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as SUVs continued to gain in popularitythe actual definition of what a sportutility vehicle is continues to beblurred BMW was one of the firstmanufacturers to blur that line with theintroduction of the original x6 sportsactivity coupe back in 2009 now thisvehicle did so well for them sales wivesthey’ve introduced a second generationand this week I’m just outside ofPortland Oregon with Mount Hood in thebackground and we’re testing out thehighest performance spec x6m so if youguys have six figures to spend in yoursports car enthusiast in need of somepracticality is this vehicle worth alook that’s what we’re here to find out you’re gonna spend this kind of money ona vehicle design is very important andyou can see the x6 definitely makes thedesign statement just like the originalfirst generation so for this secondgeneration BMW obviously took aevolutionary approach but I also thinkthey made a really good amount ofchanges to make this vehicle reallystand out you can see all thetraditional BMW design elements are herethe twin kidney grille these adaptivefull LED headlights which are part of anexecutive package you also have LED foglights here and then when you get the Mmodel you have this M specific frontbumper

with the more aggressive airintakes it just makes this vehicle verycohesive it’s very recognizable as a BMWnow being the M model this also has itsown specific wheels these are 21 inchwheels there are three different wheelsto choose from these are kind of thegray finish with the polished slip youhave blue from our brake calipers whichare like a six piston it’s a veryattractive looking car now it comes tothe sides this vehicle is actually thetop spec in the BMW lineup for SUVsuntil the x7 comes out it arrives on a115 inch wheelbase which is the same asthe x5 which is on its base it’s alsoabout an inch longer than the x5 around193 inches long it’s also about an inchwider and two inches lower to give thiscar more of like a coupe like stance atthe back this is really where you’re itstarted a controversy in terms of thedesign it has that sloping rear end thatkind of eats into the cargo area thesenew taillights are pretty attractive Ithink the rear end looks a lot betterthan the first generation then of coursebeing an M model you’re gonna have thecompany’s signature quad outlet exhaustwhich does sound

pretty good although Idid find that I’ve wanted a little bitmore noise the AMG competitorsdefinitely give you some more space theBMW is a little bit too quiet now thiscar is over a hundred thousand dollarsso it does have features like a powertailgate it’s also like a hands-freefunction and surprisingly the cargo areais really useful despite the fact thatit has this sloping roof area you’relooking at around 26 cubic feet of spacewith the seats up fold them down you getabout 60 cubic feet of space now that isless than the x5 obviously it’s about 10to 15 cubic feet less but I was verysurprised to see how incredibly usefulthe cargo areas for this view nowbecause this is the most expensive x6you can buy the company smart key accesssystem with push-button start does comestandard usually BMW makes it pay extrafor it but thankfully they don’t on themodel you can see this is the new keyfob that I’ve showed you on some otherBMW products it definitely looksinteresting it’s large it does feelpretty high-quality I like the aluminumtrim that they surround it in but whenyou approach the vehicle you can see orjust keep the key fob in your pocket oryour purse to lock the vehicle there’s alittle button or Ridge here just kind oftouch the area there that locks the doorit also beeps to unlock it there’s asense of them on the

back of the handlejust put your hand there and then itunlocks the door for you now looking atthe interior of my particular tester Ireally like the color combination withthe Melbourne red and the beige fauxleather Milano leather interior it’sdefinitely a nice place to spend timeand BMW has kind of been criticized inthe past for having interiors that arekind of behind its competition I thinkthey’re definitely starting to step itup I really like the kind of you knowsport racing Recaro style seats theyreally hug you I believe they’re like 14way adjustable they’re heated and cooledwhen you get the executive package it’sjust really nice now when you get insidethis vehicle it has a pretty easy stepin height the the roof line isn’t itquite as low as in the backseat so youdon’t have to duck your head too muchand then you shut the door it soundsnice and solid when you when you shutthe door so that’s also adding to thelevel of quality now when you keep thekey fob in the vehicle just all you haveto do is just put your foot on the brakeand then push this button here to fireup the engine and you can guys can hear the enginesounds really nice at initial startupwhich is definitely important with thistype of vehicle with an EM badge lookwhat it sounds really good we’ll go intothe test-drive will see if the enginethe great engine sounds continue thattradition when you were actually startdriving and now looking at the rezidentinterior you can see materials are allpretty nice you have full

