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what is going on today everybody todaywe have the 2018 Chevy Camaro this isthe two SS model we’re going to look ateverything and go for a test drive sostick around for that let’s get started hey y’all thank you so much for tuningin for the Chevy Camaro 2ss reviewbefore I get started I want to give abig thank you and shout out to BrittonChevrolet here in Greenville Texas theywere super nice to let me show you thisCamaro they have a big selection ofCamaros so if you’re in the DFW areaplease be sure to check them out andthey’ll take care of you so starting outfront right away we do have HID lightsthose are standard we also have LEDdaytime running lights that kind of wraparound those HIDs they look really slickand pretty sinister what do

you guysthink of this front end so from whatI’ve seen Chevy says this front endprovides a lot of downforce and it has apretty nice lip down below you can seethe SS badging up on to the hood we dohave two pretty good-sized functionalair vents you can get different hoodslike a black hood on different modelsand the zl1 has its own trimmings thatmake it look distinct and different whatdo you guys think of this so far thisangular view from over here is myfavorite of the Camaro you can reallysee just how wide and powerful its rearend is and it definitely shows off someof the curves and some of the lines andthat aggressive front end starting withthese wheels we have 20-inch brightsilver wheels that’s five spoke there’sso many different variations you can getand they come with 245 Witt tires in thefront and 275 in the back the SS givesus four piston Brembo brakes but you’llget six piston

red painted brakes on thezl1 so with this coupe like designvisibility is not very good but you dohave a blind spot indicator in themirror which is pretty much necessary ona vehicle like this I’ll show you theinside views soon we do have the smartkey system you can see that button onthe handle I’ll show you how to use thatas well in just a bit this generationCamaro is also quite a bit lighter thanthe previous generation thanks toaluminum components and the suspensionin the wheels and it actually has morestructural rigidity over the lastgeneration the rear end makes astatement we do have this spoilerrunning across on this model what do youall think of this rear end I’ve heardsome people say they don’t like the rearend of the Camaro personally I think itlooks finedo you see the rear parking sonar is inthe back as well as our quad exhaustsystem from the

dual exhaust dualexhaust is standard on the SS model youcan see the SS badge down there as wellon top of that this model is equippedwith the optional magnetic ride controlwhich monitors the suspension constantlyand gives you inputs necessary forpremium performance so to get into thetrunk you can pop it in the cabin or youcan click the key a couple times lookingin the back we get 9.1 cubic feet whichis relatively small but it’s stillfairly functional I could fit my tripodin here you can also pull a tab in theback seat to fold that seat down andhave a pass-through it’ll get the jobdone for most people as I told you allyour earlier we have the smart keysystem it’s a pretty nice substantialkey fob it feels really good has a nicesoft lining right here you can pop thetrunkremote start push button start and likeI showed you right now actually it’sunlocked I’ll push the

button now itshould be lockedpush it again and it’s unlocked and thatworks on both sides because we have thetwo SS model for this Camaro we havenice eight-way power leather trim seatsthere are also 2-way memory seats we canget the optional Recaro performanceseats although these still have somepretty good bolstering on the sidethere’s no doubt that these will be ableto hold you in place this steering wheelactually has a really big range ofmotion levers right there it can go upand down quite a bit to give you goodvisibility of your gauges plus it’s gota pretty good telescoping range ofmotion as well at five foot nine Ireally don’t have a ton of headroom Ican put a couple fingers up above myhead and I have the seats fairly low butyou do sit pretty low in here youdefinitely want to get in here yourselfand see if you fit this does go backquite a ways so there’s quite a bit

oflegroom not to mention padded spots overhere on the center console on top ofthat these front seats in this 2 SSmodel are heated and cooled I don’t fitinto the back seat of this thing I justdon’t have enough Headroom it’s prettyscrunched back there obviously with thatsloping rooflinebut children could probably fit backthere and they’re kind of some coolbucket shaped seats and the seat foldsas well once youinside the Camaro you’ll find a nicesoft material right up here if you everdecided to put your arm up there it ispretty high but you can do it you alsohave a soft armrest right here with somestitching going across there is a smallcubby right there maybe be able to putsomething small but there’s no bottleholders we have a trunk opening buttonas well as our memory seat settingsright there and automatic up/downwindows with mere controls now it’s notgoing to be the most solid

