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this is a 2018 BMW M 760i which is thenew name for the flagship model in theBMW 7-series luxury sedan range thesticker price on this car is a littlebit over 180 thousand dollars whichmakes this the most expensive BMW of alltime naturally it’s full of a lot ofcool features and interesting quirks andtoday I’m gonna show them to you first alittle overview now BMW has never madean m7 with the full M treatment fromtheir high performance division like them3 and the m5I guess they figure it’s a little toolarge and luxurious to become an M carbut in recent years they have lent the Mbadge to some other models the m240 inthe m5 50 for example to create sort ofhalf M cars and that’s exactly whatthey’ve done here with the M 760 I’veborrowed this m7 60 from BMW of Devonhere in the Philadelphia suburbs thenumber one BMW dealership inPennsylvania they have a large inventoryof new BMWs which includes well this carand yes

it has a $180,000 sticker priceor one hundred and eighty one thousandand seventy five dollars to be exactlike old top-end 7-series models thiscar still has a v12 it’s a 6.6 litertwin-turbo v12 with 601 horsepower and590 pound-feet of torque and also liketop-end 7 Series models in the past ithas a lot more than that so today I’mgoing to show you around the M 760 andI’m going to show you all of its coolfeatures and interesting quirks thereare a lot of them then I’m going to getbehind the wheel and see how it drivesand then I’m gonna give it a dug scoreand for more of my thoughts click thelink below to visit autotrader.com slashoversteernow this car has a lot of really coolfeatures and quirks but by far thecoolest has to do with the key now firstoff take a look at the size of the keyit’s only a little bit smaller than acell phone and the reason for that isthe key for this car has a screen on itI’m serious and if you go through thelittle items on the screen you can see acouple of different things for exampleyou can see whether the car is lockedand you can see whether you’ve left

the lights on it’ll also tell you if you’redue for an oil change and to tell youhow much range is left in your gas tankwhich is a really great idea becausemaybe you don’t want to turn on the carand see if you have to get gas you justcheck your key and it tells you the ringthe key also allows you to set a time toprecondition the interior basically youchoose a time using the key to your carand it will start ventilating airthroughout the interior before you getin maybe to go to work in the morningbut none of that stuff is the craziestthing about the key the craziest thingcomes next now look at the key andyou’ll see the familiar buttons unlockthe doors the BMW logo is the lockbutton open the trunk and then there’s abutton marked P so what exactly does Pdo well this is pretty much the craziestfeature in the car industry right now ifyou hold down P it gives you the optionto start the engine so then you pressengine start and now the car has startedyou can hear it okay so you can startthe engine with the key that’s nothing alot of cars can do that but not a lot ofcars can do this you then press thelittle arrows that come up and watchthis the car moves itself up no one’s inthe car it moves itself forward out ofthe parking spot that

it was just in nowcheck this out you want to stop it youwant to go the other directionthe car moves itself right back againthat has got to be one of the coolestthings now you’re thinking this isstupid why would anyone want to do thiswell the theory is if you live in sometight building your New York City orHong Kong or Singapore and you don’twant to go to the trouble of trying tosqueeze into the side of your car everymorning when you’re getting in you juststart it up with thekey and then you use the key tobasically walk your car like you’rewalking your pet now using that parkingkey system you’re not able to actuallyturn the wheels you can only move it outof a tight parking spot to get in youcan’t have everything although you canhave a lot another interesting item inthis car when you get inside is calledgesture control you’re tired of usingbuttons aren’t you tired of press andstuff well in this car you don’t have topress everything you’re driving down theroad you want to turn up the volume justdo thisand the volume goes up you can watch ithappen you drive down the road you get acall you don’t want to answer it just dothis and the coal goes away the car hasthese sensors started in this reagentright in here and it can tell what yourgestures are and then it responds inkindnow obviously you can’t do

this foreverything it’s limited to only a fewfunctions there’s even one customisablegesture you point two fingers at theinfotainment system and sort of do likethat and you can set it to a myriad ofdifferent controls if there’s somethingthat you use frequently that you don’twant to adjust using a simple old-schoolbutton but if you think gesture controlis cool take a look at the camera systemnow on every other luxury car you put itin reverse you get a back up camera andmaybe a top-down 360 camera that’spretty cool this car takes things to thenext level when the 360 camera is up youtap the screen and then look at thisangle it’s showing the car from outsideas if there’s a camera like followingyou around thenyou can use the gesture control systemto move that camera around like you’regetting a 360 degree view on the outsideof the car it does this by stitching allsorts of different camera anglestogether from various cameras on theoutside of the car and it shows alegitimately good picture of what isoutside the car including the car in itit’s like a video game display exceptit’s real life I’ve never seen anythinglike this in any other car this is thefuture of automotive cameras there areof course a couple of other interestingthings in the cameras when

