearthirdfull hearth oh my gosh so now I’m intour mode and I’m in town so like I waskind of talking about as a daily driverI’m I’m comfortable I’m reallycomfortable in here it’s not as smoothas as a traditional sedan or otherregular coupes but it’s not supposed tobe this thing is built for performancein two remote it definitely feels justfine this does have magnetic ridecontrol and I’m not sure what theregular suspension is like but this isnice going around those turns I didn’teven feel like I was really

going aroundto turn I was held in my seat reallywell I don’t have the sharpest turns togo around here so I’m sorry about thatbut hope you guys could hear that enginecan hear how this thing sounds and howfun this car can really be you know Iwas I’m definitely surprised by thisCamaro I’m impressedthis is quite the cockpit you definitelyare kind of lasered in on the roadeverything feels like you’re kind ofjust snug in here it definitely feelslike it’s built for the driver it’s kindof hard to tell how quiet or how loudthis is because of the rough textureroads that were on out here and it’sbeen kind of raining off and on so thatdoesn’t help I told you this has theBrembo brakes the Brembo brakes areoptional they’re not standard on the oneSS they are standard on the zl1 but youget bigger Brembo brakes actually andthey’re red they feel really good thesebrakes are perfectly on point there’s noguessing on how much pressure you needto give to stop it

feels it feels goodinto our mode the exhaust is toned downquite a bit it’s definitely not veryloud which is fine you’re not alwaysgoing to want it to be loud we’re insport mode and going around this turn ohit feels so it feels really good goingaround to turnyou’re just hugged in there’s no effortto it there’s no keeping yourself inplace it’s really nice still in sportmode gonna give it some throttleit’s got a really nice sound to it notoverbearingnot too loud it sounds great I wouldprobably keep it in sport mode quite abit of the time because I love thatsound I don’t know if I could get getsick of it oh yeah one more time in track modeyeah this puts a smile on my face andthen it holds its rpms Oh a man it holdsits rpm so much higher than it does inthe sport the ture mode I could have funin this thing all day and I’m sure

youcould tooso that’s gonna wrap everything upplease let me know what you guys thinkdown below this was the firstperformance car I was able to have onthe channel don’t be too harsh on youron your reviews but please comment downbelow I appreciate you guys for watchingso much and I’ll see you next weekhey y’all thank you so much for watchingmy video if you haven’t subscribed yetplease do down below for new weeklyvideos every single week also hit me upon social media find the links downbelow in the description for prime autotainment once again leave some commentsdown below give me a thumbs up and I’llsee you next week

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