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hi everyone Scott Smith and sunnySouthern California check out thisamazing vehicle of God coming up herefor you this is the Alpena be six grandcoupe xDrive one amazing vehicle I’vebeen reading about it the last coupledays here it is outrageous what Alpenadoes to a six Series now the one thing Ican tell you right off the bat yes itdoes have the heart of a BMW 6-seriesbut it definitely has the spirit in theenergy of Alpena they have modified andupgraded so much stuff on this car soright off the bat it’s 197 inches longjust under 75 inches wide and 55 inchestall and yes Alpina did pick the 4-doorxDrive six Series Gran Coupe right offthe bat this is your mineral whitemetallic and let’s talk about some ofthe upgrades now right off the bat thewheels are 20-inch classic Alpina wheelsand one thing is let’s move in close asyou can see where’s the valve stem onthat wheel that is true you do not seeit it’s actually hidden behind the cabthe symbol the

Alpena symbol willactually fold over there’s a keyhole andthat cap will actually pull off you cansee at Alpena brakes they’ve been anupgrade there are fixed aluminum caliperyou got four piston up front two pistonin the back and they usehigh-performance brake pads on thisvehicle off the bat too we do have twomodels for the United States the b7which just came out in the newgeneration and then we do have obviouslythis wonderful machine here so one thingto mention too which I was pretty amazedwith is the cars forty six hundred andforty pounds you’ve got a total of fiveseatbelts it’s one hundred ninety seveninches long it is 0 to 63 points 3.6seconds so I’m kind of amazed at that ifthat you know at that speed justthinking how many other cars on themarket that are at least a hundred andhundred ninety-seven inches long 46:40and curb weight got five

seatbelts andgo pretty much mid-30sso hey any of you car enthusiasts outthere please give us a list down in thecomment section of any cars that arecomparable and please I want to be gasdriven cars obviously not electrics allright let’s move on to the front here asyou can see Alpena has put on a specialfront apron splitter there which I wasreading about actually helps produceabout ten percent more wind over the topof the car and then with in conjunctionwith that rear spoiler you have zerouplift on this car at any speed and thiscar is rated at 200 miles per houryou’ve got a four point four literBiturbo bye-bye Alpena the v8 with twogarnetturbos on there producing 600 horsepowerand the one thing we do definitely dolike is 590 foot-pounds of torque comingout of this thing now up front we’ve gota lot of breathing and cooling up herethat we can probably hear it from thedistance on that you can see we’ve gotthe LED adaptive headlights on there noweverything’s been upgraded and modifiedon this car a lot of hardware a lot ofsoftware at the drivetrain transmissionrear differential the rear axleeverything’s been upgraded for all thistorque and performance by Alpena they’vebeen working with BMW for over 50 yearsnow let’s get a little rep time withTrish very nice and you can see thatrear diffuser in the back there helpingwith the air turbulence underneath thevehicle and there is that spoiler on therear man I love this color got someserious metallic hey

Trish how’s itgoing what do you think huh yeah what acar so great what we’ll do is let’s goover over this sticker right now thatnew 2017 BMW Alpina b6 extra grand copayand you can go ahead and pause it atthis time you can see this has a driverversus it’s plus the executive packageand you can see all of the items thatare included on this oneat the very bottom you can see thepricing 1:30 to 2:45mileage and final assembly also I wasreading about the Alpena factory there’sabout 220 employees now experts indeveloping high performance vehiclesso go ahead Trish go ahead and jump inI’ll see you saw we had the Bang andOlufsen sound system on here 1200 watts16 speakers it is a fully active soundsystem each speaker has its ownamplifier let’s see how Trish fits backhere she looks like she’s doing greathow’s it back there good plenty ofheadroom you can see the blackanthracite Alcantara a suede headlinervery nice to the touch also as you cansee being a six Series and this being afour-door they kept the seat beltsconnected they still want to keep thephilosophy of a six Series Coupe givingyou two doors so you can see theseatbelt is still attached to the frontseat not the b-pillaralso the

