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friends welcome to the stunning beauty of this sleepy town of Great Falls Virginia you and I are here to drive if there ever was a sleepy version of theg 35 series it would be the one fitted with a four-cylinder engine so you and Iare gonna put aside this stunningsix-cylinder 540 and drive a 4-cylinderturbocharged mid-sized BMW luxury business sedan Virginia I don’t knowabout you but I feel as of late we’ve been focused a bit too much on allthings from Munich specifically very fancy things from unic for example westarted out the year with a car didn’teven say BMW on it it was cold in Alpenathen we moved on to not one but two carsthat were made out of I’m gonna say itagaincarbon-fiber reinforced polymer and thenmost

recently we looked at v12 thattranslated into 601 horsepower so I feelat high time that you and I step backand we look at something more pedestrianfrom the folks in North Munich andreally can’t think of a better examplethan a four-cylinder sedan now this forstill understand two liters in linedirect injected and turbocharged butthere are some non pedestriantechnologies about it now if you’vewatched our other mini and BMW episodesI know we’ve covered this before let’ssay it together twin power turbo in a750 that means two turbos that arestrapped to a v8 engine but this is aninline four doesn’t mean two turbos whatthis means is like a suite oftechnologies and air induction that wellit makes for better output so it’s atwin scroll turbo variable cam liftwhich they call like double vanos sothey’re stealing words from my peopleand then variable valve timing and someother like air induction technologiesand that translates to 248 horsepowerbut more important to us 258 pound-feetofTork and very interestingly it comes inat 1,450 rpm from a four-cylinder staysflat all the way up to 5200 rpm okaysome pedestrian some not pedestrian nowlet’s find out how it worksso those of you that know this area thisis just outside of our nation’s capitalWashington DC and look at this it’s likeserious country horse farms stunningplace to drive a car so with that let’stalk pulling power because that’s reallyour in this case its its pushing powerbecause this is a rear-wheel drive carit’s not the oval drive model so this isthe biggest difference between the 540that we drove and the 530 that we’re inright now so with that let’s put ourfoot into it in eco fillery mode notthat much not like the same like we ripyour face off oh my god this is a 540from back

in the day of that one thatfirst one that I drove let’s try thisagain let’s go around a turn here butthis time let’s put a comfort mode toput our foot into it if I’m honest I Ireally don’t feel a differencethe economy and the comfort not reallythat surprised but then again you and Iare not here for comfort we’re here forsport mode but you know what there’s noone aroundlet’s come to a complete stop here okaywe’re in sport mr. phanzig decal rightspy eins from a dead stop foot to thefloorthis is where you can hear beforeselling but you don’t feel you hear itit’s you know it’s quick now it’s atthis point in our discussion that wehave to bring up the elephant room andthat is the a300 you and I drove thattogether didn’t love the floor cylindera quick version of the e-class thislet’s put our foot into it againclearly more power the way that oh mygod actually it’s kind of quick the waythis thing develops power especially onthese loop-d-loop kind of oats like abit of a rollercoaster the way thisthing develops powers been driving forabout five days now it’s clearly moresupple you don’t spend a lot of timefocusing on the fact that what engine isin my Mercedes or in this case whatengine is in my BMW it just developsenough power for this size BMW but putthat aside what’s important here is howit develops power you don’t feel thevibration of a 4-cylinder and you don’thear a 4-cylinder that’s

what sets thisapart from any 300so something has been bothering me sinceI picked this car up at Dulles Airportfive days ago and it has something to dowith that 5:40 that you and I drove upin Northern California what five now sixmonths ago and there’s no nice way toput this you wouldn’t call the g35series a pretty car I don’t think he’deven call it attractive that 542 me thatwas purposely handsome yeahpurposeful and handsome this same sizewheels it’s the same color as that 540we drove but every time I walk out to itit doesn’t even speak to me as handsomenot ugly but not handsome perhaps Idon’t know maybe I’ve had a diversion ortwo but this there’s something missingabout anyway perhaps I’m crazy here butthink of this as like a bonus questiondo you find that attractive handsomepretty or just ugly let me knowokay so now let’s back down to thatEcoPro mode and focus on drivingdynamics so this is the same sizevehicle this specific one that we aredriving is fitted with the same sizewheels as that 540 nice turn now let’sput our foot into a brake brake brakebrake brake come around it turn oh nodive no pitch a lot of lean over there alot of lean now let’s go over to comfortput our foot into it again and goingaround this turn here a little less leanit’s not a huge difference it reallyisn’t actually it feels a little bit alittle bit out of sorts here goingacross this nice wooden bridge oh my godthis is beautifulthe big difference you notice betweencomfort Nikko is not these roads it’swhen you’re driving it on the freeway Ispent a lot of time driving this thingaround on expressways around DC and it’sa little bit more composed driving atfreeway speeds but once again you and Iare not here for comfort mode or celerymode back to sport mode now here I’mgonna give it away this does work reallywell in sport mode really well not quiteas sharp as the 540 but the thing thatyou notice is where BMW is going

followme for a minute here BMW is taking a lotof crap over the years they’re gettingsoft and even I’ve told you that thedriving dynamic spectrum has changed itwe go around a turn like this it worksit feels like a BMW it’s got a sharpnessto go around the road one expect itremember the old-school 3-series fromlike back in the day in the 80s it drovea specific way it’s in this mode thatyou recall that driving experience but alot of BMWs for the past 15 years havegotten softer and I would argue they’redoing that to sell more cars this islike a dr. Jekyll mr. Hyde you noted itmore in this the 530 than the 540 andyou see that this is a full-on luxurycar when you’re in comfort or in thebasic celery mode you feel like oh youknow what someone who came out of Alexiscould drive this and be happy where theperson you and I who had a BMW way backin the day we’d be happy with a sport tothe point where I would argue in sportthe 530 is dynamically sharper than thee 300I don’t know if you’ve noticed but sinceJanuary of this year there have been anabnormal amount of new cars reductionsas a result we’ve been incredibly busyhere at the old show to the point wherewe may have neglected some of ourfeatures that you have come to love likethe options game well I’m happy to saythat there will be around of the optionsgame with this excellent candidate forthe options game so make sure you comeback for that but I’m gonna give you alittle bit of a cliffhanger of thatcoming options game with some hints sothis 530iis not the basic 530i it has a lot and Imean a lot of options not just onedrivers assistance package three driversassistance packages not just the usualstuff on the inside but

