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this is an Indian ee5 series and you canthink of it as being a sweet spot in theBMW saloon car range so the 3-seriesthat’s a bit like the iPad Mini you knowit’s pretty good but for some peopleit’s going to be too small whereas the 7Series that’s a bit like the iPad proand while they’re like carrying the trayaround it’s silly reallywhereas these 5 series it’s not theoriginal iPad it’s powerful enough andit’s big enough and it is reasonablyaffordable so it starts around 36,000pounds if you can click up there to geta car wired up credit UK you can pairoff some dealers by the price you’reconfident ‘add

and really this car isgoing to be big enough for most everyonethe first thing to note is that thedoors open nice and wide making veryeasy to cover into the back and once youhear I mean look at this got loads ofroom you’ve got a question why anyonewould actually need the 7 Series kneeroom look I can do 3 fist between myknees and the fingerprint acting moreusual driving position Headroom that’sreally goes well people over 6 foot willbe fine back here that’s for sittingthree abreast in the back well this seatis raised up a bit and this hundredfloor is massive so it’s not ideal tothe person in the middle seat but thecar is quite wide so the people in theouter seats will be fine and thenthere’s the other element ofpracticality so look for the airplanestyle holders there I’ve had away thereand cubbies throughout the car arereally generous I can get a big bottlein this rear door bin there’s some morestorage herelook little cup holders they pop out andyou can pay the extra and get the carwith three ways folding rear seats thatbrings us onto the boot now ratherinterestingly the capacity slightly morethan that of the larger 7 Series whichjust seems a bit bizarrethere you go and it is it’s a reallynice useful sighs liquid until our listof over either and the opening is niceand wide you’ve also got some usualstorage areas about the place

howeverthe overall capacity is still 10 litersless than on the Mercedes e-class secondof all these Pinos now if you click upthere you can watch my indexpracticality video so much stuff wecould squeeze in this car boot how easyit is to fit a child seat in the backand what it’s likethree adults in the rear seats now Imention the Mercedes e-class in terms ofthe design I don’t think this fighter isquite stands out as much it doesn’t havethe elegance of the Mercedes but it’snot a nice looking thing and on theinside I have to say BMWs designers havedone a fantastic job it is classywithout being overly showing it’s allvery easy to use plus I like the seatingposition is just spot-ongive us the elbow there and there andjust cruise around as Anand totallycomfortable I can’t fault the qualityeither just looking everywhere lookingaround to find cheap bits of plastic Ican’t find any none at all this

feelsexpensive inside and it’s actually wellequipped as well so as standard you getthe big full-on professional Navi systemyou get digital drivers display and itwas on to the new hydride so they’veupdated it so you can control it in theusual way using the swivel wheel you canpress the button here and talk to thecar and it even understands a Brummieaccent you can use it as a touchscreenas well if you want to just go back andas gesture controls I can wave my fingeraround – do you think I increase thevolume so it’s a bit temperamental thatand yeah I think it’s a bit of a gimmickbut if you want to see more detail onthis appearances and click up there towatch my detailed review of it it’sreally impressivethat’s the sensible stuff dealt with nowfor some fun and the 5-series rear drivesetup helps with it there w let’s doserviceability control off all the waywhich allows you to act like a hooliganand your diesel powered executive saloonthe very very important buying criteriathat not while he’d never actuallyturned stability control off especiallynot on the road my talk to you it doesillustrate how well balanced

andpredictable the fire is it and today iswanting maximum grip it’s also availablewith all-wheel drivebut there’s more you need to know it’sgoing to be fighters is lodging the oldversion yet somehow it manages to be upto 100 kilograms lighter in fact is thelightest car in its class and that helpsthe handling it feelslike a sports car but it certainly hady’all enough anything you want to havesome fun yet can do the steering’sresponsive though it doesn’t really havemuch in the way of feel but that doesn’treally matter to anyone other thanmotoring journalist name everything inis a trade up in comfort but thoughactually this is not at all well there’snot so long as you said the optionaladaptive dampers now that cost me aroundthousand pounds but they are well worthit because they make this car rideabsolutely brilliantly without them it’salright it’s just that over imperfectionin the road you do thin it kind offidget around a bit it’s worse if youhave the M Sport Suspension becausethat’s lowered it’s also worse you havethe bigger wheels with run-flat tiresnow those options also affect the amounttire roar you get so keep with thesmaller rims and then normal tiresbecause then this car is super quiet forcruising around not too much road noiseand hardly any

wind noise it’s very veryrelaxing as for the engines while mostpeople get one of this kite securitythought it’s not quite smooth or aspowerful as that you getting a Mercedese-classbut it’s good enough expecially 68 milesper gallon though I’m only getting 43it’s alrightwhat problem I do have in the section isthat it can be a little bit roughly whenyou raise it because of other enginesyou can get a three litre diesel whichis smoother and quieter or if you knowyou don’t want that diesel rattle gaveone of the petrels another three literturbo petrol the one in the 540 is rapidnow all cars get an automatic gearboxour standard 8 speed and it’s brilliantit’s lushes the gears together when youwant it to and when you put your footdown it responds pretty plumbingperfectly you can also change thedriving modes as well between sportcomfort and eco and if you’ve got thoseadaptive dampers and also slack and offthe suspension as well as alteringthings like this steering weight and thethrottle response as for the visibilitywell it might be a big car but itactually feels smaller than it is thatmakes it easy to navigate round town andthere’s not too many blind spot spotsmore that is quite a bit of a blind spotthere that huge area now if you want tosee for yourself you can click up thereto join me for the 360-degreeafter our video in this car so far thenwhen you fire it is really impressivehowever there are a few annoying thingsabout it here’s five the light teethlook great if you wear jeans you’ll beforever cleaning them the BMW digitalkeys may seem high-tech and click on useit and it’s as laggy and slime a someold Blackberry mobile phone I reallylike the digital dials but why did BMWfeel the need to fit these plastic italone they look ridiculous when you’vegot the disc playerthere’s no underfloor storage like youget on the Mercedes e-class or Lda sixnote that you definitely got this otherwell it’s funny you can get annoyingslippery

reflections in this silver trimjust to give you a migraine thankfullythis build early has plenty of coolfeatures which more than make up for allthis help with aerodynamics and includefuel efficiency the grill remains shutinto the engine needs cooling and thenit opens with a band of you mobile phoneafter you can actually control the carover the internet from miles away and dothings like lock it remotelythat’s great funds of thanking anyoneyou let the car do you get the car withsoft closed door so you don’t even haveto close them properly because it foryou there’s again it’s like a poshkitchen cupboard the car uses its fatenough to tell when it’s about toapproach a corner and will change gearaccordinglyit’ll also let you know when you’reapproaching the junctions we can backoff the throttle to help deserve heelsyou can park the car in tight spaces byremote control using the keyunfortunately this particular guydoesn’t have the option but doesn’tmatterI’ve got staff yeah you can stay inthere all day now if you click it there you can go toCarlota UK for more information and tosave an average of three thousandfive series so then what’s on site it’son this car should you avoid it shouldyou consider it should you shortlist itwhich you just go right ahead and bitewell I reckon you should just go rightahead and buy the new 5 Series this isthe best car BMW makes the enjoyed thisvideo please like it and share it andclick up there on our logo to subscribeto our channel down there to watch my360 degree passenger ride video downthere to watch my in-depth practicalityvideo and update my in-depthentertainment video now did you spot theEaster Egg in this review it was the boxset of the wire in the car boot could bewhy because that is 5 Series okay so thejuggling work if you’re American becauseyou’ve caught up five seasons but thelanguage is calledEnglish okay English

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