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good afternoon this is matt from BMWvocano here to show you this beautiful2018 BMW for 40 grand coupe a this grandcoupe a is a mineral gray metallic withthe call red dakota leather interiorwhich does complement each other verywell the grand coupe a is a four-doorcoupe like vehicle which does have thesporty aspect to it unlike a full-sizesedan starting out front you’ll noticeit does have the full adaptive LEDheadlights the adaptive part does meanthat they do turn up to a 14 degreeangle left right up or down it also hasthe LED turn signals and LED fog lightsas well this vehicle does come equippedwith the M Sport Package which does giveit a more aggressive front end also hasM Sport aspects around the vehicleincluding the wheels and badging andalso gives you a upgraded steering wheelwhich I’ll show you here in a momentblacked out kidney grille so that is aoption does have the sensors across thefront and the rear bumpers which doesallow for the parking so will beep atyou if you get close to hitting anythingcome onto the side here you’ll noticethe 19 inch light alloy m-sport wheelsthe tires are run flat so they will go50 miles at 50 miles

an hour or less ifthe tire has been punctured notice rightthere next to the reflector let’s have afront bumper camera which I’ll show youhow that works here in a moment a blackshadow line shrim there around thewindows which typically would have beenchrome if it wasn’t am sport vehiclelike I already said it is a four-doorbut the four-door is not a true sedan itis a sporty gran coupe acome along the back of the vehicle doeshave full adaptive LED taillights dualexhausts for that inline 6-cylinder andmore of those sensors I said in thefront bumper we see here on the rearbumper as wellso with the grand Kupe you’ll noticethat the whole back opens it is ahatchback compared to having just atrunk and with the hatchback it is adjustableso depending on your garage or anythinglike that you can actually lower it soit’s not open as much but it is fullyopen as you can see here inside you dohave plenty of cargo space all weatherseason mats the dealer installed optionare installed here a 60/40 split rearfolding back seats

and the center onewill fold down independently if you wishjust have a privacy shade that does comein or out depending on if you need toput something maybe a little taller inthere the push button closego ahead and review this stickerso it is a 20-18 440 Gran Coupe amineral gray metallic with the coral reddakota leather interior essentialspackage gives us the partisans controlthe Premium Package gives us the heatedfront seats the navigation the eventsreal-time traffic information in theremote services M Sport Package givesyou the 19-inch wheels the sports seatsthe wood trim M Sport Suspension M Sportsteering wheel the aerodynamic kitshaolong exterior trim and an upgradedheadliner you also have the executivepackage giving you the adaptive full ofthe headlights automatic high beams sideand top view cameras parking assistantin the heads-up display also equipped isthe active blind spot detection activedriving assistant which is your lanedeparture and your collision andpedestrian warning wireless charging theblacked out kidney grilles stainlesssteel pedals and your will locks you canexpect to get 32 miles per gallon on thehighway with 21 in the city totalcombined to 25 mile per gallon and thecar has manufactured in Germany some ofthe dealer installed options as you cansee there dual USB charger the paintsealant rubber mats for the front in thebackinside the vehicle notice the reallynice call red leather

interior itcomplements the exterior mineral graycolor really well it has rearventilation and also a power adapter itis two-tone with the black carpets asyou can see there that is the 60/40split rear folding seat so you can stillhave the one seat up on the other sidein case you have one of the passengersin the back you can also put three childsafety seats in the back because it doeshave the harness adapters here it alsohas a center console that does flip downwith two cupholders inside of it so thisis a five person vehicle that’s comingequipped with the moonroof you can putoptional roof rails on here in case youhave any cargo racks or anything youneed to put in keyless entry on both thefront doors so you do have a key slot asyou see right there be that this is theGran Coupe a does have the framelessdoorsthere’s that m-sport logo talking aboutjust you’ll find throughout the vehiclea upgraded Harman Kardon sound systemthe blind spot detection is you see alittle triangle there we’ll go ahead andtake a peek under the hood Before wejump into the driver’s seat we’re justgonna give it two quick polls the twopoles of the lever allow it to just walkup and grab the hood without having tosearch for a lever underneath it’s anice feature does have a inline6-cylinder single twin power turbo motorproducing 320 horsepower with 330 feetpound of torque with a 4.8 seconds 0 to60 so it’s a very quick car near 5050weight distribution which does allow forbetter braking especially in case of anemergency stop situation and this

