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good morning everybody and welcome tothe Angeles forest it is a beautifulwinter’s day for a drive it’s raincleaned off the roads and it should be apretty glorious up here this is the 2018BMW m6 Gran Coupe a and today I got totell you I’m actually very happy to tellyou this car was provided to us forreview by BMW of Beverly Hills asubsidiary of the Sonic Auto group andnot only are they going to be providingus a few cars to review they actuallyare sponsoring some posts on myInstagram as well so I’m happy to havethemand because Sonic Auto owns a wholebunch of different stores for a wholebunch of different brands we’re going tobe doing a bunch of cars from differentbrands and that wayit’s not going to be a brand loyaltything so I would be incentivized tooverly kindly review a car that doesn’tdeserve it anyway happy to have themonboard check them out in thedescription if you’re interested in aBMW hey have a look at the people whosponsor your favorite show so this isthe m6 Gran Coupe it is the four-doorversion of the two-door version of afour-door car so you take the m5

turn itinto a coupe a with the m6 and thenstretch that coupe a back out to havefour doors the m6 compared to the m5 haswheelbase within an inchok the m6 is just slightly shorterwheelbase actually with a just slightlylonger overall length two inches overalllength it is three inches shorter inheight it is the same exact width andit’s 60 pounds heavier than the m5 them5 is 43 70 and this is 44 30 poundsthey are very similar thisshares the powertrain of the outgoing m5the new m5 has an updated powertrain soin the m6 it is a 560 horsepower 4.4liter twin-turbo v8 500 pounds of torquewith a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox Ihappen to like this car very much and Ithink it is time we take it for a driveso let’s put our powertrain and SportPlus where I like it for this kind ofDrive our shocks in sport and then we’regoing to leave our steering which isadjustable in comfort because that’swhere I like it tooand then we’ll talk all right I have a long and prettypretty rosy history with the BMW m6 myfirst m6 experience was the bangle budcar my friend Frankie’s let me drive oneon the 2007 bull run rally and I learnedwhat a true real GT car was aboutbecause with that 500 horsepower v10 andthe super cushy interior we had a carthat was so greatfor all those days on the highway and inthe long transits the one day I switchedto Frankie’s a 430 Spyder and it

wasnervous it was dirty it was two hands onthe wheel at all times and I reallyappreciated what it meant to have a fastGTand the m6 Gran Coupe takes that to withthe sedan level really I drove theconversion in his car on a few differentoccasions most notably with Rob Freddyacross Europe in 2014 when the car wasnew and in a straight line suffice tosay the m6 buffet is as fast fromhighway role as a Ferrari for five eighta very very fast car B sedanhonestly it’s a little heavier and it’sbigger but it really in a straight linefeels just as fast the chassis is reallynicely sorted it’s a double wishbone inthe frontwith the multi-link in the rear it’svery stable I’m actually very impressedwith how well this car rides in comfortmode in the city unlike the AMG S & Mcars of a couple of years ago thisdoesn’t seem as bouncy and stiff it’seven supple here we go and something else this thing does is itmasks the speed other cars canaccentuate your speed and really feedthat back into you the m6 will swallowground at an unbelievable rate and takeyou deep deep into the triple digitsbefore you even really realizeon a road like this big sweepers bigopen fast road it’s just a missile onthe highway it is really a

missileI should add my first time ever crossing200 miles an hour in my life was in av10 powered BMW m6 and those were easy200 mile an hour cars back in the dayBMW says this thing is limited to 163 Ido not buy it at allI’ve heard that limiting formany many years and I have never once ata BMW M car that was limited to anyspeed asked me how I know Xero’s thesezeros are my favourite and in thisapplication thereI get a lot of road noise on the floorfreeway there 265 fronts and 295 rearsinterestingly that’s more of a staggerthan the m5 has which is 275 fronts and285 rear so it’s a little closer to squarebut it gives up some at the rear forsome at the front this thing that twoinches longer than the m5 for somereason I noticed it in this carespecially when I go to parkit’s tough to park this thingit’s just tough to judge it has sensorsbut it’s just it’s tough to judgetougher than I thoughtthe rest of Gotham is lovely and can wemention the fact I’m calling an assright now it’s fastgood steeringthe sound is a little gran turismolittle artificial they do pump it inbut that’s only the sound in the cabinoutside the carit has aglorious bark that I would say is veryvery real and has been an absolute treatevery morning I’ve had this thing when Igo to started in my garage and

echoesit’s very snarly anddraw the imposition of the neighborsrighto response is a little delay withthe turbos but once they’re small boy dothey stay smooth very very fast card the dual clutchgearbox is excellent I refer to PDKPorsches gearboxes the gold standard andthis is honestly right there doesn’t getas much recognitionwe talk about it as muchextremely consistent shifts and thedifferent manhello BMW the different maps ofefficient you know Sport Sport+they do change the character of thegearbox in terms of the shifts meanwithoutnicely seamless seamless you knowgearbox is this such an important pointof interaction between you in the carthere’s gravel over here that’ll be badsuch a great point of interactionbetween you in the car and a good onereally makes it that one really takesaway so the comparison for me on thiscarat the Audi rs7 right which is babe issold so fast andanyway as is this they’ve got theall-wheel drive so that probably wins inthe quarter-miletop-end pulls it would be pretty closeglad this has been swept that’sbut the Audi has that from that 8-