leather on the- it’s all stitched you have the carbonfiber trim with the piano black accentshere it’s all very nice it’s allcomplimented by the BMW idrive system Ibelieve this is either a 10 or 12 inchdisplay it looks like the 12 the 10 inchdisplay it’s now a touchscreen which BMWadded for 2017 when they updated theiDrive system this is now the sixthgeneration of the IGR system which isone of the best in the industry so youguys are really getting our BMW isreally learning a lot from you knowfeedback from the earlier I drive systemso you can see here are the gaugesthey’re kind of a mixture of a displayat the bottom with traditional analoguethey are very traditional BMW BMW has afull LCD display available on some oftheir newest models but not on thisparticular one I think it looks nice youhave this M specific steering wheel withthe traditional tri colors of the em youknow badge from the M here on thesteering wheel which looks nice you havethese steering wheel mounted paddleshifters which are aluminum with plasticaccents which also feel really good thedoor panels are also soft touch withmore of that you know carbon fiber trimand soft touch there you can putsomething there like your phone thewindows are one touch automatic up anddown you kind of expect that my testerhas the $3,700 Bang & Olufsen soundsystem which sounds great which is allgood when you put the vehicle intoreverse here it does give you a back upcamera with front and rear parkingsensors it’s all really nice the cameraquality is also really good resolutionis excellent you kind of expect that andthe German competitor set its all reallynice and easy to use for the most partdown here you have your climate controlsettings our system it has two big knobsyour volume knob

their a tuning buttonhere not a tuning knob this is all verytraditional BMW hasn’t really changedthis much over the years they don’treally need to although I do think thatit’s time they need to kind of introducesomething a little bit moretechnologically focused at which they’regoing to be doing on their newer modelsyou do have a wireless charging pad onthis particular model with the executivepackage you have two cupholders herethis controls the 8-speed automaticwhich tries tomimic a manual shifter or their DSGtransmission there’s actually no Parkbutton here to put it into drive youcan’t just kick it over to the right putit into reverse you kind of go overthere to the left and it actually stayswhere you left the position neutral asyou can see right there and then itcomes back to the side here to let youknow it also has the manual mode if youwant to go forward in the back there oruse the paddles these buttons hereadjust the actual drive modes you cansee you can individually justindividually change the engine responseto you know efficient Sport Plus orsport same with this the suspensiontuning and the steering so the level ofcustomization here is is there and thenyou also with an M model you have thesem1 and m2 buttons which you can changeto your preference right now m1 puts itinto like a sport engine comfortsuspension comfort steering m2 puts itinto Sport Plus sport suspension insport steering which again you canchange that if you guys choose to do soin the settings over here you can seemore buttons here for the parkingsensors your cameras your hill descentcontrol stability control off button isthere this controls your iDrivecontroller which again you can kind ofhave lots of shortcut buttons here to goto your menu it also has a handwritingpad the function is all really easy touse iDrive is one of the best in thebusiness now my tester also has applecarplay BMW insultingly charges you $300extra for it it’s not standard on thevehicle like this where you get it astandard on a lot of other vehicles butthat’s typically the luxury car away nowover here you can see the center consoleit’s definitely a nice size you have aUSB port there and on support’ it opensup to two different ways the leather isnice and padded above you you have kindof a larger sunroof not a full panel youhave some nice suede Alcantara on theheadliner and then over here you can seethe glove compartment it’s a good sizeits lines with felt I mean overall theinterior definitely has the BMWstrengths it feels luxurious it feelsexpensive doesn’t feel the most techheavy like Audi with their you knowtheir virtual cockpit and all

thescreens and whatnot but I definitelythink this feels like the six of yourprice tag that its commanding so this isstill an SUV you have to be able to usethe rear seat and because of thatsloping roofyou do have to duck your head a lot likeI’m five foot seven I’m freaking shortand I would probably smack my head onthe roof if I didn’t pay attention tothat now when you get back here theirspace is actually not bad now comparedto the x5 you lose about an inch oflegroom and an inch of headroom now mebeing short I actually have plenty ofspace back hereso I’m pretty happy the floor is almostcompletely flat back here which is niceconsidering this is a rear drive basedvehicle and the materials in herre niceyou have decent features you haveleather stitching on the door carbonfiber trim it’s soft touch here you havethese manual sun shades which are nice Imean up to dual map pockets you haveheated rear seats and then your own setof climate control vents back here andthen when you fold down this armresthere you have a nice cup holder with alittle bit of storage I mean overall youknow for two people this definitelywouldn’t be bad if you guys are probablyunder six foot it’s just getting backhere you have to tuck your head becauseof the sloping roof so the admin BMW Mactually stands for motors so what’sgoing on underneath when you lift thehood of this vehicle well in typical BMWM fashion this has the top engine thatthey currently make it’s a 4.4 litertwin-turbo v8 with a hot V configurationso it’s kind of very similar to the fourliter twin turbo and the Mercedes AMGproducts now in this vehicle it producesa nice amount of power 567 horsepowerand 553 pound-feet of