door slambecause the window actually goes downjust a tiny bit when you open it sincewe have no actual door frame up above aslong as you have the key with you gotpush button start it sounds fantasticand it’s in sport mode right now when Istarted it up so it’s not the loudestbut it’s not the quietest speaking ofthe exhaust you can actually go to thisto the screen over here go to thesettings go to the driving mode you canmess around with the sound and you canput it in stealth mode so it’s quiet youknow you could have it like that so thatif you start it up with your neighborsor you start it up late at night earlyin the morning it’s not quite so loudbut of course you could put it on sothat it’s automatic with whatever drivemode you’re in or customize it to any ofthe others also same with the steeringyou can have the steering

tuneddifferently as well plus the suspensionthe steering wheel is really nice it’sleather wrapped it’s nice and thick it’sgot some good bolstering and some littleperforations over on the edge we havesteering wheel controls on both side thesteering wheel is heated which is alwaysnice we can control the center displayup here with the steering wheel controlsright now in this display we’re just inthe informational screen we can alwaysmove over and for example we can look atour performance there’s quite a fewdifferent things that you can scrollthrough which is which is pretty neatsuch as your oil temperature oilpressure you saw your G’s earliertransmission fluid temperature even yourtire temperature and morewe can go and look at our audio so thatyou can see what’s on the radio on hereas well as your phone navigation as wellon this two SS model and then moresettings to customize

everything thatyou want just to the left of thesteering wheel we have a nice large airvent lighting controls as well as ourheads-up display so the heads-up displayis right up above and you can also movewhere that is depending on how high yousit wherever you can see it the best youcan change what information is displayedon there which is pretty cool and Ireally really like having a heads-updisplay it’s really handy especially ina vehicle like this my push button startbutton is right over here I do reallylike this center stack one complaintthat I have is that it’s a little bitslanted forward instead of straight upand down or add a better view for thedriver but there’s really no issuesseeing it at all it’s the nice 8 inchChevy MyLink system and we actually havea nine speaker Bose audio system there’sa lot that you can do on here as well asconnect for apple carplay and androidauto we have navigation on this modelnot to mention you can see weathertraffic and you

can customize like Ishowed you the exhaust mode in thedriving mode it’s a nice responsivetouchscreen and we do have our volumecontrol right here which does have atactile click to it as well as buttonson top of that moving down a littlefurther you’ll see we do have ourventilation and heating controls whichare all 3-tier going across all the wayover to the passenger side controllingthe air is kind of unique to change thetemperature you can see this side andthat side I can turn that and that’sactually how you increase temperatureand then you can spin the dial to closeoff those vents so those vents arepretty large I wish that they werehigher up because if you’re driving amanual and you got the a/c pumping Icould just imagine your hands gonna getcold but maybe notthe controls are also easy as you cansee going across right here you cansynchronize the left and the right

andcontrol your fan speed and vents overthere so as you know this is theautomatic transmission this is the8-speed auto you can get a 10 speed autoin the zl1 we can shift it over righthere for the manual shifting and on thesteering wheel we do have our paddleshifters right here so we do have ourdrive mode button right herelet me show you how that works you canpush this to alternate between drivemodes which will show up on the screenit’s in track right now which gives itthe most menacing presence obviouslyit’s going to be geared and louder frombetter performance we can go to snow andice and this is rear-wheel drive so thatmight come in handywe have tour mode which is the comfortsetting as well as sport which is kindof an in-between between tour and trackon top of that we have traction controlbuttons right there to turn that offwe do have a 12-volt power outlet righthere as well as an electronic parkingbrake so as you can see my large waterbottle does fit in this cup holder butthis one is a little

smaller and alittle shorter it doesn’t quite fit butit works this armrest is pretty soft youcan see the stitching on both sidesright there and there’s a little bit ofpadding I do wish for the passengersmaybe they had a little different setupso their elbow wasn’t on the cup holderbut there’s a little bit back

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