windows are frameless just likethe coupe so in church if you want to goahead and activate the rear screens Ican see oh maybe we have to there we goso you can see you can control thosethere give you a little bit more privacyin the back you can see the highlightedspeakers obviously window controls andyou can control both the screens and youcan see from the door all the screenseven the rear window so perfect wildTrish jump out let’s go to the trunkthere we go and we can see we do havethe fold down seats that’s standard onyour six series release is on both sidesthey’re also great size trunk lots ofroom in here and you can see we’ve gotsome signature Alpena floor matsincluded with this packagewe’ll have Trish go ahead and close thatup also the factory in Germany theAlpena Factory you want to go ahead andwe’ll do the hood actually producesbetween 1200 and 1700 vehiclesyearly and that’s for full worldproduction so talk about a

limitededition vehiclealso you can see here they’ve got agreat cover to the engineI’ll back off just a little bit now theyhave completely redesigned the airflowsystem to the engine just abouteverything you can think of on here hasbeen modified and upgraded just for moreperformance efficiency and the one thingwithout Pina – is they want to make ahigh performance high torque carbut they also want to have a veryenjoyable ride so that is somethingthey’ve definitely done to this car – ismade it definitely an everyday driverand they’re from you know form followsfunction is their philosophy soeverything is definitely thought throughpreciselylet’s go ahead and close it up there wego all right Trish we’ll get you intothe driver’s seatright off the bat you can see the bluebackground on the dash Alpena has put intheir own special – also they have anawesome steering wheel with la valinaleather so it’s hand-stitchedhand-picked leather and they got theswitch tronic shifters integrated intotheir steering wheel also you can seethe coloring the green that they’ve donetheir symbol and also the shifters backas you can see right there on the backit sure is can go ahead and touch themthere and they’ve got indicators on thetop four – and four

plus so it is an 8speed Sport Automatic transmissionthat’s been modified for the alpenapackage also see you can see along thedoor seal here got your signature alsolet’s show you the contrast stitchingand everything on the door here justbeautiful workmanship from BMW and alsoAlpenaTrish what do you think either you coulddrive this no problem okay I’m going tojump in on the other side yeah knowingthe production that they actually do forthe world for this 1200 to 1700 cars andfor the United States we actually onlyhave two models currently right now withthe b7 I know for Europe they do make alot of different amazing Alpena modelswhich I wish we could get here in theUnited States but yeah talk about somespeed also the b7 is going to be rated3.6 seconds if we will have a videocoming out soon on that car also let’sgo ahead and look at the back seat justa little bit more show you what theyhave I know that v seatbelt isn’t goingto be too usable in less emergencysituations but you can see it isactually there but you do have

a centerconsole that you’re going to have tostraddle basically in that fit seat sofor 4 passengers it’s definitelydesigned for but you can see all thenice settings you have back here we moveup to the frontsoft close doors and the nice v6 thereand your b-pillarright let’s get inside I know we’ve gotthe Sun coming in so I’ll try to keepthe fetes probably got a 10.2 inchhigh-resolution screen there for ouriDrive system great navigation and alsoTrish can push the menu button you’llsee this is the new 5.0 iDrive softwarehardware has been upgraded so it’sdefinitely very very quick also thecontroller has been modified a littlebit so we do have some new positionsmoved around some different functionsthere and then also in the armrest we dohave our wireless charging basicallycradle here so depending on the phoneyou have or the case that you have thatwould work and we do have Wi-Fi hotspotavailable in the car tooTrish where can we follow you at you canfollow me on Instagram BMW underscoreTrisha t RI sha and feel free to sharethis video on all of your social mediasit really helps out a lotcool let’s take another look at the -see there guys the alpena steering wheelcool and I will let Trish have a niceexit light I see you Trish and have ahappy new yearall right yeah definitely if you haveany questions or anything please let meknow just send me an email definitelysell cars here in the SouthernCalifornia new and used BMW so we’llhave Trish come on up turn that cararoundbut yeah please check out the appealAlpena website it is truly amazing whatthey do and what they have done to thesevehicles like I said it is the heart ofthe BMW 6-series but it definitely hasthe spirit and the energy of Alpena ohthanks for watching everyonebye-bye

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