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hey everyone I’m Rob and welcome to thetest drive today I’m reviewing the 2018and 2019 BMW 650i now the reason I’m making this a 2018and 2019 review is because the BMW6-series really hasn’t changed at allfrom 2018 to 2019 so while the one thatI’m driving is a 2018 everything thatI’m saying including the pricing isactually 2019 numbers but againnothing’s really changed from the onemodel year to the next but in this videoI’m gonna go over everything that youneed to know about the 2019 or 2018 BMW650i and kind of the six Series ingeneral when it comes to the grand cuveeat least there’s no longer a coupe orcoupe a version the one that I’m drivingis the Gran Coupe a so it’s essentiallyan extended wheelbase four-door coupeand this is by far my favorite versionof the BMW 6-seriesjust starting with the exterior of the2018 and 2019 six series I think this issuch a beautiful car it’s probably themost beautiful BMW at least in myopinion if you look at the front it isso aggressive and it looks so muchunlike any other

car in the roadincluding any other BMW I mean you dohave the signature kidney grilles butthe headlights are so unique soaggressive the shape of the front isjust so awesome it is so gorgeous andit’s something where other than a minorfacelift for the 2016 model yearBMW hasn’t really cared to update the 6Series because it just looks so good andit is still so much in style whereas ifyou look at other models other series inthe BMW family they’ve kind of gone outof style and have had to be refreshedmuch more quicklynow if you look at the side profileagain I love how long this sedan looksit looks like a larger executive sedanone that I’m driving also has the19-inch m sport rims it’s part of the MSport Package forthe six series the 650 I specificallythat I’m driving and I really like thatlook as well now these rims have beenaround for a while but they still lookgood and I still really like them inthis six series and then from the rearit’s again a very attractive I reallylike the taillights but by far the frontis the best angle of this car nowgetting to the interior of the BMW 6Series Gran Coupe eh this is such a niceinterior it has been updated over theyears and it looks and feels

verysimilar to the latest generation of the5 Series but that said there are stillquite a lot of differences there are somany different surfaces in the interiorthere is definitely a lot going on youhave contrast stitching through outthere a bunch of different trim optionsthe one that I have is the carbon fibertrim option which i think is definitelythe best looking it looks absolutelyoutstanding and this just looks veryexpensive and here you also have anAlcantara headliner which I love and youhave this large moonroof as well overallit’s just phenomenal in here you have avery nice steering wheel the steeringwheel that I have is the M Sportsteering wheel it’s extremely soft yetaggressive the seats in here are blacknappa leather they are so soft so niceand just the combination of materialsthroughout the car whether it’s nappaleather sensotec carbon fiber everythingin here just looks and feels so nice andthe 650i that I’m driving retails atwell over $100,000 I will get into someof the pricing components but theinterior I do feel goes along with thatsix-figure price tag now while thisdoesn’t look like a larger sedan theinterior actually isn’t that big thedriver and front passenger do haveplenty of room and you do have plenty ofspace in between the two but this iskind of laid out like a coupe it reallyis a longer wheelbase coupewho pay which is why BMW calls it thegrand coupe a they do the same thingwith the 4 Series as well4 Series grand coupe a so when you getinto the backseat you actually don’thave that much room I can sit behindmyself somewhat comfortably I’m 6 feettall and then the other interestingthing is like typically in a coupe youwould have only two seats in the backbut you actually deceivingly so havethree in the back of this car howeverthe middle passenger is going to bestraddling the center console so

