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I’m Jacob here go for Drive 2018 bmw m3 CS California’s fashion nothat’s the Mustang yeah this is the coopsport but it’s not a coupe no it’s notthe only thing I could find that said CSwas Coupe sport and I believe is arodent track article so so it’s a it’s athrowback name maybe possibly doesn’tactually mean anything according to anyBMW literature so whatever more lettersequals cooler yeah exactly this isdefinitely the cooler m3 horsepower andtorque 453 horsepower and 420this thing’s fast this is definitelypretty fast to show how fast is’s let’sinitiate launch control guess how you dothat I’m assuming gas brake kinda Rickgas but not really try it here we gono no try it in your M mode M – no nopebecause the traction is to be fully offlet’s do that quickly that actually kindof makes sense no I’ll just do it rightheretraction is now fully off okay now do ityep oh yes okay that’s a little dumb butit also kind of makes sense there’s onething that’s dumber that was part of theplan it says you need to drive 10kilometers and warm up the engineappropriately or you plan this I plannedthis oh it didn’t work you don’t need todrive 10 kilometers you just need tomake sure the engine is up totemperature it also means we shouldn’tplan anything as we normally never doyeah and I was hoping that launchcontrol wouldn’t work for you and then Iwas the only one who could do launchcontrol too bad man alright but anywaysit does show a race flag it does workwell it does it

actually launches prettyhard and since we’re at cliche cornermight as well talk about cliche cornerhandling here we gopull send and this quick so well oh yesbecause it has our favourite tiresMichelin cup twos they are actually thebest tires we’ve ever used we haven’tused slicks yet so these are pretty muchroad-legal slicks the car is so flatthrough the corners turned in as showdirect the steering is really heavyreally heavy nice and race car this isso much better than the m240 ice – thisis way better I don’t even think it’sthe same manufactory back to back but Ido have one issue with that I noticedwith the steering might as well hit thatup right nowthe steering wheel is too good yeah heagrees with me it’s like holding a cupof coffee the whole time while drivingyeah yeah or just like holding your armlike alrightit gets sore yeah so you drive for acouple minutes and you’re fine but ifyou drive for an hour half an hour yourthumbs start to herus we have small hands apparently but Idon’t know back to horsepower this isthe most powerful m3 isn’t three hasfour doors yes it does because it’s anm3 in my mind I’m used to seeingtwo-door m3 okay we’ll get over that cuzthat see him for now okay cool like soor more yeah it does look a lot betterbut I like my sedans a regular m3 has425 horsepower so this gets a little bitof a

bumper power this also ladies alittle bit less only a hundred and tenpounds though so this gets morehorsepower because it’s the CS yes andit’s lighter because it’s a CS and it’smore expensive we’ll talk about thatlater a lot more expensive moreexpensive yeah but this is a lot morerare it isthere’s only 1200 of these worldwide notjust Canada wide worldwide and they madeit a press car what yeah shut up BMWthis is the same twin-turbo three litreinline-six that the m3 also gets in linesixes sound extra cool don’t they thatyou do and we should probably talk aboutthat exhaust sound because it’s actuallyreally really good it almost sounds synthetic inside butthat’s only because it sounds so goodoutside exactly I kind of miss out on itinside which kind of suffers it doessound okay like you said put outsideit’s so good it’s like what everymanufacturer is trying to make a fakesound for these guys just did itnaturally yeah yeah here’s the real onedon’t eat anything syntheticmany outside sounds so good so mean whenyou get to high RPM’s it’s justscreaming oh it does and if you put itinto Sport Plus mode you get somecrackles and pops and it gets louderbecause it’s valved but we don’t havethat like stupid breath pip pip up up upup up like the BMW 440 IX no no no nothis is all like very often it sounds really really I wish there waslike

