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what is up you guys go booty here todayin the brand-new 2018 BMW x1 courtesy ofApple BMW in York PA never actuallydriven this one before although I’vedriven the X 2 X 3 X 5 and so on so kindof excited to check this one out so asalways you guys let’s start with pricingit’s said there will be two differentsetups available for this one first onebeing the S Drive 28i that is gonnastart at thirty-three thousand ninehundred dollars then you have thexdrive28i that one is gonna start atthirty five thousand nine hundreddollars and basically the differencebetween those two is going to befront-wheel drive versus all-wheel driveall-wheel drive being the X butregardless of what setup you go with thepowerplant is going to be the samepowering the 2018 x1 is going to be atwo liter twin power turbo chargedinline four-cylinder engine which isgoing to put out 228

horsepower at 5,000rpm and 258 pound-feet of torqueavailable at around 1,400 rpm poweragain is going to be sent two frontwheels or all wheels through an 8-speedautomatic with manual mode with paddleshifters which we will be testing out alittle bit here and so when you add allthat up 0 to 60 time on this one isgoing to come in at six point sixseconds for the front wheel drive andsix point three seconds for theall-wheel-drive version and if you’recurious mpg numbers come in at 23 City32 highway for the S Drive 22 City 31Omaha way for the X Drive but say thatbefore I do an acceleration here I didwant to mention there are a fewdifferent drive modes available for thisone drive mode button is gonna be justto the left of the shifter but that isgonna give you drive modes like Eco Procomfort and sport and what they aregoing to do is adjust things like thethrottle response shift points in thesteering sensitivity so but now I thinkit is time you guys what I’m going to dohere is I’m going to put the shifter allthe way to the back and to the leftalready put this one in sport mode solet’s do a quick little accelerationhere with the paddle shifters see howquickly they react to see

how quickly wecan get this one here up to speedall right two things here paddleshifters insanely quick absolutely loveit BMW is now known for that in myopinion every single time I drive at BMWthe power shifters are so on point andthey’re magnesium as well so at the veryhigh quality as far as the accelerationgoes it’s not the fastest sport utilityvehicle I’ve ever driven but it’sdefinitely not too bad it’s got the twinpower turbo charged engine so with thatI can’t tell you there’s not gonna beany issues with merging onto the highwayor anything like that but so then as faras the ride quality goes it’s definitelynot too bad I do have the M SportPackage which I’ll go over a little bitlater but what it will say interiorcabin noise is definitely on the quietside so that is definitely good this isa luxury vehicle after all so that ofcourse is definitely a good thing andturning radius you guys is absolutelyamazing I’ve taken a couple differentturns right there and this one actuallydid it the best touching on visibility alittle bit I can see perfectly fine outthe back to nowhere she’s there for methere’s also a heads-up display frontand center displaying my speed up on mywindshield better

helping me keep myeyes on the road and what’s in front ofme so again another box checked when itcomes to visibility there let’s say thatenough of the driving dynamics you guyslet’s check out the exterior of the new2018 BMW x1 so when it comes to theexterior first I want to mention thereis a new color for 2018sunset orange metallic is actually gonnabe replacing chestnut bronze if you wereinterested then looking up front thefront bumper is going to differdepending on what setup you go with theX line design front bumper can bedistinguished by the brushed aluminumtrim at the bottom but then you have theM Sport design front bumper which willhave a more aggressive appearance upthere that is what you were looking atright now actually by the way that MSport Package Daddy’s going to add fourthousand six hundred and fifty dollarsto the bottom line and I will continuewith what that is actually gonna add itadds more than a front bumper believe itor not to the sides LED headlights withcornering lights will come standard withthe premium trim and it is offered as astandalone option for an additional ninehundred and fifty dollars as well makeyour way to the sides there are poweradjustable heated side mirrors withintegrated turn signals along withchrome window surrounds as well andlooking down there is brushed aluminumtrims on the side skirts if you go withthe X line design however if you go withthe M Sport design you’re going to getbody coloured side skirts then lookingat the wheel setup standard set up isgoing to be an 8 inch wide spoke alloywheel design with run-flat tires if yougo with the M Sport design you will get18-inch dimple five spoke alloys withrun-flats once again and there are 19inch wheel

