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hey guys what’s going on today we’regonna take a look at my dad’s brand-new2018 BMW x5 xdrive28i and this is gonnabe a full tour of the x5 I’m gonna startit up show the engine and all of itsmany featuresdoing a quick walk around with the carright nowmy dad got this car about a week agoafter he traded in his 2015 BMW 328ixDrive and he wanted an SUV somethingwhere he can sit very high up in andhave an almost commanding view of theroad similar to the 328 this car wasalso a loaner from the dealership thatwas available for lease this is the exline trim and it also features these18-inch Y spoke rims on all season runflat tires here we have the key for thex5 this is BMWs key for its X modelsonly the top bun unlocks it to beepsindicates it’s unlockedpress the BMW button to lock one beepindicates locking and the trunk releaseis this button just make sure the car isunlocked and press and hold thisvery nice and at the bottom you alsohave your panic button you’re also ableto roll down the windows all the windowswhile holding the unlock buttonyou can also open the sunroof if youhold down on the unlock button one moretime you have to keep holding it downfor it to go openyou’re also able to lock and unlock thecar using the

touch handle just put yourhands behind it that unlocks it andtouch this little portion up here tolock itlike most BMW models you also haveilluminated door handles the color ofthis is known as sunset orange metallicand it does have a black dakota leatherinterior this is the real leatherinteriornot the sensotec which is also availableto start put your foot on the brake andhit this start/stop button very nice the car being a loaner for a short timeonly has four thousand 771 miles on itthis car is also equipped with thepremium tier and that also includes aluxury package which gives you this verynice fine wood fine line trim allthroughout the cabin with pearl chromeaccenting over here is your lighting forthe gauges you can set the brightness ofthat now we’re gonna cut on theheadlights as well as the hazards integrated turn signals within themirrorsnow we’re going to pop the hood itreminds you that the hood is open and ittells you to open carefully here we havethe engine powering the x5 this is BMW2-liter four-cylinder twin power turboengineand we’ll be back into the cabin youhave a 8-speed automatic transmissionwith sport mode and this is differentfrom most BMWs as it is not an electricshifter is a normal standard shifteryour traction control buttons rightthere and you can change the drive modesas wellyou have sport which will give the car amore sporty or

feel and will have higherrevs comfort which is what it’s normalto drive on really it’s just comfortabledriving not not very fast and Eco Prowhich is will help you save gas anotherthing to note is that when shifting intoPark the parking brake willautomatically apply itself you have hilldescent control right here and yourelectronic parking brake tap it up toactivate and tap it down to deactivateand also right here is your iDrivecontroller which will control your IDrive system like standard with all 2018vehicles the car does come with a backupcamera the backup camera also hasguidance lines as you turn the wheelalso when you put the car into reversethe mirror will tilt down to reveal theroad and see where you’re goingalso you have your auto start/stop moderight here you could turn that on or offand it’ll be lit up if it’s off thiswill stop the car’s engine if you pullup at a red light or something like thatand it will be used to save gas to wipercontrols right here you’re locking a lotof features are right here tap thisbutton to unlock and this locks and overhere are your mirror controls just slidethis little slider here from left toright and this can control the leftmirror and the right mirror and it canalso tilt itup or downright below it you have your foldingmirrors button that I’ll fold themirrors inand your power windows all four windowsare fully powered one touchand down there is your rear windowlocking button moving up here you haveyour visor with integrated mirror andlightyour emergency SOS feature just in caseyou need it in an emergency and righthere is your OneTouch sunroof pressingthe button once will open the shadeand pressing it again will open thesummerget lots of sunlight in the cabin andthe same processes to close itand up here you have your auto

dimmingrear view mirror with integrated compassright under your rear view mirror youhave these garage home link buttons thatyou can program to your garage doorremote you have three settings righthere and basically it will open thegarage door for you rather than using aremote to do it over here your maplightsinstead of your traditional sunglassholder near the rear view mirrorsunglass holder can be found down herein this little compartment and you haveyour climate control right here that theauto raise lower the temperature fanspeedthree-stage heated seats for both thedriver and passengerand down here behind the tilt telescopicsteering wheel lever is your heatedsteering wheel functionality your maxfront window defroster and rear windowdefroster automatic or manual modes forthe AC you have sink buttons and you canalso turn it off up here you have yourtouch sensitive touch pad with numbersjust hover your finger over and pressany of these buttons for any of yourpresets for calls radio stations prettymuch anything you have your differentaudio modes right here you can chooseyour presets satellite radio FM or AMand you can cycle that with the bandbutton your power button is right hereand you also have

a CD player and we’regonna go ahead and shut it down and justshow some of the features on the iDrivesystem instead of using the control youcould find right here which can do thesame thing bring up your mediacommunications such as your phone yourmain menu your map and navigationbuttons I’m going to control it usingthe touchscreen as this is the brand new6.5 inch center screen iDrive 6.0 systemthat BMW has implemented you have yourradio right here comes with satelliteradio you can scroll through yourchannelsyou can search by channel artists ortitles you can time shift to go back toa different point in the broadcast andyou can also pause it you can addfavourites down here and right here youhave CD which there are none insertedright now iPhone integration that canconnect via Bluetooth and a USB importlook down here and you have a littlestorage space to keep various items andalso your cup holder and over here isyour center console which isn’t really acenter console it just contains a topportion right there and you can lift itup and this is really what you get as acenter console you can also adjust theheight of it if you need an armrest theUSB and iPod inputs can be found righthere and you can also search by genreif your communication right here andthis is for your phone you could see allyour contacts recent calls dial a numberyou can manage your mobile