you’re parkedthe camera system actually displayswhere your doors will open so if you’reworried that your doors gonna hitsomething thatcamera system will show you that 360degree angle on the outside of thecamera also shows green yellow red onhow close you are to something butdespite all of that my personal favoritecamera item is still yet to come andthat would be carwash mode you canselect a mode inside the infotainmentsystem to show you basically where yourfront wheels are in case you want totake your 180 thousand dollar M 760 intoone of those automatic car washes so youcan line it up perfectly with the trackand then you can get in the car wash itthis is the craziest camera system I’veever seen in any car now for the nextcrazy feature of this car we move on tothe rear seat now you look at the rearseat you think it’s a pretty standardrear seat right but not quite you dropthis thing and out folds the mostcomplicated and crazy rear seat controlsI have ever seen in my entire life we’llstart in the middle there’s a tablet inhere and it’s not just a screen I meanit’s a tablet pushy eject and a littlemechanism raises the tablet forward sothat you can take it out and once youtake it out well first off the littleplastic piece for that mechanism

thatraised it up it it lowers right backinto its home but beyond that you canthen control basically everything inthis car from this tablet my favoritetablet feature comes under the sunprotection icon and that’s where you cancontrol all the things that protect youfrom the Sun for example push a littlebutton on the side on the window and itautomatically closes the Sun shades onthe window or you can press close alland all of the sun shades close on boththe doors and the rear sunshade closesas well instantaneously in order toprovide you the most sun protectionpossible now here’s the crazy thingabout this there are physical buttons onthe doors themselves that do this youpush a little button on the door thesunshade closes or you can just use yourtablet and with that in mind we move onto the rear climate controls you can usethe tablet to control the climatecontrols you can change the airtemperature you can change the amount ofair where it’s coming out or you canjust use the physical buttons in therear seat to do the exact same thing areyou noticing a pattern here let’s moveon to the seats maybe the craziest thingif you want you can use the tabletto move the seats look at this you gointo the seats and then you just swipeyour finger on the backrest of the seatand the backrest moves forward you swipeyour finger on the bottom and the bottommoves forward

or you can just press thephysical controls right next to wherethe tablet comes out of and it does theexact same thing but why would you wantto press physical controls and and reachyour hand all the way up there when youcan use the tablet of course the tabletalso turns on heated and ventilatedseats and it isn’t just heat or cool youcan also choose exactly which seatyou’re heating or cooling how much andwhere there’s also a massage functionwhere you could program the seat tochoose between varying intensities ofmassage in four different parts of thebody also Valerius is the memorysettings which even allow you to controlyour favorite position of the frontpassenger seat even though you’re therear passenger but that stuff in thetablet is child’s play compared to theother things it can do take a look atthis you see these two screens behindthe front seats yeah they’re not forwatching movies you can use the tabletto control the navigation map whichappears on those screens those screensaren’t touchscreen but you can use thetablet to move your finger around like aphone and then click on stuff and itwill click on those screens as if you’reactually touching them basically you caneven use the tablet sitting in this seatto control the screen in that seat andvice versa and we aren’t done yet howabout vitality mode the BMW vitalityprogram is maybe the craziest luxury carfeature in existence it’s designed togive you an exercise on long

drives andkeep you loose in fact read this screenit starts by saying the vitality programinvigorates your body and later says youcan win three stars by keeping the barwithin the target area it’s an exercisegame you can play with your car whileyou’re riding in the backseat the way itworks is the seat pushes on your musclesand you’re supposed to push back whichis designed to help keep you fit andallow you to have a workout on long carrides I’m serious but who needs vitalitymodeyou can control the fragrance yes that’sright your BMW M 760 can give off afragrance and using your tablet backhere you can choose which one there isblue suite number one described as loftof pure water pearls or golden suitenumber two described as dusk ofshimmering desert and when you selectthe fragrance it will sort of blow thatfragrance through the climate vents toadd a scent to your M 760 while you’rechauffeured along in the back seat andcheck this outyou can even adjust the level offragrance do you want more dusk ofshimmering desert just that’s fine turnit up do you want less dusk ofshimmering desert no problem turn itdown and then the dusk is eliminatedjust a little bit now if you’re arear-seat passenger you also have theability to change the lighting and I’mnot just talking about turning on andoff your map light or your