designs available if you wereinterested then make your way to theback there is a rear spoiler back therewith the integrated brake light justbelow that a rear window wiper asexpected and just below all of it thereare dual exhaust outlets with chrometips so as always you guys you knowwhat’s coming next here is that exhaustclip let’s have it now since we are aroundback first I want to mention there is abutton on the key fob if you wanted toopen that rear hatch that way that is anoption there’s also a button on the rearhatch to close it as well so simplypress that and walk away if you like andit’s actually gonna close itself butonce opened up cargo capacity is gonnacome in at twenty seven point one cubicfeet if that was not enough space foryou can fold down the rear seats thatbunks two cubic feet is up to fiftyeight point seven four you make your wayto the back seats of rear legroom comesin at thirty seven inches even so forreference I mean even six feet tall thisis how much space I have back there andI should also mention for those rearpassengers they do get a rear armrestwith cupholders back there so that’sdefinitely convenient as well as

rearventilation if they look forward as wellso that helps everybody stay comfortableof course but making your way to thefront seats you do get leather trimseats for every single trim level theydo come 8 way power adjustable you doget lumbar support with conveniencetrimming up convenience trim is gonnaadd twenty five hundred dollars by theway and there’s front seats will beheated with the premium term enough thatadds thirty three hundred dollars but sothen looking forward there is a tilt andtelescoping steering wheel just come bythe raft for every single trim level andit comes heated if you go with thepremium trim but so then let’s take asecond to check out the key here beforewe start this one up there is lockunlock the button to pop the rear hatchit by the way the lock button is the BMWsymbol in the middle there in case youwere curious and since we have the MSport Package yet another addition thisone is gonna add is the M colors on theside of the key so I think that’s prettycool lace but anyways to start this oneup it is L keyless entry so simply putyour phone on the brake and press thatengine start button once started up asfar as the gauges go speedometers onyour left along with the fuel gaugetachometer is on your right and there’sa small digital display at the verybottom letting you know your basics likethe outside temperature and how manymiles you have left until you hit emptybut there taking a look at overallinterior quality and anthraciteheadliner comes standard along withgloss black trim there are wood termsavailable depending on which trim levelyou go with there but the conveniencetrim is gonna add Universal garage dooropener ambient

lighting and a panoramicmoonroof but the M Sport Package isgonna add those as well along with theuniverse of garage door opener somealuminum hexagon trim which you can seeabove the glove box on the doors andagain the ambient lighting and also theM Sport logo on the bottom of thiswhich i think is pretty cool too but letme make my way to the tech on this onefront and center is a 6.5 inch centerdisplay screen come standard withBluetooth and audio streaming you getsirius XM radio for a year with aconvenience trimming up also applecarplay is available for an additional300 dollars if you wanted it factorynavigation system is going to come withthe premium trim when it comes to thissound system the standard setup is goingto come with 7 speakers and 205 wattshowever there is the optional soundsystem by Harman Kardon it is a surroundsound system for eight hundred andseventy-five dollars and that one isgoing to come with 12 speakers threehundred and sixty watts with two centralbass speakers just under the front seatsthat is actually the one I have today solet’s turn on the radio you guys andtest out the clarity of that one prettyridiculous amount of based on

the HarmanKardon system I have here definitely itsounds like a surround sound systemreally sounds like it’s coming at youfrom all directions in the Harman Kardonsound system this is a smaller SUV so itreally is more than enough of a soundsystem when it comes to this one sodefinitely no issues for me but so thatlast thing on the tech display I wantedto mention to you guys is a new featurefor 2018 BMW has put a rear-view camerathat comes standard for every singletrim level definitely a good thing isabout time so that’s pretty cool that isgonna let you know who or what is behindyou and that is going to lead me intosafety instead I start there our frontside inside curtain airbags also driverand passenger knee airbags up front inthe back there is latch aka loweranchors and tethers for children for therear car seats also convenience trim isgonna add an auto dimming rear viewmirror and there is a driver assistancepackage adds an additional $700 but thatis going to give you lane departurewarning forward collision warning citycollision mitigation your speed limit ofany given Road that’s definitely nicealso automatic high beams with that oneand then one more option is adaptivecruise control that one is going to addan additional thousand dollars to theprice tag it’s so bad anyways you guysthat is about it for this one thank youso much for watching be sure to LIKE thevideo and subscribe feel free to followme on social media at the bottom of thescreen there and I will see you guys inthe next video stay cold

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