a dial where you could turn up likethe the silliness yeah yeah I think thisis very authentic old-school BMW soundyeah whereas the 440 I just kind of madeit really synthetic and fake try tobeing AMG but also kind of good yeahyeah the engine is super responsivethere’s pretty much no turbo lagespecially if we put in Sport+yeah it’s really quick like its torqueall the time no turbo lag like I saidany rpm it’s always pulling if we’retalking about it being quick it is quickwe did get into this right after the gt2RS and the gt3 yeah bragging over hereokay I’m not bragging I’m just saying atfirst it didn’t feel that fast it’s allperspective you need to take like twodays out of those Porsches to feel howfast this actually is however to putthose Porsches into perspective thisdoes 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds it’svery fast let that one to 2.8 secondsexactly but this is fast though this isvery fast you want talk about thetransmission I would love to because Idon’t like it it’s not as fast as thePorsches which I was spoiled for a bitbut I feel like AMG is even faster aswell I think so toothis is a 7-speed dual-clutch so it’snot the ZF that that you’d sometimes useI don’t like certain parts of it we haveseveral different

modes which we’ll getto later but if you have it in the mostextreme mode it shifts pretty quicklywhen you’re in the high rpms Rypien butwhen you’re just driving around townit’s okay it’s not the fastest howeverwhere my issue lies not with the speedof the shifting it is with a round towndriving from zero to five o’clock oh isthat that the depth yeah so when youhave it in the ultra sport mode whenyou’re going off the line it does thisweird thing as if you don’t know how todrive a manual yeah it only does itsometimes yeah it’s weird it’s just I’veDrive a lot of cars this shouldn’thappen to me a kind of thing exactlythis is automatic I mean it’s a dualclutch but it is an automaticjoana you have no control pedals that’sthe only way it’s not an automatic butyou have no control over how that worksso it’s a cars fault and it only doesn’tsometimes so I will kind of partiallyforgive itbut it’s not my face I can live with ityeah exactly you could definitely livewith it like I said it doesn’t happenevery time but that’s it no other issuespretty much with the whole car actuallyto be honest another cool thing aboutthe transmission when you’re in launchcontrol you needed to be in sportshiftings two paddles that’s rightif you hold your foot down all the wayto the floor it’ll automatically keepshifting through gears for you

that’salso have the BMW M 760li word yeah yeahmakes sense read your owners manualpeople let’s get to the different drivemodes this is your model however this ismy most favorite layout out of any carI’ve ever driven for adjusting all ofthe different modes yeah yes kind of sowe’ve got three buttons right heretechnically four with traction becausethat is part of the whole system so wehave our steering we have our suspensionand we have our engine and then thetraction buttons everything is displayedperfectly in my gauge cluster under myrpm so I know exactly what mode I’m inat all times and I absolutely love ityou can also customize it through m1 andm2 buttons through the infotainmentwhich is actually the best thing I’veever seenI get why you like that but I like theMercedes style where there’s individualcomfortSport Sport+ race I like to just turnthe knob and know everything is in thatposition I get that but this is socustomizable that right away I knowexactly what mode I want to play I exactI think you need if you own this car youwill love it instead of just getting inand turning it to race it’s better thatway exactly and there’s also atransmission one which I should alsomention it so there’s technically fouror five depending on how you look at itbe honest I didn’t notice muchdifference with the transmission Ididn’t either so there are threedifferent modes for it and depending

onwhich mode rain is supposed to shiftfaster but it shifts pretty decently inall modes and back to the sport modeswhat else kind of sucks is that when youswitch your modes it doesn’t show like acool graphic like sport mode Sport Plusrace I’m fine with thatI like that in the Mercedes I like thepresentation I don’t mind it this isvery driver oriented and I appreciatethatthere’s no presentation it’s all justdriver oriented you want to something Idon’t like about driver-oriented what’sthat where the tach is why what’s wrongwith that I want it dead center like thePorsches I got really used to that and Ilove that that is the ideal but I don’tmind it especially because of thisheads-up tooplay yes you can customize the heads-updisplay through the infotainment you canhave just your regular speed andspeedometer and all that stuffbut you can also have it in an M modethat I can see my rpms and it’s the bestthing ever it’s my favorite heads-updisplay out of any other car what Idon’t like about the RPMs is that itshows light blue over dark blue ok fairI want like more contrast red like Idon’t need to like squint to check wheremy rpm is that is bad like they’re like10% great at 20% greatly come on howeverat the top of that otherwise shift likeexactly I think I like the Mercedes e63AMG shift lights more