interior domelight I mean you can use your littletablet to change the lighting colors forthe entire car you want blue and whiteyou want blue and blue green and whitegreen and green purple white whateveryou want you can change it back here andthen the entire interior lighting colorschange and you can change the brightnessif you want those lights completely offyou can do it if you want them justfaintly on you can do that too and youcan do that from your tablet you alsohave the ability from your tablet toturn on sort of this mood light that’sinside the door there’s no switch on thedoor itself to turn this light you justturn it on from your tablet and then itgoes from like sort of dim to like alittle less dim now aside from all thecrazy quirks of that tablet imarti inthe backseat so I might as well discussa couple of other interesting rear seatfeatures starting with the rearheadrests now these aren’t just standardheadrests they’re very soft but theyalso can be adjusted to contour aroundthe back of your head so if you want tosleep you can just sort of turn them sothey fit the back of your head and thenyou can sleep sort of like in theheadrests on an airplane another coolfeature in the rear seat would be thepanoramic Sky Lounge which of

course isa feature this car has basically this isa thousand LEDs inside the sunroof thefront and rear panoramic sunroof andwhen you’re driving at night you openthe sunroof they light up to give youthe panoramic Sky Lounge and you canchange theof those LEDs so if you want your SkyLounge to show purple well you can do itwhen you look up you see purple stars inthe ceiling of your BMW next up movingon to the outside of the car and thetrunk and the trunk is it particularlyusual its large but of course it is thisis a large car there are a couple ofinteresting quirks in the trunk howeverone of which is if you look at the verybase of the rear window you look veryclosely there you will see it isn’t justsome plastic trim piece instead it’slined in this little velvet materialthat’s to prevent trunk rattling to makethe car just a little bit quieter that’sthe kind of thing you get when you spenda hundred and eighty thousand dollars ona luxury sedan that is impressiveattention to detail something else whenyou get when you spend this money on aluxury sedan take a look inside that bagin the trunk and you will find pillowsthese aren’t just any pillows ratherthey have little snaps and they clip onto those rear headrests I shown youbefore you can put them on and then youcan enhance the comfort of your rearseating

experience while you’re sittingthere changing the interior color onyour tablet next up moving up to thefront of the m76 do take a close look uphere and you can see that the grille isclosed now that’s because BMW keeps thegrille of this car closed in normalsituations to improve aerodynamics andthus gas mileage however if the carneeds extra air like if it’s idling fora while or if you floor it and it needsto suck in a lot of air for the enginethe grille can open automatically togive the engine the air that it needsand then when it doesn’t need the airagain it can close right back up againand next up we move on to the badgethere on the C pillar now there are onlya few ways you can tell apart theregular 7 Series and the M 760 but myfavorite way is that badge it just sortof subtly says v12 it might as well sayI’m richer than youanother interesting badge on the outsideof the car is right here it’s onlyvisible when the doors are openotherwise it’s hidden on the b-pillarunderneath the doors it says there incarbon core basically what that means isthat the chassis this car has somecarbon infused in it to make it a

littlebit lighter a little bit tighter ofcourse no one who has one of these hasany idea what that means carbonor the salesperson to BMW they shouldprobably tell it to them and they forgetin the following week nonetheless thebadge is there and this is somethingthat BMW is proud of next up moving onto the side of the car check this outwhen you approach the car at night itgives you these pathway lights that comeout from the bottom of the car they’resort of flowy and cool and speaking ofthose little lines that light up on thepavement is your approach your 7 Seriesat night that exact same line design iscarried over to the interior dome lightson the ceiling of the 716 next to therear view mirror to give it sort of amore luxurious look than your typicalautomotive into your dome light a coupleof other interesting interior quirks inhere that I like one of which is theclimate controls which look like theyhave regular buttons to increase theairflow or turn on the heated and cooledseats but actually that’s a screen it’sjust designed to resemble buttons youpress it and then it does exactly whatit shows it will do but it isn’t abutton in fact it is a screen and one ofthe items on that screen is the littleperfume cannister just like in the reartablet you press that and you canincrease or decrease the level offragrance inside your n7 60 maybe moreinteresting than that look a little bithigher and you can see the littleclimate control temperature adjustersthat can bring the