many dress-uppackages and I had no idea remember thatgesture control thing that you and Ihave played around with in differentseven series well that’s standard on a 7series you have to pay extra in this oneso I excited for the options gameso a couple of notes first has nothingto do with the car I want to see if youguys can see a deer yeah he’s rightthere check him out this is one of thestunning parts about living here he’sjust chillin see him there he’s justchecking out the BMW not even movinghe’s not afraid he’s just seeing what’sgoing on I think what he’s doing he’strying to oh he doesn’t like to colorand blue is my favorite color I thoughtI would share it with youI guess bammy doesn’t like blue can’tsay we didn’t try okay so now that wegot an Bambi out of the way let’s focuson the notes first is something Iusually complain about and that is thelack of a sunroof here I’m not gonnacomplain because there is a sunroof butnotice there’s no panorama sunroofon/off what BMW did is something veryinteresting notice the size of theopening it’s much larger than most othersunroof fitted from the factory and thisis something that they had in theprevious five series and continued herelet’s say I do like this solutionbecause it gives you almost thepanoramic feel but not the weight Iguess if I was driving a car like thisit really wouldn’t be that fussed withthe weight so maybe I would want thepanoramic roof second are the seatsfitted to this specific 530 they are anoption they are pricey and they are thesame ones that are fitted to a seventhseries of standard these are the comfortseats so bolstering on the side theextension on the thigh support here andthen the shoulder support is adjustableso you can move the shoulder forward orbackward depending on your body frame soideal when you’re doing a lot a freewaydriving like I’ve been doing over

thepast five days here in the DC area butthere is one other option fitted to thisspecific 530 and that is the leather andit’s not like normal run-of-the-millleather this one is fitted with the napaleather which is an additional option ontop of usual leather and it really picksup the fancy seatsand that it has the diamond stitchinterior obviously they’re cooled sothey’ve got like the perforations andthen the bees the resistance is thecontrasting stitching that picks up thetop of the dash and the doors nowthere’s one very important topic thatyou and I have yet to cover about thisderivation of the g35 series in its the530 s total reason for being and that isefficiencyso to frame that discussion I need togive you a little inside whack came herewasn’t just business it was alsopersonal so that had me going around theentire nation’s capital area so not justDC all the way up to northern Marylandpractically southern Pennsylvania downto Annapolis back into DC and then intoNorthern Virginia which is where doingall this shooting so you could imaginethat involved a lot of freeway drivingdefinitely traffic some country lanedriving which was fun and some in towndriving but half at that time and thisis unusual for me I loaded the car up itwas a total of five people including mein the car so that would have an impacton

efficiency and I guess you knowanybody even though I had a grandmotherin the car I wasn’t necessarily drivinglike a grandfather so that would alsohave an impact on efficiency but mytotal time here of driving this bothpersonal and business I’ve turned 27point 1 mpg now think about that inrelation to the size of this vehicle andthat’s good rightbut you and I are not here for good mpgyou and I are here for how does 27.1 mpgdrive and this is where we need to bringthat e300 back into the discussion andif you remember in that episode I wasnone too excited about that derivationof the new e-class because when you’redriving it yeah it’s a Mercedes andthere’s cool stuff there but you keep onfocusing on oh my god this is afour-cylinder Mercedes and there’ssomething not supple about the powerdelivery of that engine even thoughothers can make four cylinders somewhatsupple here you’re driving a 5 Seriesyou aren’t focusing onthat oh my god this is a four-cylinderBMW and therein lies the differencebetween the 530 and the e 300 and whythis stands out over the e 300 so withthat I need to turn this around to youguys and leave you with a question thusfar you and I have driven twoderivations of the g35 series of amagical Santa Maria Madre de Dios 540which is a six cylinder and then thisfour cylinder the 530 I so if I were toforce you to choose and you had tochoose a new g35 series you can’t comeup with a Lexus or a Mercedes orsomething else it had to be betweenthese two vehicles which one would youchoose and because I am so giving I willlet you choose the 530 II because wehave an upcoming episode just on the5:30II but you can’t choose the 515 youcan’t choose it

comingm5 because we haven’t driven themtogether yet so which one would youchoosewhy would you choose it you know if wemeasure what region of the world willyou hail from let me know in thecomments below or via our social mediamotorman TV landward motorman TV LordFacebook Twitter Instagram and with thatI want to leave you with two thingsnumber one pleaseunsubscribe from us and then recentscribe click notifications this is howmuch YouTube has screwed up the platformfor all youtubers big and small andnumber two want to leave you with a funfact and the fun fact is what you haveseen behind me throughout this entireepisode you’re probably wondering why isthere a brown Bentley and yes it’s aBentley it is not a Rolls Royce Cornichewhy is there a brown Bentley behind youin a BMW episode well I wanted to put itthere to say or more as a preview of acoming episode because you see you and Iare going to drive that BentleyContinental one of only 401 ever builtfrom the late 60’s to the mid 80s we aregoing to drive it in and around thebeautiful town of Great Falls Virginiaso make sure you come back for thatuntil I see you next time

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