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talk about a girl with a fat booty isthis your su V right here this is yourbrand-new su V go by the name of andVersace sneak peek of the sweater guys Iknow it’s summertime and hoodie seasoneverything bro you got supreme you guysthe Versaceso I want you much artwork appreciatethat art you know just appreciate thatm3 that’s class class Oh Oh be carefulbe careful there’s a Ford coming backbro we haven’t even told everybody wherewe’re at right now but you don’t want tobe high beats you want me to wear thebackpack fine I’ll wear the backpackit’s all good I’ll put the no head Zisneak-peek like it what we got the oh wegot to have them you gotta have theapparel on deck just in case a newheight the new IPwelcome to Beamer Fest 2018 my firstfever best is that my carnice row this carbon-fibre spoiler ilike the side skirts on this look at allthis carbon carbon fiber work bro Idon’t think the show starts now I meanthe show starts in there how low can yougo how low can you go bro how low canyou gosorry I couldn’t afford the decal talkabout it why body class class m3jeez this looks

pretty fire though Idon’t know what this oh yeah I like thefront lip but this may be moreaggressive maybe coming out like youwere saying I should put that on my m4imagine this car trying to give you aticketif it was Napoleon’s legs a safety carthough it doesn’t say Paul leaves it’s asafety car the no has you right thereguys coming soon I need a haircut thoughI need a haircut I do want to get acarbon-fiber rear diffuser need somemirror caps for sure wanted to get thisstaring well possibly I think likelights up in all that BX congratulationsyou’re gonna win number one play I’mjust open my car well your Toyota Tundrama probably busy right nowalmost had a heart attack right now that is the nicest the most beautifuland six I’ve ever seen in my life holycrapand you know just casually sitting nextto it just a McLaren yeah some Brimbleact to the max you sold your Ducatitodayyou sold it you’re sad I’m sorry man heygive me a hug broyou get a better view right here whenyou go down here what do you guys thinkscale one to ten I think I give it a tenmanbecomes Nugentnow we’re back let’s go oh no bro Idon’t

know how I feel about this SATexhaust you’re telling me you ratherhave it like this yeah I mean at leasthe loves pitbull right look at thatcarbon fiber staring with you guys likehella carbon fiber everywhere doh those are 410 310you got three tens in the back knocks inthem three so how you doing dude look how low it islook how low it’s freakin Huracan thatis gorgethey just hella murdered outside youstupid that’s not know 4G I don’t reallysomething I is just lowered and got thewheels still looks fly casually lookingat the wheels on the ia and then we lookat this Lambo just post it and then welook over here and we see custom eurolicense plates bro are you think whatI’m thinking no no has II know heavyplates let’s go get it you got a ToyotaTundra m13 and you tell me that you wantto get a GTR bro now you got to get yougot to get a Beemer man bro this is likethe first step this is the first step italways starts it’s like getting amotorcycle you buy the motorcycle helmetfirst now you got to get this now you’reabout to get the m-mother for looks likeeverybody’s leaving out the heck what doyou guys think about this m4 oh you likethat you like that style betterit was like a340 it’s like itit was carbon its carbon fiber but dangthey just painted it you get but is itreal though you can tell is it realthough is a real carbon fiber it is

nosport package so what’s up with thatlet’s hear how it sounds okay so it’s in335i no sport package but it still itlooks beautiful right scale 1 to 10 whatdo you give it scale 1 to 10tell me right now from the commentsbelow you just bought yourself aEuropean license plate you order onespecial custom-made it’s prettiest andyou still want a GTR bro it’s prettywhat there’s hey I’m not gonna lie it’sgorgeous I’m not gonna lie it’s hellabeauts hi how’s it going look nice I guess itisn’t BMW I guess it’s meant to be yeahyeahwhat is it EDC part three lovely ladiessaid this is actually wrapped yes hethought it was a BMW 2017 new body styleas you can see but man it’s so gorge broit’s bad but look it’s wide enough likeit it’s wide enough to be Godzilla theeuro the Euro plates won’t look good onthe Japs bro well it does the Japs havethat same style of yeah they sell forsure yeah for surewhy do you think you see all the littleHonda Civics with that I mean I can seeI can see with the whip I can see mypiece hi peace are you doing free dinostoday bro I think so bro whose glasseslook weird on me bro yeah we’ve got the335

I don’t know I don’t know I feel aboutthis right here but that’s just like apreference you know that steering wheelthough do that dude that’s Terry where’srip Diggsthat’s not like your back your neck isridiculous sick man that’s hella sickfat spoiler this right here it might bea 335 or 340 I think it was a 335 I gotthe canards yeah I think it’s a 335 I’mtelling you you want this car it feelsnice like it feel it just respect yourelders man respect your elderscar is gorgeous man the hella class thebest-looking m4 is back the one that wesaw Victoria Gardensso homies here this is what you likeright like you like this you like thatno the side skirt side skirts the wheelsthe wheels the canards damn he doesn’the only has one Canard only one can I know it was that you at the horn – allright bye see you later hi bro here he goes this is 335i doubleit up with a double canard a-okay talkabout a race car in our presence manlegit Jeep see more bro why you wouldyou would recognize christen castleshigh beastsoh my gosh man hold on look at thesteering wheel guyswe’re pro m5 Steinem over[Laughter]smooch fanyou calling that a rebus front spatulaoh my god this is the best thank youguys yeah talk about a wide body mantalk about a girl with a fat bootydown oh my god those tires but checkthis front end oh my gosh that looksthat is a hallow I

do that is sick whatdo you scale this from one to ten whenit sent let me know in the commentsbelowdon’t ever do drugs don’t ever drinkthey’ll ever smoke take a look at thisguy’s exotic car racing Drive supercarson the racetrack 199 bucks I’m doingfree advertising for them bro theyshould pay me for this today was just aBeemer fest type of day I hope youenjoyed the video no has he had comingout soon – no has he sweater you sawthat we got shirts two kinds of shirtstwo kinds of different t-shirtsthree-to-one what’s up here it is themagic touch the finishing touch no daysoff no has the acid I’m talking over areyou a broJake sir 600 no no has he no has he goget it life is too short this is team nohas he left who yougot some money for the new the betterwait tell you crazy slow up party girlnice

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