remember how itcame across kind of like s2000 yeah thatis really cool I do want to touch on thesuspension a little bit more it is verystiff this car is so stiff even incomfort mode it’s appropriately stiff Ilike that in a car that’s fast thoughexactly it’s very appropriate for thecar because this is essentially a racecar the m3 is a little bit more subtlewhereas this is like a weekend race carthe only issue I’ve had with it isreally sending it into a corner whereyou really full send it and the frontfeels like it wants to get away from youbecause the boost hits so hard that theboost is hitting while you’re turning soyou need to give it a little bit moreinput I haven’t noticed that but I’lltake your word for it because you seemto be really into that yeah it’s alittle bit less predictable than I wouldhave liked but it’s also fine just dealwith it you’ll be completely finebecause this is the best version of them3 what maybe you should drive and thenI’ll show you how to notice it ok but weshould also talk about looks yeah thisthing is stunning look you know what I’mgonna tell you right away I’m gonnabrush over the infotainment because itsays the rest of them and I don’t reallycarefair enough watch our empty 40 Ireviewed a lot same stuff let’s talkabout the looks go for it what makes anm3 and m3 the back end it is the bigrear quarter panels they look so good sofat so be wide and those tires help forsure yeah my favourite tires and Ireally like the graphic on the tire yesso these are the cup twos like we saidhowever for $0 you can option the ps4sso that they last longerdon’t do thatyeah you kind of don’t do that if you’regonna buy this car you’re buying itbecause it’s a race car and you’re gonnarace car it on the weekends you race carwith the proper tires which are the cuptwos okay back to the looks all rightfine whatever rear diffuser yeah itlooks amazing carbon fiber rear exhaustnot carbon fiber but also looks amazingquad tips rear spoiler it is carbonfiber it is a gurney flap gurney flapand then the rear taillightsyeah they look amazing so they prettymuch nailed it they absolutely nailed itlooks especially on the rear end butalso the front end pretty much thelittle

car now for the side we’ve got awicked body line right down the centeryeah we do and then we have vents in thefront which are real for the brakes Ireally like the wheels they are veryappropriate very race car and behindthose wheels we have carbon ceramicsthat’s an option on this car yeah I likebig brakes and I like cool colorfulbrake calipers and they work really wellwhat I really want to know more about isthe roof yeah so that’s also carbonfiber carbon fiber reinforced plastic somost of the stuff on this car is CR FPno sunroof though no sunroof cuz racecar and lower weight okay that’s goodlower center of gravity – okay what’sthe top panel in front of the roofthrough the hood that is my favoritepart of the looks of the entire carthat’s also carbon fiber reinforcedplastic and that hood vent looks amazingI love it from the driver position itlooks very good from a side view itreally does – is that you knowsomething’s up with this m3 yeah butespecially from the top as we’re showingyou right now and we’ve got a crazy-coolcarbon-fiber lip at the front yeahexactly it’s a little bit sketchybecause it’s very low it’s not that lowit’s not that low but still going intocurbs you do have to take it at the lowcar bro yeah and it’s like rightcarbon-fiber at the ground some extrascared exactly and the headlights lookunreal as they do on every – so true orbadass BMW headlights yeah this thingcreeping up in your rear view is prettymenacing I think I know your favoritepart though you haven’t said what yourfavorite part is what is it the mirrorsyes okay they look really cool you’rereally swooping and they look cool fromthe driver position as well exactly andnow for a little cliche corner sand yuristyle okay so like i said i want you tofeel this out so send it and turn andmid turn you’re gonna feel thecome out and you’re gonna feel like thefront tyres want to get away from younow to ascend right here so you got towrestle it a little bit by wrestling youmean have the most fun over steering oncorners well yeah exactlyokay and then sign me up this time umanything that we this handles exactlyhow I wanted