center vents fromcool to warm in every other car thesewould be manual sliders you just sort ofslide your finger over and turn a littleplastic lever but in this car it’selectronic so you push exactly yourdesired level of cool or warm and then alittle white light lights up exactlywhere you want your cool or warm settingto be moving on to the gauge clusterthere are a couple of interesting thingsin the gauge cluster one item Iabsolutely love right next to the littlefuel gauge that shows how much fuel youhave left it shows your range thatdoesn’t go away it’s not configurable orchangeable but it’s always there whichis a really good idea I generally don’treally want to know how much fuel I haveleft I want to know how far I can go andthis car just sort of keeps that thereall the time so that you’ll always knowin addition to knowing your fuel levelanother thing I like to think edgecluster is that when you’re revving theengine or going through the RPMs as thetachometer needle increases and goes toeach additional rpmthat number lights up in larger print asits reached by the needle as if to sayyou’re at 3,000 you’re at 4,000 and thenas you go past itthat number sort of goes back down sitsquietly until it is needed again acouple of other

interesting quirks inthe infotainment system you can use theinfotainment system to turn on and offyour daytime running lights and when youdo that the daytime running lights onthe little M 760i graphic also turn onand off to mimic what’s happening on theoutside of the car which is cool I alsolike the control for the preconditioncomfort ventilation which I showed youbefore using the key you can alsoconfigure the infotainment systembasically you can set a time when thecar starts circulating air inside thecabin so it’s nice and fresh when youarrive to drive it to work in themorning next up the M 760 of course hasa wireless charging tray that’s nosurprise most luxury cars have that nowbasically you just put your phone on alittle tray and it will charge the phonewithout you having to plug in a cord notthat unusual the cool thing in this carit has a little reminder so if you leaveyour phone in that tray it will remindyou before you get out and walk awaythat your phone has been left behindsort of like a reminder if you left onyour lights or if you left your key inthe caranother cool infotainment system quirkyou can ask the car to measure theengine oil level which is a fun littlething to watch you ask it to do themeasurement and then it sort of loads ona

percentage basis measuring the leveland then eventually it tells you thatthe engine oil level is just fineanother item I love inside theinfotainment system would be the owner’smanual which is absolutely hilarious youcan use the owner’s manual to find outvarious things about your car but youcan also use it to get various animateddisplays showing your car doing allsorts of things take a look at one ofthem sensors monitor the area around thevehicle and identify fluids suitable forevasion the camera close to the interiormirror monitors the area one thing Ilike about those animated displays isthe other vehicles included in them likeif it’s showing you parking or someforward collision warningthey’re always BMWs there’s like AIeights and x5 s and every single parkinglot you’re m76 di happens to encounteralso another infotainment system quirkthis car gives you the ability to recordvoice memos so if you’re driving alongand you want totell yourself something for later youcan do that no one will ever use thisfeature no one has ever used thisfeature but some German guy in thedevelopment of this car is like I wantvoice memos and so well they all havethem and finally one cool quirk of thenavigation system I found is how itdisplays buildings a lot of navigationsystems show 3d buildings but this thingtakes it

a step further this is theseven stories I was driving in San Diegothis is the famous Hotel del Coronado ifyou look at the navigation system in theseventh series it actually shows thefamous red roofs of that building fromabove more than just your typical 3dimage of the building that is a coollittle touch a lot of people won’tnotice it but when you do it’s a nicelittle easter egg now moving back to therest of the interior another interestingatom I find in the center console is thev12 edge this car reminds you that youdidn’t cheap out and get a 740 or even a750 you got the v12 and anytime you wantthat confirmation just look down at yourcenter console and it’ll let you knowone other interesting feature in thiscar is the dead pedal which allows youto rest your left foot to the left ofthe brake pedal and the drivers footwelltell you look at this thing it’s likethe most advanced dead pedal I’ve everseen not only does it have the M logo onit which no one will ever notice butthere’s like a little pattern on it likean expensive sneaker just so your leftfoot has an appropriately nice spot tosit as you drive your M 760 down theroad and speaking of appropriately niceI want to draw your attention to theinterior in general in this car not onlyis everything really high quality buteverything feels good everything is niceto touch nice to look

at and look atthese seats and these like little whitecords in the seats everything is just itlooks so expensive and of course that’sbecause it is one more item despite allthese luxuries this is still a sort of Mcar with a nice big engine and it soundsdecent take a listenand so those are all the cool featuresand interesting quirks of the M 760 Itold you there’d be a lot now it’s timeto get behind the wheel and drive theultimate BMW driving the M 760 it’s justso smooth starting off and finallyforward you don’t hear any engine noisethe ride quality is so I’ve just put itin sport mode instantly you hear thislike mean exhaust even though I’mdriving this this luxurious BMW but atthe end of the day it’s still a BMW andit’s still a v12 one thing I like theturn signal has gone back to normal inthis car you put it down it stays downthis is how it turns signals to be BMWsgotten rid of those stupid old turns andit’s perfect again oh yeah it’s actuallykind of interesting because it’s such abig car and yet because you know it hasbecause of this giant engine and I’m insport mode so the throttle responsestighten up because of all that it’s sortof able to feel a little bit more pokeythan you kind of expect from a full-sizecar like thisWow oh manthis thing is so quick it also feelsjust really really stableof course the steering is very light Imean it doesn’t feel like a sports carbut the whole point of this thing isthat it’s a it’s a luxury