torque nowcompared to the previous generation it’san increase of like 20 horsepower inlike 53 foot-pounds of torque which aredefinitely nice increases now it allgoes out through an 8-speed automatictransmission no dual clutch here it’s atraditional torque converter automaticand then it comes standard with thecompany’s auto all-wheel drive systemwhich kind of has a rear drive byassistance and it’s ready to getfourteen in the city and 19 on thehighway on premium please do not putregular in this vehicle it’s prettyheavy it weighs around 5,200 poundslet’s get on the road and see how thisbad boy performs shall we so it’sdefinitely been a while since I’vedriven a BMW M products so I’m prettydamn excited to drive this particularone especially with 567 m horsepower Imean what’s not to like oh that thingsounds so niceoh you know surprising in the car soundsa lot better from the outside than itdoes from the inside so I’m imaginingBMW is kind of synthesizing the noisenow the gear shifter definitely takessome getting used to when you put intoits drive mode here now I’m going toswitch everything to the Sport Plussetting I’m not gonna use the M modesbecause when I put it in that mode italso puts into manual mode and I wantthe transmission to be in its automaticsetting now this car when you first setoff once we start getting off thesegravelly Road areas it definitely has abig SUV field but it also doesn’t feelquite as heavy as its weight wouldsuggests I mean you feel like you’redriving a tall SUV but it also feelssurprisingly planted now this car doeshave launch control I do want to see ifI can give the launch control a try soto start it here we’re gonna put thestability control off put it into manualmode here just the dampness here oh ohmy god all right that was my first timeactually putting it into that kind ofmode

so holy now there’s a little bit ofsnow here on the ground so we’re gonnakind of try that again but when I findthe road is not covered in snow allright so let’s turn this daily controlback on because this is an SUV thatseriously will surprise a lot of you when you start pushing it around cornersit handles like a sports sedan it’sincredible how well this thing handleslet’s try the launch control one moretime in this car so left foot on brakefloor the accelerator oh my god holycrap Wow this car will get to 60 in likefour seconds what BMW claims honestly itfeels like it probably will do it inunder 4 seconds like I’ve seen it asquick as 3.7 and wow this thing is sofast back on whoa now right now it’skind of in you know it’s still in itsautomatic mode but the transmissiondefinitely is holding its gears a littlebit longer and man when you really starthustling the x6m around corners youforget you’re driving an SUV it feelslike you’re driving like a BMW m5 whichis incredible how well this thinghandles and the brakes also feel just asphenomenally strong which is goodbecause this is a five thousand pluspound beast and you need to have goodbrakes but god no BMWs have beencriticized in the past for theirsteering when they went all electricsteering got super numb and light that’sreally not the case with this x6 M whenyou have it in its most aggressivesetting for the steering for

thesuspension you feel the bumps this isdefinitely a harder riding vehicle butif you’d like I’ll put it into comfortfor the suspension and the steering andthis is still a luxury car so you knowaside from the road noise because ofthese summer performance michelin tireswhich have a phenomenal grip it is anincredible car to daily drive now I dohear a lot of road noise because theroads here in Portland aren’t the bestthey’re just so noisy and bumpy andgravelly but man it’s easy to drive thesteering gets very light but it’s stillvery quick and predictable thevisibility in here out of the front isgood the back is atrocious out of thatback window but I imagine you’re gonnaget used to it if you guys actuallydrive this on a daily basisthe seats are also comfortable they holdyou in place it’s pretty quiet in herebut really the engine noise I’mdisappointed let’s put it all back intoits sport setting hereit doesn’t this car is supposed to havean active exhaust if I remember but it’sactually have the option for likeMercedes does but I just feel like theengine itself it doesn’t sound like muchall right I had that little nice burblelittle crackle from the exhaust therewhich I like but I we should have alittle bit more for an M car I expectedthe exhaust to be even louder I justwanted more which is a littledisappointing it’s more synthesized sothat’s one of the reasons why you maywant to choose the AMG model it justgives you a little bit more of a noisenow the turning radius is prettyatrocious because this car has thesehuge wheels on itso making three-