to handle that’s what I’msaying you have to be ready for thatotherwise it will get out of hand youhave to be ready for a rear-wheel drivecar to oversteer when your flooring itin a turnyes but the amount of boost that hitsduring the level that you’re at in themid corner is a little bit sketchierthan I would have liked just a littlebitactually I’ve actually had a great timeI’m sure you are Yuri what color is thiscar 40:18 flat gray yeah black gray theSox had actually called Lime Rock graycall 2018 it is 2018 gray yeswhich I’m alright with whatever it looksreally really good in person it is theburnt orange 2018 I think it’s gonna agebetter though Yeah rightwe’re done with the outside let’s talkabout the interior small cup of coffeefits just barely just barelyhowever they smartened up and they movethe USB port from the 2 Series and theymoved it over to the back you’re gettingready our cue 3 2 1 Oh visor test failhorrendous BMW man but it is a fun carsyeah it’s not super car so it doesn’tpass because it fails it doesn’t evengetting near the supercar test andthough it doesn’t really gonna bothernope okay the infotainment same as everyother BMW doesn’t ruin Satellite Radio’sthe power button doesn’t turn it kind ofdoes it does live rewind now that I’msafe some guy tried to tell us onTwitter how to do it on his BMW doesn’twork like that here I said do it throughthe numbers but then it still doesn’treally work yeah yeah hard hard hardfail anyways moving on hey I got I got athing for you what’s that is this pastthe gas gauge test I don’t know

itdoesn’t it does not you don’t actuallyfeel safe with gas I saw the other3-series next to me and I saw where hisgas tank was gas gauge fail we do have alittle bit of piano black not too much Idon’t mind it I already see that asdusty but whatever there’s not muchimportant part is there’s no piano blackdown here exactly it’s not on the touchpoints poor on the dust settling pointsit’s on an angle the fanciest part aboutthis interior is the cutouts for CS andthe steering wheel line yeah theyactually cut out the stitching and itlooks amazing it’s cool it’s definitelyit’s definitely impressive the seats aresuper comfortable there so bolsteredthey’ve got holes in them yeah they dothat’s the coolest part no is it okayalso the badge on the seats that lightsup at night that’s the coolest part butalso the holes the bolstering isadjustable and we do have holes in theseats and the seats light up so they arepretty damn cool seats are you satisfiedwith how low the seats can go I’mactually notI want them a little bit lower a lotlower yeah I want to be like this I knowI know anything else in here yeah theseat belts oh yeah yeah yeah super cooland we also have the EM stitching on thewheel as well but besides that it’sfamiliar BMW interior it is but it’sdefinitely a touch more special now weshould definitely address the pricebecause that is the biggest problem withthis entire car what does a normal m3start at 77,000 and you can get it withthe manual you can’t get this with themanual so what does the CS start at onehundred and thirteen thousand fivehundred dollars can ayeah that’s the start and this one’ssitting at 120 $3,600but if this is a collectors version kindof yeah it is then like whatever it’skind of not whatever though but it’s ahigh-end company doing fancy stuff andlimited

runs for people who really wantit why not jack up the price I thinkthey can jack up the price I just don’tthink they should have jacked it up asmuch as they didit’s almost $50,000 more than an m3 yeahthere’s only 1200 in the world but it’salmost $50,000 more than m3 yeah cuzthere’s only 1200 Lowell world that thatjustifies it kind of does but it kind ofdoesn’t let us know in the commentsbelow is the price justified by therareness and a luxury company you canactually get a c63 s with over 500horsepower for less what did the e63 Swagon start at right around the price ofthis one and that’s an e which is aclass above with over 600 horsepower very different cars this is basicallylike a scalpel and that’s basically ahammer so would you recommend $140,000mm 3cs for somebody who really wanted itif you really like em threes and youwant a precision track car that youabsolutely going to drive on the trackevery single weekend yes otherwise justget the regular m3 or unless you’recollector you’re gonna put in a bar forthe rest of its lifeexactly so let us know what you guyswould pick and why and leave a commentand don’t forget to subscribe hit thenotification bell and patreon.com slashthe straight pipes and the YouTubesponsor button that’s new click that tooI’m Yuri I’m Jacob we’re going for adrive subscribe right now subscribe wedidn’t even we didn’t do that

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