speedgearbox whereas this has the dual clutchso walloping audi can be nice andprepared in traffic or just computingyou know it’s slushy ER that’s it’s gota torque converter this is this remindsyou that you have a dual clutch you knownot that it’s jerky it’s very verysmooth but it reminds you because you’vegot to put the handbrake on to park youknow it behaves like a manual with anautomatic mode not so much like anautomatic that you can showI think this is more fun to drive thanthe rs7 although the rs7 is anincredible missile this has bettersteering fifteen point seven inchceramic brakes in the front and get thisfifteen point six in the back so theceramic brake rotors are almost squaredup that’s not something I see typicallythat’s a lot of rear brake I’m notreally sure the science behind it butsure okayvery good balance front to rear I meanlook it’s not it’s a heavy car it’s notit’s not maskingitself as a Boxster it feels heavy butthe grip is there the feedback is prettygoodpower is certainly there’s the brakesare there gearbox is there a minuteyou could easily and I almost on the wayup to the hill to start the shoot I wasI was on it and I was having to go and Iswear to god I was thinking about thatm6 from Europe and I completely forgotthat I had a huge backseat behind me Icompletely forgot I was in a big soLuton carI forgot that I was in the regular onedynamically unless you’re going back toback and on a race track I think you’dhave a very tough time telling thedifferenceI’m pretty in tune to dynamics and Idon’t I don’t really feel a differencebetween this and the equivalent m5 oreven really this in the equivalent m6tooyou’d have you need a stopwatch or youneed a racetrack or you need a realgoing-over you know back to back to backthat’s that’s the only way to tell otherthan that it’s all it’s all prettysimilarin addition you know this thing is like120 grand it’s not it’s not cheap sooutside of the

dynamics of it you getthe nice Bang & Olufsen stereo heatedand cooled seats and above above parkingsensors and a blah blah blah the backupcamera is actually not great and gavelike to the can of the picture is clearand it works okay at night but itdoesn’t give you Molly’s and it’sdeceptive in it it distorts the actualdistance and shows between your rearbumper and the back of the outlook andthat cloud that is spectacularbetween your rear bumper and the thingyou’re backing up into so a few timesI’ve had to get out and really doublecheck my work when parking I was alittle deceptive additionally I had someconnectivity issues regarding ways ofgiving me instructions over Bluetoothyou know it like it does it like itmakes a call kind of to the car and acouple times inwould it hang up the call and I couldn’thang up the call using the car and evenquitting and restarting plays didn’t doitand and then a couple other times itwould come on to give me a direction toturn left here and then the podcast thatI was listening to over my phonerestarted from the beginning it didn’tgo back and I was like ohthat’s annoying and soI’m not sure if that’s a software issuethis car is brand new I mean they gaveit to me with 14 miles on it brand newso you knowbut I hope it’s okay I’ve never had thatissue before in one of these but ithappened and that’s it so but anywayvery

comfortably bobbingvery comfortably mobbing I have notdriven the new all-wheel drive e 63 orwhich I really look forward to helpsonic look that one up for a comparativetry but look for a big car for a heavycarthis thing dance is really good it turnsand stops you really good it isextremely fastI don’t think it’ll keep up with a 488but it will keep up with a four fiveeight in all the ways that matter in astraight line and not on a race trackbut a straight lineand it would certainly keep up withstuff like Gallardo’s and any of thenaturally aspirated class of of previousgen supercars this is a very very fastand fast car and it’s lovely to livewith every daydoes not really ask anything of youunless you have a tight parking spot youhave to get into every day and even thenthe doors are shortunlike the m6 gup-a where the doors arevery long and take a lot of room to openthese doors are short and they’reframeless so getting up dearnow the the ups of that deer that deerjust ran straight up a wall ceramicbrakes folks maybe help in hereit’s not the ceramic material enjoy the15.6 inch six piston brakes that arereally doing that and that one stop butwe didn’t hit it here so there’s nothinganywaythis car is an extremely dope as ahundred and twenty thousand dollar BMWas super saloon should be if you ask meI prefer it to the m5 if you ask thatclapman he prefers the m5 to this but ifyou ask any of the passengers I’ve takenin the front or back seat for driveswhile I’ve had this thing nobody had anycomplaints at all and from the driver’sseat aside from the connectivity issuesI don’t have any eitherthis is a sweet rig so as we into thisone now I want to thank Sonic automotiveand BMW Beverly Hills and they’reincredibly chill GM Shaun what’s upbang call them for the car and I want tothank all of you for watching and if youwant to buy a new car do us a favor justclick on their website and poke aroundtheir inventory help the people thathelped us keep this content going keepthis content free and and that is thatand give Zach some support for his onetakes as well if you haven’t seen themyet they’re coming soon and yeah that’sthe m6 Gran Coupe a good day goodbye

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