point turns is not theeasiest thing to do but God oh my god itsounds so good I mean it sounds good wayto start when you start shifting itmanually makes the burbles and cracklesbut it’s it sounds like a synthesizedinduction noise when you’re reallypushing it the exhaust on the outside ofthe car as you heard earlier soundsincredible sounds so much better but manif you guys don’t like SUVs this is oneof the best handling SUVs I’ve driventhis year and it really shows you thatthe BMW M team is back to building highperformance cars that really are theultimate driving machine they lost theirway for so long I cannot wait to drivethe all-new m5 and you know the nextgeneration m3 I drove it m2 a couple ofyears ago I fell in love with that whenit didn’t get a chance to actually showyou a full video god damn this cars sogoodI’ve never actually thought I would likean SUV as much as I did this and thisthing handles like it’s on Rails I can’tgo on and on about that anymore so ifyou guys are a sports car enthusiast oran enthusiast and you’re in need ofsomething a little bit more practicalyou need to have a back seat need to beable to put stuff in it you candefinitely still have a lot of fun withthis x6m when you kick the passengersdown you attack your favorite back roadalright just because we can we are goingto try the launch control one more time everything is offalright so foot hard on the brake

flooritsays launch active this is just too much fun wow what anincredible incredible SUV so when the original x6 came out I’llhave to admit I was not a fan of thedesign of this vehicle in fact I’m stillkind of getting used to the looks ofthis strange-looking SUV but now thatwe’re seeing more competitors come outfrom Mercedes that literally just took apiece of tracing paper and copied it I’mdefinitely starting to learn to likethis type of vehicle as you guys sawfrom the test driveit’s one of the sportiest driving SUVsI’ve ever driven it literally feels likeyou’re just driving a talleryou know m5 basically it definitely hasthe kind of excitement that an SUV needsto kind of draw in an enthusiast buyer Imean come on people in America love SUVsso as an enthusiast we’re gonna have tostart to learn to love it and if

you’regonna be have this kind of money tospend this is really one of the onesyou’re gonna want to get now there are acouple of drawbacks to the car as youguys saw the rear seat space theHeadroom is definitely gonna cut intothat but the legroom is good the cargoareas is good I think the designdefinitely stands out I think it’s abetter looking vehicle than the secondgeneration and I also think it’s abetter performing vehicle than theMercedes competitors since that one’sheavier it’s not quite as quick itdoesn’t handle quite as well and reallyif you’re gonna start looking at thecompetition I mean sure you couldcompare this to like a Jeep track Hawkwhich is definitely quicker in astraight line but the BMW easily is oneof the best handling SUVs I’ve driventhis year so far so what’s gonna cost toput in x6m in your driveway well theregular x6 actually starts at around 63thousand dollars this one it starts atone hundred and five thousand dollarsnow if you’re keeping score it’s about a$20,000 upcharge versus the x6 xDrive50i which has the v8 with about 120 lesshorsepower I think ever gonna spend thatkind of money it’s kind of worth it mytester has a couple of options like thesix thousand dollar executive packageknow the color is an option this one astestes is around 120,000 dollars there’sdefinitely a lot of money it’s about$20,000 more than a Jeep track Hawk it’sa little bit less expensive than theMercedes GLA coupe but if you guys arelooking for a performance SUV and youneedpracticality but you still want to havefun this is definitely one of the toppicks in this segment but I hope youguys have enjoyed my full overview onthis 2018 BMW x6m if you’re also lookingto see those cars I’m testing make sureyou follow me on instagram at red lineunderscore reviews like us on facebookas always guys keep subscribed to thered line movies youtube channel for allthe latest reviews thanks so much forwatching I’ll catch you all in the nextvideo a suspense is spending six figuresworth it Oh God oh I’m sorry that was sogood god damn it I’m so mad alright nomore no more I’m gonna get this we havean out we’re a little like an hour

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