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it’s not very often that my colleaguesand I disagree on a car and when ithappens it’s a little difficult becausenever easy telling a friend they’rewrong this is the BMW 4-series refreshedfor 2018 with a new front back and a fewupdates on the inside this is the 430 Iit’s the base model with a 2-literturbocharged four-cylinder puts out 248horsepower my colleagues however thinkthat this car shouldn’t even exist withthis engine that it

should have morepower more performance I think they’rewrong and here’s why according to thetrack numbers we got acceleration why isthis 430 I’m isn’t really all that fastwhen I heard that a v6 Camry would outdrag it I was a little surprised it is anice feeling drive for a nice feelingengine even if it might get out run by av6 Camry these days maybe that’sprimarily because this feels a lot moresporty than those numbers suggest a lotof that might have to do with thismanual transmission I mean there’s adirectness about it

there you goI’m sorry but that’s plenty fast the4:30 I this car has the base engine forthe 4 series so you can’t expect trulyimpressive acceleration and power andperformance overall but that’s not tosay it’s a slug either I meanshe gets at speed just fine and everydaydriving this 430 I it drives great itfulfills everything that you want out ofa luxury sport couperight now I’m in Sport Plus mode whichis no the stiffer suspension setting andlive-ins up the response and I’m not onthe smoothest Road in LA right here andI’m not being jolted and tossed aroundit’s still very comfortable

move tocomfort mode smooth it out even more onefeature I absolutely like in most of thenew modern manual transmissions is redmatching I’m in third gear now I don’thave to blip the throttle in-between fora nice smooth downshift I like it butpart of me the purist in me that part ofmy brain that still loves manualtransmissions I still want to do thatmyself I want to throw myself and theonly way to do that with this car is todisable traction and stability controlcompletely which for most people yeahmaybe not such a great idea for the vastmajority of BMW 4-series shoppers thisbase engine is

going to be more thanenough and if they want more power andperformance step up to the 440 I has 326horsepower and also set you back inanother six thousand dollars the keything here though is and this isimportant to me is handling both carsare going to handle exceptionally wellthey’re really entertaining to drive ona winding Mountain Road or if you’relucky enough on a closed racetrack this is a rare treat for me on a numberof levels I don’t get spend quite asmuch time as I’d like on our wonderfulhandling course here and even where whenit’s a manual transmissionthat said though I’ve never really beenthat big a fan of the man transmissionsand BMWs the clutch while the take-upcan be a little bit far off the floorfor methe shifter itself is a little rubbery Ilike it a little more

positive a littlemore mechanicalbut it’s something you can get over veryquickly one thing I’m noticing right offthe bat though is this brake pedal isreally kind of mushy mushy ER than you’dexpect for a car that purports to be theultimate driving machine and becauseit’s mushy it’s a little hard tomodulate and trail in accurately as youhead into a turn now even though thisbrake pedal is really soft the brakesare certainly up to the task and it’sgetting it slowed down just fine here wego come onOh okay so I’m in regular quiepo comfortmode well this is the 248 horsepower2-liter turboand I’m having a pretty good time withit obviously if you’re gonna be doingsome track stuff like this the 440 eyeis your choice because jet 326horsepower uh here’s something I justrealized actually something Carlos toldme just before he got in the car too isif you’re going from fourth

to secondin a downshift it will not Rev match foryouyou have to go sequentially four threetwo which is usually what I do I justwhoa I just got a little bit in themoment there it is taking a lot for meto actually not try and Rev match itmyself it’s a red match yourself youhave to take traction control completelyoff and I don’t see the point with thispart right now oh yeah there we goyeah there’s no limited-slip in hereeither but as I just demonstrated inthat last turnshe’ll hang the tail out if you give ita little goose I do like the repmatching in this it’s quick enough butyou can’t just kind of aggressively justslam it and then dump the clutch yeahand even right there when I really justfloored it coming out of that turn itdid back to throttle back and that’sgood I mean if you wanted to turnstability control all

the way off driftto your heart’s content if you canyou can definitely have fun with what wewould consider the entry-level BMW4-series once you’ve been in one BMWit’s sort of like you’ve been in allBMWs there’s a familiarity throughouttheir entire lineup that’s not justrefreshing and comforting but it’s justplain nice and luxurious everythingFalls to hand just as it shouldnew for this year is an updatedinfotainment system the new I Drive ithas apple carplay as an option but it’sa $300 option which sort of bothers mebecause a lot of other car companies areputting in there for free

and standardthroughout their entire lineup BMW comeon let’s get with itunder this armrest here is a newwireless charging pad for five hundreddollars that’s a bit excessiveespecially when you say you buy one foryour home for $30 on Amazon once youclose the door of the 430 eye you’represented with the seat belt right overyour shoulder and that’s really nicebecause otherwise it’s an awkward cranebackwards to grab it as it is with this$53,000 ish price it does actually feellike a fifty two thousand dollar carin this class this BMW 4-seriesrepresents more of a driver’s car versusthe mercedes-benz c-class that is moreclassical luxury while the Audi a5 sortof splits the difference and adds awhole lot of Technology the

differencesbetween all three of these are so slightit’s going to come down to personalpreference I get the performanceargument but for my moneyand there’s a lot of money on the linehere I’d go with the BMW m2 because thatthing is an absolute riot to drive andif you think I’m wrong let me know formore information on the BMW 4 Series aswell as its competition head over toEmmons comm if you want to see morevideos like this hit subscribe

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