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what is going on ladies and gentlemen I hope you are having a fantastic day today we are going to go pick up one of the coolest BMWs ever made the brand new M 240 I essentially the competitor to the Mercedes s65 AMG massive v12 packed with technology and luxurious amenitiesI am super excited to test this one out this is starting to get ridiculous these cars need to wash so badly taking a new Mercedes to go review a BMW feels kind of awkward but will park around the corner crazy enough the M 760 actually has as much power as the e63 601 horse power and have massive v12 sedan 3000 794 awesome miles in the e63 so far I have to say while I love the s-class obviously since I have one and would probably take an s-class over the BMW740i 750 the M 760 slots itself in such an interesting position kind of between

the s63 and the s65 and having seen them and sat on them I haven’t fully driven and reviewed one yet that’s what we’redoing today I would take an M 760 overan s60 3 there’s just something about the way it looks the rarity the prestigeof having that v12 honestly appearance packages make such a big difference withthe 740 and 750 you can get the M Sport package that makes the car looks so much better the s5 I wouldn’t even want unless it had that sports package lookwhat’s pulling up right next to usthat’s a random coincidence a brand news63 headed to Bob Smith BMW in Calabasaswho is graciously lending me the M 760to do a review on there it is the M 760I’m taking out in frozen gray look atthatfrozen gray is actually somewhat similarto the selenite magno on the e63 I justgot the key to the M 760 this is adisplay key I’m gonna talk about a lotmore in a bit features this

offers isincredible let’s go ahead and hop in andstart her up the interior in this car isunbelievablego ahead and power on that v12 that sounds good well damn 760 into mydriveway this thing barely even fits 206point six inches long essentially theexact same length as an s-class I thinkit’s time to jump right in and talkabout five of the insane features the m240i has to offer the first one has to dowith the BMW display key yes this is oneof the largest keys I’ve ever held andthere’s a reason for that it has atouchscreen display on it so by clickingthis button on the side the touchscreenlights up with the display key on you goahead and swipe up you can see loads ofdifferent bits of information on your 7Series right now we can see that the caris unlocked but the windows are closedwe can see that we’ve got 484 miles ofrange you can also tell your 7 Serieswhat time you’re leaving and it’ll turnon the fans a little bit before that tocool the cabin down or warm it up soit’s the optimal temperature when youget in the car and the coolest featureyou can do remote control parking nowfor one the remote parking does have itslimitations the 7 Series can only goperfectly forward and perfectly back itcan’t actually maneuver and turn out ofa spot I’ve stepped into my office toactually test out the range andusefulness of this key BMW claims thiskey has a range of about 900 feet now ifyou use BMWs phone app you can do itfrom a much larger distance I wonderthough remember my video where I saidyou can extend the range of a key pop byplacing it to

your head I wonder if wecould boost it more than 900 feet it’stelling us the vehicle is unsecured Iclick the lock button and now it saysit’s secured this is actually prettycool if you’re upstairs about to go tobed and you forget if you locked yourcar you can simply take your key out ofyour pocket or if you’re at work at yourdesk and you don’t want to go back intothe parking lot boom you’ve got thatright on your key so how do we actuallyactivate remote parking it’s actuallysurprisingly simple and that’s why Ithink people are actually going to usethis feature instead of it just being agimmick so all you have to do is clickthe power button to light up the screenswipe up on the display then you pressand hold this P button on the side allof a sudden it’s going to show a littlemenu that it’s connecting now it’sconnected it’s got a little display thatsays engineswe’re gonna go ahead and click that thewheels have now pointed straight bythemselves so it’s now perfectly in lineto back out backwards and forwards inorder to back out the 7 series let’sclick back oh my god oh my God look atthat guy’s look at that no my friendisn’t in the car this is actuallybacking itself out let’s pretend I justreturned from lunch

or a businessmeeting and I want to pull the vehicleback in next to the Lamborghini we’regonna go ahead and pull out that keyagain and I’ll show you first personpoint of view what this looks like goahead and press and hold on the sideparking button it’s going to attempt toconnect with the vehicle and we clickengine start look at that just fired upthat v12 now it does have obstacleavoidance if I was to click forward allthe way until it hit the wall the7-series would stop before doing so thisis so nerve-racking oh my gosh look at that look at thathow cool is that it’s not just a gimmickand the system works so well I trustedusing it for the first time in a rathernerve-wracking environment there’spretty much no way I could get in thefront door I could just use the remotecontrol parking to pull it out thesecond insane feature of the m7 60i isthe active shutters that’s right theflaps inside of the kidney grillesactually open and close right heredepending upon internal enginetemperature as well as vehicle speedright now the vents are closed to reducedrag and improve fuel efficiency whenthe car determines it needs more airflowand cooling the vents go ahead and openup as you can see right now the ventshave opened up and then they closed toreduce drag the third crazy feature ofthe 760 has to do with its interior andthis is an

option I’ve never seen on anyother US spec 760 I believe it wasindividually ordered and yeah prettymuch none of them have this if we openup this section here normally apass-through for skis or for reachingitems we can see that there is actuallya refrigerator yes that’s right there isa refrigerator in the back of the 760with spaces for champagne bottles goahead and bring this back up you caneven control how cold you want therefrigerator on long road trips I couldsee that coming in handythe fourth crazy feature of the M 760has to do with this tablet on the appyou can control anything from interiorlighting ambient lighting the seatsthemselves climate control you canchange what song is on and also viewnavigation information check this outyou can control the position of the seatby touching it touch a different portionof the seat maybe wouldn’t want to fixthe middle of maybe you want to changethe position of the lower back or howabout turn on the massage we can do thatvia the tablet too you can also turn themassage feature on via this button hereon the door you can even control theoptional $3,400 Bowers

& Wilkins speakersystem and activate the ambient lightingfunction see we’ve got blue ambientlighting right now but if we go to thecontrol panel we can change it to orangeoh yeah and there’s rear seatentertainment asin today’s world of luxury cars it’sbecome very common to have advancedbackup cameras as well as frontal viewcameras and even aerial view camerasthey have that on BMW as well asMarcedes Rolls Royce etc for the lastfeature we will hop in the front seat ofthe M 760 and check out the 360 degreessurround view camera but there’s afeature in this 360 camera I have neverseen before in any other car when we putthe 760 into reverse up pops the backupcamerawith guidelines when you turn thesteering wheel the actual linesthemselves move that’s nothing newyou can actually place your fingers likethis and rotate the car around so youcan see a 360-degree

3d view of your 7Series in real life this is unbelievabletechnology that is so cool guys that isso flippin cool we’ve also got variouscamera angles that you can click on viatouch so we’ve clicked on this it’s theside camera so I can see if I’m about tocurb my wheels we can click on the otherside if we want wonder if the gesturecontrol works on this yes it does onceagain the amount of Technology andfeatures in this car has is unbelievablethe only thing I’m wondering is how manyM 760 owners will actually spend thetime learning all of the features sothey can get the most out of them Ihighly suggest if you do buy this car tolisten to everything the BMW genius sayswhen you’re taking delivery well thereyou guys have it five insane features ofthe 2018 BMW M 760 I if you’re not partof the vehicle virgins family yet smashthat subscribe button turn thenotification bell on because we’ve gotsome awesome videos coming your wayspecial thanks to Bob Smith BMW ofCalabasas California for loaning me thiscar to film a video on I’ve got a linkin the description below to thisspecific M 760 if you’re interested andwant to check it out I look forward toseeing you guys next video you

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