havecrumple zones found throughout theinside of the vehicle so in case of afront-end collision or anything likethatyou’re safe in the cabin it also hasbreakaway motor mounts in case of againa front-end collision the motor coulddrop down and out of harm’s way of thecabin dual hood latches help keep thathood down nice and securea quick look at the running lights hereso the running lights are also led theheadlight is a hundred percent full LEDlike I said earlier so let’s go aheadand take a look inside of the driver’sseatmemory seat full electric sport seatsthigh support adjustable side bolstersfirst thing you’ll notice is the m-sportsteering wheel it’s a more beefy leathersteering wheel compared to the standardnice sporty design bigger paddleshifters on the front of the steeringwheel on the left hand side is thecruise control and all media options onthe other side including your up/downfor the volume voice commands and theBluetooth audio button over on the sideyou’ll notice down here on the bottomthat’s where you turn off your collisionwarnings your blind spot or your lanedeparture headlights which are onautomatic right over here you do havethe button for the automatic high beamsover on the other side you’ll notice itdoes have the automatic windshieldwipers in your push button startlane-departure warning those two orangelines there in the middle of the dashwill give a nice little vibrate in caseyou go to cruise out of your lane at 35miles an hour or more in the middle ofthe vehicle you’ll notice that does haveI Drive 6.0 installed all media optionsincluding your salary radio am/fm musiccollection with a 12 gigabyte hard driveCD DVD USB Bluetooth all that can beaccessed here navigation with real-timetraffic information and BMW onlineservices but I’ll do an online searchfor nearby restaurant gas stationanything like that connected Drive givesyou access to the weather news that sortof thing my vehicle is all your settingsincluding the status of the vehicle likeyour tire pressure service requiredcheck your engine oil all

that sort ofthing the back-up camera with the parkthis is controlled there on the left thepart this is control as I said earlieris the sensors in the front back bumperwhich will illuminate colors and also bepatchy if you’re getting close tohitting anything you have to have yourfront bumper camera here that one’sgonna be the little camera that I showedyou by the front reflector because thecar is quite low so you don’t want tohit your front bumper aren’t any curbsso that allows you to not do thatand then of course you have yoursurround view camera which is the onethere on the right-hand side if I closethe door there you can see all the wayaround the vehicle and a real-time feedusing the cameras that are in the backand underneath of the mirrors to do soand you also still have access to yourPark distance control still there on theleft so a lot of good camera systems inthe vehicle lock and unlock button isthere in the middle of the car not onthe door handles presets for the radioalso your volume control dual climatecontrols for the front two seatsincluding heated front seats a USBadapter there two cupholders with apower adapter 8-speed SEP tronicautomatic transmission manual shiftcapability driving dynamics includingsport mode Eco Pro and comfort dependingon your driving habits the front bumpercamera and your surround view camera arethere the iDrive controller that doescontrol that I drive 6.0 screen 10.2inch there nice wood trim that you’llfind throughout the vehicle get a niceangle over thereup top you’ll notice it does have theSOS emergency roadside assistance so youdo get free for four years airbag on oroff button for your passenger seat andalso the open and closed button for yoursunroof and of course some dome lightsso go ahead and take a look here at themoonroofthey just have garage door and Gateopeners up underneath of the mirror asyou can see up thereget a quick view of the

heads-up displayout there on the windshield does showthe current speed that we’re travelingwhich is zero miles per hour and to theleft it shows 50 in the little boxthat’s the speed limit in the zone thatwe’re in so we’re right here on 200which is going to show a 50 mile an hourspeed limit you can also put yournavigation up there if you’re using thereal-time navigation and you could alsochange the radio station on the steeringwheel right here this little knobthey’ll go through the radio station upthere find what you want click it downand it does change the radio for youit’s a nice feature to help keep youreyes focus on the road again my name is matt from BMW of Ocalahere showing you this beautiful 2018 BMWfor 40 grand coupe mineral gray metallicexterior with a call or read dakotaleather interior does have the M SportPackage on it it does come with a fouryear 50,000 mile bumper-to-bumperwarranty a three year 36,000 milemaintenance and also your roadsideassistance we talked about allcomplimentary you also have access togeniuses they are product knowledgeexperts here at the dealership here toanswer any questions about your car andalso give you a walkthrough of thevehicle at the time of the purchase wethank you for your interest in thisbeautiful vehicle if you have any morequestions you can feel free to

contactme you can also reach out to one ofthose geniuses we’re gonna thank you foryour interest in this vehicle and I hopeyou have a great rest of your day thankyou

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