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here in the States Buick certainlyoccupies a very interesting niche thecompany likes to describe themselves asattainable luxury and they’re actuallyon track to sell about two hundredthousand cars here in the States whichis about twice what Lincoln is able tosell in that same time frame which iswhy the company has phoned me out to theland where everything is bigger rightout here in Austin Texas to drive theall-new 2018 Buick Regal Sportback nowwe’re actually in the sixth generationof this nameplate and it’s beencompletely redesigned from the ground upeven sporting that new fastback coupedesign so this does this car have whatit takes to compete against the likes ofAudi BMW and Lexus that’s what we’rehere to find out design-wise Buick has been on a missionto completely overhaul their models theyactually have one of the freshestlineups in the industry now

and theRegal Sportback is definitely one of themost striking designs that we’ve seenfrom Buick you can see all the newcorporate design elements are here youhave the new grille waterfall styledwith this chrome wing the kind ofextends from the emblem the wing is kindof accentuated in the headlights whereyou get standard LED daytime runninglights however halogens are actually thestandard headlight my tester has anoptional full LED headlight that you getas part of the driver confidence packageand overall when you look at the frontfront proportions it’s just certainly ahandsome car I see a lot of Mazda a lotof Audi esque in the styling and the newRegal sport bike actually still rides onthe epsilon2 platform it’s been modifiedit’s been strengthened it’s beenlightened GM says that they took

about200 pounds of weight out of this out ofthe entire body which is good becausethe old regal was pretty heavy now mytester has the option the 18 inch wheelsyou get on the essence trim are on thepremium to trim they’re wrapped in two45 Series tires they are nice-lookingluxury style wheel not exactly sportyfor me you got to go to the GS trim ifyou guys want the sports now speaking ofwhich this car is available in severaltrims ranging from base to premiumpremium – and then essence and then theGS now lengthwise Buick did stret theydid lengthen this car it’s about threeinches longer in the wheelbase overalllength is about two and a half incheslonger so it’s a little bit larger thana TLX about the same size as a HondaAccord and really when you start comingto the rear proportions of this car yousee that sloping rear roofline part ofthe sport back design theme Buick sayswith you know the sedan market changingpeople are really expecting more of

asporty design Allah and they want to bekind of at the forefront of that nowlooking at the rear of the vehicle youalso see a lot of the newer corporatedesign elements you have these wingshaped you know LED accented taillightsthat kind of mimic the front thetaillights themselves are actually onlyincandescent for the brake lights andthe turn signals only the LEDs are forthe tail lights and then you have dualexhaust which are standard on all themodels which i think looks particularlynice the GS will have its own uniqueexhaust finish which I’ll have to showyou guys in a different review nowbecause it’s a sport bike design eventhough it looks like a traditional trunkyou push this little button here it popsthe trunk open and Buick is very proudof the fact that you get thirdone cubic feet of space with the seatsup that’s actually twice than what yougot in the traditional

trunk versionslike an Acura TLX if you fold down theseats Buick says you’re gonna get around61 cubic feet of space which is morethan most subcompact SUVs so thepracticality is there in a traditionalsedan shape so I think Buick has done areally good job with the design of thiscar so every Regal Sportback will comestandard with the company’s smart keyaccess system with push button start mytester also has a remote start toactivate it just push the lock buttononce push and hold this button hereuntil it starts right up for you to turnit off just push this button again andit shuts off the engine for you now whenyou first approach the real you can seeit’s got a traditional button on thedoor handle that will lock the door ifyou have the key on you to lock the doorso unlock it there’s no sensor on theback of the handle when it’s lockedsee you have to actually touch thebutton again and that will unlock thedoor for you now looking at the insideof the Regal I have to say it looks verytraditional in terms of the design ofother modern GM

products it doesn’treally scream premium luxury to meespecially the line my tester with thiswhite and black interior I like thecontrasting stitching I would prefer tosee some like a two-tone color I’ve seenthat offered on the Regal Tour X andsome of the lighter options but in termsof like a red leather interior it’s notavailable on this car in the States I’mhoping you’ll eventually consideroffering that but getting inside thesport back you can see that’s atraditional sedan step in height theroof is a little bit lower because ofthat sloping roofline so you do have toduck in a little bit more especially ifyou’re taller but when you shut the doorthe door sounds really solid this is

theepsilon 2 platform as I said it’s beenupdated it’s been strengthened now tostart the vehicle up push button startstandard as I said just put your foot onthe brake and keep the key in the carand push this button here to fire up theengineso an initial startup the engine itsounds like the typical two-literfour-cylinder I don’t particularly thinkthe gauges are differentiated enoughfrom the last chevrolet cruze that idrove butthe engine doesn’t really sound superinspiring this is more of a commuter caris what I’m feeling or like a family caras opposed to a sports sedan but lookingat the rest of the interior design itgoes in theme with the rest of the BuickportfolioI like the dashboard the top of thedashboard has the stitching it’s a softtouch grading material it’s not realleather but it’s a nice material

thesoft touch kind of extends down here itis soft touch down here as wellhard touch plastic over the glovecompartment but that is definitely anice little premium touch the door feelis here are also a soft injection moldedplastic although they could be a littlebit softer you have anise you have asilver accented door handle some fauxwood grain trim some nice stitching anda padded armrest right here the windowsare one touch for the front windows theback is one touch down but not automaticup I just wish to Buick made it for allfour they’re supposed to be more of apremium brand I do like the steeringwell this is the current corporate Buicksteering wheel the GS model gives you aflat bottom design but the steeringwheel is heated it’s got the typicalbuttons on it it’s got some of the newGM style switch gear I am missing apaddle shifters paddle shifters aren’teven included on the GS model so I’m notsure why Buick decided not to give youguys paddle shifters but looking at thecenter stack here some of the materialsand hair are nice I like the fact thatBuick and General Motors in general havebeen kind of down or they’ve been takingaway a lot of the gaudy chrome shinybits there’s still a couple of shinierpieces in here but I think most of it istasteful I like I like the you know thewoodgrain accents in here although mostmanufacturers are going to a mattefinish there’s some piano black plastictrim this is the 8-inch IntelliLinkinfotainment system it does have Androidauto it does have apple carplay this isthe upgraded head unit you also get aseven-inch touchscreen if you guys don’tgo for this this one also has GPSembedded into it it’s the typical youknow GM navigation system that I’veshown you in the chevrolet mylinkproducts or the GMC IntelliLink onlyCadillac q has kind of been beefed upword has the proximity sensor thisdoesn’t have it but it’s pretty quick itworks just like a tablet so GM has beendoing a really good job with their italso comes with 4G LTE that’s so anotherthing that GM is very proud of you haveyour usual set of apps here

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