kind ofinteresting but it looks awesome and itjust keeps with what you would expect ina coupe and there are a lot of elementsin the 6 Series Gran Coupe a that giveyou that coupe feel like for example theseatbelts for the driver and for apassenger actually go into the seatinstead of going into the b-pillarthe windows also don’t have a framethere frameless just like what you’dexpect in a coupe now getting to myfavorite thing about the BMW 6 SeriesGran Coupe a and specifically the 650 Iis the performance so I lost my GoPro this has neverhappened before still recording so Ithink we’re good now there are several different engineoptions available in the 6 Series GranCoupe a you have the 640 I which is a 3liter turbocharged inline 6-cylinderthat puts out 350 horsepower 332pound-feet of torque which is veryrespectable however if you step up tothe 650 I that I’m driving you get a 4.4litre twin-turbocharged v8 that puts out443 horsepower and 479 pound feet oftorque and even in a almost forty sixhundred pound sedan this thing justfliesI mean it is so much fun to drive BMWstates that this car will do 0 to 60 in4.3 seconds and I definitely believethat I think you can possibly do evenbetter now the one that I’m driving doeshave the xDrive all-wheel drive systemand you can get that either in thexDrive all-wheel drive or you can get itin rear-wheel drive same with the 640 Inow while this is so much

fun to driveand you don’t really feel how big it iswhen you try and throw this thing aroundcorners that’s when you really feel it Imean extended wheelbase as well kind ofpleasing to that it’s just so awesome itsounds so goodthis thing just throws you back in yourseat I mean most of the time it’srelatively muted but if you stomp on itin the right gear especially in theright driving mode this thing is gonnasound very goodand I think that with the right exhaustyou could really bring out the awesomesound of this v8 now the 6 Series GranCoupe a also gets pretty decent fueleconomy the 640 eye width all-wheeldrive is rated at 19 miles per gallon inthe city 28 on the highway which for alarge sedan like this is pretty good butthen the 650i is rated at 17 in the cityand 25 on the highway and that’s stillreally good considering the amount ofpower and torque that you get and thezero to 60 time and everything that youget in this sedan the fact that you cantake this on a long trip and get 25 plusmiles to the gallon that is reallyawesome now the 6 Series Gran Coupe aalso comes with the 8-speed automatictransmission that is found in mostmodern BMWs and I really like thepaddles in this one do shift veryquickly they’re very responsive and theactuation is really nice too I feel likeyou just want to do pulls all day inthis thing and the sound that cracklesand pops when you let off the gas

areincredible I meanyou wouldn’t necessarily expect that outof this car but it’s not an M car and itstill gives you an awesome exhaust noteI mean half the fun of driving thisthing is the sound and it’s also veryquick and it’s a four-door sedan so thisthing is just awesome now getting to thetechnology in the BMW 6-series grandcoupe a right out of the box you getthis large infotainment screen here withBMWs iDrive system the latest generationof that and I really do like that itlooks so good it’s so functional youhave an awesome navigation system andone of the things that I really loveabout this BMW is the fact that applecarplay is actually wireless so like inmost vehicles that have apple carplayyou do have to plug in your phone with aUSB cable and in this six series and youdo not it functions completelywirelessly and it’s awesome now thisscreen is not a touchscreen so you dohave to interact with the rotary dialwhich I actually like a lot betteranyways although it is nice in a lot ofmodern BMWs to have the

touchscreenfunctionality if you want to use it Iagain love the gauges fully electronictons of vehicle information the factthat it changes with the driving modesis just awesome and then there’s a lotof safety technology that you can get inthis car I do have the $1,700 drivingassistance package that gives you theheads-up display gives you blind spotmonitoring it gives you some forwardcollision detection doesn’t let you knowwhen you’re getting too close tovehicle in front of you and there’s someadditional safety technology and parkingassist technology that you can get inthis car so from a technology standpointwell you’ve got right out of the boxstandard is really nice but there arealso quite a few options you can addprimarily when it comes to safety anddriver assistance so at the end of theday is this 650 I grand coupe a worththe over a hundred and six thousanddollar price tag in my opinion I kind ofthink it is but anyways I hope youenjoyed this review again I’m Rob thisis the test drive if you like this videoplease give it a thumbs up please leaveme a comment let me know you think aboutthe video and this car and what thiscompetes against and please hit thatsubscribe button to support the channeland be entered for all the giveawaysthat we have coming up I’m just about toannounce a new giveaway so stay tunedfor that join the community and I’lltalk to you again very very soon bye bye

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