devices andyou can also go to BMW Assist and youcan also personalize your menu this cangive you roadside assistance customersupport and a call in case you ever needservice here you have your navigationyou can view your map and you can eitherpinch to zoom out or you can zoom in andout with the controller you can find allyour destinations right here enter a newdestination look at traffic info and youcan look at different points of interesttraffic flow traffic icons and weatheryou can also adjust your map settingshowever you want to customize it if youwant to face north or whichever wayyou’re traveling you can see aperspective or you can auto zoom annualzoom and look at your route overviewwithin your I Drive settings you can goto mobile devices adjust the languageadjust the displays you can also adjustthe date and time in the time formatyour units your tone any notificationsyou have any pop-ups such as drawingexperience or if you favored a song onsatellite radio it can show you that ifthere’s any software updates needed agetting started guide and data privacyyour steering wheel

controls are locatedright here on your three-spoke leatherwrap steering wheel and on your rightare your voice commands which I candemonstrate now go homestarting guidance to the home address ofhome contact follow the road for 600feet just like that you can also use itto switch to a different station tune tosatellite channel 44you are listening to the satellite radiochannel 44 on the right side of yoursteering wheel you have the mode buttonyou can change from satellite radio toFM AM for your presets and you can alsoscroll through the different channelsusing this little wheel right here andof course your volume buttons are righthere also within the navigation you canview the map adjust the settings righthere and you can look at parking infowhich I think will look at prices ofgarages around the area withinnavigation you can enter an address lookat your recent destinations enter a newdestination and you can look up pointsof interest and an intermediate todestination view the map you can zoom inand out of the map right here go intoconnected drive and this is all the Xones internet functionalities you have astore BMW Assist which you can also seeand the end of the iDrive system youhave apps such as weather you can lookat the current weather for the areayou’re in news which actually gives youcurrent news articlesan online search you can pretty muchsearch like Googleit’s mostly the search for destinationsyou have Wikipedia or wiki localYelp which if you’re going out to eatand you want to know like the reviews ofa place you can look it up on there youhave my news and Flickr you can use viewyour photos right inside your cargoing to manage mobile devices and youcan adjust all the settings for yourdevices and you can personalize yourmenu and just add or delete whateverapps you want over here you have myvehicle you can see your vehiclesettings such as lighting this car doescome equipped with interior lighting andambient lighting you could

set it toclassic or modern and you can alsoadjust the brightness go into yourexterior lighting and you can adjust howoften your OneTouch turn signal blinksalso have your daylight daytime runninglamps welcome lights and also pathwaylighting which illuminates the pathwhich where you’re driving in I shouldalso mention the lights actually canturn with the car which can be veryuseful at night go under doors and keyand you can adjust all your settings forthe doors intelligent safety this cardoes come equipped with frontalcollision warning and you can adjust thewarning time early medium or late it hasa speed warning where you can set aspecific speed that the car can travelup to and they can’t go past that setspeedthe same can be done for your EcoProcomfort ventilation will adjust the airconditioning for a comfortable settingvehicle tracking works with the BMW appyou can also adjust your various iDrivesettings here such as your audiodisplays date and time you can alsoadjust the contents of the main menudriver profiles if you have multipledrivers to the car and want to assigndifferent keys to them vehicle statuswhich gives you all the necessaryinformation for your cars such as tirepressure oil level control if there’sservice required technology and actionwhich can show you demonstrations of thecars various technology and like shortvideosyou can also adjust the sport displaysyou can see you’re driving informationright here that can show you youraverage speed and your average fuelconsumption and trip computer which alsoshows you how much time you’ve beendriving and how many miles and also atthe bottom is an owner’s manual built inwithin the iDrive system and on yourright at the end is notifications towhich we don’t have any right now thisbutton right here is your intelligentsafety button press it and you canactivate your frontal collision warningpedestrian warning lane departurewarning and you can configure it thisthese are very essential safety featuresif the card will drift out of the lanewithout using a turn signalit’ll slightly push you back into thatlane pedestrian warning if a pedestrianis running across and you heard youcan’t see it for some reason it willremind you and it will stop the carsame with frontal collision warning ifan accident is about to happen it’llimmediately stop the car so no accidenthappens you can also configure this tolet you know early medium

or latelate being right before the accidentwhat happenedglove compartment which has a lot ofspace can also be locked too with thekeyhole here is the back seat you haveyour seat pockets right here and climatecontrol for the back seat and over hereyou have more storage space stand withover there and you have rear interiorlining over here as well as coat hooksover here you have an armrest for thepack and back passengers with anintegrated cup holder and pop up the BMWfashion the trunk as I mentioned earliercan be opened with the key but if thecar is unlocked you can also hover yourfoot under it and that can also open thetrunk up close press this button righthere or if you want to lock the trunkthat button right there the trunk canalso be opened by placing your handright under the BMW logo and touchingonce you can also open the trunk usingthis lever right heredown here you have dual chrome tipexhaust you have brushed aluminum roofrails seen right here looking at thetrunk you have about 27 cubic feet ofspace with the seats folded up you alsohave a cargo cover side pockets righthere and also a plug and the seats canbe folded down by tugging on this righthere as well as over here also in orderfor the seats to be fully folded downyou need to also fold this down too itdoes not fold with the seat with theseats all folded down it gives youapproximately 58 cubic feet of cargospace also right here is an availablerear seat headrest but it was removedbecause it blocks the view now it’s timeto take the x5 on a test drive we’re just gonna do some highway drivingand some residential driving towe’re also gonna put back the shade onthe sunroof I didn’t wanna know me since I hate thetime hey it’s overly not a stop watch itdon’t give me my respect I just took iton every dish gotta sleep you’re dealingnighttake a sweatand now we’re gonna take it onto thehighwaygotta love that pickupvery heavynow for a first person driving youand this concludes the tour for the 2018BMW x5 thank you for watching there’llbe more coming soon

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