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I would have a solution now rule Egypt woo-wit up guys and girlsmy name’s Newt and this right here is mybrand-new 2018 BMW m4 here’s my brandnew 2018 BMW m4 if you’re not familiarwith it I want to show you the exteriorto interior so you can kind of get toknow you know my brand new car this isthe car you’re gonna see me whippingaround with it feels like it’s gonnarain huh you doesn’t matter we about therain man look at look at that bluethat’s rain right there y’all that’srainfinally finally got my dream car it’s sosurreal to me I never thought I’d seethe day to have a brand new BMW M Seriescar an m4 with the competition package Ifeel like I feel like I want so whatthis car has it has the competitionpackage it’s not a regular m4 and whatthat gives the car is not only morehorsepower it gives us these 20-inchwheels right here they’re kind of dirtyguys but 20 inch wheels I know it’s kindof busy as you can see there’s a lotgoing on at first like I didn’t love thewheels with the competition package butnow like I love it it’s weird I don’tknow I just I love it now I’m usuallylike a five-spoke type of guy but thisis special so every time you see thesetype of wheels on em

serious car youknow it has the competition package alsohas the adaptive andmention so that’s cool we’re not evensupposed to be on this road but for yourinformation this road is closed and notsupposed to be on this road right nowbut we needed to make this video thefront of the car special got the m4badge never remove that never removethat got your sensors right here parkingsensors just show them the lights realquick sure coming out today not yeah myfour series have the fog lights righthere the m-series cars don’t and for forexample doesn’t have to follow I saywhich I feel like it’s a better looklook you got a camera right here alsothe right side of car I’ll show youexactly what it does when we get to theinterior profile the car and fourthbadge right there one thing cool aboutthis specific car this color right hereis called the Oz morena blue and theyonly come in the M serious cars righthere I’ve got the carbon fiber roof it’seither again this or we get a sunroombut as you can see it complements thecar really well with the Yas Marina bluecolor and carbon fiber roof obviously Igot the car from

Valencia that’s thedealership looks like I just got itstraight out of Europe you know it’skind of cold outside so just kind offeels betrayed you got that end powertwin turbo look at this look at thisthis carbon fiber it has carbon fiberright here let’s say you guys ready tosee the interior you ready yes let meshow you come on come here come herecome here come in come in come in comein ah so as you can see if you look rightnext to you Miguel you see that speakerright there bro yo right here we gotHarman Kardon Harman Kardon sound systemin the mother effing car manthat means I didn’t have to put myaftermarket through 12 inch Kenwood subsin here the car sounds fantastic shouldI show them a little sample house sounds you got the m4 badge I feel is hellacool man and as you can see right herehas the openings right there gives itthat nice sporty you know sporty looksat it hugs you you know when you’retrying to race up in the streets of LAyou know it’s hardcoreI love how has the carbon fiber finishedright there also right here this isgorgeous Marin storage and if you lookclosely at the

steering wheel and turnthis off if you look closely in thesteering wheel you can see the stitchingthe BMW color stitching look at that howbeautiful does that look also on theseat belt as you can see right here thehell is that put the seat belt on youreppin that em you know you reppin thatem it feels gooddamn is right here I wanted to show youlook this dial right here as you can seeit controls everything that’s on thisscreen so this car comes with navigationreverse camera parking sensors it haslike side cameras oh look let me showyou let me start the car oh this buttonright herecontrols the throttle response in thiscar as you look closely right here amigocan you see that bro right here soefficient modesport mode Sport Plus mode obviously youwant it on Sport Plus mode so you getthat full throttle response right herethat controls the suspension this buttonright here so if you want it to becomefor mode sport mode or Sport Plus willkeep that Sport Plus for now and righthere this is for the steering if youwanted to be you know Comfort SportSport+ Sport Plus keep everything thatSport Plus mode and the cool thing aboutit is when you change all those settingsthere’s these buttons

right here M 1 andM 2 so you can hold down M 1 and it’llstore those settings under M 1 if itfeels like racing press M 1 if you haveit set up at Sport Plus mode if you feellike just cruising put it on M 2 maybeunder M – you have like efficient modeyou want to save gas you just want tocruise that’s how that’s why that’sthere so right here as you can seeparking sensors right here when you turnthe parking sensors on it gives you acamera so close your door right willclose the gap so your closes doing itgives you a view of the car so if you’reparking in like tight spaces you can seeif you’re like in between the lines orwhatever you or wherever you need to bewhich is awesome let me show them realquickbeautiful that’s cool reverse camera ifyou don’t want to use the reverse camerayou can use the side cameras so in caseyou hit a squirrel or a dog or a catthat’s on the street you got the sidecameras you go to menu you can see likemy phones connected rich decayed plugwalk you got your phone navigationconnected drive shows you the weather myvehicle saying on average 19 mpg at 38miles per hour that’s wrong I want toshow you guys something really reallycool this car has head-up display so ifyou’re wondering what that is if youcome over here make all you got to comeover here bro look right there can yousee that look at that if you guys cansee that clearly look at that look atthat beauty whenever my navigation is onwhatever I want displayed up there itwill be up there and I can see like onthe street so I don’t have to like lookaway look over here it’s gonna be rightthere so that’s really cool reallyhelpful this controls the shiftingintensity so this car has automatic modeon automatic mode right now but if youdo it one more time it’s on manual modeand you have to shift okay you have thisshift just like your motorcycle justlike a manual transmission car but asyou can see there’s two bars right thereyou see how those two bars zoom in yousee this new bar so right now I put itat 3 the shifting intensity will be alittle hardcore you put out one reallyeasy – is

probably where you wanted at 3if you’re hella good at shifting thenkeep it at 3 I believe it at 2 or I’llleave it at 3 if I’m feeling like youknow extra good about myselfwho’s this only try to take our spot broI’m just kidding I love Japanese carsguys I love Japanese cars but who thehell put this under my seat man anywaythat’s my brand-new 2018 BMW and forcompetition package show you theexterior show you the interior show youall that good stuff tell me what kind ofmods should I add to the car let me knowin the comments belowhere’s an Acura coming back there’s a helicopter a police helicopterand he wants to leave relieve it that’sa wraphope you enjoyed the video like itsubscribe join the fam hit the bellsevery time I post you will be alertedand when you want something in thisslide do not ever hesitate go get itlife is too shortthis is team you know have you lessoh thank you God man hard work thatapproval you right away tell you Francisthrow a party girl mutters I got thiscash for you you got

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