sedan if weget into sport mode you can tell thatthey’ve tightened up the steering alittle bit but it still has sort of thatvague luxury sedan feel BMW makeszillion other cars for people who reallywant you know the sort of dirty littlesteering feel that you’d get from anactual sports car this is good for aluxury sedan of course I don’t thinkit’s quite on panamera level but Wowit is quick quick quick it actuallyfeels kind of like you can wink aroundand do your own thing and move intolanes and whatever we’re just surprisingbecause it’s just massive but it’s got aton of power and BMW has created asituation where you can actually enjoythe power and use it pretty easily thisisn’t like one of those s classes wherethe power is sort of something that thatcomes on eventually this car kind ofit’s almost like a it has almost likesportscar power delivery for home andthe seats are so comfortable ah theheadrest is just especially comfortableit’s like a pillow it’s interesting cuzI just did a video with Genesis g90 thenew full-size you know Genesis luxurysedan which is a deal at seventywhatever thousand dollars this carsdouble the price event but you can kindof tell why I mean everything is justenhanced everything is sort of on thenext level and that’s a very good carand a lot of people don’t want to spendone hundred and eighty thousand dollarsfor electric car but if you do you wantthe stuff that

is commensurate withspending one hundred eighty thousanddollars and this is that we’re just likein a serene bubble away from the world Idon’t have to think about anybody outthere in their cheap cars and thetransmission although the transmissionis pretty tight in sport mode in thethrottle response is pretty good etc incomfort mode it’s just it’s dulledalmost to the point where you don’treally feel any shift I could just takethis thing on a long trip across thecountry and just live like thisliterally just and then someone cuts meoff and so that’s the m76 ti theultimate BMW the most expensive BMW evermade the luxury car world continues toget crazier and more advanced and moreluxurious and this is the new king the180 thousand dollar king and now it’stime to give it a dug score startingwith the weekend categories in stylingthe m76 Ti is fine not especiallyamazing and it gets a 6 out of 10acceleration however is amazing it does0-60 in 3.6 seconds which makes itfaster than a BMW m4 and it gets anincredible 8 out of 10 scoring betterthan some serious sports cars I’vetested like the Audi r8 and the MercedesCLK 63 Black Series handling is

good butsteering is a bit light and ultimatelyit’s a big car and it gets a 6 out of 10cool factor is a bit above average butmost people won’t pay any more attentionthan a regular 7 Series so it gets a 6out of 10 as for importance the top-end7 Series models never sell incrediblywell and they aren’t exactly museumworthy giving it a 5 out of 10 add it upin the total weekend score is 31 out of50 which ties the Porsche Panamera Turboin fact they get the same score in everycategory and so onto the dailycategories starting with features I’veonly done it once before but between theparking thing the camera thing the reartablet and theeyetality program I can’t avoid it thiscar gets a ten out of tencomfort is truly impressive not quitereaching the upper echelon rolls-roycemodels but it’s not far off and it getsa nine out of ten

quality istremendously good the interior isfantastic and my only worry would belong-term ownership of that big v12 itgets an 8 out of 10practicality is good typical of afull-size luxury sedan and it gets a 6out of 10 as for value it’s prettypricey and it’ll lose value quicklywhich means it should get a low scorebut if you want the best the newest thecoolest and many people looking to spendthis money on a car do want exactly thatgood luck finding anything more advancedso it gets a six out of ten bringing thetotal daily score to 39 out of 50 thatmakes it the best daily car I’ve evertested falling just shy of the LincolnNavigator SUV and the Honda Odysseyelite minivan for daily Duty add it allup and the Doug score is 70 out of 100this car truly has it all it’s fast ithandles reasonably well it has moretechnology than you can imagineand it can carry the whole family hereit is compared to rivals it beats outthe Panamera Turbo by one point thanksto a better daily score it’s morecomfortable and it has more stuff thoughthe Panamera’s resale value will behigher it also beats out the rolls-royceWraith and alexis Elsie is its four-doorsedan body makes it more usable and itdestroys the Genesis g90 no surprise ofcourse given the huge price difference [Laughter] you

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